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I left the groom out of the planning! I'd heard so many stories about how the engaged couple would fight over dumb little wedding choices they had to make, and I didn't want to deal with that. My fiance was actually interested in one or two things (he helped to pick the china, and insisted on a bluegrass band for the reception), but other than that, I just got just what I wanted. Everything went perfectly with very little stress. I'm so glad I had such laissez-faire fiance. Curiously, now that we're married he's got all kinds of meddlesome opinions about things. . .
New York, NY Thursday, July 11, 2002

I am going loney tunes. Everytime I turn around there is another 'fire' to put out. I cry at every problem. I thought that this is to be a special time noboby wants to hear my plans. They want me to just sit down shut-up & listen to their problems. See I told you loney-tunes
Dallas, TX Thursday, July 11, 2002
Imagine standing at the front of the church only to realize that you forgot the ring in your purse! That is what happened to my wife. When watching the video of the wedding later I wondered where my mother in law to be was going in the middle of the service. She was going to the basement to my wifes purse for MY ring. The look on my wife's face when she had to admit that yes she had in fact forgot my ring. Priceless!
Thursday, July 11, 2002
I left my my bridal bouquet at home. We got it in time for the wedding, but had tons of pictures made without it.
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Second time for both of us, so we decided to have a small church wedding with a luncheon at our home afterwards. I have five young nieces so I asked all of them to be in it (2, 3, 5, 8 and 9 years old). Of course, they stole the show until we started to say our vows. My dear husband read 1 Corinthians 13 to me as part of our vows. He started to cry and tried to stop so his body was shaking and the families thought he was laughing. To my shame, I started to laugh. My body was shaking as I tried to control it and hubby thought I was crying too. I never told him otherwise. Some things should never be confessed to your spouse.
Aunt Honey Bee
IN Wednesday, July 10, 2002
I ended up spending $5,500 for a dress that I don't think I'll ever wear again but it's beautiful and the pictures are amazing!
Los Angeles, CA Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Victorian wedding dress. Sounds romantic. But really, really prissy. If I had it to do over, I would wear someting LOW CUT.
wife of an M.D. <email>
Ames, IA Wednesday, July 10, 2002
While I was getting my elder daughter zipped into her wedding gown, I heard a shreak from her sister who had managed to break the zipper of her maid-of-honour dress. Since I had made her dress,(and the bridal gown as well,)I was accused of making her dress too small, and I ended up having to sew her into it. The truth of the matter was that, during the time of making the bridesmaid dress and the wedding she had gained a little weight. But of course she's never forgotten it and hates me to this day.
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
i yelled at his mother. the delivery men. my mother. his brother. my boss. the sales girl at the bridal boutique. the seamstress. the guy i buy my coffee from in th emorning.....ive been yelling a lot
NY, NY Wednesday, July 10, 2002
on the eve of my wedding my sister came to me and says she wants to cut her dress because she thought it was to long I fainted because, i couldn't take anymore complaints.
teasha North
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Reflecting back on my wedding 2.0, the one in which I made my brides maids wear dresses they hated, but *I* thought that they were pretty.... ahhhh hind-site IS 20/20. Could I do it again.. I would let them wear whatever the heck they wanted to wear! The smallest flower girl, my at the time 3 year old, slipped on a wet step of a deck and went face first into the yard in which the ceremony was to take place. She ended up wet and with a torn dress. To boot, she was wearing BRIGHT pink panties under her pretty white dress....which was now wet, torn, and had panties showing. She didn't care, but I did! After the ceremony, which lasted all of about 3 minutes, literally, my husband made this glorious speech amidst his tears and bubbles being blown by our wonderful guests. I just stood there awestruck by the emotion pouring forth from my new husband... and I DIDN'T SAY A WORD! DUH!! I don't think he noticed.. but I sure did! Not to mention that my sisters wanted to give me away since our father had passed away earlier in the year. I didn't take them up on it. Why? I don't have a clue... What would I do differently... the bridesmaids dresses and letting my sisters give me away... but nothing else! I am as happy as a clam :-)
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
You'd think being 37 and having lived on my own since 1986 would have some pull. Nope. I heard the universal SCREECH when I revealed my wedding getup would include PANTS <Yes, I'm a girl>... God Forbid the Bride isn't dressed in a uncomfortable dated and bizarre way on 'the most important day of your life' and none of the people complaining are paying for it -- as time ticks by 'Road Trip To Vegas' sounds SO appealing!!!
Port Orchard, WA Monday, July 08, 2002
So, who says you must must wear white! White looks awful on me! So I plan to wear red. My mom's fine with this but my mother in law to be is another story.
Sunday, July 07, 2002
Some people might (hell, probably will) find this very cruel-sounding, but in the 3+ years since the wedding, I've just put it in the "Be Careful What You Wish For" category. The bride? Recently laid off from a horridly underpaid job. The groom? A full-time student trying desperately to finish up his degree. The wedding? ORIGINALLY it was going to be right around Thanksgiving in my in-laws living room. Parents, siblings and 3 unbelievably close friends only. Small, intimate, very love-and-friendship oriented...not to mention cheap, since we didn't have any money. Then...my mother's family found out about the engagement. And promptly invited themselves. As a child, I was never close to any of these people, and as an adult, I didn't want to be close to them. And I certainly didn't want them at my wedding! (This is where I should have been careful with what I wished for.) But, my mother couldn't understand my feelings, and my father was begging me not to start a family riot. (He did have to live with her, after all.) So the unemployed bride and the student groom caved. We put together a nice wedding and reception, on money we really didn't have, (praying the credit cards would stay good for just one more little charge) at a national park near our home. Three days before the wedding, my grandfather died of a massive heart attack. No one from my mother's family came to the wedding except my parents, who were already there when the news came. We had a wedding and reception ready to go for a crowd of almost 50 people...and only about a dozen showed. Even though I could, on one level, understand choosing the funeral over the wedding, I was still furious and deeply hurt. (Before criticizing me too harshly, refer back to where I say we were never close. There were good reasons why we'd never been close.) One aunt called the day before the wedding and wished us well. No one else ever said a word. No one ever asked how it went, no one ever asked to see pictures...nothing. So, what's my confession, you ask? During the wedding, we didn't do a unity candle, like so many people do. We did "memory candles"...one for each of us, lit to represent those family and friends who couldn't be with us at the wedding. (Originally intended to represent his grandfather and my grandfather and brothers, who had all passed away.) When I lit mine, I specifically whispered an exemption regarding everyone in my mother's family. Looking back, I wish I'd been able to just forgive and move on. But at the time, I was well and truly pissed.
Cruel and Nasty? Maybe.
Wednesday, July 03, 2002
Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned... When we got our printed wedding invitations back from Marshall Fields, I noticed that the wedding was listed as being on "Fifty-Eigth Street," but the reception was on "Fifty-ninth Street." The addresses were both right, but the capitalization had gone horribly awry. So I double-checked the form on which we'd ordered the invitations, verified that the mistake was theirs rather than mine, and then made them re-print all 150 invitations. We still have the old ones in a box somewhere -- I'm hoping to use them as party favors at our fiftieth anniversary. Or something like that.
Chicago, at the time this happened, IL Us Tuesday, July 02, 2002
I thought I HAD to HAVE "classic" invitations. I wanted fun. The ex talked me into formal. The marriage didn't last. He was stuffy and NO FUN and worse still, a total grump. We should have stuck with fun.
The Unbridaled..... <email>
San Diego, CA Tuesday, July 02, 2002
Ummm...we told just about everybody but our parents before we eloped =] We really should have waited until AFTER our little weekend honeymoon to let them know, rather than before...the yelling and screaming from both sets still resonated in our ears that first night! I don't know what we were thinking by waiting to tell them, exactly. We'd both been engaged before, and found wedding planning a huge pain--mostly because of our families (I was about a third of the way into the wedding plans with my first engagement before the relationship ended). I guess we thought we'd save them the headache of traveling, or thinking they had to shell out a bunch of cash. My advice would be to give ample advance notice of your elopement, if you're doing it that way. If the folks are upset about it, they'll have time to get it out of their system. At least you won't have to hear about it on your wedding day =)
I'd Do Most of it Again =)
Sunday, June 30, 2002
Wedding planning was too much fun for regrets, but I did get a perm. I would take back the perm, and maybe the gray tuxes on the guys. Also, don't rely on a kid brother/cousin/friend of friend etc to tape the wedding.
Sunday, June 30, 2002

I have had so many deeply regrettable perms in my life Two words from the 80s that strike fear into my heart: Spot Perm. Yes, I permed the top of my hair but left the sides straight, short, and sassy! - Sara

hahahah ~ my finacee kept wanting to change the wedding date and I was getting really frustrated because I was annoyed to have to tell everyone that it's changed again, so I told him I quit and he could plan it. Then we got in an even bigger fight and I told him "I hate your mother". I regret speaking out of anger but man was I pissed. All is well now ~ we we're married in Vegas on December 1, 2001 and just bought a house. My advice to the brides of the world ~ DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!! It's not gonna matter next year anyway!!
Ang <email>
Dallas, TX Sunday, June 30, 2002


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