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Welcome to the Bridezilla Confessions.

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FH and I have been engaged six months and have done nothing. Are not getting married until fall '07 b/c of his desire for a fall wedding and the fact that he stupidly signed a lease on his too-small-for-1-person apartment through end of 06. I am dying to plan/have our wedding. I think about it every day. I don't know if I can wait another year and a half, I may go crazy. Still, I'm afraid to ask him to move up a date we both agreed on. :/
Thursday, February 02, 2006
I agree with Vegas-that's why I'm doing getting hitched there in 7 weeks! In the beginning a few people were sceptical about it, but now everyone is estatic about going. I've had to do some planning-rings, dress, hair style-but the reception is all left to the hotel we're having the wedding at. 30 of my most favorite people in the world, in the most cheesiest and glitziest place in the world! Can't wait!
stress free and loving it
Thursday, February 02, 2006
See I am so stressed that I completely forgot...
the bridesmaids:

11. the MOH has had not time because her kids have been really sick- which is understandable...
12. one BM has no money- i had to put the down payment down for her dress
13. the 3 BM's seemed all put out when i had them come over to put the shower things together- mind you I bought almost EVERYTHING! and even made tons of food. I tried to make it a party, but it seems like they had better things to do- it's not like I demand their every waking minute! It was one afternoon and only ONE!

and lastly:
14. this freakin' cold that I've had for a month! why won't it just go away!
Wednesday, February 01, 2006


i'm ONLY at the point of thinking about not even showing up for my own wedding!

my reasons?
my mother:
1. not being able to try on dresses in the stores- b/c of the sizes available- and that's my problem how??
2. asking me 'what do you think' every 30 seconds
3. getting mad when i tell her what i think
5. acting like a temper tantrum throwing flower girl instead of the mother of the bride!

my fiance:
6. not wanting to get involved
7. getting mad that he's not involved

my friends/relatives
8. not getting along (mom vs dad's siblings)
9. not getting along (Miss X vs everyone: her boyfriend/my brother, caterer/friend of the family, my bridesmaids, my mother, and assorted friends and relatives)
10. not getting along (me vs everyone else- because of all of the above)

at least we got the honeymoon paid for... so i could actually skip the wedding, go to vegas and get married- like i wanted to do in the first place!
Wednesday, February 01, 2006

if my list of "little things" gets any bigger I'm going to lose it. i'm started to get a twitch in my left eye. one twitch for every extra dollar.
little-thing'ed to death
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
I came in way under budget as well. I kept some put away for "just in cases" and the rest I am spending a spa day for the bridesmaids and myself. Trying to make up for a couple of bridezilla meltdowns with a day of relaxation for all of us.
trying to do better
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I am way *under* budget on our wedding and I have everything I could want. Our budget is only $8000, but I can't even manage to spend that much. What the hell kind of bride am *I*??
Just Cheap?
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I made my bridesmaids buy useless, expensive dresses and uncomfortable shoes they'll never wear again, even though I swore I would never do that.
recognisant bride
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I am about to try this again, but have figured out some ways to keep myself and those around me happy.

A) Do not involve middle sister. She tried to Martha Stewart me into the poor house the last time.
B) Stop asking for the baby's sister's approval. She's got her hands full with a cheating, unemployed live-in boyfriend, and their two kids. Plus, she flat doesn't give a sh!t.
C)Don't pay for anything in advance; save for it instead. I have gift cards to fill from local grocery stores and from American Express. They take up less room than supplies and don't spoil.
D)Don't get discouraged by mother. She would pay back a free lunch, she's so superstitious.
E)Don't expect FH to know anything. He's just a man, as old-fashioned as that sounds. He doesn't know from bouquets and boutineirres.
F) Consider getting KFC to cater it. Hell, most of the people attending are 250 pounds or more anyway. Otherwise, it's kids. Who the hell will care?
G) DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHERE WE'RE GOING AFTER THE WEDDING!!! They took up enough of our time and money entertaining them, didn't they!
Here goes...
The Too-Much Bride...again <email>
Brunswick, GA Monday, January 30, 2006

Well, FMIL recently found out we're having two ceremonies. She was a little upset, I gather, but the boy explained the reasoning to her. And she realizes that we're both REALLY stubborn (it makes for some interesting fights, but luckily he and I are the only people we cave to) and we're VERY private people. So if she's not quite cool with it, at least she's accepting of it.

Now all that's left is how to tell MY parents... Urgh. Just hope it doesn't give my mom another stroke.
Left turn at Albuquerque, Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm so, SO smug. I got married about a month ago and it went so smoothly and graciously. My lovemonkey proposed while we were spending a year teaching in another country and we scheduled the wedding for one month to the day after we stepped off the plane back home. Nuts? Nah. Look at all the problems it solved!

Q: "Oh my goodness, how will you manage to get the invitations sent and RSVPd in time?"
A: "Livejournal!"

Q: "Oh my goodness, how will you rent a hall in time?"
A: "Boy, guess we can't. Looks like we'll have to have it in the backyard!"

Q: "Oh my goodness, what if it rains? Your dress will get ruined!"
A: "I couldn't bear that. I'd better wear something comfy and warm instead. And tanker boots."

Q: "What are people going to eat at the reception? You can't find a caterer in time!"
A: "Hot damn, you're right. Potluck reception with Trader Joe's wine!"

Q: "What are you going to do for a cake? Bridal bakeries only do tastings once a month!"
A: "Sheet cake. A big ol' custom sheet cake. In my favorite flavor."

Q: "Aren't you going to have a registry somewhere?"
A: "No."

So we had an outdoor winter wedding by the beach in Seattle, and it rained. And it was awesome. There were cormorants and SCUBA divers. I wore black and red, the lovemonkey wore green and black, and we both got completely SOAKED. There was no priest, no judge, just him and me and a bunch of people taking pictures with disposable cameras. We made up our vows on the spot. My Maid of Honor didn't know she was the Maid of Honor until I made her come hold the ring box--damn skirt didn't have pockets.

After the vows on the beach, we dripped back up to the house and had an EXTREMELY fine potluck--because my friends and family are good cooks--and good coffee and good wine and NO GODDAMN DANCING. Some people left gifts, some didn't, and everyone had a sweet laid-back time.

The week after the beach ceremony, we went and got legally hitched by a very nice justice of the peace. Then we went for Thai.

I got all the thank-you notes mailed out last week.

And do you know what all this means? It means I'M SO AWESOME. Everybody should have a wedding as cool and homegrown as mine was, but they CAN'T, because I have used up all the cool. Yes I have. There is none for you; give up.
Seattle, WA Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I have been engaged for 6 months and still don't have a dress picked out. We are getting married in August, and no matter how hard I try, I can't pick a dress. I dragged two of my bridesmaids out to no less than 5 dress shops, one bridal show, and one fashion show, and still no dress. I'm so torn- I'm a fairly IndieBride, but deep down want a princess dress- but can't come to terms with it. I have stopped taking my friends to the dress shops (I won't torture them any more) but end up in tears dress shopping alone. My mom isn't around and I refuse to take my future husband (who, bless his heart, would go if I asked), so I'm totally on my own. How many times does the average bride look for a dress? I feel like a complete moron. I'm going to wear it once!!!!
Sunday, January 22, 2006
i posted before on here not too long ago.my sis in law just got engaged to this guy 16 years older than her.she hid the relationship from father in law for some time.when fahter in law found out he was pissed!besides that guy was a friend of his.i knew the night they were getting engaged that i was not part of her bridal party.this infuraited me to some extent since i was forced to have her in my wedding and didnt even give it a second thougt.i was also in other sis in law wedding with no second thought.i am not crying hurt.im just offended.but really the brides a stuck up bitch and so is the groom.so to say each has met their match!been avoiding in laws house becsaue i dont want to hear about the goddamn wedding .i already had mine!she asked my hubby on saturday to be a groomsman which pissed me off.but also my brother in law is being left out too.thought about maybe showing up in blackl to that wedding or getting highly intoxicated at that wedding.most of all i feeel sorry for father in law,bride is daddys little bitch and has to have the best.this one s gonna be way over the top!funny just the other day mother in law calls hubby anbd tells him he realises now that i am not in her wedding and she thinks thats fd up!haha funny coming out of her mouth.if she would even ask me now i would tell her HELL NO!and if she even goes there with me i want to tell her i want to remove her face from my wedding album.that would make her cry.last year when otehr sis in law got married she sold some of her wedding gifts which i think is really tacky.we will fix that !the bitch will get a gift card.and also somewhere in her gifts ill give her a copy of miss manners etiquette!doubt shell know who its from.i hope bitch bride takes eveyone to the cleaners!right about now id like to claw her eyes out just because shes a rude bitch.daddys dearest should make her pay for some of her ownwedding .hubby to be has his own business ..dont get me wrong its her wedding she can have whoever she wants in it ,but i have a few things in store for bridal bitch!hahahahahha
shes a bitch again/ive already been a bride
Saturday, January 21, 2006
I agree with "Nobody wants to be a bridesmaid." My maid of honour is marching down the aisle this year and did not ask me to be in her very small bridal party to which I shouted "Hooray." After reading about all you ungrateful and bitchy Bridezillas, there's no way on God's green earth that I wanted to potentially subject myself to that potential horror!
Glad I'm not, too
Friday, January 20, 2006
So, my friend may be getting engaged soon. I'm secretly hoping he doesn't propose, due to the ultimatum she gave him. She is my friend, I can't help but be envious/jealous that her FH will make a lot of money. Not that we don't have a good life, but I won't be able to quit my job anytime soon. Am I crazy or just evil?
Evil Me
Thursday, January 19, 2006
Hello everyone, its me again! I have three months left and almost everything is done. I almost don't know what to do with myself. I don't have anything to research online and no reason to flip through wedding magazines about. It's a little sad. I had fun. I still get stressed thinking about the few bills I have left to pay off and my mother in law driving us crazy about the stupid rehearsal dinners (yeah two) and wedding showers. I must say that I have no desire to be involved in the planning of those things. Just tell me when to show up. But I'm so excited about finally marrying a wonderful man who does nothing but love and appreaciate me. We are going to be really happy together for a long time. We are already planning our trip to Napa Valley on our one year anniversary. I know that not having kids will make our lives alot less stressful. We plan on being able to travel and spend lots of time together. (We are both very needing of attention.) I wish people would stop arguing with me about it, or worse telling me that it might happen anyway! Um hello, I can remember to take a pill everyday. Well I got off subject, sorry. Anyway, Goodluck!
Pass me my margarita <email>
Greenville, sc Thursday, January 19, 2006
i wish all these damn bridezillas on these wedding websites would get over themselves and stop worrying about " hand cancelling" their wedding invitations!!! the damn things have to go all over the country!!! of course they're gonna have to go into a machine at some point!!! millions of peices of mail make it fine everyday!!! its gonna be ok!!! your guests don't care about the invites, anyway! they should all have some real problems....
been there
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Meatlover I'm with you my futureSIL wanted fish and chicken at a dry reception. Will have a flask and be leaving early for McD's
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I am serving steak at my wedding. Don't get me wrong, I love steak and most people that I have asked really like the idea. But the fact that it will piss off my FSIL to no end makes it that much better!
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I just registered for presents.

It's the only thing I've liked and enjoyed about wedding planning so far.
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First of all, let me just start with nobody wants to be a bridesmaid. We're just being nice when we say yes but we spend the next 8 months wondering how the hell we can get out of it without offending the Paxil-pushing bride. My ex-friend was the worst bridezilla of them all. First of all, she didn't love her fiance, not one little bit. She loved his Range Rover, she loved his house and she loved her three carat diamond. But him, not so much. In fact, two weeks before she got eh coveted 3 carat diamond (and the jury is still out on whether it is an actual 3 carats or something closer to 2) she said that he was definitely not marriage material, no she didn't love him and she could never see herself marrying him. 3 carats later, she's quitting her job, moving in with him and planning a wedding. I tried nicely to get out of being a bridesmaid. I told her money was really tight and I couldn't afford the dress, the shoes etc. And rather than putting a damper on her special day, I would rather just be a guest. She said it was so important that I be in her wedding and she would pay for everything. How do you say no to that?

The bridesmaids dress -- not cute on anyone, expecially when the dresses are two sizes to big and a foot too long. Then, she calls to tell me that she needs my credit card number to pay for the dress. What happened to her paying for it? I cough up the number, trying to be nice and then I find out that bc she waited until the very last minute to order the atrocity of a dress, the price is now jacked up an extra $60. Now I'm being forced to cough up over $300 for a hideous, red frock that even Ms. Peurto Rico wouldn't have worn in 1982. To add insult to injury, she required us to wear silver shoes. Just for the record, silver looked like shit! There goes another hundred on the Am Ex. Miss. Bridezilla's wedding is in another state. I just happen to be in that state for Christmas with my family and will extend my stay until her wedding. She seems to think that the full two weeks before her wedding I should be at her beck and call. I stopped returning phone calls after 4 on Christmas Eve.

Rehearsal dinner, brides shows up in a wedding gown. Yes, she bought two dresses. One for the wedding, one for the rehearsal dinner. She couldn't pay for my hideous bridesmaids dress but she could afford two hideous, over-priced beaded numbers but I still had to pay for my ugly, ill-fitting dress.

Day of wedding, she calls to ask where I am. It's 9am and I'm still asleep. She wants to know why the hell I'm not at the hair salon? When I point out that she never called me back about what time I should get there, she calms down until she tells me to get there ASAP. Fine. I arrive to get my hair and make up done, supposedly her treat. I prefer to do my own hair in Southern States, bc frankly I don't particularly trust the not-so-talented hair styling team she has picked out, especially when the stylist keeps begging to cut layers in my hair. After a humiliating hair experience that leaves me looking like Shirley Temple after a night on crack, I'm forced to cough up $70 for this heinous hair do. What happened to her covering it?? After yanking the the old AmEx, I ask when I will be getting my make up done. She informs me that I will not be getting my make up done. Two hours ago, she said I was. I have no make up with me, I'm staying an hour away and all the other bridesmaids are getting the make up done. When did I get put on the shit list? She talks to the make up artist and he agrees to do my make up, the whole time the bride and him are speaking spanish in front of me, a language I don't speak. The bride only says a few more things to me the whole day: Do I look pretty? Do I look skinny? And, this is so not how I imagined it would be. The flower girl proceeds to have two full on melt downs during the day. My personal favorite being when she decided she didn't like her bouqet. Her mother, not exactly winning parent of the year awards not only didn't scold her but told her to go ahead and pick out any bouqet she wanted off the table. The little brat proceed to pick a bridesmaids bouquet. Fine. All I can say is birth control.

The ring bearer screams and cries the whole way down the aisle, all the bridesmaids have a instant attack of static cling, so now our unflattering, ill-fitting, ugly dresses are sticking to our asses. When asking the wedding planner if she has any static guard, she snaps "Not my job." Um, yeah, actually it is. The brides marches down the aisle to her groom but doesn't want to hold his hand. He is nervous but she wants to fix her hair and spend the entire ceremony batting his hand away and winking at the best man. (I am not making this up.)

Her only words after the cermony were: Did I look pretty? Was everyone staring at me? Was it dramatic? I want to die. She makes us take pictures outside - it's 37 degrees and our dresses are backless. Their first dance, atrotious. There is no love, she kept stopping the dance to pose for the photographer with her stepford wife smile...not once did she look her husband in the eye.

She spoke to me once at the reception to ask me for lipgloss. She never thanked me for spending over $1000 on her wedding or for the $230 wedding gift.

If she wanted me in her wedding so damn badly, why the hell did she stick me with a massive bill and ignore me the whole time? I tried to be nice, I tried to be supportive but it has come to an end. I hope she is reading this website so I can say, you aren't that pretty (in fact you looked a bit like a drag queen on your special day.) Your fake boobs - look REALLY fake and you didn't lose that much weight....I'm still skinnier than you!
Nobody wants to be a Bridesmaid. NOBODY.
Somewhere, USA Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well I've been engaged for almost two years and the wedding is in 4 mons. I am freaking out because I'm too fat to walk down the aisle in front of everyone I know. I have been on the South Beach diet for almost a month and I lost 5 lbs but then I gained 3 back. It makes me cry all the time. I haven't even tried on any dresses because I know they won't fit. I currently weigh 180 and I need to lose at least 40 lbs to be comfortable at the wedding. To top it off my twin sister who is also my maid of honor has managed to lose 50lbs and looks great. It makes me want to puke. Plus my mom and sister are trying to plan the whole without me at all. They ignore all my opinions and I feel like I can't say anything because my mother is paying for it. They tell me all the time that I need to "get on the ball" and lose weight as if I'm not trying to. I'm tempted to call the whole thing off and fly to Vegas.
Fatbride <email>
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Eight months to go, and I'm midway planning a wedding for five hundred guests (our families are Catholic) with a $10,000 budget. I've managed to dress myself in full regalia for under a grand and found the perfect maid dresses in the orange-red that matches my fiance's truck (yes, we really are rednecks) but I am flippin' out about the prices I'm getting quoted for flowers and cake! What fucking reason is that that both these items are over $1,000 apiece. And $1,500 for invitations? Are these people nuts? Maybe I just got spoiled ginding an $8 a plate caterer and a $400 hall that does the set up and take down and serving at no charge. I guess it's time to suck it up, or learn to bake real fast. Sigh.
Redneck bride-to-be
Monday, January 16, 2006
why do parents think they can give you money and then make you feel bad about it when you disagree with something later? happy planning is becoming my worst nightmare. shoot me.
why am i doing this?
Monday, January 16, 2006
No, Bridezilla, a lime green halter-top is not a considerate bridesmaid dress design for your "big busted" maids. It will not "hold them up." Real (large) boobs without implants do not just stay up on their own, and choosing a style that really doesn't accomodate bras is less than helpful. And for the big girls on your team, it will also emphasize linebacker shoulders. Thanks a lot.
Spilling out
Monday, January 16, 2006
I am a bad bad girl. Totally psyched to be engaged, but please, lets not talk about the wedding, EVER EVER. Have a huge family of well meaning whiners that will expect to be invited and filled on every last detail. Have been engaged for all of three weeks and the hounding and free 'advice' has already started. And everyone is onsessed with the date. have you set a date? so what date were you thinking of....To top it off have two annoying cousins getting married a the same time. Hello aren't I the most important one!!!!!
Sunday, January 15, 2006
what is up with the cost of photographers?? They work for a couple of hours, process your photos, put them in an album and they want $2000 for it!?!? weddings are nothing but a fucking cash grab and the more planning i do the less work i want to do on the planning because everything is such a bloody rip off!!
how much?
vancouver, bc Saturday, January 14, 2006
So here I am a month out. Yay me! I did it. I planned it and I am still able to have a life. Brides....do yourself a favor....if family wants to help out just have them give you money and put it in the pot of wedding fund. If they say this is for flowers or whatever say OK and smile and let them think they did that one thing. Whatever you do give yourself time and do what you can early. Make sure and take one night a week to be quiet and zone out, read a book, watch TV or destress however you want. I figured because I started early with everything and got all the contracts signed that it would just roll, and for the parts that I did it has. For the flowers wich my fucking mother had to pay for well let's just say I am doing that this week wih no money left in the bank. My headache comes and goes. Comes when I discuss the wedding goes when I cuddle in bed with my honey. Hang in there brides. There are worse things........ Love, Florida Bride..02/11/06 If I can do it you can do it!
spoken again/stressball
FLa Saturday, January 14, 2006
Why is so hard for a couple of girls to pick out a dress. I was going to be nice and let them pick out something that they will feel good in but now that nobody can figure it out I am going to pick out a dress thatI like and they are going to wear it a smile on the face, damnit!!! God help me or I am going to murder someone, If ya'll hear about a bride in Florida going bezerk you know it will be me!!! Please pray:)
Finally became bridezilla
Saturday, January 14, 2006
I have asked two people to be in my wedding party whose weddings I was in. They made me wear the most god awful and EXPENSIVE dressed ($300 range) and now I'm looking for dresses in the color I love, but in styles totally unflattering to both of them and way expensive! Suck on it, beyotches!
Thursday, January 12, 2006
All I can say is that I tried not to get too overly stressed out. And I did a relatively good job with that. I think I probably lost it about a week before, because it seemed like I had a million things to do but no time to do it in! Our wedding day went off with out a hitch (with the small exception of a tilting cake that we cut early to avoid major catastropy! No big deal, no one knew but us!) I have a friend who is getting married in a few months and I keep telling her to relax because it will all come together. Ladies, it really will all come together. Just enjoy your day because it goes really really fast. And thank every day after that for finding the best man in the world! Good luck to you all!
Thank god its over!
Thursday, January 12, 2006
OK So one of my best friends made me her Maid of Honer....I cant make her mine...I made my little sister my maid of Honer....Anyway....she (best friend) is driving me nuts! I wanted tea length dress...she "doesn't show her legs".....OK so how about strapless oh know she says I have man shoulders! ....OK finally pick a dress...but alas she is broke and cant order it on time...sigh....OK find a cheap but beautiful dress on eBay ( 54.00 total) Call her say I told the other girls to get this...she says I can afford it right now...I was OK let me see if I can get it and you pay me back.....then 30 min latter I get a phone call saying "that dress wont work a size 16 isn't going to be big enough"....I am like WTF....Did i mention she is 15 weeks pregnant....for over a year she told me she wasn't sure she was having more kids or when if she did...funny I set my date for July 06....she tries for baby Oct 05 and concives on first try making her due date...you guessed it July 3rd 12 day before my wedding. I have tried nicely to suggest she bow out. I mean she cant afford a dress and wont wear a maternity one!!!!!! I am going nuts!
Tinkerbelle <email>
Cool, CA Wednesday, January 11, 2006
I dont know if I even want to get married now that I have to plan it all! Go me, pratically force the boy to propose then decide it wasnt what you wanted anyway, no wonder I have been engaged 3 times :|
Is it too late
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Ok, why does it seem like as soon as I got engaged ..December 10, 2005 before Xmas, every place is so busy with brides?? It is like everyone is getting married the same time I am! My wedding is not until June 2007! Maybe its just because most men purpose at Xmas..hmm they almost all do! Anyways, I do have another issue, anyone out there have an issue with a bitchy bridesmaid??? This gal and I have been friends for about 5 years and she is the jealous type, but shit she WAS in our wedding until last night when she decided to be a raving bitch and told me that the place where we are having the wedding at is "So fancy" and that "No one likes when a wedding is too fancy cause they can't get shit faced and have a good time" .. NOw come on?? She got married in May, so she is jealous that we will have a nicer wedding then she, and now she has bitched about anything I mention to her about my wedding, the colors, how much money ( she thinks I am spending..which I haven't even spent much yet)..etc. Last night she said " I'll shut up,find a new maid".. Now does that sound like she WANTS to be in this wedding?? Oh and the sticky part is her husband is the best man and I like him...no prob. with him, he is a good guy, I mean and he is my fiance's best friend, and they will always be friends but his wife and I used to be but she treats me like crap now ever since I got engaged!! So I am thinking of just not having her and having the bridal party be 3 on each side plus a ring bearer and flower gal. I am not even thinking of including this other bridesmaid right now, what a bitch! It's my fuckin wedding day and I was in hers and didn't even complain at all to her, so whats the deal? Anyone else have a similar issue?? Ok, needed to vent Thanks for reading if I grabbed your attention! :)
Baubon <email>
FL Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I'm getting married in September, and I'm still pissed that I wasn't invited to one of my college friend's wedding last month. Maybe we weren't super best friends, but we hung out in almost the same cirles, took classes together, and shared a suite in college. Plus when I got engaged, I called her to tell her about it and we'd been exchanging wedding info ever since. She told me where her reception was, what her colors were, everything. And then she has the nerve to just not invite me!!! If you can't afford a big wedding, or are inviting family only, then fucking own up to it and tell me. You just don't not invite people after you've been telling them stuff about your wedding and hope they won't notice! Soooo not cool. I guess she was jealous because I actually have sex with my fiance and they act like they're brother and sister. Flash forward to today when I get one of those stupid fucking group e-mails telling me how great her wedding was and how she'll post her pics online. Oh wow, thank you so much for thinking to include me in a group e-mail with 100 other people I don't fucking know after we've known each other for four years. Plus her e-mail includes her new address...what, so I can send her a gift???? Up yours, bitch. We'll see if you'll be invited to my wedding in September, where my reception WON'T be in a drafty old gymnasium. But I'll be sure to send you my pics in a group e-mail!!!! Or maybe I'll send you a thank you for saving me a tank of gas, fifty bucks on a gift, and six hours or you acting all perfect while at the same time being rude to my fiance like you were in college. Screw you and your holier-than-thou wedding. Wow...venting does make you feel better!
Don't Piss Off The Bride
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I really really don't want a wedding. I should have just gone with my fiance's idea back in the beginning where he said that we could have a small ceremony with just family. But noooooo... I had to be a whiny baby and make him agree to a "big" wedding (only 80 people... but now I want 30). Then I had to whine again and get him to up the budget even more. Now I don't want any of it, but now he says I can't back out. He doesn't want to uninvite people. Crap crap crap. Some days I want to be the fairy tale princess. Other days I want to run far away. Stupid wedding.
Don't Wanna
Monday, January 09, 2006
The one and only time I was a bridesmaid was for my sister's first wedding. The dresses were bright red satin with a BOW ON THE ASS! And sleeves as poofy as Jon Bon Jovi's hair at the time. The worst part...the part that made me want to cry (apart from the fact my sister was marrying the wrong guy for the wrong reasons) was that my sister had a friend of hers do all of our hair and make up. The qualifications for the job......she sold Mary Kay products. We looked like freakin circus clowns. I was afraid to approach children in the full regalia for fear I would seed dark terror toward carnie folk. I burned the pictures once they got a divorce. And now, I can convince myself it was all a bad, ugly dream.
Sister of the Bride
Sunday, January 08, 2006
Mom thinks that she has to take part in the proverbial giving away of the bride. If I am not mistaken, thats in most cases just the brides fathers job. I know its 2005 and all, and both parents can take part nowadays. However I do'nt want her to. All she ever dose is pick on me every chance she gets. she has contributed very littel to the wedding. Dad on the other hand has been a huge financhal help. Also wanna tell father in law to shut the fuck up next time he goes on about how we should have just eloped.
ungreatfull daughter
Saturday, January 07, 2006
I am very newly engaged and I am so excited about planning my wedding. I have been thinking about it for years and have over a year to plan it but after reading all these confessions it seems extremely overwhelming. My FH and I have planned to save up as much as we can and pay for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, ourselves. Neither of our families are well off enough to foot the bill of a wedding. But when we anounced our engagement to his family, his grandparents offeredt to pay. That is sweet and all but although she is a wonderful woman and I love her, his grandmother is a tad bit opinionated and I'm afraid that if I let her pay for even part then she will want to plan it as well. That is another worry. My FH husband is finishing flight school in OK and won't be back in Texas until about a month before the wedding. My sister, who is also my MOH, and I are planning the wedding ourselves. I mean the whole kit and kaboodle. I have never planned a wedding, I haven't even been to that many weddings. Plus, I am only 20 and to most people when it comes to wedding and most everything, that means that you don't know anything and should be watched and second-guessed constantly. Plus the lovely fact that when I asked my mother if she would help me plan my wedding she answered with "If you alope," which sent me away in tears! My mother and I are not that close, I was really looking forward to getting to know her and spending time with her while planning my wedding, but I guess that is not going to happen. I am already getting stressed out and I have only been engaged for three weeks. Is this normal? When I dreamed of the planning stages I thought of tons of gown photos and unlimited possibilities. Now it seems that no matter which way I turn I am hitting a brick wall. For Instance, my FH has five best friends that he has known all his life. Who are his groomsmen, those friends. I, on the other hand, never really had any friends that were that close so who do I have as my bridesmaids? My sister. Don't get my wrong I love my sister but there is nothing that can make you feel like a loser quicker than the lack of choices for attendants. I don't even have any female cousins!!! So it will just be me and my sister facing my FH and his five groomsmen on that lovely April day. Wow, I am suddenly so stressed and depressed! How much does a wedding planner cost anyway??
Stressed&Alone! <email>
Thursday, January 05, 2006
Here's a tip: If your bridesmaids have really bad taste, don't let them pick out their own dresses. The rules of fashion don't apply to my MOH. six inches of cleavage spilling over the top of her strapless dress? 'Oh my God!! Look, I CAN wear strapless!!'. So not gonna happen, not at my wedding. Everyone is supposed to look at ME, not her fucking chest.
Thursday, January 05, 2006
Everyone says "We don't want you to have any stress"---then DO WHAT I ASK OF YOU! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! I'm not making crazy demands--these are reasonable requests! DO IT! NOW! This is why I fully believe that if you want something done right, you had better do it yourself. I have no faith in people.
respect the bride, dammit!
Thursday, January 05, 2006
The truth hurts. So I figure the best way to get rid of the persitant headache would be to spill the truth. Bridal parties......if you do not feel honored and you do not want to do it....just say no thanks! It hurts my feelings more for me to have to babysit your ass! Mother's if you don't agree or have an opinion then good for you but you had your wedding....so let the bride have hers! Father's try to understand that your little girl is stressed and her stress level is somehting that you can not grasp no matter how in touch with your fiminine side you are or how much you know about the human mind. Would you rather the bride/daughter clam up and give myself a heartattack? Groom's....would it kill you to ask questions and get involved even though it is a little girly? These pictures are going to be around forever! Great you picked out a beautiful engagement ring....we pick out everything from the cake to the toilet paper you wipe your ass with. Show a little support! Mother in laws.........is your son happy? Then let him be happy and let the fuck go! Mother's of the bride just because in the 50's you had to do things per "the book" doesn't mean that today we have to do the same. Politically correct or not if you roll your eyes like that any more they might get stuck! If I hear one more time that this person isn't supposed to do this or that if I would just spend a little more I could have a coordinator I am going to rip your empty wallet out of your purse and show everyone how little money you are contributing! Thank you for your time. I feel better and the headache is now just a dull ache. Am I a "zilla"?
I have spoken, again.
FL Thursday, January 05, 2006
Ok so like the F-ing wedding is in 38 days. Holy Crap! So the parental units are now panicing and asking me to present them with a walk through Friday. Hello, has anyone ever heard of a Rehearsal dinner? I wrote the ceremony and vows yesterday, planned the complete thing and got one of the bridesmaids that haven't done anything to agree to be the coordinator and stand at the door and greet and tell people where to sit etc. I don't knwo what else to do other then to hit the Jose and cry! The meeting with the harpest was great. Lots of ideas. The mom had a meltdown. Then the next day the dad had the melt down because of my stress level. "Why are you so stressed?" he asked the lunatic bride......gee pop's "what did you ever do for any of your two weddings?" "Nothing the bride did it all"........Exactly! Now bug off! I got shit to do! All this bitching is jsut me venting because no one understands that I am doing every fucking thing by myself. Everyfuckingthing......ie. Food.....planned and paid for. Rentals.....paid for. Photographer.....paid for. Dress......paid for. Favors.......paid for. cake.......paid for. Vows.....written. Bridal party.....instructed and told if not prepared then cancelled. Flowers.....if all else fails I won't have them. Music.....planned. Toast.....planned. You think one of my bridesmaids could of given me a shower? I guess not. AS not one of them has done it, so my step mom has since planned it. And now my step sister is hosting it. SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!!! I mean thanks for even wanting to give me a shower but the word has gotten back to me and I feel like I am a leppar or something. Am I really that big of a pain that no one wants to give me a shower? If I am then someone shoot me! And why am I spending thousands to feed them? Oh boy. I better watch it as soemone might reccognize my complaints! I am not trying to be ungrateful, I just kind of had a fantasy that people would do for me like I have done for them during their weddings, births, etc. Now I am wineing. Crap! I am so ready to have a normal (what is normal) life again and not have to sit on the phone or hand hold a bridesmaid every night after work. (UGH!) The dress doesn't come in for another week. STRESS!!!!!!!!!
Why can't I? Well....I spoke up
FL Thursday, January 05, 2006
One of my bridesmaids is a self-absorbed loud-mouthed buffoon who thinks my OK to "silver shoes" means an OK to rhinestone-encrusted stiletto f*ck-me pumps...and now she declares she'll probably wear a "really dramatic necklace", too. Um...Ooo-kay. Combine that with the skunk highlights and ghetto manicure on her 2 inch rectangle nails, and also with the said stilettos on corn-ridden feet. Now THAT's sexy. She'll outshine me any day. Barf.
Must elope now. Must elope now.
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
OK. I'm about to lose my friggin mind. My wedding's less than 2 mos. away and I want to kill everyone around me. All the people who offered to help and were so excited that we're "finally" getting married have (big friggin surprise) disappeared now that I actually may need it. My MOH seems to only be along for the ride and has done nothing, NO-THING to help in the slightest way. My fat witch of a stepmother has done nothing either (Can ya' tell her daughter's my MOH?). One of my BMs and her husband (our best man) piss and moan abt. how poor they are (To quote her "I may have to get a second job! Boo hoo!" - Less than one week later, they install brand new corian countertops in their kitchen, which has recently been outfitted w/ all new appliances, molding and hardwood flooring...and that's just the kitchen. This lovely best man of ours cries when the bach. party doesn't completely revolve around him and I almost dropkicked him when, last week, he started to whine abt. having it on a Sat. night instead of a Fri (which worked for NO ONE ELSE, incl. the groom!) He may just have to take ONE night off from the volunteer ski patrol. Waaa! What a tool. Seriously, I'll be surprised if I don't go postal on them. Grrr...
No, *I'M* the 'zilla!!!
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
I hate my maid of honor. Shes supposed to be helping me w/ planning but instead, shes been the cause of all my stress. She is such a lazy, self-centered, fat ass bitch. I think shes trying to sabotage me. Sad, because we used to be very close. When she got engaged (a few months before me) we agreed that we would be each others MOH. Once I got engaged, forget it. Shes been a bitch to me ever since. I think its jealousy. I still held up my end of the deal and planned a beautiful (expensive) bridal shower for her and put up with all her bridezilla crap for months. Her wedding was in September and she still thinks shes the bride. She wont shut up about her stupid, wedding. Either that or I have to hear about what a jackass her husband is. It makes me sick. God forbid I ever bring up anything about my own wedding, including the bridal shower shes supposed to plan. My mom and 4 other BMs keep asking me whats her deal, because she wont return their phone calls. Shes trying to ruin it for me. Shes always bitching & complaining about my wedding. Screw her. I could write a 10 page list of everything that sucked about her trashy wedding!! Its her cheap husbands fault, not mine, that my diamond is a carat bigger than hers. Its her cheap husbands fault, not mine, that my wedding venue is fabulous and hers was low budget tacky. Its not my fault that all the other bridesmaids look gorgeous in the elegant, champagne color gown that I picked and she looks chubby in it. Go to the gym! I had to wear the hideous excuse for a dress that she picked out. And most of all, its not my fault that her husband is an ignorant, pigheaded, possessive, cheapskate, macho jerk-off. I wouldnt marry him if he were the last man alive, but she did. Im sorry she is now miserable but she was aware of all his issues beforehand. She had her day, if shes unhappy thats her problem, dont take it out on me. Now its my turn, and Im not going to let her ruin it.
Bridezilla is my MOH
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
I *hate* my soon to be sister in law. I hope she and my brother break up. The only good thing about thier getting married is that she is knocked up, so we arn't all going to be dragged thru some rediculous sham of a church wedding. Now I won't have to be dragged thru butbow hell because "its her special daaayyy". I hope he leaves her at the alter when they elope.
Monday, January 02, 2006
i married my hubby 2 years ago.his sister got married at the justice of the peace a month later.she waited till last year to have a huge wedding ,which personally i thought was tacky....there was no questions about having me and hubby in it .nor when we got married did i not think for one second not to include them.well the other sister in law got engaged fri evening.she has already picked her 7 bridesmaids and none of them are me.but of course her sister is included..2 of them are local 5 of them live out of state.soon to be hubby only has one groomsman so far.so im sure of it they will ask my hubby and bro in law and possibly my father in law to be groomsman.if the groom to be was just a few years older he could be her dads age...and im talking under 10years...she has a huge rock on too.sister in law thinks she is amazing.even a supermodel..and so doesthe other sister in law.i hate people that act like this.they dont have any problems with me ,but i think they are all bitches.even mother in law..honestly im staying away for the next year.and probably not going to the bridal shower since i wasnt asked to be in the wedding.no prob,im probably going to be pregnant this year or something ..hmm maybe...this sis in law has to have the best of everything .no doubt this wedding is going to blow the bank!i just think this is plain rude!
shes a bitch
Monday, January 02, 2006
O.K I now have 5 months and 2 days till THE DAY. I am going this week to try on dresses I already know which dress I want so I'm not to worried about that. But I have been pricing photographers and OH MY GOD are the pictures coming with a platinum album, oh well I guess I am just gonna have to ask the parents for some $$ and hopefully they won't bitch about it, We'll see!!!
Here comes Bridezilla
Sunday, January 01, 2006
My family is in the bridal business, so I could get my dress wholesale, or for that matter, professionally made for me. I'm insisting on a lehenga choli (Indian bridal gown, no I'm not Indian) that I've only seen a picture of online. I just can't stand another white satin dress. I've heaved those things on and off 100's of brides and they all look the same to me now. This is going to cost my mom extra, but I just can't make myself like anything else. Plus, I'm already settling on the site since it's 1/3 the price of the place I really like. Oh, and FMIL is desperately hinting that she wants to do some planning/bonding thingy. I could plan a wedding with one frontal lobe tied behind my back so I'm not sure how to come up with something that seems like it needs her input. I must, though. She's nice and he's her only son.
In touch with my inner bitch (too much)
Sunday, January 01, 2006
About 2 days after my fiance proposed to me, I ran into his stalker. I couldn't help myself, I kept making sure my ring was visible and that she saw it. A flush of vindication reached me as she ran towards the bathrooms screaming.
Sunday, January 01, 2006

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