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Why did I witness the ultimate Bridezilla at a wedding this past weekend. She thought she was a princess... until she opened up her mouth and yelled at everyone around. From the start to the finish... then she thinks... "everyone thinks I'm a princess" and everyone just cried when they saw me... NOT it was so HOT they were crying for an air conditioner! UGH... can I get my gift back?
Thursday, June 30, 2005

My soon-to-be mother-in-law takes the cake. When my fiance proposed, and I was thinking attention should be on us, she comes out with saying she has end stage 3 breast cancer and does not want to do any surgery or chemo. Now, before you think I'm a cold-heartless b!tch, the whole family is convinced she lied. Three months later she says she is cured by God, because she does not "feel" like she has cancer anymore, she doesn't think a doctor is qualified enough to tell her if she has cancer, therefore, doesn't feel it necessary to see one. Every time something comes up about our wedding, or the engagement party, she turns it into her needing the attention because of her "near-death" experience. I feel guilty for the feelings I have towards her, but I feel that this is an important time that attention should be showered on myself & fiance.
dealing with the MIL
Chicago, IL Thursday, June 30, 2005
Bride in Disaster, sue your Lawyers. They messed up big time. In the meantime why not go ahead with a 'blessing' on the day and get the papers sorted later. who will know?
Thursday, June 30, 2005
where did it all start? My engagement was excellent, bended knee in front of my family and the ring was perfect (both his mom and dad died a couple years ago and he made an engagement ring out of diamonds from their rings). Finally got to buy "the wedding magazine" full of dresses. So many beautiful ones. I live in a small city so I went to the city where I grew up (2 hours away). Looking in a magazine and actually looking in stores are 2 different things. My husband and I are paying for our wedding on our own so I knew I didn't want to spend alot on a dress that you only wear one day. Big Mistake! I second guessed myself right after I decided to order the dress. Second guessed myself waiting for it to come in. Hated it when I picked it up (4 months before wedding). Cried the whole way home (2 hours) My now husband wanted to make it better. He said it didn't matter what the cost if I wasn't happy I should find something to make me happy. He offered to go with me, or drive me anywhere. I got home and tried it on for him (all superstitions put aside) he loved it - said it was beautiful. It just never felt right. Anyway, I kept the dress and figured I was just being a loser or something. I didn't want to be spoiled or anything, I figured the dress was beautiful and everything would be okay. Our wedding was beautiful. We had it outside at our acreage - rented a tent and my husband did a fabulous job of decorating and lighting. Everyone said it was right out of hollywood. But even now, i look at the wedding pics and I don't like my dress. I really didn't think it would bother me this long afterward. Does this happen to everyone or just me???? I didn't think I was this fucking shallow. I love my husband and I loved our wedding, I would only have changed the dress. But alas, the wedding is over and it wasn't ugly - just not my first pick! Please, if anyone has ever experienced this or is experiencing it - I would love to hear from you. I have always had self-esteem issues and I think I picked the dress everyone else thought I should pick (my mom excluded - I should have gone with her alone! she doesn't push me into anything). So I wonder if I am just still upset because once again I was just trying to make everyone else happy? My advice to anyone - yes, it is just one day, but make sure you are happy with every choice you make as it only happens (hopefully) once! good luck to all you future brides.
one year later still hate my dress! <email>
canada, Thursday, June 30, 2005
I read here about some brides want to keep their maiden names. I did, I love it and this weekend will be married 29 years.
my name is me
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
PHARR, TX Wednesday, June 29, 2005
My middle sister takes the cake. During another little tirade, she asked me whether I am inviting my youngest sister--AGAIN--and when I told her I was, she told me that lil' sis hadn't gotten her invite yet. I reminded her you don't send out invites for a small, LOCAL wedding FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE. That's when she told me lil' sis didn't know who I was marrying, even though I introduced her to him at Christmas dinner, AND showed her the ring. (Lil' sis just rolled her eyes and said nothing.) I reminded Middle sis about that, and she tells me that I seem to have a new man every week. I've been with my fiance over a year, and she knows it! (Hell, my fiance knows I had a wild past, but he tells me that I "wouldn't be the same person had I not had those experiences.") Again, this is the price I pay for having a nearly free wedding... oh well...
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Wednesday, June 29, 2005
I'm a waitress and i told a lot of my regular custermers that they were invited and i really didn't mean i just done it for the tips.now i wish i would have kept my mouth closed.
t hailey <email>
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
You know my fiance really gets on my fucking nerves sometimes. Everytime we have a disagreement about the wedding he runs to his got damn momma. This time it was about the Photographer. He wants to use his best friend who has not a lick of experience it's his hobby, but is willing to do it as a wedding gift for free. Im like Hun, these pictures will last a life time. I don't want him to fuck them up. Now he's all pissed off because were not going to be saving the $2500 I am GOING TO SPEND by using a professional. Am I wrong??? Then he runs to he mom, and of course she thinks what he thinks, she thinks we should use her precious sons best friend and save the money. Im like look you're not marrying you momma are you? He opinion is VOIDED in this matter. That shit really pisses me off so bad. UGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Like her word is gold and everything she says is written in the bible or something. DAMN. Im really really pissed off. Why do men always think everything there mom says or does is always right and always perfect?? HMM? I feel better now. Just needed to vent.
Marrying a Momma's Boy
Ocoee, FL Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Well it's exactly 39 days until the big day. The one thing that sucks most right now is my family. Namely my sisters! I went to every one of their bridal showers, baby showers, etc, but they couldn't take 2 hours out of their day for my shower! I'm very hurt by this! They have not called me one time to offer their services, not that I need it now, but just an offer would be nice. I understand they have children and are very busy, but all I'm asking for is an offer. We have always been very close, but I feel completely isolated from them right now. UGH! I'm supposed to be happy and excited, but I'm hurt and sad:(
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Muddy Paws - the month before my wedding was the most stressful time of my life. It was truly horrible. I was even a little dizzy and disoriented. It made no sense, these are all family and friends, after all. But sense had nothing to do with it. The wedding was perfect and fabulous, as was the reception, but that didn't matter...I was still on the verge of hyper-ventalation. And it's now almost a year over, and we are deliriously happy (after an INCREDIBLY relaxing two-week honeymoon). So...take a deep breath...it'll all be OK!
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
On Saturday I was talking to MOH and mentioned that I had been in WeddingLand (TM) all day; she said, "You're getting married in 8 days. You don't get to leave WeddingLand until next Monday." I know that we wanted to plan this ourselves to avoid evil MIL, but... And several of us got food poisoning from the bachelorette dinner. THANK GOD we decided to have it a week early!
Holy Crap...
Monday, June 27, 2005
It is bad enough that every waking moment of my life is wedding, but then add in the fact that everyone I see asks me the SAME questions, day in and day out. "How is the planning going or this is what I did at my wedding...don't forget to video tape it, be sure to take dancing lessons, my daughter wore her hair this way, and oh my gosh, you don't do THAT at a wedding!" To top it off, I have to nag my fiance to take two minutes to give his opinion or take interest/responsibility for this wedding we are planning. He somehow thinks everything magically happens- and he just needs to strut up the aisle and lay a kiss on me. I feel better now....thank you.
near a nervous breakdown
Monday, June 27, 2005
muddy paws I had 3 car accidents ranging from minor to almost totaling my car in the months leading up to my wedding. And I can blame stress for every single one of them. My DH claimed the only one who was going to object at our wedding was his insurance agent. Take deep breaths, get a pedicure, relax, and keep your eyes on the road!!
was too stressed
Monday, June 27, 2005
I am going to rain terror down on my fiances' ex-wife. We are packing up to move into our brand new house and I found a packet with some of the notes from their marriage counseling sessions. It contains some of the names of the dickheads that she was screwing around with. I looked up their addresses in the county property records database and am sending letters to each of their wives. Evil Bitch of an Ex-wife - you are going to be sorry years after the fact for your adulterous behavior!!
Queen of Everything
San Diego, CA Monday, June 27, 2005
Does anyone think it is tacky to ask for monetary gifts only for a wedding present. My fiance and I have been living together for a year and we have everything we need. I know weddings are not about the gifts, and I don't want to be tacky and tell people what they should give as a gift. But I really don't need 2 more blenders and one more toaster.
Monday, June 27, 2005
Okay - I lied. I just wish I knew how many happily, still-married couples started out as stressed as me & my fiance? 7 days, 7 hours and twenty minutes left before we tie the knot. Getting married on Independence Day - see? that is just the tip of the iceberg proving we are nuts... Is EVERYONE always this worried about all the what-ifs, or is it just us, becuase we have both been unhappily married before and know how easily things can go south if you are not careful, especially if your spouse refuses to budge when troubles arise. We are both the type to try to work things out, but lately it seems like we are at each other's throats over what MIGHT happen someday. What is WRONG with us???!!!!!!!!! AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH! I still don't feel better....well, maybe a little.
muddy paws
Houston, TX Monday, June 27, 2005
AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH! Whew - I feel better now.
muddy paws
Houston, TX Monday, June 27, 2005
In the spirit of goodwill, I asked my fiance's sisters to be my bridesmaids. They don't like me much, but I thought it'd be a nice gesture. When they tried on the dresses, they complained that it made their armpits look fat. Huh?
Fat Armpits?
Thursday, June 23, 2005
His parents are making me nuts! First, they promised to help pay with 2 aspects of the wedding because their money is tight. That's totally understandable. Then, they repeatedly ask to borrow money from my fiance and I. WTF!?! Then, they declared bankruptcy...told us they couldn't pay for the two items promised (which were about $1500, so we're no longer taking a honeymoon as a result because we now have to pay for them) AND they just went and bought a big screen TV!!!! AND THEY ARE STILL ASKING US FOR $$$$!!!! Good GOD, I hope he and I never end up so $$$ hungry and that we can make it through what his parents are dishing out.
$$$ doesn't grow on trees
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I'm nervous that my bridesmaids won't get their dresses altered in time.
it's not about the dress, but...
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I'm nervous that my bridesmaids won't get their dresses altered in time.
it's not about the dress, but...
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
My confession: I wish I didn't have to invite my awful aunt. She's my mom's brother's wife and she's just a pain in the butt. I don't want any of my mom's brother's kids, either. That would eliminate about 30 or so folks that we wouldn't have to pay about $100 bucks a head for. We could actually have people at the wedding that we like... such as... more friends... ah the joy of dreaming.
don't like aunt
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Here is a sure way to be invited to a wedding. When you hear from your friends that they are engaged, say, very truthfully, "Congrats! I understand how crazy wedding planning can be, so if you can't invite us that's fine. We'll celebrate when you vist." How many weddings have you been to where you've since lost touch the couple? Real friends are better that a single day in June.
Never dreamed about tulle
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
We still have 2 years to the wedding, and there've been more tears in the past month then possibly our entire relationship. I understand he has a big family, and I even understand that there will have to be some european cutoms I'm not crazy about. But why does it have to be all his way! Where's the compromise? He can tell his dad that 'No, you can't invite all your 2nd cousins, and no we're not having dry ice waved onto us while we dance our first dance as husband and wife, and no my munchcake parents aren't having a catered engagement party at a banquet hall, ARGH! And this is only the beginning. Maybe we should elope...I feel like I hate him and his family some days...that can't be good.
What have I gotten myself into?
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
There are a few weddings coming up after mine and I never want to hear about them...I want it all to be about me...Why am I like this? I am constantly trying to "one up" everyone else...
Selfish Bride
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Key members of family and wedding party look as if they are working make things more complicated than they appear. I have my step mother in law wanting to match the young girls dresses to shoes. I didn't specify shoes... but I specified comfy dancing shoes and that we didn't choose shoes... leaving it to the comfort and alleviation of bridesmaids foot issues. My Dad just called because he thought I had picked out an outfit for him and he wanted to match all the fathers... I sent him info on my wedding dress color to match 3 months ago and told him it was his choice. If I had dictated his outfit... whooo boy.. that I have visions of child hood not going against the grain to avoid a blow out manuevers in my head. To boot... A friend keeps on offering help and then in the second breath telling me how booked she is right up till days before my wedding. Feels like Lucy and the football. My MOH just asked me if that same friend wants to be included in the setup of the wedding when just a week ago she wanted nothing to do with her... *huh?* Aliens have invaded and sent us all into surrealist land... I just need to find the ship and board it ;^)
partially sane in a mostly goofy world
ma Tuesday, June 21, 2005
4 days to go and my MOH is turning into the Bridezilla on me about something minor... aarghhh. It's not like I've had her running all over creation doing stuff... she hasn't even had to throw a bridal shower. All I want to say is shut the hell up but we've been friends since we were kids! Wishing it were over so we can get to the honeymoon and screw like rabbits. Ontario Bride
Ready to scream
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Oh I love reading the confessions. I am so RIGHT when I get off the phone, you all are nuts indeed. I am married and I wasn't a bridezilla, any and all who know can vouch for me, I was too busy with life to be worried with the details. Get over it ladies, the wedding is one day, the marriage is FOREVER :)
Retailer to Bridezillas everywhere
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
I have been so stressed over my upcoming wedding that I can't even see straight. It's not my FH, or BM's, or even our parents that are causing me so much stress. My daddy passed away a couple of years ago, so my FH and I are paying for our wedding. It's not a big deal, we want to get married and in order to have our wedding, we are paying for it. A very well meaning member of my family is driving me crazy with everything that she wants just because she has given us some money to use towards the wedding. Thank you, it was very sweet of you and we really do appreciate it. However, just because you gave us some money for the wedding does not entitle you to having any say into any of the arrangements and if you think that it does we'll gladly give you the money back. Not to be a bridezilla, I just wish that others would remember that this is "our" day and not anyone else's. Furthermore, when I am telling you about the plans or decisions that we have already made, that is NOT, I repeat NOT, an invitation to give me your ideas on what you think would be better or that you would like something else better. Your comments are not welcome, no matter how well intended they are. They just cause me stress, worry, and headaches that I don't need. I have enough to deal with just with work, school, planning this wedding, and just the every day stress that life throws to us. Your comments do nothing but make me want to slap myself, or better yet slap the crap out of you. I feel so much better now, thanks for letting me vent.
October Bride
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
On the day of my wedding my ex mother in law was sitting in my bridal suite when I walked in and she said come over here and give me a kiss I told her it was my day and she needed to get up and greet me ....what nerve the marriage ended 2 yrs later I should have known the apple does not fall far from the tree,,,,,,
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Where do I begin? I'm 30; my fiance is 22. My mother refused to take the engagement seriously because of his age, even though he has a good job and supports his mother. She finally got the hint after we had been engaged five months and had begun planning the wedding. She still thinks we're spending too much money, even though the hall we're using is a freebie from his aunt (she lives in the apartment building the hall is in, and gets a special usage privelege) and he owns his own tuxedo. We told her that we were buying our wedding cake for a sweetheart deal ---$90!--- and she threw up her hands and said, "I'll just make the cake! That's too much!" It's really strange that she would worry about the money as we are having friends cater it---again, free, as their gift to us--- and I have already bought my daughter's MOH dress and may have found mine for a song. (She had a cheap quickie wedding when she married my dad, so ANYTHING is too much...but they're still together, so...) Next, my younger sister is intent on buying everything and anything, which would be a blessing if she didn't call five or six times a day to report her latest purchases. Maybe just a "digest" call? She seems more into my wedding than I am, and I am overjoyed! I suppose the worst part is that my mother insists that I invite my youngest sister, who is with the man I dated before I met my fiance. I caught them three years ago, having sex on my living room carpet. She now hates me because I threw her out of my house and had revenge sex with him, again before I met my fiance. (Nothing like having two men you've seen naked at your own wedding...) However, Mom insists that I invite her in the spirit of family unity. I would tell Mom that lil' sis ain't coming, but if it'll keep her from going on about how much my freebie wedding costs, I'll make the sacrifice...
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Sigh. One BM was going out of the country for a semester, so we rushed to get the dresses, etc. before she left. She hastened to reassure me that her mom would take care of dyed-to-match shoes, etc. while she was away. So yesterday, 14 DAYS before the wedding, I get an e-mail from Study Abroad Girl (who has NOT been responding to any e-mails this whole time) AND a phone call from her mom that they "just can't find affordable VEGAN dyeable shoes, is it OK if she just wears a coordinating shade?" NO, it's not f*cking OK, when you've known for 3 MONTHS to try to find shoes to wear, and you've been a vegan for 7 years and should KNOW where to look! Besides, it can take WEEKS to dye the shoes so WHY oh WHY are you just looking now!!!! I sweetly informed Mommy dearest that Payless dyelights are 100% man-made, and that she better hustle since it even takes them 10 DAYS to dye the damn things.
Monday, June 20, 2005
my insanity was allowing our parents to have anything to say except "when do we show up?"
NY Monday, June 20, 2005
Got married 3 weeks ago and I already can't stand my FIL. I had only met him (briefly) once before the wedding. The second time (the first time I really got to talk to him) was during the rehearsal. He and husband's mom divorced when he was really young. The husband doesn't talk much about his dad, so I don't really know their relationship, but now I can see why they split up and he's not close to his dad. The man is so freakin' old school it's unbelievable. He called the husband at 1 AM the day of our wedding and started going off on me because I supposedly didn't call him that day to thank him for coming to our wedding. WTF?! I thanked him when I saw him at the rehearsal earlier that day! He gave the husband an earful and went off for like an hour on the phone. How immature! He never once offered to help with our wedding (which is fine by us!) and is now pulling this shit how he should be treated with respect and be honored during the ceremony. Screw you! You were not around for the husband his entire life, you have no right to just storm in last minute and want to take all the credit. I refused to write him a father's day card, I have no respect for him.
Secret Bridezilla
Monday, June 20, 2005
My now husband has a really ugly last name. That's just one reason I didn't take it on, the other being I'm a modern day woman who has made quite a "name" for myself with my own name. When I see mail addressed to Mr. and Mrs. (ugly name) I ALWAYS say, "Oh, we got your parent's mail by mistake." I'm sure I'm really annoying DH at this point, but only because I'm friggin' annoyed that folks can't get it right. Stupid people.
Should Know Better
Monday, June 20, 2005
Okay...I think I have just really pissed off my MOH (little sister)and she just may hate me forever. No, that is no exageration, she is like a marathon grudge holder. I will likely hear about this while we share a nursing home room! Anyway, to the confession. My sister and I are of similar body shape however I am heath concious and workout regularily. I should also mention as a side note that I have body image issues and am finally recovering (therapy, drugs, blah blah, blah)from an eating disorder. This will see how this becomes important as you read on. My sister has been gaining weight at a slow and steady rate for some time now. She did join a gym shortly after I asked her to be the MOH last July. I bought all the girls dresses back in November. I bought matching black cocktail dresses for two girls and for my sister, a one piece pant suit with flowing fabric (similar fabric to the cocktail dresses). At the time, the pant suit needed to be shorted at the hem (we have little legs). I asked my sister to try it on back in April at the taylors and low and behold, the hem had miraculously shrunk up! The pants were shorter because she had gained some weight and the suit wasn't as "flowing" as it was "fitted". I tried to say gently that it was looking a little tight at the back and not sitting right ("I must not have noticed when we bought it") I tried very hard not to come out and say it doesn't fit as nicely anymore but she caught on and got defensive. I dropped the subject until last night. Then all hell broke loose.... I noticed that the wrap dress she was wearing last night was significantly more "fitted" and not in a flattering manner. I waited until it was the two of us in the kitchen and asked her when she had a free Saturday. When she asked why I told here that we needed to make an emergency trip to the mall. When she asked what for I asked her if she had tried on her outfit lately. In as gently of a tone as one could say something like that. Needless to say, she was pissed going on about how the dress was a sized large and how much weight did I think she had gained and where exactly it doesn't it fit, blah, blah, blah. I felt really bad. There is no easy way to say something like that. I love my sister and I want her to look good but now she's mad. I tried to do some damage control tonight over the phone. I told her that I love her and I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, pretty much a repeat. She hung up on me. I feel bad. Great. Evil bridezilla is back.
bride with ninja skills
Sunday, June 19, 2005
my fiance is SUCH an asshole i can't believe i'm marrying him in 5 days. FUCK HIM.
Sunday, June 19, 2005
I've played the organ, piano, and keyboards for weddings since the late '70s. One wedding was for 2 children whose parents had to sign for them since they were not legal yet. When I asked the mother-of-the-bride what music they wanted for the bride to process in on she said, "Send in the Clowns." My best wedding, however, was for another set of children. The bride processed in with a deep-scoop-stop-step maneuver. I don't think that the boy (er, excuse me, groom) was shaving yet but he was in a white tuxedo with tails. The preacher went through the routine vows (his first time to the "big city")and said in his flat-hick accent, "Repeat after me...'with aaawwwlllll thy wiiiiirlllldly gooooooods I theeeeeeee in deeeeeewwwwwwww.'" The children, not knowing any different repeated it exactly has the preacher said it, pronuciation and all! I about fell of the organ bench laughing, and I had to catch myself since I was supposed to look stoic!!!! I thought surely someone was taping this for "You're on Candid Camera!"
The Wedding Organist
Goodlettsville, TN Saturday, June 18, 2005
Now for the confession: I can't stand it when my husband's family addresses mail to me as Mrs. my first name husband's last name or even worse, mrs. husband's first and last name. I kept my own name people, it's not that hard!!!! I'm tempted to return the mail next time with no such person lives here!
kept MY name!
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Yeah...I'm with you on the name thing. I had a FABULOUS, unusual maiden name...one that made people say, "Wow...what a neat name!" Now I have a nothing name. I would have hyphenated, but my maiden name was already so long, it would have been ridiculous. So...I changed my middle name to my maiden name and my last name to my husband's name. Sigh. I adore my husband, and honestly, I don't think I'd ever really feel married if I didn't take his name but GEEEEEZ!!! I miss my name so much! I just ache a little every time I sign off on something or hear my name read. Yes, I'm a dork. I just feel like a huge part of my identity is gone. I'm sure at some point I won't feel it anymore, but for now, it sucks.
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Where do I begin? My FH lives about 3 hours from me right now. He insists that he attend an x-girlfriend's wedding ON July 4th (a MONDAY!) and I am not taking off of work the next day so I can attend this evening wedding 3 hours from my house! Plus, that is a weekend we could have spent together. AND, why would I want to celebrate in her happiness??? He dated her while we were broken up and I just can't get over that! Besides that he insisted we invite them to our wedding and I really really hope they don't come. Also, my FMIL is so entirely cheap I just don't know what to say to her when she comes up with these crazy comments! My FH and I are paying for the entire wedding ourselves. Then she comes in with comments like "are you sure you can afford a 9 day honeymoon?" "Noone will buy the $60 sheets on your registry" "We DO NOT need a limo from our house we will all just drive ourselves" Then she critisizes every wedding invitation she gets in the mail, so I can only imagine what she will say about mine that will be hand made by me!
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Let's start with the fact that I'm not getting enough sleep.

Add to that the fact that I haaaate my job.

These combined mean that I am a completely worthless employee. I can't concentrate, I don't want to be there, and I am tempted to crawl under my desk and nap. This weekend, sleep is #1 on my agenda.

But even if I'm well-rested, the job still blows.
Tired and Worthless
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

OK, all her life my FMIL has had bad teeth and never cared about them to actually do anything about them, but now she is begging us to push back our wedding date several months later so she will have time to fix her teeth. Uh, HELLO? it's not about your ugly teeth that should have been fixed years ago and plus you knew a wedding would happen eventually since me and your son have finally just got engaged after 4years! Priorities please!
A Goofy Smile is Still a Smile
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
I am getting married after my well known spoiled cousin did, but she isn't the problem- it's her mother, my aunt. Of course she has to compare my wedding arranements and soforth to her lovely daughter's. My aunt and uncle took out a huge $10,000 loan to foot the bill, while my own smart parents are using their $4000 savings instead of paying interest in bank fees. That is fine with me, I'm a thrifty gil and never pay full price for ANYthing. So of course my aunt has to rub how much they spent on my cousin's wedding in my face. I am also planning to have my ceremony at a lovely chapel, but GULP, she would not want to get married in a , GULP, chapel! She was so stressed decorating the church when her daughter's wedding got married so I am very relieved to not have to worry about decorations and the chapel decorates in my chosen colors. I know it's my wedding and it's not about her, but I am so tired of hearing how much more wonderful my cousin's wedding was than mine will ever be. P.S. I was a bridesmaid in her daughter's wedding and she was a nightmare then too. Talk about Mother of the Bridezilla! She was so worried about my hair just getting cut kinda short 8 MONTHS before the wedding and not being able to style it well for the wedding. Pul-lease, get over it already!! She also treated us bridesmaid like babies and wouldn't let us have our own gloves, which we paid for, until the day of the wedding!
Aunt Shant Rant
Houston, Tx Tuesday, June 14, 2005
I confess that I want to scream every time my mother says that it's really sweet how all of her friends and acquaintences want to attend my wedding because they love HER so much - never mind that I've never even met half of these people and my FH and I are foooting more than half of the bill for this thing. I confess that I am seriously pissed that my brother decided to get married exactly three weeks after me, and that we'll potentially have to cut our honeymoon short to get back for his stupid black tie wedding - his second, no less!
It's MY spotlight!
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
So my FH & I have been discussing the name thing... He wants to change his last name to his mother's maiden name- he has his fathers now, but has no relationship with his father or his fathers family. I said fine, it will cost us court fees & all, but if he wants to ok. I don't mind I really would rather have a name that is a 'family name' ie. his mother's maiden name would be the same as his grandparents and all his cousins. The thing is: I don't want to change mine! I know I told him that I would if he changes his... but I really don't. I love my maiden name, I love that it's my family name (a good italian name), and if I could have one mega wish it would be for him to change his to mine. He would never consider it!! Believes his buddies would make fun of him... WHATEVER!!! Who the F cares!! My family loves & adores him why can't he be one of us!!!

In addition to all of that I've recently been given more fuel to feed my neurotic fire with. My brother & his girlfriend have told us that they are thinking that perhaps 2 yrs from now that will be married too (a year after me) and that they won't be having any kids. So not only does she get the name I love (for free, w/o any problems), but won't carry on the name!!! At this point I have no idea what name my (yet un-conceived) children will have, but I can guess that it won't be the one I want, my maiden name!

Auugh! Why does this bother me so! And more importantly why can't I have my way!!!
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Second marriage for both of us (first time around we were both young, naive, and had no clue of the concept of a functional relationship). I want nothing more than to be married to him, but the idea of a WEDDING--I don't want anything reminiscent of the first time around. Considered the whole eloping in Vegas or an island wedding, but then would still need to have a reception when we return for family and friends. And the idea of a dinner reception even without the ceremony is too much like everything I'm trying to avoid. So, came up with the idea of a Jersey shore beach wedding BBQ where everyone will literally change into their suits and spend the day on the beach. I love it!! Finally I'm excited about planning it! But FH is concentrating on moving into my house, renting his condo (and possibly tenants of his other house will be moving out, too) and can't find a weekend close enough where we can go check it out (for next summer). I'm so anxious wanting to buy a dress (leftover prom dresses on sale, since I'm not doing the big white dress again...cheap) and excited about favors and centerpiece ideas, etc. I spend all day at work looking up stuff. But I can't move forward with anything until we check out this place and see if it works or we might go with a completely different theme altogether. Yes, I want to focus on getting settled together, him continuing to build a relationship with my children, and making long-term financial and emotional plans for our life. I always said that was more important to me and thought how ridiculous it was that people would be focused on a DAY and lose sight of their relationship and building for the rest of their lives together. And I still felt that way while we were trying to come up with wedding ideas but nothing was really grabbing either one of us. But now that I found something totally fun and unique and "un-wedding-like," suddenly I'm all excited and can't wait to plan all the things I didn't think I'd even want to take the time to plan. And, yes, packing/moving/renting out his place/relationship with my kids SHOULD be the priorities right now, but if we can't find the time to check out this place fast, I might turn zilla...this coming from the woman a month ago who was altogether anti-wedding!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
NJ Tuesday, June 14, 2005
It's not like I'm overweight (I have a little tummy), but I'd have to loose about 20 lb to have a healthy weight (according to my dietician and Health Canada), so I managed so far with improved and healthier eating habits and regular gym to loose 25 lb so far, so I'm very proud of myself. Plus, I want to look nice in my dress (what's wrong with that - It's not like for pictures on a driving license or a passport that are redone every few years: you're stuck with them and people want to see them, so might as well look the best I can). My mom (who is overweight) thinks I'm crazy and should stop that non-sense (remember that I'm eating healthy and no junk, so how could this be non-sense?) and hopes I'll stop after the wedding. Hey, woman: while I was in elementary school you fed me hamburgers and KD every single day when I was coming back from school. It's partly your fault if I was fat! I don't want to look like you! Plus, she wants me to have kids. I don't, because I don't want to be fat and gain weigth. She says I'll loose it again after. Right! When will I have time for that: between taking care of a baby, a full time job, cleaning the house, etc. No thanks. I've been fat all my life (and she pointed that aspect a few times in my life), now I want to enjoy the new me and my married life with my fantastic husband!

So I just nod, and don't give any credit to what she has to say. Whenever I followed her advice, I ended up doing the wrong choice, have a miserable life (= no life at all), so I just do the opposite and I have been feeling great ever since. That's why my preparation for my wedding is going smoothly, because I don't allow her to intefere. So girls, do it YOUR way, whatever aspect in your life your mother of MIL is trying to interfere with.
Don't wanna be fat in my dress
Sunday, June 12, 2005

My mother is driving me nuts! Every time I tell her about some idea I have for the wedding she pulls the "worst case scenario" routine. "I don't think that's a good idea" or "I urge you to think about..." (basically saying she doesn't want to do things like make my own flower arrangements, etc.) But she's my mother! Who else am I supposed to share details with? Maybe I'm more mad at myself for actually calling her up to bounce ideas off her than I am at her reaction. It's not like this is a surprise--I've known her for 31 years, and this is pretty standard. Her opinion is that we should hire someone to do just about everything. Who's paying for this wedding again? Us. Yes, so she needs to just lay off on the "suggestions" unless she's willing to help out. Oh, yeah, but she'll be entertaining the out of town relatives, and couldn't possibly help with set-up or anything else in the week before the wedding.
Seattle, WA Sunday, June 12, 2005
God, yesterday was horribly hot in Quebec and as I was driving, I passed by 2 limousines for a wedding. Gee I'm glad I chose a fall wedding, not a summer one and especially not yesterday! I'm glad it was them, not me!
I'm glad it's them, not me
Sunday, June 12, 2005
It's less than a week until my wedding...and I so want to call it off and do what we really wanted to do orginally...elope in Vegas. It's my 2nd marriage, his 3rd, and I love him like crazy...but we've done this wedding number before, and it seems crazy spending money on a stupid wedding. We have four kids (all boys) between the two of us, merging the kids into a family hasn't been easy, still isn't. My youngest has ADHD and his youngest is a complete spoiled brat, courtesy of the ex-wife. It's one week before the wedding and I have been stuck with all 4 kids for days, while I am trying to do all the freaking last minute crap!!!! I need a damned vacation!!! I just wanted to go to Vegas, do the hot-air balloon ceremony thing, and have a wonderful, adult vacation!! I wanted to sit in a hot tub until I got pruny, drink until I was completely bombed, sleep late in the morning and stay up all night. I wanted to have noisy, hot sex with my husband. BUT NO!!!! I am sitting here, trying to make centerpieces for the tables, gluing rosebuds on the placecards, and freaking out over all the damned details for a wedding I didn't want!!! It's for everyone else! Not for me and him - for everyone else! And no body is helping me with any of this shit - except for my best friend (which is why she is my best friend). We are paying for all of this ourselves, and so to keep costs down, I have lots of it myself - made the invites, the centerpieces, the placecards, the programs, etc. Thousands of dollars that could have been better spent on a VEGAS ELOPEMENT/HONEYMOON/VACATION!!! I am so tired, I haven't had a vacation in 8 years (and that was with my 18 mo son at the beach...not fun.) But no, if we'd gone to Vegas, we were being selfish....

To top it off, we don't even get a proper honeymoon. All we can afford at this point is one measley night in a decent hotel. Then it's back to everyday hell with 4 kids all damned day long, trying to make ends meet, and dealing with his 2 bitchy ex-wives, and my insane ex-husband. If I didn't love my FH so much, I'd never do this. I am so tense, I may spontaneously combust.
still wants to elope
Pittsburgh, PA Saturday, June 11, 2005

To continue an evolving theme I must confess I was also disappointed and angry with my boring proposal. I was clearing dirty dishes in a tracksuit!! How hard can it be to watch some lame chick flicks and come up with something vaguely romantic? I feel ungracious but a big part of me deserves another shot.
Saturday, June 11, 2005
The calligrapher that MIL insisted on (and then complained about) that made us send our invitations out LATE apparently messed up on G-d knows how many addresses and now, 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING we're starting to get phone calls from hurt friends who never got an invitation. And MIL is finding a way to put it off on me...

Yesterday she saw my wedding shoes (silver ballroom shoes b/c FI and I are avid dancers) and said, "Why not white?" "Because these are prettier, and why wear white?" "Because we have so few occasions to wear white... (disapproving look)" My BM suggested that I answer "Because I've already f*cked your son and don't need pure footwear!" Damn it, I'm wearing a gazillion yards of dress, nobody will see the shoes at all, and I WANT TO WEAR SILVER SHOES!!!!!!!!
Silver Slippers
Friday, June 10, 2005

We have the photographer he is a character, his name is Roy. every time I say hello I startle him because I speak to loud. He is a true "artist" in the aspect, that he can not give you a straight answer on anything; from how you look to; is it hard to take pictures indoors. His reply seems to always be "it is and it isn't". The reason why we went with him is that even though he is wired, he is by far the best photographer I have seen. He likes to take dated pictures from the 30's. It took bride about 2 1/2 months to find a dress. She tried on about 70 dresses. She selected the one she always compared the others too. She became so distressed about what to wear we "had' to hire a wedding coordinator. Now it is being handmade in Italy at a price tag of 1900.00 plus not including alterations.

As for the band we went with a guy that has more personality that liberachi. It is seven piece band with a guy who use to play with Santana. The bill for that one was 3900.00. There is a funny story behind that one...Brides mom was going to pay for it but she decided the day before the deposit was due that she was not going to pay for it; "oh joy to the world Booze (my secret name) just about had a heart attack and a stroke at the same time". Luckily we had the money but it was not fun realizing that you are going to have to foot the bill.

As for the invitations we found a lady that does this as a home based business. We found that the people at papyrus who make about a nickel over minimum wage are not to interested in customizing your invitations. I like her from the get go, when I saw her picture of her and President Bush. We sent out the save the date with our picture on it . Cha-ching 500.00. during the process of the doing the save date cards, I was fired from all duties concerning the wedding because I was considered to be over controlling and the male version of Bridzilla, but I refused to allow this wedding to be taken over by Bride or the wedding coordinator, or the Character form the wizard of OZ (read below for an explanation).

Then came to invitations It took us approx. 3 weeks to figure out what to say how to say it what color it should be, the wedding coordinator had to give her OK, then the big fight happened...Bride wanted to get her mothers opinion the invitation and I was completely against it. I felt that her mothers editorial review would put a wrench in the whole thing. She had been acting lately like the green person from the east from the Wizard of OZ. Well that was on a Wednesday. We all meet for lunch on Friday and bride's mother said that she loved the invitation. She even found a grammatical error on it. I had to apologize to Bride about judging her mother. Well the story does not end there... We get a call on Saturday morning from guess who... the person from the Wizard of OZ. She simply says I slept on it and I do not like the invitations and I think they should be changed. She did not like the fact that it said that "because you have shared in there lives" she said that she was inviting people that did know us therefore the invitation would exclude them and they would feel insulted. Ughh! I was not a happy camper. bride goes over there a lays down the law, well that backfired. Her mom at that point said that she will not be going to the wedding and she would not be paying for it. Bride becomes hysterical and storms off and calls me, I try to calm her down and tell her to go back and get this thing fixed now (I may have used some other colorful language). Bride went back to her mom's house and now we have two invitations; one for the people who know us and another for the people who are attending and do not know us.

The tuxedoes to about 15min at the menswharehouse.

Bride yesterday fired her maid of honor. She felt that she was not doing her duty. They have know each other since they were 11. The maid of honor wanted to have a different dress from the other people of the wedding party (that was kind of the last straw). The other brides maid have been helping out considerably and Bride kind a felt that she did not earn it. So there will be no maid of honor officially.

My brother who is my best man has been is driving me insane. He would like to wear black and white Dr. Martin shoes to the wedding. And is upset that I am requiring not to make a spectacle of himself. On top of that he does not have a girlfriend (no surprise to anyone who knows him)but he wants to bring a date. The rule for our close friends is that if are not a committed relationship please do not bring a date. I do not want to be paying for any Tom, Dick, and Harry to be attending our wedding. So what does he do... He tells my mom that we are not allowing he to bring anyone, so my mom gets upset. I end up losing the battle about the guest and win the battle over the dress shoes. You can not win them all.

To put the cherry on top of the hell sundae I now call my life, my dad is paying for the rehearsal dinner but he refuses to pay form my mother and my step dad who raised me. That still has not been resolved. I will keep you up to date.
Booze (from a guys point of view)
Sacramento, ca Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm just now finding out that people did not make the ceremony part of my wedding, just the eating part (the whole thing was held in a restaurant). It's not like I said it's at 4:30 and then started at 4:40. We didn't start entering until 5:10. So they were at least 40 minutes late, if not more. The ceremony was short and incredibly sweet, my guy played guitar and sang to me, and the minister, who is my BIL, said some really funny things. So it was their loss. They missed a lot by not being able to figure out what to wear, or misjudging traffic (hello, we live in L.A.; there's going to be traffic), or being so busy in their useless lives that they couldn't plan to be at the most important day in my life, on time!!!! And why even make a point to TELL me! I'd rather not know how little you care.

On the other side, one guy was in an ACCIDENT, and he still managed to get there for the ceremony. And I barely know him (hubby's work mate). So not all people suck.
Should Know Better
Friday, June 10, 2005

Not Confession: I love my FH, my future family, the proposal was lovely and original (using his grandmother's ring...awww!). Everyone is properly thrilled for us and anxious to help without being intrusive. Fiancee is free with the checkbook, supportive, he and my son adore each other and our families all get along splendidly.

Confession: My 16-year old daughter is killing me. She has lived in another city with my parents for the last 7 years. We see each other 2-3 times a year (her choice) and we're not close at all. She calls me yesterday to state how unhappy she is with "this whole wedding thing". OK, I can be supportive, she is my child even tho she won't really be affected by this, it's not like she lives here. She doesn't know, she just hates that I'm getting married.

Fast forward two hours. She saw pics of my dress I had emailed to my mom. She loves the dress, but still vehemently opposes the marriage...then asks if I've considered the bridal party and informs me she plans to be an attendant!! Nervy little snot!

Now I love my kid, even tho we're not close, and FH and I have been trying to figure out a special role in the wedding for her. But I don't want her in the bridal party and will NOT be pushed into it. I know her, she'll be all dramatic and annoying, and everything will be so smooth and lovely that it'll look even worse by comparison. Sigh...there goes my Mother of the Year Award.
Bride of One, Mom of Two
Friday, June 10, 2005

My ex-fiancee and I were pretty young when we decided to get married (20). Note, I say "We". Ryan didn't even have it together enough to propose. But, that didn't matter because we were In Love. And yes, I can hear you thinking "Loser" through the screen. We didn't tell our families, and planned to elope in a year when we both finished college. Unfortunately, his mother is an insane psychobitch. While Ryan and I were saving up for the wedding, she was always harping on him for spending too much time with me, for including me in family activities, for not being home for dinner every night, etc. Finally, I came across a phone message on the reverse side of the answering machine tape, where she said some of the worst things I have ever heard. The last words she said were "Well. Samantha must have plenty of money for whatever it is she's doing (college) saved up because from the look of your bank statements you've spent over $74 on her this past month!"

Yeah. My 21-year-old fiancee's mother read his bank statements AND was graceless enough to call him about it. What really burned me up is that he tried to hide it and failed. When I played the tape for him and demanded to know what he'd done about it and what he planned to do to stick up for me, he told me I was being unreasonable and that I shouldn't get so upset and just to let it go.

Two weeks later, I dumped his worthless ass.
Friday, June 10, 2005

i've been guilted into letting FMIL make the wedding cake. Problem is - she never listens!! Been saying for weeks we want chocolate, but she's still saying 'oh, are you still thinking chocolate' and other wishy-washy stuff like 'i don't know if I can make the flowers' and 'i need to make things early (August) so they can dry properly' (wedding in December). I could smack her down sometimes. I'm not comfortable and I don't see why she should get to make the cake when my mum can't make the dress because her eyesight isn't good. I wouldn't hire her if she was a professional - very bad vibe. Very close to not giving a crap about offense and saying no way!
simmering bitch
Thursday, June 09, 2005
Yes you crazy bitch, I kicked you out of the wedding. I don't care if your his sister. You will not walk on me like you do the rest of your family. Still whining to mommy? Yeah, we know you are. We have to listen to her whining at us. Nope, no way. You are no longer a part of our lives. Take your two faced self back to the place you came from. I'm so happy he sees you for what you are and mommy too. Would love to smack you upside your head a few times. For every time that you talked shit about me. Still upset that he chose me over you. Still upset cause your brother don't tell you everything anymore? GOOD. He's a grown man now. Deal with it!
Wednesday, June 08, 2005
"Ya wanna?" is not a good proposal.

"We might as well?" is not a good proposal

"I love you desperately and can't image a day without you in it" That is a good proposal.

WTF? he's not a god damned hick from no where. He is smart and articulate. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH "Ya wanna?" pause "I mean we might as well"

After 8 years, of begging and pleading, you would think he would have been a little more creative.

Such an asshole.
Bitch of the year
Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Here's the deal. My fiance and I have always lived in different cities. A month after we got engaged, I got laid off and found a new job almost immediately. Right after I accepted it, he got an offer from his dream job. So rather than have him move to my city, I'm moving to his right after the wedding.

Thing is, my employers have NO IDEA, and I feel terrible. I mean, it's not as good a job as his new one, the money isn't as good, and while there is a future in the job, I don't want to be a part of that future.

But I feel bad that I have kept this information from them for almost six months, and in six weeks, I drop the bombshell that I'm leaving.

They think he lives in this city. He doesn't and never has.

I hate this job, but the client I manage (a Fortune 500) loves me, and wants only to deal with me. They're going to hit the roof.

Oh well. I have a white dress waiting, even if I get pink slipped to get it.
Lying Liar
Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I had my first Bridezilla moment the other night... I was out w/ my FH and we met up with w/ this other couple. I was at their wedding two years ago this summer. She asked me how my plans were coming along. I mentioned that I had just picked up my dress and before I could say anything else she's off and running her mouth off about her dress. On and on she goes for like an hour, apparently she doesn't need air b/c she didn't stop to breathe. I kept thinking to myself what did I do to deserve this? I certainly didnt ask about it, why would I was at her wedding! I saw the friggin dress! I wanted to strangle her. Not for nothing sweetie but your wedding was almost two years ago... you're past your 'bridal' expiration date. This is my time to gush on and on about my wedding not a chance for you to relive yours! She didn't even ask me what mine looked like! Uugh! If she starts yammering about her wedding on my day I will seriously boot her out on her ass. And to the same girl One non-wedding related rant I seriously do not care about your boobs, I dont want to hear about them, talk about them, or see them! STOP GOING ON AND ON ABOUT YOUR BOOBS! If she starts yammering about her boobs on my day I will seriously boot her out on her ass too.
Buffalo, NY Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Ok. My fiance grew up in a small Southern town where you're either Baptist or hellbound. I'm the daughter of two agnostics whose credo is "Live and let live". A decade in the big city has soften fiance's beliefs, and he's never been one to press his religion on others. I am concerned however, about his groomsman who we'll call Cooter. Cooter grew up in the same small town then moved to an even smaller one. He traded in his Trans Am for a bible and is now a part time minister. Everytime we see them, we go to dinner and Cooter delivers a loud "sermon on the mount come to Jesus" grace before supper. I hope he doesn't pull this trick at the rehearsal dinner, because I've put him at a table with the most liberal, pot-smoking, fun-loving, hard-drinking, foul-mouthed people I could find. He and his lazy-eyed wife are going to be over their heads. And I don't give a rat's posterior. I have also paired up my obnoxious teenaged cousin (girl) with the best man's obnoxious pre-teen son. Muahaha. May I recommend the seating chart as a revenge tool?
Tuesday, June 07, 2005
I want to elope.I have 23 five months left untill my Big wedding. I am ready to flip out on some of my BMS, I have asked all of them to buy their own dress and shoes .I have searched all over to find formal gowns for them to wear that were not to high in price $119.00 with fittings and tax.I am purchasing fur wraps gloves and jewlery for each of them it will cost me almost $175.00 or more for each girl and I have girls bitching about the price of their dress. Better yet I warned all the girls that they needed to gett fitted and put money down on there dresses the first week of March. I have Untill June 26 to get everyones ordered or they wont be here in time for the wedding.Three of my girls are fitted and order the rest keep avoiding me including my two sisters who cant afford the dress but go on vacations buy new cars and quit their jobs all within the last month, my maid of honor and best friend still hasnt mad any attempt to get fitted three weeks to go. If they back out at the last min. Iwill nedd to replace them with other girls and probably have to buy there new girls dresses because of no warning and time given to save.If they dont show I am not inviting any of them !!!!!!
Kulpmont, P.A. Monday, June 06, 2005
My usually reasonable FMIL keeps finding ways of pushing her perfect daughter onto me. 'why don't you get her to do that', or 'well where will she stand', 'she really wants to help... you can give her x and y to do' eventhough i have said repeatedly, that we are so on top of things that my mom doesn't even have jobs to do. i am just tired of feeling like the control of this event is seconds away from being ripped from my control. Additionally... his mom and dad came with us to visit the venue cause they hadn't seen it and we wanted to be sure they felt excluded. We had a coffee and chatted to the manager and i asked some questions, next thing his mom is taking notes. Then starts asking all her own questions and then his dad is saying that they'll need to take 2 weeks off work before the wedding for all the arrangements etc. And now i'm just thoroughly thrown knowing that the control has officially slipped and someone else is highjaking my decisions. Aaaarrrrrggghhh. Plus i know his dad will be planning some big financial gesture (well intentioned) where he'll publically wave away people wallets at the bar, or turn up in Rolls as a vehicle for the bride or something that draws attention - while we could actually do with some real offer of money as we're paying for this all ourselves. And now i have top go make up activities that don't need doing - just so i can delegate them so people feel involved.
Second Best
Monday, June 06, 2005
Forgive me for what I am about to say because it really is horrible of me.... I have to admit this somewhere. I absolutely HATED the way FI proposed to me. HATED IT!!! I was actually so mad the whole night- and disappointed. FI's brother proposed to his girlfriend a few months before by getting take out chinese and eating it in the park with her, then popping the question. My FI did the exact same thing- real creative, right? To make matters worse, he didn't even get down on one knee- it was more of a squat. He said "will you marry me" but there was no I Love You, no words of love or romance. Once I said yes, he slid the ring on my finger and said "so now what do you want to do?" I was really stunned. On what should have been the most romantic and sentimental night he had absolutely nothing planned beyond getting take out chinese and saying 4 words. I was just so mad- it was like he put hardly any thought or creativity into such a special night. We ended up at a bowling alley- yes, a bowling alley. Pretty romantic, huh? I love my man more than anything but I don't know if I can let go of how disappointed I was that night. Now everyone is asking how he proposed and did I love it- I say yes but actually I am cringing inside. Thankfully the wedding is under my control so when people ask me about that I know it will be all good!!!
bad bride
HI Saturday, June 04, 2005
I confess that I hate bridal showers. Which is going to suck because I'm the bride. My aunts are all thrilled to be the ones to do the honors, and I fully appreciate their caring and effort, but bridal showers make me want to chew my leg off to escape. Nothing fills me with dread more than 10-15 ladies sitting calmly, playing those horrid games, and being watched for reaction as I open gifts. I would so very much rather just get the gang together and spend he day in a park, or hiking, or doing something other than playing "tea party." I hate being proper. So far I'm grinning and bearing it, and when asked say, "It's just so nice that they want to do this for me" because I love my aunts and his aunts (who also want to do a shower). But if any of them took the time to ask if I WANT a shower instead of assuming I do, they might be surprised. I think it's more for them, because they get off on "lady-parties" whereas I dread them with the intensity of a thousand screaming devils using hot pitchforks on my eyes. Party, with 'spirits' and Doritos, yes; shower, with tea and finger sandwiches, HELL NO!!!!
Bridal PAR-TAY!!!!
Saturday, June 04, 2005
Holy cow. That is quite a confession Allegra. I thought my FMIL was bad. She actually tells me that I am too good for her son. Shouldnt it be the other way around? Shouldnt she be more concerned that I am NOT good enough for him, and not the other way around? Plus, he is an amazing man, but his family treats him like a moron. I always heard that weddings and funerals bring out the best and the worst in people. I never knew how true it was. They are not paying for anything, my parents are paying for it all. And my mother has no money whatsover. She works partime and makes 11 dollars an hour and she is paying for all of the flowers. But his mother is buying a 500 dollar dress to wear to the wedding, but is not willing to pay for anything else. We have to pay for the rehearsal dinner ourselves. These people are driving me absolutely nuts I tell ya!!
Friday, June 03, 2005
My nightmare from Hell Wedding, I should mention that we did a simple simple simple wedding cost about $500. Crazy MIL takes a razor blade to my wedding dress 1 week before wedding(thank goodness I only spent $50 on it (: ) She also gave me a black eye. In front of the judge my husband suprises me by not having a wedding ring for me. He told me after the cermony that "he thought I understood that he could not aford to get me what I wanted so he did not get me anything at all.(No engagement ring either). FF to reception, the cake made by my mother's friend colapses in on itself. Cazy MIL and Step MIL get into a fist fight and the police show up. No flowers, the two pictures that we took have me wearing in addition to a borrowed dress a quater inch of concealer to cover the black eye. I swear next time I will pull the Brize-zilla routine and not try to do something simple and less stressful for everyone.
Thursday, June 02, 2005
These confessions are pathetic! Here's a real confession, ladies: I wish my FFIL would die. Not figuratively, literally. I want him dead. He's a useless, rude, chauvenistic cretin who makes everyone miserable (especially my FH). Not a soul would mourn him if he dropped dead. I only wish it could be before my wedding so he won't spoil it. If I could wink and have him vanish, I'd do it without a qualm. So there!
one really truly evil bride
Thursday, June 02, 2005
I confess that I'm annoyed that no one (except dear FH) seems the least bit interested in helping with my plans. And the reason I'm annoyed is because I don't much care about the planning either! I want the event to be simple, but nice, but I don't want to have to plan it. I'm jealous of those brides who complain that their mother or MIL keeps trying to take over. I wish mine would!!!!
lazy bride
Seattle, WA Wednesday, June 01, 2005
i feel like punching everyone around me who will not help me get stuff done, including my groom-but no one cares about the details as much as i do. just because it is only for one day doesn't mean you should try to do it right.
june 11th
dallas, tx Wednesday, June 01, 2005
I confess for not being upset that my one bridesmaid left my bridal party. Weddings and other big events like this DO make people show their true colors, and this wench's true colors were green. I confess that I do not want to email or even call her, even though we have been friends for a long time. I confess that after some of the things she said I am glad that she will no longer be in my wedding. I dont care that its only a few days until my wedding, and everything has worked out for the better with her not being there. Its amazing how so many people didnt like her to begin with. I was just too stupid to see it coming. But now in her eyes and the eyes of her family, I am the bridemonster who threw poor innocent bridesmaid out of the wedding (even though she took herself out). True friends are hard to come by. Some wear sheep's clothes. Brides beware.
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Yesterday, the eldest son of our former Canadian Prime Minister got married in a church of a snob neighbourhood in Montreal and I must confess I watched TV just to see her dress AND I was happy to see that, in my humble opinion, my dress was a lot nicer than the bride's!!! I was proud to see I can do better with a smaller budget, since I went at the same upscale college as him and he would not give me the time of day, and to see she needed a J-Lo cleavage... my my my... It doesn't mean that they have class and good taste just because they're filthy rich. Imagine, their gift list totals 15k! WTF! You can call it envy if you please, but all this makes me happy.
My dress is nicer than hers
Sunday, May 29, 2005
I cannot BELIEVE how a wedding can make people show their true colors. I have one "friend" who I have supported through thick and thin and she has always been lukewarm in reciprocosity, almost NEVER there for me when the chips are down, but man, when her world falls apart, she's on the phone all boo-hoo-ing like a little cry-baby and I GET SUCKED IN EVERY TIME.

But then, I asked this person to help me plan a dinner out with friends before the wedding and this bitch decides she's going to go with her boyfriend to another state for a wedding. Bitch can't even change her schedule for a simple little get-together that signifies my last days in the single world, WHEN I'VE BEEN HER CRYING SHOULDER IN IT FOR 12 YEARS.

To get back to my point...

There are gals who I would have never imagined being close or kind or helpful totally stepping up to the plate and wanting to do stuff for me and help me and it amazes me. True colors.
I'm with ya sister
Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm getting married in 2 weeks and it's been a long time coming.

I have one bridesmaid that doesn't understand it isn't about her! I have known this girl since kindergarten. She's been a good friend, when it suits her. I learned to deal.... but then said enough, but if you disagree then she has an attitude, like she doesn't have to talk to you, so communicating and getting anwsers from her has been pretty hard. It all started when I asked someone else to be my MOH. She must have thought that becasue we have known each other for 25 years, that it should be her spot, when I told her it wasn't, she said that she wouldn't have been a bridesmaid then, and came to the wedding as a guest to support me. I told her that I would buy her dress back and pick it up if that was how she felt. If she couldn't be a freind to me and not worry about a "title" then who needs ya! Besides, i have been engaged for a year, she has not once offered her help for this wedding. Did she think that she should be it based on 25 years of ups and downs. And being so dang selfish. She wasn't there when I needed her in my tough times, becuase she had to go out and get drunk or screw some guy. same story, different day. I am so DUMB! Yeah, that's what I want, if you want to pull that attitude with me, stay the FU*K away! Then I had like 4 bridal showers - pick which one you want to come to. get down to the last one and I feel like I am babysitting - "Is she coming or not" well she came, but she wanted to meet me at my house, told me she would leave her house at 9 am and drive down (1-1/2 drive) shower is at 11 I tell her and I have to be there by quarter to. she had the nerve to call me all happy and stuff at 9:30 saying she was leaving. Sure as shit she didn't get down to the house until AFTER 11 am. I had already left, why do I have to wait for her? she should be on time. How rude. so I was late to my bridal shower, making me look rude.

Then last weekend I had my bachelorette party. Went out with a bunch of girls, ugh! it is my wedding! These girls acted like we just went bar-hopping. they just went whereever they wanted and I was just left with a few of my actual friends. Shows you the truth! But this same girl, couldn't get into the bar becasue she was too drunk. Fine. We were already in there and she called my cell and I talked to her and she said where she was, well we went out there and she wasn't there. She then decides to go back to the hotel room adn get her stuff out of there and catch a cab ride home. the next day came to divvy up the cost of the hotel and of course that skeezer bitch wasn't there, so I paid her share! ugh! I just want to replace right now.

another bridesmaid couldn't attend because her brother was in town from out of state and her dress was in for her wedding and she wanted to try it on. She's not getting married until October. Obviously I picked people who only think of themselves. I should have known better. It's makes me sad to think that my wedding could be ruined because it's too hard for other people to jsut be happy for me. OH and the one I vent about above - she is going to bring this guy to the wedding, that she isn't even dating, because they are continuosly "off/on". I just want it all to run smooth! I hat this!
replacements needed
Thursday, May 26, 2005

I've been emotionally blackmailed into having the husband of a friend (the MOH, in fact) as my videographer. And yes, I have to pay him. Which eats up the money I wanted for somebody else. Bloody hell. I wish she'd just taken my no for a no and not kept on about how this is his dream and what he wants to do and how he's just been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure etc etc. (I'd have a lot more sympathy if he weren't obese, with the health problems). So there it is, I'm a spineless cow.
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
I was twenty-one and utterly unschooled in etiquette. I was probably the very opposite of most of the people here--didn't want to spend much of my parents' money, didn't want to be seen making a huge fuss. And my mother was very puritannish about alcohol, so we weren't going to have any. I had some good friends--a couple from college, a few from high school--that I planned to invite, and had them on my list, had even told some of them about the wedding. We'd reserved the restaurant where we'd be having a nice buffet afterwards--nothing too expensive, but still elegant.

Then a pushy cousin of my mother's called and announced that she had contacted all four of her children--and their families--and expected them all to come. My mother did NOT want to invite all these people, but she also didn't want to alienate them. So I had to call all my friends and disinvite them, which was horribly bad manners.

If I had been older and more mature, I think the thing I would have done would have been to cancel the reservation at the restaurant and found a less expensive venue--even the church basement, for pity's sake. But it was partly my pride that prevented me from doing this. My friends took it well--came to the wedding, but not the reception. My good friend from college was an older grad student in his mid-twenties, and I lost my nerve and disinvited him because I was truly afraid my mother would think it strange that I had male friends and worry about my relatives talking about my "ex-boyfriends." Later, he came out as gay, and I've worried ever since that he thought I'd frozen him out because of that (it was much less accepted to be gay and out in these times--it was the early nineties). I cringe every time I think of what I did to people who cared about me and wished me well, simply because I had no backbone and no maturity.

To expiate my sin, my husband and I plan, in six years, to hold a huge party to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary, and to invite everyone we know. We'll make it as lovely as we can, but the important thing is that no one will be left out. I've lost contact with my friends from high school, and they live clear across the country, but my college friend and his partner will be on the top of my list.
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I confess that I want to kick my sister out of the wedding, and I also confess that I told by girlfriend who just found out that she was pregnant to get her dress let out.
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. I was beginning to think for a nano-second that my semi-disfunctional family was handling the whole wedding process rather well. I had the reality check of a life time this weekend!

Long weekend for us Canadian girls so a couple of my bridesmaids said that this would be an opportune weekend to do invitation stuff. Yay! Sounded great, do the invite thing and then have a barbeque! Enter evil mother of bride...she wants to participate in the invitation thing too. Okay, great. I give her the time we're starting (4 pm or abouts). She tells me that she is also invited to a 50th birthday party for a long time friend. Okay, that's fine. Stop by when you're done, we'll be here! I should add as a side note that Mom's latest tag line is "well, I never had anything like that for my wedding". I've noticed that this phrase can be used really in any situation interchangeably. She also thinks that because she is the MOB, she needs to be involved in anything wedding related. Great, lovely sentiment. However, involved is not synonymous with "revolving around". There seems to be some confusion here.

Okay, back to my story...we didn't get started until about 5 pm (needed to have snacks) writing and stuffing can be strenuous so we needed to be adequately fueled! LOL! We scoot through them relatively quickly (6 ladies divided by 60 envelopes = quick work) My mother (and dad because the guys were invited for the barbeque too) show up at (get this!) 8 pm! Invites are long done and we are having dinner. Later my mom is bawling because she didn't want to miss out and she really wanted to be there to help and her friend didn't pay any attention to her at the birthday party and she feels like no one cares blah blah blah boo hoo. I find out in phone conversation the next day that she was pissed that we didn't wait for her! She was just "trying to make everyone happy". She just wants to be the center of attention and when it doesn't work she has a little tempertantrum. How embarassing. Speaking of embarassing, she was hammered after two glasses of wine (I suspect previous consumption at friend's birthday). I wish she could just hold it together for one freakin' night without me having to smile and nod at my friends "she's just loaded, don't mind her". Reminding me of tempertantrums, little sister/MOH, is really wearing thin on the nerves. Something my friends have pointed out before and I just thought was normal is that every time she opens her mouth it is to cut me down or belittle me. I think she thinks it's funny. I am starting to get tired of it and my friends are uncomfortable around it because they think it's mean. Now that they've brought it to my attention, yeah, it is mean not to mention extreemly rude. I told her we had to have a talk later and I got brushed off. It has also been noticed by FH but he never said anything (not his place). Therapist says I need to deal with it because it is not condusive to a healthy relationship. I really want to tell her that she's a self righteous, unaccountable brat that thinks the world owes her everything. I think I may have to be a bit more sensored albeith direct. This has to stop before the remainder of the bridal party strangles her (they have not said anything until resently and I can't see showers/bachelorette parties, etc going well if this keeps up).

I go see the family on Thursday so that should be interesting. Wow, now I have a cramp. Sorry for the mega-post, it's been a while!
bride with ninja skills
Tuesday, May 24, 2005

GRRRRRRRR!!! I ordered the invitations way early, I got my parents' list (and mine, and FI's) early, everything so that the invitations could go out two months before the wedding (with a one-month-before "respond by" date). But MIL didn't give us her list for EVER, and then it was a hand-written fax that was hard to read and incomplete (my parents e-mailed us a typed list that could go right into our spreadsheet), and IS STILL INCOMPLETE, and she INSISTED we use a calligrapher (although TODAY FI said that "it was really our choice"!) who was all backed up and THE WEDDING IS IN LESS THAN SIX WEEKS AND THE INVITATIONS HAVEN'T GONE OUT!!! We were promised that everything would be done tomorrow and are holding my parents hostage to stuff envelopes and take them to the post office Wednesday morning when FI and I are at work. And this is the ONE public part of our wedding planning, and MIL's friends are complaining that they haven't gotten the invites, and she's making it look like FI and I are disorganized when I'VE BEEN SITTING ON THE INVITES SINCE MARCH AND IT'S ALL HER FAULT!!!
Trapped by MIL
Monday, May 23, 2005
GRR!! i think i'm going to kill my best friend! i'm getting married in june, shes getting married in august... her shower was a month ago at her neighbors house i did all kinds of stuff for it- got their early to help set up, stayed late to help clean up... all of that... so... my shower was yesterday... she left after i opened about 5 of the presents sayig she had to go to her fiance's birthday dinner... uh?? ok??? your're in my wedding, we've been friends for almost 20 years, this is the only bridal shower i'm EVER gonna have... your fiance is gonna have a birthday EVERY YEAR... and you can't manage to stay for my whole shower??? after i did so much shit for yours?!? grrr!! SOO not cool!! its true what they say... weddings make you realize who your real friends are....
Monday, May 23, 2005
my friend is telling everyone what the wedding is costing her per person because she wants people to give her that much money! wtf! isnt that tacky?
weirded out
Monday, May 23, 2005
I am a Brides maid. The Bride to be can not find the time to do anything with me. The maid of honor bought me my dress sight unseen, guessing my size, with the intention of paying her back.( didn't fit) Now the Bride to be insists that we all where the same underwear, an all in one. Okay so She promised me that she would call me to go shopping this time, and she didn't. She calls me and tells me that she bought me an all in one, guessing my size. ofcourse I am suppose to pay for it. Is this wierd??? Who buys people underwear???? Oh and then she tells me that I CAN RETURN IT, but its on her credit card??? I told her that I was worried that it might not fit, but she insists I fit into it??? I went to the store and tried on the same all in one, guess what?? I look lumpier with it on than off. I am so mad! wHO BUYS PEOPLE UNDERWEAR? Isn't that pushing it? I don't think that we we are good enough friends for me to even be in her wedding, I want to drop out. What do you all think about her buying me underwear? and being pushy and controling about me whereing it? Thank you - Confused
Brides maid
Saturday, May 21, 2005
I kicked out a nazi (literally -- ashamed now to be associated with her Third Reich growing up ways) of a bridesmaid -- only one of two that includes my darling MOH -- I come to find out she's "baffled" that I asked her to begin with despite the good gesture of friendship that is now caput between my FH and her husband. It's one thing to say yes and another thing NOT to do something about it. She didn't even want to be in to begin with, which as you can see, I came to discover and because I didn't give her an "option-out" and told her that she's REALLY "outie" instead, I'm now the bitch.

Who wants someone standing up for them and really being intergrally involved if they hold grudges or annoyances when you've only given them an HONOR which is really an HONOR and i've made it soooooooo freaking easy? NOT Dracula Bride. (of course I reimbursed her for everything including the haute coture, pick-your-own-gown-i'm-not-telling-you-what-to-wear-just keep-the-color-scheme-involved.) And this was a STELLAR gown people. Stellar. that she got to choose. And she won't give it back...despite buying it back.
Dracula Bride
Thursday, May 19, 2005

My fiance's EX is an adulterous witch - they are supposed to share expenses for the kids 50/50 but does she????? Noooooo.... She owes him a tidy sum for the past three years, spends all her money on clothes for herself or drinking with her friends instead of buying clothes for the kids, cheats on her taxes (she's self-employed), etc. Well guess what? BITCH, I just turned your name into the IRS, the state tax department, and the city tax department. When they get through with you, WE will fight for full custody of the kids, who are wonderful and would be much better off with a stepmom/dad in the house than an adulterous whore who is so selfish she spends all her money on herself instead of caring for her own children. You will lose the house and car that you can't afford anyway, plus the kids! I am a better mother than you could ever dream of being! Plus I'm not a whore who cheated with at least six guys (some of them co-workers) before finally leaving my husband and kids because "I'm not haaaappppyyyy".
Queen of Everything
San Diego, CA Thursday, May 19, 2005
Okay.. Argument with FH.. Now I really want to go snog the BM. I bet he's better in bed than FH. Actually each of my ex girl friends are better in bed that my FH. Jesus, get a clue guy.
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Please god Shoot me. Just get it over with. I am tired of waiting. I am tired of planning.

I've been with my boyfriend/fiancé for 9 years. Yup.. 9.
Do we live together? NOPE!
Does he sleep over? NOPE!
Is he afraid of freaking out his old school parents.. YUP!
Is he 28? AH YEAH..
Should he have grown a freaking back bone by now? YUP!

"I live in their house live by their rules BLAH BLAH BLAH"


Finally gives me a ring year 7.5.

WE have to wait 2 more years to get hitched.


WE are moving in together finally Sept. Our wedding is in Oct. MOL is ALREADY Throwing a hissy fit.



9 Years buddy waiting for you very patiently.. Most women would have bailed on you the SECOND they found you attached at the hip with mummy dearest. I confess I am a DUMB ASS.

God I want to sleep with your Best Man. He at least listens to me, and understands me. He deserves one good shag for all the complaining he's had to listen to from me about you and your stupid conservative family! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm the MOH in a wedding and can't believe how bitchy my BF is being. She is the ultimate Bridezilla and I can't begin to understand why someone would put themselves in this situation i.e. stressed, angry, mean, horrible, catty, obnoxious...for what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Two RSVPs when there should have been one. Bridesmaids not doing enough. FI sisters being total assholes! What the hell? She is making herself miserable for her "HAPPY DAY". Give me a fucking break! You don't HAVE to invite people to be a guest at your wedding if you are going to be irritated that they are bringing a guest so they'll feel comfortable. If that is the case, obviously they shouldn't be sharing your "SPECIAL DAY"!!!!!
CO Tuesday, May 17, 2005
I hate the fact that my FH still works with a woman he had sex with before we met, and I just want him to kick her out of his store. Every time someone mentions her name, I just want to break something. And why does he have to flirt with every chick??? I may just be paranoid, but it drives me nuts!!!
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
I just found out My FI and his ex have been talking on the phone every week for the past year about "finances"!! AAGGHH I hate her and I hate him for doing that to me! I'm a paranoid freak now and check his phone call log every chance I get to see if he has been "chatting" with that BIATCH!! Now I want to tap his email...What has happened to me??!?!? Is it starting?!
I hate florida Sluts!
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Less than 3 weeks to my June 4 wedding. Less than half of the people on my tiny guest list have RSVPed, in spite of my giving them the choice of mailing the card, phoning, and e-mail. And some of the ones who have keep saying things like "Oh, and my daughter can come too." WTF? Your daughter wasn't on the invite! Or "oh, I'll drop by your wedding." - again from someone not invited. And since when does anyone "drop by" a wedding?! I just hope between the no-shows and the drop-ins, the total balances out to 50. That's what we're prepared for in regards to food, booze, chairs, and party favors, and that's about all that will fit in my back yard where we're having this. It's not a block party just because it's in the back yard, people!!! I'm about to wring some necks, I swear. Including FH, who keeps saying, "Oh, we're getting married on June 4, drop by!" Double agh.
Albuquerque Lurker
Monday, May 16, 2005
MY MOH is being a complete and total bitch to the rest of my brides maids. Yes, she is the MOH. Yes she gets to be the head honcho. BUT MY GIRLS DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP EITHER! God I am so sick of her BS.
Monday, May 16, 2005
My fiance and I would have gotten married ages ago if it weren't for my huge, dreadful, ultra-religious, socially stunted, tasteless, classless family. Well, we arrived at the perfect plan. Destination wedding at a very small venue! "Oh so sorry, I'm just devastated that all 139 of you can't come, but there's not enough room and it wouldn't be fair to invite only a few, don't you agree? Oh good." I'd rather say "I wouldn't invite you if I were hosting a barn dance in a junk yard because you might kill the ambiance." I may have to field a snarky call or two, and it's going to cut down on the presents, but frankly after 30-something years of bizarre religio-cult Christmases with these people, that's rather a relief. But I'm sure I'll still get the "You're a sinner on the Slip-and-Slide to Hell. Happy birthday!" cards, so there is that.
I'm so diplomatic
Sunday, May 15, 2005
1. The wedding is in 6 weeks and I, the bride, still need to get my dress hemmed, proper foundation garments, and fucking shoes.

2. Why o fucking why are people bringing guests when the invites were specifically addressed to them. This includes FBIL who not only wanted to bring his anorexic (or meth addicted, tough call) girlfriend but wanted FH to pay for her plane ticket and accommodations cuz he just lost his telemarketing job. As fucking if dude.

3. My FMIL bugs. First she didnt want to return the pre-stamped RSVP. Mailing shit is just so hard. Now she is making a production of the fact she is making her granddaughter (daughter of above brother) dress to wear to the wedding. Well mostly making a production of the fact she isnt using white material or anything too wedding-ly. Like I fucking care. She could put a fucking veil on the kid for all I care, cuz I am not wearing one. Of course people are going to be paying attention to the 3 year old kid. She is a cute and funny kid, and I hope she gets a million photos taken of her. I resent the whole idea that nothing should distract from the bride. Look folks, I am fucking introvert. Anything that distracts attention from me is GOOD.

4. And while I am nervous about the focus of attention, can I cop to feeling hurt that no one is throwing us a shower? Not even a fun co-ed lets all get tanked and hang out shower. That is what I get for not asking them to be bridesmaids and forcing the whole lot of them into dresses with butt bows and dyed to match shoes. Ingrates.

5. And this might be the worst confession: I hope my crazy ass father doesnt come. And if he does, I hope he leaves his icky live in girlfriend back at home. So far they havent RSVPed (and yes I did the right thing by addressing the invite to both of them), and the two times I have talk to him on the phone about the wedding he has said both times that he might not be able to make it cuz of jury duty. And no, he hasnt actually been called for jury duty, he is just mentally ill, and this is par for the course. It would just make the days before the wedding and the day of the wedding easier (and far more enjoyable) if he was a no show.
Saturday, May 14, 2005

I hate my future mother in law. She has already made my fiance crazy with all of her constant nagging, and she is a super BITCH when it comes to this wedding. She is SO jealous I am marrying her only son, she can barely stand it. I also hate my future FIL. He is the king of all assholes.
I am not the bitch in this situation
Friday, May 13, 2005
i hate my fi's ex and the kid she spawned in her whoreish affair of seven years while she was married to my fi, and i despise the fact that he pays child support for kids that arent his and goes to see them!!! wtf is wrong with him?
Friday, May 13, 2005
We got home from our honeymoon at 2:00 am Sunday. With just a few hours sleep had to deal with painters, laundry, grocery shopping, unpacking, huge house mess (after dealing with out-of-town guests), dealing with my mom (she has Alzheimers and lives with us, didn't appreciate being left with "babysitters" all week), and preparing for a very busy work week. My b*tch of a MIL wanted to come over since it was Mother's day. We nicely told her it wouldn't be a good time (we didn't even get a chance to shower all day!). She threw a total snit fit, having her husband write us a scathing letter, saying how hurt she was. She didn't once say, How was the honeymoon? How's it going? Was it hard to get back to work? Can I help with anything? I hate her. Is it too late to un-do this whole thing?
Should know better
Friday, May 13, 2005
well, tomorrow's the big day. there seems to be lots left to do, but i've been reassured by moh that that's just the way it is. she's trying to help me feel calm. valium works better! i took one last night and slept deeply for several hours...which was a nice change.

i just discovered that one of my sisters was bitten by a spider and that she's become ill. my first thought was 'oh great, now the focus will be on her'. that led to some bridezilla feelings. my second was, 'at least she'll be here so we can take care of her if she needs it'. ok, that's better. then an emergency phone call from my brother. 'i need a tie'. and he goes on to say it must be either rainbow or decorated with dragons--as those are the two things he collects. yeah, uh huh. like i have time to go looking for a tie for him. go get it yourself, bud.

the house is a mess, the bachelorette party is here. the sister who's hosting it with moh can't come until late today rather than this morning because her son needs her to take him to a job interview. can you say 'taxi'? that same son is trying to get out of coming, to which i say 'not negotiable'. my niece, his sister, wants to bring her new puppy because she's sure i want to me him, and we are--after all--getting married in a park. 'please don't'.

i'm going to breakfast as soon as the moh gets out of the shower. the soon-to-be dh can play computer games to his heart's delight. i need food.
Friday, May 13, 2005

I went to the registry and calculated exactly how much DH's family spent on us and compared it to my own. My family came WAY out ahead. I mean, all of them put together didn't even spend as much as one sister. They are CHEAP! It makes me feel like I'm not being properly welcomed to the family. Who cares? Don't want to be part of their stingy, overly-religious, ill-bred family anyway. Of course, how classy is it to count dollars spent on gifts? heehee
Should know better
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
I am deeply in love with my fiancée.

His Best Man is smart quiet, hasnt had time for a girlfriend in years, very honorable, and sweet, computer geek, doesnt drink, doesnt smoke etc.. . . He has said on more than one occasion that if it werent for the insanity of the Catholic Church he would have been a priest.

I just want to do show him how to be wild and naughty, and do things to him that would show him a very very good time. Just to make him shed that pristine outer appearance. Just to fog up his glasses. I want to make him loss his mind.

Hes not hot, hes not like that. But I want to just because its so not him.

I would never follow through with this, and even if I did, hed have a heart attack, and tell me to bugger off. But Id like once to get him alone and offer my services to help release some pent up tension.
Demon Bride
Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I am a bridesmaid, 1 of 5. Our bride told us she didn't want to decide between friends, so she was not going to choose a maid of honour. so.... myself and another of the 5 maids took it upon ourselves to plan the shower and social and bachallorette, ensuring our bride would get all the benefits she deserves. We are now done planning and carrying out MOH duties to find out that she did ask one of the girls to be her Maid of Honour, and just didn't let us know.
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
I only invited one of my bridesmaids because she was part of the college group, but I hate her. She is a cold emotionally stunted elitist snot, who is dating a man that is horrible to her. He is cheating on her but she sticks up for him. What a moron. I just hate her. At every step of this wedding she has tried to control everything from the dresses to the cake. and now I want her to get dysentery.
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
A friend from work is one of my bridesmaids. She just got fired. She may be facing legal action for the cause of said firing. While I am worried for my friend, I can't help thinking: this couldn't hit the fan AFTER my damn wedding? Now some other co-workers won't come because it would be awkward, and my only shower is being put on by co-workers at the boss's house! So my only in-town bridesmaid won't be coming to my only shower.
Monday, May 09, 2005
OK, I need to ask, who came up with the "rule" that youre supposed to give a gift equivalent to the cost of the wedding? If someone chooses to have a wedding thats over $200 per person does that mean I have to give them $400 for me and my guest? Am I obligated to reimburse them for the costly wedding they chose to have? If its between shelling out a weeks' pay as a goft or not go to the wedding then I choose to not go to the wedding, as its obviously not a celebration of marriage, merely a fund-raiser.
Very confused
NJ Monday, May 09, 2005
My FI kids are full grown (19 & 25) They are spoiled brats. He claims they always worked but they've never had to really support theirself at all. The money they've made "working" has gone to buying lipstick and clothes. They actually verbalize that they think they are "princesses" and deserve to be treated so. They came to visit and acted like spoiled brats after I opened my home to them, took time off work, drove their spoiled butts all over the place. The older one's parting comment was "thanks for being our tour guide"...nice. They've decided not to attend our wedding. They used all kinds of different excuses until FI pushed them and they came up with the excuse that there is always drama when they're around me (not by my doing, I'll tell ya that). The fact of the matter is, they wouldn't be able to STAND the fact that I AM THE BRIDE and it would be a day devoted to ME.

Here's my confession:

I was so happy to hear they weren't coming to the wedding, it was nearly impossible to control my glee. He doesn't know that I hate their guts...the brats. Yeah, hate is a bad word...whatever. These beee-oches represent everything I detest in the world of greed and self-centered-ness and prissyness. They are like your worst f-in nightmare from high school and college...snooty spoiled self-centered BRATS. I sent them invites because that is what I am "supposed" to do (they informed their father they weren't coming to the wedding months ago). If one of those snarky bitches shows at my wedding (which is doubtful THANK GOD, I will sooo ignore their bratty asses. I hope *I* never see them again.
Wicked stepmother
Sunday, May 08, 2005

I hate my future sister-in-law. She is obsessed with appearances and wealth and being "religious." Oh, and she's incredibly fat, so she has major self-esteem issues. She hates me for not weighing as much as she does. So, she'll try to out do me with her clothing, the cards she sends out to family members, etc. So right after we got engaged, the fat bitch could only talk about when she and my future husband's brother got engaged/married. Seriously, no congratulations, nothing. Not even an acknowledgement that we even got engaged. Just hearing about her and when she got married. She's so jealous she can't stand it! She can't stand not being the center of attention. Nobody likes her in the family, and everyone's so tired of her narrow-minded fat loser outlook on everything, and I'm tired of hearing her talk about herself. This is my wedding, damn it! Get over the fact that you're an "old-married" now and that nobody cares about your ugly, typical wedding that happened years ago. You have horrible taste, bitch, and I'm tired of hearing about it. Also, she didn't invite me to a single one of her all-female showers, but I'm expected to invite her to all of my showers, and invite her family who has been a bunch of rotten $hitheads to my wedding. Screw them! I'm not inviting them, and they can kiss my @$$! Trust me sweetie, you're outside of your league trying to out-do me, and you're never going to lose weight, so go on being fat, typical and jealous!
Shut up fatty!
Sunday, May 08, 2005
So after nine years together and half of them living happily in sin we decided to go ahead and get married (no romantic proposal story) and saved up a little extra for a big party after the registry office ceremony. Imagine our surprise when our families went insane at the discovery of our wedding plans. It seems they had long been hoping for a big white wedding and no-one was brave enough to say so before. Mum (who has started signing emails "mother of the bride") brought out a two foot stack of wedding mags she's been saving for years (no, that's not a joke, really) and has insisted on paying for everything, thereby apparently giving her the right to choose the complete opposite of anything we wanted. Frankly if she wants to spend $200 a head just on dinner for everyone she's ever met then why couldn't she have offered even half that money to us years ago when we were saving for a house, holiday, etc.. We spent our first six months living together sharing one vinyl beanbag before we could afford a couch! Where was she then? (buying wedding magazines it would appear)

So the registry office is out the window and the good party will still be good if I try not to think of better things I could have spent the money on BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF I'M EVER GOING ANYWHERE IN WHITE!!! (And yes Mum, off-white, ivory, pearl and cream are all still white)

Luckily my one and only bridesmaid (my sister who was clever enough not to get married first) lives overseas and I've told her she can buy a dress in any colour and just turn up on the day. My mother is disgusted by this thought and I love it!!

In the last week FMIL has decided she wants to be more involved become stroppy because we are "leaving her out of the loop" even though there is no "loop" and she seems unable to perform basic tasks like giving us approximate numbers.
looking for bright yellow dress
Sydney, Saturday, May 07, 2005

I am maid of honor for my best friend who ive known since literally the day I was born. She has a good heart but was always, how do I say this, very SELFISH and SPOILED. Since theyre her only 2 flaws ive lived when them and ignored them for years. Thats and never having had a job in her life so she has no concept of money. I was fine for 26 years until now..the WEDDING. Mind you, this girl was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Yet for her "dream wedding" shes run up a tab thats probably more than her single mothers salary which of course her mother is paying for and because she doesnt have any spine whatsoever she proceeds to allow her brat daughter to buy swarovsky crystal embedded lingerie for her wedding night. Lets see...$225 per person times 200+ guests. $10K band...$6,000 flowers...$3000 dress...$450 tiara..$300 veil...$150 shoes...you get the picture. I was expected to give the bridal shower oh how very maid of honorable of me. well the list started around 40 people and by the time the day came around was up to 70. And after the shower was over, my best friend, the bride came up to me and asked with disgust "who picked this place?" oh, Im sorry it was only $20 per person instead of $225 careful dont you dont trip on your $149 frying pan I bought you from your greedy registry on the way out. The she asks me to "do her a favor" and see if I can find "tears of joy" wedding tissues. so the 200 people at this wedding can have something extra special to blow their snot into. Like I have time for this crap. And THEN I am informed that my sister, who was like a sister to her, is not invited to the wedding because they "cant afford it". Yet she could afford a $300 outfit to wear to her bachelorette party which also cost me several hundred dollars. Lets see....hotel room in NYC $250 which I split with 1 other girl...dinner $60 per person...bar cover charges $30 per person...drinks $50 per person...and then she has the audacity to complain the next day about not going to all the bars she wanted to go to. so in addition to the shower, the bach party and gifts, I have also bought a $200 dress plus $50 for alterations $70 dyeable shoes, and I have even bought her a wedding gift yet. when its my turn to get married you can bet Im getting even...this wedding is costing me well over $1000 to be in and Im in another wedding the following month! And dont expect any TEARS OF JOY from me either!
Maid of honor or just a MAID?! <email>
CT Friday, May 06, 2005
I am so tired of all the rich ass brides bashing and talking sh*t about other reception halls!!! Just because my reception hall doesn't cost $200 a head doesn't mean it's sh*t.... Go wipe your asses with $100 bills you trust fund having mommy & daddy paying for everything snotty ass bitches!!
Ura Snotball
Thursday, May 05, 2005
do people not understand that if you dont put the words "and guest" on their invitation, it means they cant bring a guest? my FMIL told all of her single friends they could bring someone... ALL 15 OF THEM. Do you know what 15 x $250 is?!!? That's all 4 grand I have to shell out for her friends (not to mention she told them they could bring their kids too, even after we said we didnt want kids at our wedding). and to make it better, she's telling anyone who asks how much to give us not to go crazy. "They have money. You dont need to give them much for their wedding" so what if my FH makes money. We're paying over $100,000 for our wedding. We're paying $1000 for a family of 4 to eat and tells them to give us no more than $100.!! BITE ME!!!
Samantha Kerney
New York, NY Thursday, May 05, 2005
Ugg...my future SIL has to be the worst. I'm convinced she's trying to live the wedding she never had (because she called it off 2 weeks before it happened), through me. Every suggestion I make, she has to disapprove of. I have 9 bridesmaids to buy gifts for and she is the only one who refuses to wear the beautiful simple pink pearl earrings I picked out that match perfectly with the dresses. She claims pearls make her ears look big (WHAT!?!?!) She refuses to wear her hair like all the other girls (it's not like I told all the girls how they had to wear it. They all agreed on a style except her). Plus she found some hideous pink flower thing she wants to wear with her dress. I told her it was ok if she could find one for everyone (I'd even pay for it), but no! She can be the only one who wears it! She feels she should stand out b/c she's the groom-to-be's sister. (She's not even my Maid of Honor). Plus she just gave me 6 more people she wanted me to send invitations to, and the wedding is in 3 weeks! 9 of the 15 friends she already invited haven't even responded yet. And when I asked her if she would mind calling them (b/c I've never even met them) she told me it was rude to call them and why not just wait till a couple days before the wedding to see if they are coming. My f***ing seating chart is due next week!!! UGGGGGG. I hope she trips on her freaking 5 inch stilettos while shes walking down the isle!!
Howell, NJ Thursday, May 05, 2005
I think i am a pretty ok daughter. I am 28 and living with my fiance, and put myself through university, and am a professional and buy everyone great considerate gifts and never ask for anything. I never take money from my parents for anything, even when they offer. My Brother... complete opposite. Minimum wage job, changes jobs more often than underwear - has been getting things paid for him since i can remember (rent/bills/lunch/clothes/groceries). I got a job at 16 that paid for my 2 busses to college, and he would get dropped at college by my mom and handed money as he got out the car - for his lunch and things. I thought, fine - one day it'll be my turn... Now, their only daughter is getting married. I was adament that i would not ask for money and that we (FH and I) could pay for it. It has slightly spiralled out of control now and will be costing almost 30K. After some sole searching, i have decided to swollow my pride, and if/when my parents offer to help, i will accept anything they want to contribute. Well - we've been engaged for 11 months, the wedding is less than a year away - and nothing. No offers, no conversation about money, no insistance to pay their share. I think they think that if they keep their heads down - they can just turn up on the day. Which makes my fiance furious - cause we are giving up alot of things to save for this. He'd always imagined the brides' parents pay and he concentrates on a fabulous honeymoon (which we are not having now... cause we can't afford it). He wants to give me palm trees and hammocks, but instead, we'll probably only have a few days in a B&;B a couple hours from our house. So ok, money sucks - and if we'd had a church hall with cocktail sausages, we'd be able to afford a nicer honeymoon. I am not that much of a bitch... and understood, for the past 28 years that my parents are neither loaded nor my bank account. BUT. But they now have the cheek, to seek my advise about getting my brother's passport renewed - cause he hasn't had a proper holiday for about 10 years and they would like to send him away/take him away, overseas later this year for a nice holiday. WHAT??????? You're only daughter who gets nothing from you - ever, is getting married in less than a year and you offer no money - but you have the money to send your useless scrounging needy son on holiday cause he's looking tired and works too hard. Say that again? I am clearly missing something... I could hardly sleep playing over how to bring it up without it being about me wanting money - or me not wanting him to have a holiday. Mostly - If i have to ask for the money (at least what i deserve/cost of his holiday/total of everything they spent on him over the years) then it'll suck any happiness out of the memories associated to my parents actually offering a contribution. I don't want to be bitter about anything related to the wedding or my parents... but have had evil thoughts about leaving them all completely out of the planning, decisions, excitement, and even making a point of disinviting anyone they want there - just so i can say 'well you're not paying for it'. Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhh
bad daughter
Thursday, May 05, 2005
i couldn't write one more frigging thank you note & mama wanted me to wear that godawful tiara. so i guess i panicked. nobody understood-not one of those good-for-nothing 14 bridesmaids. so i just bought me a bus ticket & got out of there. omigod, though, i came back and i'm in a lot of trouble ... plus a straightjacket.
runaway bride <email>
duluth, ga Wednesday, May 04, 2005
What is it with people bringing a guest when we didn't give them a "and Guest"?! Hello?! I don't need to spend $100 on their "flavor of the month", someone I will never see again.
Secret Bridezilla
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
i have been to a lot of weddings in the past year (11). I have been in quite a few of them (6). None of the brides (including the crazy one who freaked (FREAKED!!) when the flower girl wanted to walk into the reception with her mom (another bridesmaid) and not with the ringbearer, could hold a candle to the chic I am forced to work with. We work in a very close setting on projects that require us to have a constant flow of communication. I don't mind hearing about her life, but I am sick of hearign about her wedding. First of all, she has known the guy for SIX WEEKS. yes, 6 weeks. The got "engaged" two weeks ago, although I haven't seen a ring. She spends all day on weddign websites and talking about how she is going to buy a house next fall and then start having kids. I am about to bite her the next time I hear some crap about her hall, her cake etc. They are planning a "long engagement" the wedding will be next fall, THAT IS NOT A LONG ENGAGEMENT!! THAT IS NORMAL!!! I know they will be divorced in a year and I'll probably have to listen to that too.
overdosed on weddings
Monday, May 02, 2005
Things were going so well... the invites will go out in a couple of weeks for our summer wedding... then it comes up that neither a pretty font printed on the envelopes or my handwriting is good enough for FMIL. Nope, only hand calligraphy will do. This is SO important, in fact, that she will pay for it (even after DF gave her a price that was TWICE what it will really cost). OK, so I call a calligrapher that we know, but she's too backed up and mentioned that you really need to give things a MONTH in advance (and the invites are supposed to go out in two weeks!). Plus, FMIL has been going on and on about the beautiful shower invites that her friend designed (which I know cost more than our invitations and may well show them up). When I told her that we were talking to the calligrapher (all to make her happy, right!) she said, "Well, have you chosen your style of calligraphy yet? Because some kinds are really beautiful, but the typical thing is just so boring, don't you think? If she can do the beautiful kind it would be better don't you think?" NO, that's not what I think! I think that a nice address that the post office's machines can read, that gets the invitations out within the next two weeks (some of which we may need to REORDER because her list is so damn long) would be JUST FINE!!!!!
Sunday, May 01, 2005
I have a suggestion to all of you newly married, former Bridezillas. It's called www.ihatemyinlaws.com. Just when you think you are done being Bridezilla, you become Wifezilla! I hate my MIL and FIL! I saw a post about someone's MIL being a super cheap bitch. All I have to say is, Amen Sister. I hear you. We got a $25.00 cake plate. I have totally vowed revenge.
Saturday, April 30, 2005
My younger sister has always been the "alternative" type. (Meaning that she and every single one of her friends are "unconventional" in exactly the same way.) The second she got engaged, she turned into Emily Post overnight. Her endless list of demands for the things that will make the day "perfect" is steadily grinding both my father (who's paying for it all) and my mother (who foolishly insisted on handling all the details herself) into the ground. She only asked me to be one of her nine (!) bridesmaids because she felt she had to. (Which I don't mind, since I only said yes because I felt *I* had to.) Now she asks me to run the chores that her best-friend MOH is too stupid (or too busy finding hook-ups on the weekend) to handle, repeatedly drops "hints" that I ought to try to lose some weight before June, and acts hurt because I'm not appreciative enough of what an honor she's done me. Claire, if you're reading this, do us all a favor and elope to Las Vegas, OK? You can get married at whatever place Britney used - since your taste is on her level and your marriage will last about as long.
La Furiosa
Saturday, April 30, 2005
Firstly - I have never dreamed of getting married/having kids - maybe cos my parents divorced when I was 3? I got engaged (a "surprise" on holiday) in Nov 2003 after living with my boyfriend for 2 years. - I said yes cos I know it's something he really wanted. But I told him it would have to be in Vegas - just the 2 of us or maybe a couple of close friends !! He got an overseas job contract in 2003 and I left my job and followed him out here - initially for 12 months - but it got extended midway through 2004 for another 3 years. In December it was confirmed(by my fiance!!) that the wedding would be August this year and in Barbados NOT Vegas!!! Well all I can say is it has so far been a complete nightmare. The most unpleasant surprise so far - my only sister is not coming - to cut a long story short I heard via mum she had booked a trip to Spain so was unlikely to be coming - I wrote an email saying I had heard they couldn't come and not to worry about it - I would cross them off the list (yeah - okay bit contentious - but I couldn't believe it = it's not as if they did not know I was getting married in 2005 or where!! I got this vitriolic email back from her husband stating we were selfish, should have consulted them about the dates, too expensive, no formal communcation, I owed them an apology etc bla bla (a whole page) = I responded politely saying that at the time we had not even booked the venue so could not be expected to send them formal invitations 9 months before and if they had wanted to book a summer trip during the year I was getting married perhaps they could have communicated that to me - I mean honestly I dont see why I should have to plan my wedding to fit around their holiday schedule - shouldn't they be accommodating me!! I got 2 more rude emails from my sis and I have not spoken to her since. So from my family only my mum is coming (step dad can't travel as he had a heart attack in December) and from my fiance's family the number has suddenly jumped from 3 to 12 including 6 kids under 10 who weren't even invited!!! Plus, certain members of his family wouldn't confirm until my fiance had "personally" spoken to them (even though he has been tryng to reach them for weeks and left loads of messages/emails). We explained that no formal invitations had been sent yet - so I dont understand the attitudes - ended up with my fiance having to practially grovel to them about coming out and I feel like shouting I DON'T F'KING CARE IF YOU COME OR NOT SO LOSE THE ATTITUDE! Plus certain "close" friends who couldn't wait to visit us in the first year we were here and who would definitely be "there for the wedding" have suddenly come up with excuses as to why they can't come, suspicously, when they found out they couldn't stay with us this time round. Which makes me think they only visited the first time cos it was free! I dont understand all of the attitudes that emerge when you start trying to plan your wedding - it is so hypocritical - you get told to "do your own thing" its your day bla bla bla and then you spend the entire time fussing around everyone else who seem to take offence at the slightest thing - then you realise that you are sacrificing EVERYTHING you wanted to please everyone EXCEPT you. Have heard a few times in recent weeks that it is meant to be the brides day - what a joke - it has turned into exactly the opposite of what I wanted - which was a tiny(!) wedding plus a fantastic honeymoon! We can't even arrange a honeymoon at present cos we cant get the holiday time off agreed - we are spending the "wedding week" entertaining the people that are flying over, (in the villa where the wedding will be - and oh the hours and hours that was spent trying to sort out the guest room situation cos we ended up with people coming out on 4 different dates who were meant to be staying in one villa for the week!!!) - so we will probably spend the week ferrying people here and there during the time that should actually be our honeymoon!! Also my fiance does not seem to appreciate that we have to do everything ourselves (organise caterers, dj, tent hire, equipment rentals, bar, staff, etc and decide who is doing what on the day - there won't be a "co-ordinator" to do this for us and most of our close friends (who I know would be more than hapy to help) dont fly out until the day before!!! He shrugs and says we will get "someone" to do it but he never actually confirms who that someone will be!!! I have spent hours researching catering, bar requirements, rental costs, photographers, magistrates etc and dealing with the vendors here is like pulling teeth compared to the UK. Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh - feel like have been left all alone sorting out a wedding that I no longer even want!!! s
Wish it was Vegas!
Friday, April 29, 2005
Why is it that there has to be one BM that insists on complaining about every last thing, like "why do I have to buy shoes like everyone else?" uh hello, cause I'm the bride and I say so!! I just don't unberstand what is so hard to understand about " I would like all the BM's to wear the same stuff" Arrrgghhh, Why do some BM's figure that they should stand out? Helloo, isn't it MY SPECIAL DAY and I'm the only one that should stand out...I tell ya, they don't seem to get it. I'll be glad when dealing with them is all over.
Fed UP
Friday, April 29, 2005
My friend is getting married over a year from now, and she will NOT shut up about her wedding! She gets so worked up about every little detail, and doesn't GET that I (a bride-to-be as well) don't feel the need to do the same. She's all, like "Oh my God...I need a monogram NOW! How am I going to plan every last detail of my invitations (going out about a YEAR from now) and favors without one!" I just want, so badly, to yell "Who the f* cares?!? Get a life and s-h-u-t u-p!" What the heck is she going to do when her wedding's over? I think she'll slump into a deep depression from no longer being able to dominate all conversations, making them about her and her wedding anymore.
Friday, April 29, 2005
it's been 6 months and I am not finished my thank you cards.
Thursday, April 28, 2005
My SO & I are planning to get engaged & have been for awhile, which is great. Then he made the mistake of getting WAY ahead of the game and started telling everyone we are getting married this year, like in 6 months (thanks for asking me about this, and I don't think so!). His sister who has no life of her own, then goes and basically maps out my entire wedding without any say from me, because she "likes me so much." What's worse is that she went and BOUGHT MY ENGAGEMENT RING on his behalf and sprung it on us out of the blue. WTF? I don't even have enough words to describe everything wrong with THAT. I was livid, he was livid, I won't even deal with her anymore. Seriously, we have done nothing but talk about getting engaged and start looking at rings, but now all I hear every time someone sees me is "where's your ring?" I had to bitch out my SO for telling people prematurely (WAY prematurely) and hope things die down and everyone forgets about it until we make the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, sheesh. FOR THE LAST TIME PEOPLE - stop asking! and to his sister, BUTT OUT BITCH & stop meddling! She's worse than my mother. We aren't in a big rush but apparently everyone else is, so they need to get lives of their own and stay out of mine. I'm scared because if this is just the pre-engagement, I don't even want to think about the actual engagement much less the wedding. Just kill me now. Please. Vegas anyone?
Thoroughly Annoyed
Sacramento, CA Thursday, April 28, 2005
People suck. There's just no two ways about it. And weddings bring out the absolute WORST in people, I am convinced. My husband and I paid for our whole wedding and I was sure that that meant we had final say -- we would invite who we wanted...no parental intervention. WRONG! We were weak weak weak (just to keep the peace) and there were still about 14 people at our wedding that neither I nor my husband could give a rat's ass about and wouldn't give a crap if we never saw them again. My mom goes "But they'll all bring such nice presents." Screw your presents! I have a good job, so does my husband, we don't need your GD presents! Keep'em! Of course I never said this, but GOD I WANTED TO SO BAD!!!!!! I've said it before, I'll say it again...VEGAS! VEGAS! VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Im getting married in about 5 wks. when I first started planning this wedding a year and a half ago it was going along so well we had the place, the rev., the bridal party and the groomsmen( you get my point, things where going well. So I thought)WRONG my fiance and I begin to make the guest list well all of a sudden his mother thinks she can invite whomever she wants, mind you we are paying 100%. Then my fiance tells her NO and world war 3,4 ,5 breaks out soooo now its real close to the wedding I have my Bridal shower which my sister who is my maid of honor plans and carries out a beutiful day ( so whats the problem WELL) My mother in law and my sister in law show up dont say a word to me the BRIDE or to any of my guest , family ,or friends how fuckin selfish and rude can people be.I am not the kind of person to bitch or complain. I always concider peoples feelings first and I try not to make waves but this has really pushed me beyond the edge. This is just a few examles of what I have to deal with on a concistanat bases Here's one more, his mother calls and offers to pay for the rehearsal dinner but wont agree to pay until she knows who and how many people are going, SCREW THAT WE WILL PAY FOR IT OUR SELF. she wasnt to happy when we shared that with her
Sick and Tired
CA Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Monday, April 25, 2005
Thank god I have some place to bitch about this issue. Everyone is playing it down but it is bugging the shit out of me. My fiance is inviting not just one, but TWO ex-girlfriends to our wedding. I know, I know. It won't matter because I'll barely talk to them. My mom joked that we can seat them next to my crazy born-again Christian aunt. But I just don't want them there. The worst part is one of them is getting married a month before me and my fiance plans for us to attend. Argh. I can think of a million other things I'd rather be doing than attend her wedding--work on my wedding, get ahead with work, root canal. I'm not sure why these woman want to witness their ex commit his life to me when he chose to cast them off (but not fully enough since they are still in his circle of friends). I guess they are not the bitter bitch I am.
bitter bride-to-be
Saturday, April 23, 2005
For a while I thought everything was going really well with the wedding. Sure, everything was more expensive than I had thought and sure, I didn't think it was perfect, but there weren't any fights (which is an a+ in my book). But I guess I just hadn't reached the event horizon for in-law-zillas, friend-zillas, and all non-bride-zillas yet.

Okay, first off, my FMIL has recently decided that I need to have a seating chart. Hmm, no thanks. I would rather spend my time doing something useful for the wedding. And it's not as if she was helpful enough to deserve this anyway - we asked for a guest list and she gave us one full of wrong addresses, errors, and omissions. Gee, thanks, now half of my FH's family is angry at us because we messed up the guestlist because of her.

Also, I am so sick and tired of people making up fake excuses as to why they can't attend the wedding/shower. Or at least not making up good enough fake excuses. Fine, if you don't want to come, then don't, but don't give me crap about how someone you can't stand is going to be there and therefore you won't - hello, in a group of 150 people you can easily avoid one person for the night. And I don't know about most people, but I have been perfectly willing in the past to go support a friend even when someone I didn't like was there, so I don't see what the big deal is.

Thirdly, I said I wouldn't be a bitch about off-registry buying, but this is beyond the pale. I registered at a cheap store, a middle store, and a moderately expensive store. One of the items on my list from the cheap store was purchased (by my FMIL) - sort of. It was a very, EXTREMELY cheap item, we're talking $25 here, and it's a shower gift. Well, she didn't buy that one. On no, $25 was too much to pay. So she got a cheaper, crappier version from another store. All I can say is I hope that she includes a gift receipt so I can return it because, if not, I'm giving it right back to her come Christmas.
returning to the bridezilla fold
Thursday, April 21, 2005

I just found out my future MIL had a small stroke and is in the hospital! (where I happen to work) My immediate concern is how will it affect my wedding (in 10 days). Oh, I'm so bad.
Should Know Better
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
i keep having dreams about an ex-boyfriend. I ended it over 8 years ago and am blissful with my fiance. My ex was boring and mean and didn't treat me well and in the light of day... there is no competition. But in my dreams we are laughing and giggling and i feel the way i did when he was my first love and we were young and stupid. Worst bit is that in my dreams my fiance doesn't even feature in a supporting role. This is especially unnerving when he wakes me with a kiss and i have no idea who he is for those first few seconds. I'm hoping this is just psycholiogical spring cleaning before the wedding and that i am hopefully putting it all to bed. i hope. maybe i just need closure on this person....
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
High Turnover...you ask "who would turn down being a bridesmaid?" as if you couldn't imagine someone turning down such an honor. You've got to be kidding. Being a bridesmaid SUCKS even if you are really good friends with the bride (sounds like she wasn't even that good a friend of yours, since she was a second string pick). Being a bridesmaid (I've been one 3 times) usually includes: 1. Paying a fortune for a ridiculous dress you would never have chosen and will never wear again, and then paying another fortune for dumb dyed to match shoes to go with the dress you will never wear again; co-hosting an expensive shower so this good friend of yours can get lots of presents; going out yet again for a bachlorette night that usually runs you about $100 bucks before the night is over, plus wedding gifts and shower gifts, plus the million little favors asked of you by the frazzled, disorganized bride. Bare minimum, being a bridesmaid sets you back several hundred bucks - oftentimes a lot more than that - and what do you get for your trouble? You get to deal with a self-involved, spoiled brat basket case who thinks the world revolves around her and her wedding. I say again - being a bridesmaid SUCKS. If you are asked, have a good, solid excuse ready for why you just CAN'T do it. Life is too short to go through that kind of hell.
Tuesday, April 19, 2005
I was stupidly desperate to get married before I turned 40; I dated a man I was totally opposite of (he was introverted, I'm extroverted, he's miserly, I'm free spending, he wants to stay home the rest of his life, I want to travel, ad nauseum) so when he proposed after 2 years I thought we'd work things out until I got the pre-nuptual agreement and it basically stated that EVERYTHING was HIS and EVERYTHING had to be done HIS WAY. There was no room for me in his life except when he wanted sex or food; other than that I was to stay out of his way! I was to ask for nothing, I would get nothing, and if I divorced him I would only leave with the shirt on my back! Needless to say I moved on; now I'm over 40 and never married but I'm thankful I didn't let desperation push me into what would have been the worst decision in my life. Stupid? Yes. I'm too old to marry now but it beats being stuffed into a corner waiting for his majesty to call upon me!
Monday, April 18, 2005
My mother has insisted that I invite a slew of third and fourth cousins on my shoe-string budget, saying things like, "Well they'll be offended if I don't invite them." to which I replied, "YOU'RE not inviting anybody; it's my wedding, remember?" I'm the one inviting people ((and paying for more than half of it))." Her big sell on the whole concept was that if I invite these people, who I see only at funerals every 6 years, they probably won't come. Guess what? They're ALL coming, all 9 of them. Instead of moaning at my mom about this turn of events, though,I've decided to keep the peace, as she is my maid of honor and very dear friend. I'll just be cantankerous and frazzled on the big day.
Monday, April 18, 2005
Everybody keeps asking what my FH and I want for gifts and where we're registrered. Cash is fine! Any gift couldn't be more appreciated than if I buy it myself, because I'm almost always disappointed in gifts I receive. Plus I prefer cash. It will reimburse all expenses of the wedding and/or make a cash down on a house. We're already living together, don't need any more towels or useless stuff. All we need is money! Mouhahaha I'm so greedy!
Canadian bride
Saturday, April 16, 2005
I am not a bride nor am I engaged:(, but I am sooooo obsessed with wedding websites and looking @ engagement rings. My best friend knows I want to be engaged, but I don't think she knows that I'm obsessed. I've picked out a ring, planned my wedding, and set a date!!( well not really I just plan on it being dec. 2006 on a saturday). My FH..oops... I mean my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years. We have a beautiful 7 1/2 month old son. My boyfriend and I had a " continuing our life together" convo last month and he hinted around about a proposal soon, his exact words were: Him: " something is going to happen soon" Me: " what do you mean?" Him(smiling): " just wait". I don't know what to make of that. I don't want to build myself up just to get let down. Please, I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Why doesn't anyone like the liweddings girls? They seem nice........
pretty princess erin <email>
memphis, tn Saturday, April 16, 2005
I asked a friend to be in the bridal party and I lied and told her "we needed it to be even" since there are more groomsmen than bridesmaids". I didn't tell her she was "replacing" the bridesmaid I previously fired. (see my previous post several paragraphs down) She said yes when I asked and she seemed so happy!! The next day the spineless bitch left me a message on my machine BACKING OUT!!! Message was left when she KNEW I was at work....like I said....spineless cowardly bitch! I had told her she could bring her boyfriend to the wedding and that her daughter could come too and bring a guest. Fuck them both....I don't want either of them there now. They are no longer invited nor are they my friends! She can f*ck herself!!! What kind of stupid bitch turns down an invitation to be a bridesmaid??? Gimme a break!! Since turnover is so high I don't think I will bother asking anyone else to be in the bridal party. No one is good enough for me any damn way. Stupid bitches.
High Turnover (once more)
Friday, April 15, 2005
i have a friend from hell who despite the fact that she loves me, goes ahead and invites her parents to my wedding without checking with me first - with the cheek to tell me to please not sit her parents at the same table! uh, excuse me, who's wedding is this anyway?? Solution to problem? Conveniently remove parents names from guest list! i dont really care, i have about 7 weeks to my wedding and everything is going so smoothly. Just this glitch but nothing a scheming bride cant handle. Hey, its not my fault that she had 45 tables at her wedding and i am only having 8 cos i only want the closest people to me and my husband attending the wedding.
screaming scheming bride
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
I hot glued a bunch of white and lavendar flowers onto combs and bobby pins, trying to save money (those hair ornaments are expensive). I took them in for my trial hair style and I was SO embarrassed by the obvious cheapness and tackiness of the sorry things. My hairdresser didn't say a word, but he "forgot" to use them. I bought $38 worth of hair pins and clips the next day.
Should Know Better
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
I fired my MOH and I can not be happier! That selfish bitch wanted to skip the rehersal and rehersal dinner and maybe the reception for a singing audition. The bitch has not worked on her so called "singing career" in the 9 years that I have known her. It always has to be about her. She always started to talk about her future wedding when ever we discussed mine. She is not even engaged and her lastest b-friend is in prison! The bitch complained about the dress, the hair, the money, I then offerd to cover her portion but that was not enough! This is the most important day of my life and for once I wanted for just one day to be all about me, but the bitch just could not let that happen. F her F her F her!!! If I sound selfish I do not care. My last words to her were "get your priorities in order" and I hung up on her. It has been 8 weeks of flawless planning since then. My wedding planning was a perfect way to take out the trash! Yvette, Corona CA.
Yvette <email>
Corona, CA Wednesday, April 13, 2005
I just found out that my fiance's brother will not be able to make it to our wedding because his wife is expecting. I mean, who the hell he thinks he is, missing his brother's wedding? It is so rude to miss a family member's wedding. Who cares if your second child is supposed to be born near our wedding day! What crap! I can't believe that my fiance's family is so messed up! And how dare they skip out on us just because there is a chance the baby will be born on our wedding day! Babies are born everyday, yet this will be the only time his brother will get married. I don't think I will talk to his brother and his wife for a very long time for this!
One pissed-off Bitch
San Fransisco, CA Wednesday, April 13, 2005
My fiance and I sent out our invitations to our guests a month ago. One of guests complained that the invitation was not classy enough for us. She raged that since she thought that the invitation was terrible-looking, she would not come to our wedding. What a witch. We have also have guests not write their names on the RSVP, making it very hard for us to know who the hell they are. Most of these are from my hillbilly family, yet some of our stupid friends have also done the same thing! I'm getting sick of people blanking on their names, and I think these people have no brain in a simple task of writing their names on an RSVP. UUUUUGGGGHHH!
horrified at the stupidity
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Apart from the usual wedding planning stresses that I am experiencing, it has just got worse with my gift list going 'live'. I am feeling really ill - I cannot believe how cheap my 'so called friends' are being - some of them have really good jobs and are being so ungenerous! To think of the amount my parents must be spending on them perhead at the meal etc makes me mad. I dont know how to look these freinds in the eye !
London, Wednesday, April 13, 2005
We have our wedding list at a department store and my fiance's step brother, wife and child (only child invited to wedding) bought us a pot holder. I complaiend to my man saying how rude I thought it was for three guests, and it costs a great deal per guest, to buy us a pot holder. But perhaps they're really broke and I'm a giant bitch. I think my complaining is tackier than the gift.
material bride
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
urrgh this is going to be the worst wedding ever!!! FIrst the bride and groom choose a date within 6 months of thier engagement, then they decide, dispite the fact that neither one of them has any money and they are paying for it themselves that they must have a huge reception that they can't afford, and the maid of honor has yet to return my calls about the shower which is in two weeks and i am supposedly hosting. My husband, who is also in the wedding has yet to hear about getting fitted for tuxes and to top it all off they want to have the bachlotette and bachlor parties on different days. Oh did i mention my husband is hosting the bachlor party so I'm going t get kicked out of my house????? urrrrrrrrggggggggh!
bridemaid for the wedding from hell
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
My b-friend and I have been engaged for a couple of months, and I had a been abit indecisive with what I was going to do. My friends were more supportive of a wedding back home, my parents didnt seem to care. As soon as I put my foot down and said "F*** it, im going to Vegas!" Everyone perked up...FH is singing Elvis tunes, my Dad is planning a huge trip around the wedding...and most of my friends are coming. Feels good going with my gut and it actually working out.
into it
Monday, April 11, 2005
My future MIL is so f*cking cheap! She called from a dept. store to ask what we wanted. We reminded her of our registries, and told her what we wanted was listed there. She was so insistent and kept asking us as she walked through the store, "How about a pressure cooker?" "I bet you'd LOVE a smoothie maker!" My FH explained there was probably a great sale on and she wanted to take advantage of it. I said, "Well, I guess I can't blame her for getting a $75 item for $50, I'd try to do the same." He said, No, what she'll do is get a $30 item for $19.99!" I said, "It's our wedding!!! Her son is the groom! She can't even spend 50 bucks?!?!?" I guess she needs money for all the trips she takes, selfish b*tch.
Should Know Better
Monday, April 11, 2005
I admit it! After my fiance proposed, I sweet-talked/bullied/pouted my way into getting the ring earlier than he had planned on giving it to me! I was just so damn sick of people constantly asking about it that I made it happen! The upside? It's exactly what I would have wanted, and I have the sweetest man on earth for being so accommodating.
Sunday, April 10, 2005
UGH!!!!! i HATE REDNECKS!!!! my fiances whole family is such ghetto redneck trash!!! and his uncle is the worst!! first thing he did when we got engaged was declare that our wedding was gonna be the "family reunion" for this year- so that meant more people than we expected would actually make the 5 hour trip. well we got that settled. BUT now the lastest is... uncle has 2 step sons who are in their early 20s. one of them died in a car accident about 2 years ago. supposedly, before he died two people in his group of friends had a baby together. ok...well apparently uncle and his wife watch this little girl every weekend???? uh... why??? its not their grandkid supposedy.... AND now apparently the two people who had the baby are getting married the same weekend and uncle basically just TOLD us- DIDN"T ASK..that he was bringing this little 2 year old to our wedding because they are babysitting while the babies parents on on vacation... UH!?!! WTF?!?! its not a family member-supposedly- and where are the babies actual grandparents?!?! why aren't they babysitting?!?! these redneck assholes just don't understand that weddings in NJ aren't like out in hickville, PA... its not a $5 a plate pig roast- its a $70 a perons buffet... its not a bring whoever you want, the more the merrier kind of thing........GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for this shit to be over!!!!!
Saturday, April 09, 2005
I was making save-the-date magnets recently with one of my bridesmaids that went with my autumn theme. We were happily pasting on oka-leaf cut outs when I noticed, to my horror, that my friend was gluing them on upside-down from the way I thought looked best. I tried my best to accept it, but it's still bothering me! I never told her, though. I did appreciate the help, after all.
Friday, April 08, 2005
I have reasons to be a bridezilla and stand by those reasons! Before we were engaged my FI's sister was a really good friend of mine...was pushing us to hurry up and get engaged...then once we were she turned into a total WITCH (Being very nice by using that phrase)...all the sudden she was SAD because she wasn't the center of attention (she has a husband and TWO kids)...she was sad because I was first in my FI's life and not her (I have been for the last 3 years...I live with him...nothing has changed!)...Anyways...she was throwing me a bridal shower and guess what? She called me 2 days before the shower and said (I am a picky eater btw)...There is not going to be anything at the shower that you will eat...I said what are you having? She told me Bridal Shower type food...named some stuff and said Sandwich's...I said I like sandwich's...she said oh they have cheese on the...ok I won't eat them...THEN she says maybe you can eat before you come...I said I will...she said well I can't fix hamburgers...which burned me up because I haven't had a hamburger in a long time because I have been trying to lose weith! (I am not fat just needed to lose some weight...lost 35 so far!)...anyways she says maybe you can smoosh a couple of things on your plate and pretend to eat...that was it...I was pissed. After the shower which I didn't look forward to...dressed in jeans and didn't EAT anything or smoosh anything on my plate...I can't stand her anymore. That altercation blew into something bigger thant hat and we finally "talked" but it doesn't matter...she has shown her true colors and I no longer RESPECT her at all. She is selfish and a witch. Oh and did I mention she is my MATRON OF HONOR. What a mistake...a huge huge huge huge mistake. UGH! Frustrates me just thinking about it...but is my wedding and he is going to be my hubby...she will just have to let go...and get over it...I really am looking forward to when the wedding is over so that she can be the center of attention again and so things hopefully go back to normal. God forbid if we ever have a child...what would she do then??? 9 months of her??? LOL...sorry had to vent!!!!
Not Feeling Guilty At All!
Friday, April 08, 2005
I just fired one of my bridesmaids because she has financial problems, car problems and is just an unreliable bitch. All I care about is myself and my wedding. f*ck anyone who doesn't care or has issues that won't allow them to be the best bridal party they can be! And this isn't the 1st time I have "fired" someone in the wedding....this is the 4th time! The ironic thing is I work in Human Resources...the turnover rate in my bridal party is higher then at this company! hahaha!
High Turnover
Wednesday, April 06, 2005
My FI and I are getting married in January and I'm really worried that certain cheap-o family members/friends will skimp on our wedding gifts and pull that "2 gifts-in-one" crap, combining our Christmas gifts w/ out wedding gifts. Also, it scares me a little that people won't plan ahead (even though we're sending out save-the-dates over the summer, so they have no excuse) and say "I'll just give you your gift when I get my income taxes back next month". I can see it now, cheap fvcks.
Stacy from Fitchburg
Tuesday, April 05, 2005
I got my first reply card back Friday night. I was so excited I squeeled and ran to show my fiance. He thought I was hurt or someone attacked me. I was just really, really excited. I am such a dork!
bride with ninja skills
Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Just got back from my sister's wedding in Las Vegas. She had it at Ceasar's. I was worried it would be cheap looking but it was beautiful and very low stress for her. I would recommend it to anyone who is stressing about a big wedding at home and doesn't mind pissing off a few people who don't like destination weddings. It was a wonderful time for everyone!
Monday, April 04, 2005
I have several things to confess: 1. I'm marrying my fiance because of his money. He's 50 something, and I am in my early twenties. 2. I don't love him and I don't think I ever did. 3. He's lousy in bed (he thinks he's great). 4. I can't wait till I run with the money and get rid of the old bastard.
New York, NY Friday, April 01, 2005
Bridesmaids suck. At least mine did. Having a medical emergency at my batchlorette party only made matters worse, instead of helping me, and shutting up while the EMT guys where there, they decided it would be a good idea to argue about WHY I passed out. Nice. Thanks for ruining my b-party, and thanks for making snide comments about eachother for the whole fricken reception. Much appreciated.
Thursday, March 31, 2005
My fiance wanted to invite an old friend of his that lives on the other side of the country. We filled out the invitations, made sure everyone was on the list, etc. However- his "old friend" happens to be a trashy #$^%&, and I am not one bit fond of her, so my mom and I "accidentally" lost the invitation on the way to the post office. We are just not sure why she never showed up.
keeping out the trash
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
My personal attendant went to fluff my dress right before we went out to walk down the aisle- leaving a giant burgundy lip mark on the front of my expensive dress! my dress was so fluffy and huge that I couldn't reach the crotch area well enough to snap my girdle-thingy, and told her that if she ever wanted me to speak to her again, she would button it for me. After several minutes of fighting with the snaps, she was done and we agreed never to talk to anyone about that moment.
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
We "uninvited" my FH's older brother after we sent him an invitation. Just emailed him and said Don't come. He's a pervert and other family members had said they didn't want their kids there with him. I think they're over-reacting, but I'd rather have them and their kids than this creep-o. Since I have a 14-yr. old niece, it's probably for the best. If I saw him chatting her up, I'd go ballistic. What's REALLY sad is he already paid for his ticket and to make the blow a bit softer we offered to pay for it. He said yes, even tho' he'll probably get a credit for it. (crap) Hmmm... wonder if he'll send a present. I'm marrying into a real classy family!
Should know better
Monday, March 28, 2005
My maid of honor is so jealous of me that if she got anymore jealous her green head would explode! All she does is bitch bitch bitch that she's single and whenever she gets a chance she runs for the nearest penis. I'm sure halfway thru the reception she'll be fucking the best man in a closet somewhere. My bitch of a FMIL also thinks that because she's footing the bill for the reception that she can invite whomever she pleases including all her aunts uncles and cousins (people my FI has never even met before)...FI and I didn't like this very much since there were other people we wanted to invite so we told her where to shove her guest list. Freakin bitch of a control freak trying to control my wedding. I don't think so.
skanks and bitches
Monday, March 28, 2005
Dear wedding party. I fucking hate you. Thanks for making this torture. Thank god my fiance is awesome--otherwise we'd be totally miserable.
Culver City, CA Monday, March 28, 2005
I haven't gone Bridezilla yet, but I'm about to. FH has yet to ask anyone to be his best man. Wedding's June 4. This year. AGH!!! Fortunately this is an informal wedding so no tux fittings are involved.
Marrying late
Monday, March 28, 2005
I couldn't cope with the idea of me in a dress, my husband couldn't cope with the idea of him in a suit, and neither of us could cope with a church/hall/ocean liner full of people staring at us. So we chickened out and went to Vegas. The groom wore jeans and a casual shirt; the bride dressed similarly; and the reverend wore Elvis. My husband's mother loved it. Not sure if mine's forgiven me yet.
one terrible daughter
Monday, March 28, 2005
Finally making some progress in not being a total doormat, I pulled out my inner bridezilla. I told FIL and FSIL that I had selected the dresses and showed them a picture. No "How about this one?" or "Is this okay?" I just said "This is the dress you'll be wearing (to SIL) It's $188." The end. No negotiations, no arguements. Grr!
Monday, March 28, 2005
I have become a Bridezilla. Here are my sins... All I do 24/7 is talk about the wedding, look up wedding stuff on the internet, take notes for the wedding and print picture after picture of shoes or favors or whatever else. I waste all my time on theknot.com and other wedding websites. I nag everyone endlessly with questions and ideas and opinions and stuff that I want. I am obsessed with planning this wedding of mine. I ask my poor fiance what he likes or wants or thinks of whatever and I could care less...I want what I want yet I ask his opinion anyway. When he disagrees I pick silly fights with him. I nag all my friends in the wedding party about everything...I spent all day at work goofing off looking up wedding stuff online. I print things on the printer at work and make phone calls at work that are wedding related and I don't do my job like I am supposed to. I nag my vendors endlessly with questions and obsess over minor trivial details. I bore co-workers with my wedding plans and details "this week I saw this vendor for blahblahblah", "my shoes are backordered I cannot believe it blahblahblah" when I know they could care less. All I do is focus on me me me me me ME ME ME!!! I am a selfish little brat and a maniac bridezilla. My MOH also picked out her own dress! And she told me that the other girls could not wear the same dress as her...what a bitch!! She's also hosting my bridal shower at her home in PA which is extremely inconveinent for my family...and she tells me she will ask them all to "bring food"...she's also a cheap ass!!! I deserve better.
I'm being a bad bad bad bridezilla...
NJ Sunday, March 27, 2005
I'm not even formally engaged yet. But here I am, reading these confessions. I'm designing my wedding dress because I sew and I'm a snob when it comes to what I wear for special events, so I'll just save the bother and compile designs until he actually pops the question. Then I'll have plenty of time to make the darn thing, change my mind, gain 10 pounds, make a new one and finish it 20 minutes before the ceremony. I don't really think it's a bad thing. I'm trying to take some stress off myself and my parents WAY beforehand so it's not so much of an issue. But I can't help but think that I'm jumping the gun.

Oh well. If worse comes to worse, I'll actually make up some of the designs I made and sell them on Ebay as custom dresses. Someone'll love them.
Speedy the cheating Hare
Friday, March 25, 2005

Attention mom and FMIL - you are 65 years old. You look 65 years old. No dress in the world is going to make you look 20 again. Please quite dragging me to every store within 100 miles to find the perfect dress that DOESN'T EXIST. The ones that makes you 'look old'? That is all there is. Not that is matters anyway, because no one is looking!
Thursday, March 24, 2005
Forgive me for being so being so ungrateful for other's generosity. But I have a shelf in the basement of horrible wedding gifts, that will only see the light of day if/when the gift givers ever visit the house.
Zilla from Manila
Thursday, March 24, 2005
beh beh- i hear ya on the "cheapies". my FIs family is completely redneck from waay out in the middle of nowhere pennsylvania... and i am completely worried that they'll give us like $20 per family, when we are paying almost $70 a person for them to come... sooo not cool and if that happens, i'm gonna seriously have a freak attack!!
Thursday, March 24, 2005
I have been told that when you go to someone's reception, you are to bring a gift equivalent of what the couple would have likely paid per plate plus some extra, and that you give a boxed present at the shower. I come from a very European family where my guests will "cover themselves." However, I am deathly afraid that my fiance's invites are going to be bringing cheap gifts that we didn't even register for. I'm not including his friend's wives on my bridal shower list because they are cheap.
beh beh
Thursday, March 24, 2005
omg, we pitched wedding ideas to family who said 'why spend the money?' the budget isn't huge, but it's what we've got, and it's coming out of our pockets. so we seriously thought about spending the money. some family members sounded relieved as we talked about a civil ceremony and a picnic reception rather than a winter wedding with a dessert buffet reception. now there's a phone call from one of the family saying 'has anyone offered to help you pay for this?' so back to ideas about a real wedding. i feel like a f*#*ing yo-yo emotionally. all i want is to wear my gorgeous blue sparkly dress, marry the man i love, and get on with life.
wishing for something else...
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Why do people I've invited just hand my the stamped response card instead of mailing it?!? Unless you want to discuss some aspect of the wedding, like where I'm registered, don't hand me the card, mail it! That's why it's stamped!!! Though I guess I should be grateful I'm getting a response at all. I know I'll be fuming in a couple weeks over those who didn't bother to reply at all.
Should know better
CA Monday, March 21, 2005
Okay here goes. I'd take back my first two marriages if I could!! First time I got married, we were college seniors and couldn't wait one more second to be together. We eloped to Jellico TN in the middle of a snowstorm in March. It wasn't at all what we expected .. the church was cold (it was the middle of the week & they only turned the heat on for Sunday mornings!); we didnt know the minister; the ministers brother (a mechanic from the gas station next door) was called over to be our witness and he was FILTHY; I was in a flannel shirt, jeans and snow boots; none of our friends or family were there I dont recommend eloping. After that auspicious start to married life, our families were livid with us for not including them. They never got over their disappointment and let us know it at every opportunity. That marriage ended after 2 years.

For the second wedding my parents pulled out all the stops. Everybody in my hometown showed up for the big event. My colors were ivory and wedgewood blue, a gorgeous combination. I paid two teenagers $20 apiece to man the nursery, and every kid under age 10 who showed up was marched right in there. My attendants carried long, thin arm bouquets that laid across their forearms instead of the traditional round ball bouquets. My groom and my dad both wept as I was coming down the aisle and my mom was beaming like a beacon. The only problems were, my soloist had laryngitis, my trumpeter had a blister on his lip, my preacher was passing a kidney stone, and my organists arthritis were acting up that day because it RAINED like a monsoon all morning! Oh well. That marriage lasted four years, until my ex developed a secret raging cocaine addiction and sucked all his salary (PLUS mine) and our future house payments up his nose.

Now I have met the perfect man and dont care if we ever get married my heart isnt going anywhere! If we do, it will be just the two of us on a beach somewhere at sunset. Or maybe well go back to a lighthouse we visited in San Fran, at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Awesome!
3rd Time's A Charm
Rabbit Hash, KY Monday, March 21, 2005

Back with another whopper about my FMIL. Let me being by saying that I knew we would head-butt over the cake, the flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, but I thought the church would be a given. It's my famiy's church - my grandparent's and other relatives go there, and FI was baptised and confirmed there, plus it's the only Catholic church for 20 miles in any direction. It's the church where my family has celebrated every wedding since it was built. I've attended holiday masss and mass on non-holidays if I was in town there since I was born. Done deal, right? Wrong! FMIL Apparantly doesn't care for the Priest, who she says gives her a "funny look" when she goes to take communion. Well, guess what, FMIL, that's because you're NOT CATHOLIC! If you're NOT CATHOLIC, then you probably shouldn't be taking Holy Commnion at a Catholic church, huh? So, uh, yeah, when I visit the churches of friends who are not Catholic, I do not take communion at their services - isn't this what you're supposed to do? If you haven't had first communion, whether you're a first grader or a 50 year old woman, you dont take communion. And I'll be damned if I'm going to try and find another church now. Grr. Grr, goes the bridezilla.
Monday, March 21, 2005
Waiting for a ring, gee you sound so mature - wanting to "better yourselves" before you "start your life together." Pity you didn't see fit to better yourself AND start your life together BEFORE having a child! Looks like the wedding is more important to you that the child! And while I'm here, this is a place to CONFESS, not chit-chat about how wonderful we all are. Go find a chat room already. There's got to be an "unwed-mothers.com" somewhere where you'll fit right in. And you're calling those of us who are getting married before getting pregnant whores? Ever heard the expression "If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones" or how about "the pot calling the kettle black"? I won't stoop to calling you a whore, but you sure are a hypocrite!
not really sorry
Sunday, March 20, 2005
Though I hope this isn't considered a reply, I just wanted to further explain my annoyances with my FMIL, that these are real concerns, not just vain, vapid whining. The bit about the photographer was only ONE example. As a more glaring instance, I offer this charming vignette: The last time she was at FI house, she was there alone, as she came over uninvited, unannounced and unexpected and we were gone. Chance happened that the power went out while she was there - or so she said, none of the neighbors coplained of a power outage that night, so I have my suspicions. Under the pretense of "looking for a flashlight" she went though many drawers and cupboards in the house, including FIs nightstand, where we keep the trojans, KY and other adult items. She actually had the nerve to be offended that she had seen these things! WTF? If she's going to go snooping, she deserves what she gets. But I forgot, she's only TRYING TO HELP. Sorry I'm such a "complaining bitch" but if I couldn't vent here, I'd have to do it and real life. And even though she annoys the living daylights out of me on occasion, I do understand the value of keeping everything pleasant with the future inlaws. I just know I don't make a habit out of going through other people's bedroom drawers, even if we do share the same DNA. I already told her she can plan whatever she wants for the wedding - as long as she does it. I'm just anoyed that she keeps offering these impractical, expensive "suggestions" then expects me to do the footwork to get them done. If you want to help, then help, don't just sit on your ass and "suggest."
Friday, March 18, 2005
I do not want to register. I do not want to choose colors. I do not want deal with announcements and invitations. I do not want to deal with caterers and event halls. I do not want to listen to everyones expectations for my special day. I just want to be married.
Dont want to deal
Friday, March 18, 2005
I didn't think it would happen to me. My future MIL, who has always been overbearing in that "wants to do everything for you, including decorate FIs house, even though I'm the one who's going to be living there" kind of way (hey, if she's paying, let her go nuts.) But now, she wants to be involved in every little decision about the wedding, and I get the distinct impression that she thinks FI and I, as well as my parents, who are wealthier, should pay for more. I say, if she wants to but into the planning, she can help pay. Currently, I'm looking for a photographer - she insisted I call this one guy, even though every person I talked to in this town who got married in the last 10 years said he is the most overpriced photographer in this town. And sure enough, he is twice as much as everyone else - almost $2,500, when eveyone else, even the people who make you develop your own film, are under $1,500. Ugh. And all FI can do is mimic whatever his mommy says. I've taken to calling him Parrot, though he doesn't know why. Only 18 months to go (yes, I like to plan freakishly ahead, and with 500 guests, I need to) Oh yes, also would like to brag about finding a caterer who serves, good, normal food for just $6.50 a plate. Score!
Kylee <email>
Thursday, March 17, 2005
Bless me, Going Bridal, for I am sinning. I am not going to invite a single cousin from my father's side, because of his last surviving sibling. This retired voice teacher who still thinks she has a good singing voice (when she sings, dogs' ears bleed) "promised" to sing at my wedding. If I invite one, I have to invite them all, and she'll sing. Can't bear it, so they're just getting announcements. It's a small wedding anyway; thank God for the excuse.
Not really sorry
Thursday, March 17, 2005
I have no regrets about the following people I'm not inviting: 1) My old roommate and her boyfriend, who in a moment of blindness, we did invite to the Engagement Party. Faux Pas Alert!! Mainly b/c we haven't seen them since. That, and when Fiance was single she once asked Fiance out even though she wasn't! Worse, when Fiance and I started dating, the roommates boyfriend made up a story that Fiance had been engaged before. Not like I would care anyway, but why lie you prick?

2) At a shower for someone else, my future MiL put me on the spot and said "oh you're invited to their wedding" to someone Fiance hasn't seen in 15 years. She then made me write down her address. Future MiL still hasn't noticed that person's not on the guest list.

3) My nasty evil ex-Uncle and his new wife who I've never met. For no reason, he's a total asshole to my family (but kisses the ass of his other ex-relatives), says b.s. like "I'm still part of the family", yet treated my Aunt like total shit when they were married.
Can't wait 'till this shit is over
Denver, CO Thursday, March 17, 2005

I purposely lost my ering because I never liked it.

It is small and flawed, pretty much like who I married.
Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i have got 2 and a half months to the wedding. Am still not panicking! We are doing our own invites which only need to be printed out and delivered, i am picking up my dress (designed and made for less than 300) next week,my sister and cousin are making my cake (chocolate of course, no one but the immediate family gets it-the caterers desserts are divine) and basically I dont give a horses arse for what people are saying (What? no professional photograper, videographer, no change of outfit?) Excuse me, I am a bride, not a celebrity!!!! The latest complaint i overheard- its a 15 minute walk from the carpark to the reception hall, for Fucks sake, its a five minute walk and the walk will do everyone some good!!!! I dont even care if we run out of food and drinks!!! Tough titties to them! The point of our wedding? Is for me and my husband to get down and have a rip roaring good time with people who know how to party!!! Shove the rest!!! Even my mom is not concerned about who i am inviting, says, my wedding,my business!!!!! thats the deal!
june bride
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
I hate one of my bridesmaids. I only asked to out of obligation. She is a selfish, witchy, catty, ignorant slob. She is the most fake human being I have ever met, has no future, and she makes everyone's lives miserbale including her own husband's. I hope he divorces her just so I can gloat in her agony. I am such a horrible human being.
Verbal Diarrhea
Monday, March 14, 2005
I have a bridesmaid who is driving me CRAZY. She is either at my throat about things I am doing wrong with this wedding or else she's non-existent. I truly believe she's more concerned about her nails and hair than that I am getting MARRIED. Bottom line is she's selfish and I'm not sure I can be friends anymore.
Saturday, March 12, 2005
My future mother-in-law is upset that I haven't finished making the invitations yet. She wants them sent out MONTHS in advance because she's too busy sitting on her ass doing nothing to call her relatives & tell them the wedding date. Then she gets her husband to back her up saying, "people need advance notice so they can purchase plane tickets." Um excuse me, but I'm not retired yet & I have a million things on the go right now. My future mother-in-law doesn't work & seems to think her life is stressful having to dictate to everyone all the time about what she wants done. She could easily go back to work, but she chooses not to. Not my problem bitch. And if your relatives don't get invites until one month before the wedding date, that's just going to be too f*cking bad.
Friday, March 11, 2005
My FH's sister has just got engaged and I am worried that she will arrange her wedding before ours. We have been engaged for nearly a year and the wedding is still almost a year off but I still don't want her to get married before us!
Bad Sister Bride
Thursday, March 10, 2005
Fiance and I were both sniping at each other the week we did invitations. I took about 15 invitations out of the box he was taking to work to mail. I hid them for about a week and a half, hoping the people would get them too late to come. I finally sent them, thinking he might somehow find out they didn't get their invites and he would just send them another. And I'm 46!!! Not very mature...
Should know better
CA Wednesday, March 09, 2005
I told my MIL that she's a neurotic, passive/aggressive gnat...verbatim. (of course this was after many attempts of ignoring her or trying to let her know how her negative comments were hurtufl and uneccessary)
Dracula Bride
New York, NY Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Hey there, "Love kids, Hate them at my Wedding"--maybe you can use that impressive budget you have for your wedding and use it instead to buy some spelling lessons!
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
I don't have a bad confession yet, but I still have a while till the wedding, so far I've planned an outside wedding and the reception is going to be down right party time. I'm throwing a hog roast with Kegs. I just can't seem myself sitting down to a formal dinner. I'm releasing butterflies when we kiss! Can't wait!
Sam <email>
Indianapolis, IN Wednesday, March 09, 2005
if i have to pay $75 a head for one more great-aunt that i met once when i was 5... i'm gonna sceam!!! my mom tells me " shes older and just wants a night out" yeah... well her night out is costing me $150!!! one plate for her and one for her son who has to drive her!!!!! GRRR!!!!! at this point, i seriously can't wait for the wedding to be OVER!!!! and my fiance doesn't want to listen to me complain, because the big wedding was my idea anyway! :-(
Tuesday, March 08, 2005
I'm about 40 days away from the big day. I must admit I never considered myself someone who was gungho about the perfect wedding. But, somehow, someway our budget has become $45,000. That's not the end of the world, but it is just one f-ing day. Good God. I wouldn't spend that on a frigging vacation let alone one DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Next problem. . .The rsvp's are dripping in and instead of the nice 185 guest list we planned for we're only at 120. The deadline is next week. I didn't bother with the "second wave" invitations because I thought that the concept was tacky.
Too nice to his family
Monday, March 07, 2005
The fiance's niece (4 years old) will be our flowergirl. We don't see them that often, so he wanted me to bond with her this weekend by showing her how her hair will be for the wedding (half up with curls). The little girl did not smile once and pouted while I was curling her hair. She then brushed it all out. The fiance said that her hairstyle will be a "game day" decision and she gets to decide how she wants to wear it. WTF?! I'm the bride, I get decide. If she doesn't want her hair in pretty curls, she doesn't have to be the flowergirl!
Secret Bridezilla
Monday, March 07, 2005
Here's my only confession so far, but I'm sure there'll be more to come: My friend and I are both getting married in 2006. Mine's early in the year, hers is in the summer. She's a little 'zilla in that she worries endlessly (as if her wedding's right around the corner) about such dumb things, like she recently told me about how *stressed* she was getting searching for a guestbook pen. Ummm...O-KAY. It's a f*cking pen for a wedding well over a year away. Meanwhile, mine is less than a year away and I can't even bring up ANYTHING abt. mine w/out her going into a long drawn-out story about how she "needs to find" (fill in the blank w/some small wedding-related purchase"). We were dress shopping last week (where she had bought her dress), and she was absolutely no help at all (It was her idea to come and help by take pictures of me in diff. dresses I liked and wanted to help me pick some out), because all she did was bug the seamstres w/questions abt. HER dress (the bustle, extra beading, etc.). I couldn't even ask the seamstress anything because she wouldn't shut up. In over 2 hours, I tried on only 6 dresses. I guess it just bugs me that she acts like everything's an emergency, when she has SO LONG until her actual wedding day, and expects me to give a crap about her guestbook pen crisis when I haven't booked a location, photographer, DJ, etc. yet. I have more important things to get stressed about. WTF*ck?
Bad Bad Bride
Thursday, March 03, 2005
You go, NY Bride! i'm with you all the way. I will not send a BM a scathing email about why i don't like her idea about what she wants to wear, and that my idea is the one that we'll go with because it is--gee don't ya think--MY wedding? ARGH!!!
naps with cats
King County, WA Tuesday, March 01, 2005
i've got this friend who is *difficult*. we communicate mostly via email because we live over 100 miles apart. before i got engaged, i asked if she'd participate in the wedding--leaving the 'participate' open because i didn't think she'd be good bm material. a few weeks ago, i asked her what she'd like to do--thinking maybe she'd do the guest book or something innocuous. i got a message back saying 'i'm not really into weddings and don't want to do anything.' what's up with that? and then, because we live 100 miles apart, i asked her if she wanted me to invite another of her friends who has family here so she'd have a place to stay the night of the wedding, and she hasn't responded to my question. that's probably the part that gets me most...that i ask questions--direct ones!--and she doesn't answer them.
naps with cats
King County, WA Monday, February 28, 2005
I love my soon to be husband, but he has gas. Sometimes it's smelly, sometimes it's not. At first I thought it was funny. Then it got out of control. I have asked him to leave the room and not to force them around me. He did pretty good for a while and now it's started up again. He did it tonight on the couch and thought I didn't hear. I did. Now we are fighting because of it. He doesn't understand that I consider it a sign of disrespect. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Mrs. Fart
Elgin, Il Monday, February 28, 2005
I think it's nice that some of us (like Mrs. G-to-be) have such great support from family & friends. Not all of us are so lucky. Particularly if our vision for the wedding day doesn't involve a back-yard BBQ, but a sit-down dinner involving $$ & contracts with service-providers, it's difficult to just do whatever our guests request. We can't just tell the caterers to throw something extra on the BBQ because uncle so-&-so decides that's what he wants for dinner. We can only do what's been agreed to under contract & it can't be changed by peoples' various whims months after the fact. It's easy to be accommodating when you're related to the chef or home-owner, but otherwise, the bride & groom are paying perfect strangers to make this day happen, and dictating to them beyond what they've been paid to do is not appropriate. "Confessions" by the way, involve disclosing your inner most thoughts (ever been to see a priest?). Therefore, the brides on this website are perfectly entitled to bitch about how so-&-so made them feel about whatever. That is the point of a confession. If you want heart-warming stories about how lovely and gracious a bride is, go buy Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul & stroke your own ego on your own time.
Sunday, February 27, 2005
Sunday, February 27, 2005
I forgot to add that my MOH hasn't even tried on the bodace i bought her the other BM chose she will be wearing at the wedding. Its been 3 months sitting in her wardrobe. She may need to alter it as shes skinny skinny. I had better call her and be a BRIDEZILLA!
Melbourne, VIC Sunday, February 27, 2005
Since getting engaged I noticed the change in some of my friends. This has hurt my feelings. Some of my unmarried friends that i had for ten years didn't show up to the engagement party when the said they would. So we are not inviting them to the wedding. Guess the female friends could be jealous i am getting married and they are looking at being left on the shelf. Not my problem. Its a competetive world out there and for once in love i played my cards well and won a game. I still feel some of my single friends are not really that happy for me. Instead they act all sad as they are single or their long time boyfriend don't propose. Trying to bring me down. Even my mum wants to get married a second time. She said now don't get married before me.

If I continue to loose my bitchy friends who think their lives are ugly compaired to mine so be it as they were only fair weather friends.
Melbourne, Vic Sunday, February 27, 2005

I used to wonder about the saying, "say goodbye to singlehood!" Most engaged couples have been together in an exclusive relationship for a year or more before the wedding - and there was nothing "single" about their behaviour because of their committment to each other. Now, since I've become engaged, I know what the saying REALLY means (listen up NYBride & MissG!): it means your single girlfriends are all so f*cking jealous that they're not getting married too, that you basically have to "say goodbye" to major aspects of your friendships. Don't expect their support about most things anymore - they just ASSUME your FH is the center of your universe and you don't have a mind of your own to relate to them. Particularly if you don't make them bridesmaids, or worse yet, you can't afford to invite their "dates" to the wedding reception, they make sure to comment, "well when I get married, that's not the way I'M going to do it!" just to make you feel like SH*T. They size up every little thing you do to plan the wedding and take notes to make sure their ficticious future weddings are "better." Your expectation from your friends that the wedding is all about you & your FH is too high - if you want support, you have to make the wedding about THEIR selfish need for reassurance that being single is okay. They either have to look prettier than you in a bridesmaid dress or make you pay for some flavour of the week date. I don't expect to have close relationships with any of my so-called friends after the wedding day. I'm not "saying goodbye to singlehood" with my friends; THEY are saying goodbye to me and that's their loss. If there are any "true" friends out there, they're probably already married & don't give a sh*t how you plan your wedding.
Sunday, February 27, 2005
None of my cousins have ever invited me to any of their weddings. So I am inviting no cousins to the reception. I have verbally invited two cousins to the cerermony at the church. They haven't been married yet. I was tepted to just invite the cousins i liked and skip the ones out that didn't invite me. However we thought no cousins from each side less money.

My mum has wanted me to invite her boyfriends parents so they can conveniently meet her parents. No way. Its our day. She had her day and divorced 13 years later. Another trouble spot of who walks me down the aisle. I have decided no one as my mum, dad and even an uncle have all wanted too. I asked my brother yet he said no. Hes shy.This has caused me stress too much. The day is about my FH and I who i love and will be with untill he dies whether he likes it or not. Ha ha.

The bridesmaids have been ok. I bought their outfits that they chose. No one is throwing me a hens night or bridal shower. But thats alright I want to organise it myself. That way i get what i want. They are basically there to look good and they will. Isn't that what bridesmaids are there for to smile and be pleasant. Perhaps calm my nerves.
Cecilia <email>
Melbourne, VIC Sunday, February 27, 2005

Lara, you rock! I just finished reading a bunch of bride websites and repeatedly got told in great detail what I should be doing. Strangely enough, all the things that I'm supposed to be doing amount to cash for someone somewhere. Like the three hair and make up trials. Are you joking?! What a bunch of arse (sorry, I'm Australian and that's how we say it). Anyway, fact is, unless you you are some sad bitch with an inferiority/superiority complex whose sense of self is based on what other people think of her then you should ignore all this advice because it is nothing more than grist to the bridal industry mill. Before you start shouting, I am having a traditional church wedding - fabulous gown, sit down dinner reception overlooking the Brisbane River - I'm all about a fantastic wedding day! I just believe you can have that without buying into all the crap about what you should and shouldn't be doing. It's worth remembering that our mothers managed to get married without facials, mainicures, hair trials and rehearsals. Many of them didn 't stay married. But if anybody thinks that their happiness was related to their 'perfect princess day' they are seriously deluded. Have the day you want. Ask yourself: is this a competition (yes, I'm talking to you NY Bride. Your bridesmaid deserves a better best friend than you) or is it a celebration you genuinely hope to share with your nearest and dearest. No one ever had a bad time at a wedding because the flowers/make-up/cars/bonbonierre weren't perfect! There actually are more important things than your wedding day. Deal with it.
Saturday, February 26, 2005
Okay, I have yet to say this outloud so bare with me while I vent for once! I AM F*CKING TIRED OF EVERYONE TRYING TO TAKE THE ATTENTION OFF OF ME ON MY DAY! There I said it! I am dealing with a mother in law who is testing me, a Maid of Honor with a crisis every week, and a family that has more opinions then a school of highschool girls. I am tired of hearing that I am being selfcentered when I am just trying to be productive. I am tired of hearing that I have tons of people willing to 'help' but the help comes with an agenda. GRRRRR!!! I am tired of solving one problem and being CONFRONTED because it is inconvenient or not their taste. ISN'T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAY!!! DON'T I GET TO NOT COMPROMISE FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!!! Aahhh! Wow, that feels kinda good. Thanks.
Going Crazy!
Saturday, February 26, 2005
I'm getting married in two months and my "best friend" who isn't even f*cking engaged yet won't stop talking about HER plans for HER NON-EXISTANT WEDDING!!! I want to scream at her that we are discussing MY plans, not HERS. I secretly can't wait till it is her turn because she freaks out about every little thing, and everything is all about her every minute. Since she falls apart over everything, and I'm really her only friend, she's going to be S.O.L. when her turn comes around. HA! That's what she gets for wasting my friendship now.
Saturday, February 26, 2005
I told myself I wouldn't go overboard with this wedding thing. I was going to keep all of the things I have to pay for within my $3000 budget that I managed to save up from my old job--dress, invitations, ceremony site, and photography. But I found an awesome photographer, and pictures mean the world to me--the cost is almost $3500. I'm in medical school and don't work, so I'll be making up the difference with my student loans, which I think is illegal. Somehow I don't think I can justify wedding photography as living expenses... Here I am, robbing Peter to pay Paul and all because I want to have nice pictures. I hope Uncle Sam doesn't come knocking on the door asking what I did with my loan money.
MI Friday, February 25, 2005
A girlfriend got married and registered at an expensive place. I got her something nice. 6 months later, they split up. She kept the gift. When she got married again I gave her a card and said Remember the first gift? It's also your second gift! hahahahahahaha
Friday, February 25, 2005
I threatened my hubby i would cut my hair short...... if he did not zip it.....I was bridezilla. I did keep my hair long...It was a wig!!!!!!!!!! see the pictures on my web! www.makingyourdreamcometrue.com
Celestine the royal bridezilla <email>
oceanside, ca Friday, February 25, 2005
Want to do something really fun? Take all those crappy bridal magazines that you have collected over the months - you know the magazines that cost a zillion dollars and make you feel bad about your body and like you should ditch the wedding and run off with a bartender. BURN THEM. Throw them in a fire...its so great. Take Your Wedding Back! and throw them into a big fire
NYC, Thursday, February 24, 2005
My wedding is in 30 days and I don't know what I'm going to wear.
bride to be
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Wow, under a thousand, that's pretty creative. Definitely very different from this individual... http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=missy_alice&tab;=weblogs&uid;=208937793&nextdate;=last
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
I'm getting the whole wedding for under a thou; maybe including the honeymoon. I got the dress at a discount place for $20; had to dry clean it for some stains around the hem, another $20. It's very plain, which I like. FH will be wearing a dark suit instead of a tux since it's an informal afternoon wedding. We have a huge back yard and are only inviting 50 people, so we're borrowing chairs and tables from everyone we know and doing both wedding and reception there. Flowers: friend who can get them wholesale, she and I will be making the arrangements. Food: buffet style finger foods, Mom who has catered church parties for years will do the food. Going to do a grocery store bakery cake. Biggest expenses will be alcohol, photographer, food, and honeymoon. 2 bridesmaids will be picking and paying for their own lavender dresses, one male attendant will wear a dark suit he already has. Got a friend to DJ, another friend to officiate, got yet another to do live music. FH and I are designing and printing our own invitations and announcements - he designs such things freelance anyway. We aren't bothering with flower girl, ring bearer, save the date cards, or assigned seating. I will be throwing neither bouquet or garter - frankly I've always thought the former was tacky and the latter bordered on obscene. For honeymoon we're spending a few days at the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. The biggest expense there will be hotel rooms. It's going to be a sweet and simple wedding without a lot of frou-frou, which neither of us want. If anyone finds it tacky or cheap, guess what? I don't give a s##t.
Homemade Hannah
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
My major offense? I was married Oct. 2004 and it's Feb. 2005 and I still haven't given out all of the thank-you's. Other than that... I absolutely LOVED my wedding! We had just under 50 close friends and family, we did have children but my FH and I knew them all and we decided they could come. We had no problems with them. My bridesmaids were the BEST and did above and beyond what I expected (which wasn't much, I tend to do things myself rather than bother others), even decorated our room for our wedding night (candles, bubble bath, beautiful music, the works). Afterwards, I had people come up to me saying the wedding was the best they had been to because it was original (destination wedding in mountains), intimate (almost everyone knew everyone), and the atmosphere was relaxing & stress-free! Even a woman who is BLUNTLY honest, sometimes to a fault, said the reception food was the best she had ever had at a wedding...no rubbery chicken here! My point? My hubby and I set up a budget from the start and stuck with it and everyone came out happy. Was it stressful planning? At times, yes. Did I have to make miracles happen to stay in my budget? Absolutely! But it is doable. A designer gown that should have cost over $1K I jumped on for $320-the groom's tux + accessories from a men's shop going out of biz for $135-grilled steak, veggie lasagne + sides negotiated for $25 head--it's all within your scope if you keep a level head, remember it's just ONE day out of years of marriage, and you can compromise the little things but keep grasp on the meaningful ones.
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
I just had my bridal shower on Feb. 20th. My FH was suppose to get his addresses from his dad's side of the family. Well we never got the addresses for them. I feel horrible. I didn't get to invite any of my FFIL's side of the family. I've only met that side of his family MAYBE 4 times. My FH doesn't even visit them. I don't even think that side of them family likes us! But I feel so horrible b/c my FH is getting blamed for the fault. I think its my fault.
la Monday, February 21, 2005
i got married 18 months ago. i know...not a bride anymore, but i just wanna say something. i had a bridesmaid who to this day still is on my bad side. first of all, the month i got married my cousin also got married (3 weeks prior to mine) so i had a lot of anxiety about my wedding maybe looking like a "left over wedding" (w/ch by the way totally didn't happen!) since we'd have almost the same guests and our families are really close (supposedly). i also did not want (as much as i can help it) to have the same people in the bridal party as the other wedding so the moment i got engaged i asked whom ever i picked right away...thinking maybe they won't commit to the other wedding. well the bridesmaids knew of my worries. as the planning continued, i get a complain from one of bridesmaids about the cost of their dresses. i thought i was being reasonable and considerate (it was less the $100) but i still got some complain. after the stupid complain, i found out the stupid complainer agreed to be bridesmaid to the other wedding as well. get this...she even had to pay more for her dress for the other wedding. oh boy...i thought she was a b*tch for having the nerve to complain only because it's costing her so much to be at both weddings!!! STUPID girl! why torment me for her self-centered decision...too selfish i think!?!?! i was told maybe she's just bitter and jealous 'coz she's older and was once engaged. anyway, she did pay for the dress but refused to get her hair done the way i wanted. she decided she'll do her own hair...whatever!! i thought she looked whore-ish (i think she was trying to go for sexy hair that day), while everyone else looked elegant and classy...grrrrrr!! i've never given her the time of day since...i don't bother talking to her anymore (unfortunately she isn't a friend, she is also a cousin). well now she is the bride-to-be and i just think deep down *with evil grin* that she goes thru worse than what she's put me thru...really!!! i didn't even bother congratulating her on her engagement.
now a wife!
Monday, February 21, 2005
My closest friend and I are getting married within a month of each other and we are being each others bridesmaids. She's turned into a TOTAL Bridezilla and she's driving me nuts. I finally decided on a dress design yesterday and ordered it. She is now worried that our dresses are too similar and she is 'concerned and stressed' about it. Our dresses are similar in that they are both strapless and A-line with a nipped in waist - like 90% of others in the F*cking bridal shops!!!! Mine is scarlett red, a 2 piece corset and skirt and hers is a white dress with loads of beading! So different! Why the f*ck is she causing me grief over this???!!!?? We're marrying in different states and the only similar guests will be ourselves and the fiances so it wouldn't matter if we wore exactly the same dress anyway!!! Oh, and now she's concerned the flowers will be the same. She's having a bunch of various pink flowers and I'm having either pink or white tiger lillies (just one type of flower in the bunch). She now says in her matyred tones, "Oh, well if you've changed your mind I wont have any lillies in my bunch. We can't have the same flowers! Tell me what you are having." Arghhhh - she's so pissing me off. And then, let's not start on the bridesmaids dresses. I'm happy to let her wear whatever (being so flexible) and she changed her mind after we'd bought the dress and wanted us to purchase a second one!! It was a saga for weeks.. I'm so thinking of ditching her. She creates dramas where there are none. What's happened? My nice friend has turned into a psycho bridezilla!!!!
Sydney, Australia, NSW Sunday, February 20, 2005
Hi I want to kill one of my bridesmaids!! I only wanted my two sisters but his mother wanted his 2 sisters as well :-x Well, his older sister has not really spoken to me since before Christmas when I bought her dress (its lovely on her so I don't think its because she hates the dress!) Now she has decided to get her own hairdresser to do her hair because "she knows my hair" What the fuck does that mean????? I am so pissed off! There's other stuff as well but I don't have all night!
Ireland, Sunday, February 20, 2005
My FH is a teacher. Not only did he want to invite his students, but he wanted to let each of them bring a date. I had to very nicely explain that this was our wedding and not the prom.
Not a bad bride
Friday, February 18, 2005
Secret Bridezilla, "and guest" is a huge problem for me too. You have to draw the line somewhere. I have a lot of single friends, and unless I know about their sig other, forget about it! You'll be looking at the pictures years later (when you are still paying off the wedding) saying, "who the hell is that?!" "And guests" don't have fun at a stranger's wedding either!! Think about how many weddings you've gone to where you've been the "and guest." Did you have the time of your life? NO. So, think of it as doing them a favor! Decide now, if they are dating someone, it'll be pretty serious if they are still together in August. Tell them you did the invitations in February, and oh well!! AND rememner fellow bridzillas, this is your day, and you can never make everyone happy, so try to make yourself happy. I love this site! So, glad I found it, very theraputic!
Love kids, Hate them at my Wedding!
Friday, February 18, 2005
6 months to go & I'm at the point where I could make the wedding planner wear my dress & veil & send HER down the isle instead and I don't think anyone would notice (apart from my FH) that it's not ME. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, thinks this wedding is about THEM. If we say "no kids" that means we don't respect that "weddings are about families" and so unless the little brats are invited, their parents, whom I used to think the WORLD of, would refuse to come to the wedding!!! Um, excuse me, but some people consider their DOGS to be "part of the family" and I've never heard of people refusing to attend weddings because their pets weren't included on the f*cking invitations! (And some people's dogs would be better behaved than the kids!!!) I'm sick & f*cking tired of my friends bitching that they can't bring a date. Did they ever consider that their boyfriends would be bored anyways & it's not like we'd get an extra wedding gift for having to pay for their expensive dinner! My future in-laws are also demanding extra things at the reception, but only agreeing to pay "half." Um, excuse me, but if you want an open bar all night, you can pay for the whole god damned thing, thank you very much!! If it's a choice between paying for half of your booze or going on a honeymoon, then that's not even a choice. As well, my step-mother seems to think this wedding day is all about her and her trailer trash family and she makes sure I can't have a relationship with my Dad or sisters unless I do things HER way. Well bitch, after the wedding, I hope you & my spineless father live happily ever after because you have been making my life so miserable over this wedding, that the only reason I'm still putting up with you now is because we owe thousands under the catering contract & we can't tell you to f*ck off until after my Dad has paid the bill. If I had known what an ungrateful, self-centered, self-righteous, SELFISH, and unsupportive family I have, I would've eloped without telling anybody & too bad if that hurts peoples' feelings. This is MY life and once I've got that f*cking ring on my finger, I'm gonna flip all of 'em off with it!
Thursday, February 17, 2005
I am having a really hard time dealing with my mother in law to be. I feel like she hates me and nothing I do will make her happy.
Thursday, February 17, 2005
I'm with you there, I don't want kids at my wedding either. I don't care how "well-behaved" your child is, when it says "adult reception", it means no children allowed. Gosh, I don't even want my fiance's nephew and niece there (they're in the wedding) because they are such brats! I know, supposed to be the nice bride, but if only these kids could stop crying and creating a scene! No, why should I let a 4-year-old pick out what flower she wants to carry and how she wants to wear her hair?! (Making evil eyes at fiance!) I'm the bride and what I say goes! What do you think of "and guest"? I read in books/magazines that you're not obligated to give an "and guest" unless they are married, engaged, or living together. I don't want to have my guy friends' "flavor of the week" at my wedding. Why should I pay $120 a head for someone I will never see again?!
Secret Bridezilla
Irvine, CA Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I knew I shouldn't have asked her to be in my wedding, but I knew if I didn't, she would never talk to me again....that would be perfect! I realize that I will be 31 when I marry and many of my friends have kids, sweet, I can't wait, myself, but I don't want the little fuckers at my wedding. Well, she'll have her 2 year old all weekend, and her worthless husband hasn't been alone with the kid for more than 3 hours...no exageration. Well, she went ahead and got herself knocked up again and will have a baby less than a month old at the wedding. She's the "I'll pop my boob out right here at the head table and feed my kid-type," too. UGH So, I heard from another maid that she hates the dress and thinks she's gonna look fat in it....well, duh? You will have just popped out another kid a month before! I tactfully tried to tell her that if this was all too much for her, she didn't have to be in the wedding, OH and you know how that went! I wish I had the balls to just kick her out of the BP. I know she'll be a problem, and I don't want god-damn kids at my fricking wedding...uh, she's a whore!
Love kids, Hate them at my Wedding!
Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I'm getting married this fall and I'm planning and paying for everything myself. My FH is paying for the down-payment on the house. I'm getting the better deal here. My problem is, I'm 25 pounds overweight. I bought my dress over 5 years ago (before I met my FH) and it was on clearance and I loved it. Sigh, so I'm worried I may have to buy a new dress if I don't lose the weight in time. It is a horrid conundrum, because it is possible to lose the weight in time, but I don't know if I will. I'm trying and I hate the stress.
Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I got married years ago. And have now been divorced longer than I was married. I don't regret anything about either one. But reading all this sure made me glad my wedding was the way it was. We were young, me 1 month past my 20th birthday, him 1 month past his 21st. We planned everything together and though originally planned to pay for everything ourselves, we got a lot of help from family in lieu of wedding gifts. His dad paid for the photographer, my mom paid for my dress and my flower girl's dress, his mom paid for the invitations, his sisters paid for the caterer, my brother bought our plane tickets for our honeymoon... you get the picture. The week before our wedding (in August) the temperature was over 100F every single day. The day of our wedding it was 80 and we were grateful. My FBIL (my sister's fiance) asked his dad to be our bartender, our reception was in a meeting room at the local Howard Johnson's. We only bought a lot of beer and some things to do shots (we were in a fraternity) and of course pop and coffee. Someone INSISTED we had to have a seating chart. So about a week before the wedding, my sister and I (MOH) sat and wrote out little cards by hand that had each person's name on it, and then instead of a table number it said table #: "wherever you damn well wanna sit". Everyone loved it. (My cousin said she still has hers.) The tables were set up in long rows (you know, the long 6ft tables)and everyone sat with whoever they wanted to sit with. I wasn't going to worry about who didn't like whom and who wasn't talking to aunt whoever. The air conditioning went out half way through the reception, so my cousin opened the patio doors of the meeting room, only to find out there were no screens and we had to shut them cuz of the bugs. The management brought in about 5 big huge fans and my FBIL's dad went and got more beer. This was back when DJ's were first getting started and we were the first in the family/friends to have one. After we left the reception, everyone pitched in to pay the DJ to play longer. Everyone got to hear what they wanted, from big band to top 40. My bridesmaids learned to do the Stroll and my mother's favorite song became We Are Family. Although it was over 20 years ago, my family still says it was the best wedding they ever attended. If I ever thought I'd want to get married again, I'd do it the same way.
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
There I was at work, talking to my manager, playing with my ring . . . which falls off my finger, bounces on the counter, falls to the floor and promptly disappears. We spent three quarters of an hour searching for it - my bag, my coat, under the counter, in the cabinets, everywhere we could think. I put my coat on, dreading actually going home to tell FH about it - shook my coat and there it was. It was a gruesome morning. Ugh.
Inked Bride
Thursday, February 10, 2005
I haven't done anything bad yet. But I know I will. Aaron and I are paying for the wedding and I am getting what I want even though some (like mothers)hate it. :D -Dana
Miss Night <email>
Roseburg, Or Wednesday, February 09, 2005
I am sick of people making comments about how much my wedding costs . . . like I should feel guilty about it! Just because other people dont have the $ I do does not give them to right to keep asking how much this or that costs. Why are people so concerned anyway? I must admit that it does feel good to know so many people are jealous of me, but it gets old after a while. So here is my vent . . . My wedding is costing over 100,000 and I am going to love every minute of it!
I'm Not a Guilty Bride
NY, NY Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I bought my dress today - and my wedding isn't until Sept. 2006. the turth is, I'm not sure I love it, I mean, I like it, - I look good in it - but I had always imagined something different. But, hey, it was over 50 percent off, and the line was discontinued, and I figured I'd be kicking myself later for not seizing a deal when I could. Is it a crime that I'm not obsessed with finding the "perfect dress?" I guess this is more of a "Maybe I should be more of a bridezilla and give a crap about it" rant.
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I love my fiance very, very much but I keep fantisizing about this guy at work. He is totally the opposite of my fiance. He is quiet and a little shy but is sooo sweet. I just want to grab him and do dirty, dirty things to him. Is that wrong...? I must just be having pre-wedding commitment jitters.
dirty deed bride
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I'm marrying my FH for his $$$. I have every intention of leaving his ass after a couple of months and taking all his $$$ with me.
All About the $$$
Monday, February 07, 2005
My FSIL just told me she's pregnant and still thinks shes gonna be in my BP. Bitch! No fat pregnant skanks in my pictures!
Biatch Bride
Friday, February 04, 2005
Wow, Tracy, I knew the price of living out there was high, but...wow. I'm getting my food - two meats, potato, vegetable, salad, and those little marzipan thingys for $6 a plate. It is buffet style - not a sitdown, though. But this is the midwest, we don't stand on ceremony too much here. Farnkly, some of my guests would not bink an eye if i told them they had to butcher the cow and pig themselves first. One of my friends who got married last summer had a whole roast hog for eighty people for a total of $700. And I thought $10,000 sounded like so much - more than i paid for my 2-year-old car, but after hearing about the price of some of your weddings, I feel like I'm getting away pretty cheaply Thanking my lucky stars...
Friday, February 04, 2005
Oh my God, Kylie - the price of your wedding blows my mind. You could not do a wedding like the one you've described in California for less than $40K. I kid you not. To feed people dinner, the least expensive price I could find (bargain basement caterer) was $35 per person, and that was for a western BBQ, for crying out loud. And that doesn't include plates, napkins, linens, tables, etc. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS - AND BLOW OFF YOUR GRANDMA AND INVITE WHOEVER YOU WANT! My husband and I paid for our wedding ourselves, and while it was expensive, I think it was worth the pleasure of calling all the shots. Parents on either side couldn't say a thing, as they were not the hosts, we were.
Thursday, February 03, 2005
So I've been engaged for a month and my relatives are already driving me crazy. My grandmother thinks I need to invite all of my grandfathers siblings and their families - he's one of 13 children, and all of us being Catholic, they also all have between 3 and 8 chilren. That's like 100 more people right there (I counted once - 62 first and second cousins on that side of my family, not to mention my dad's said and all of FI's family!.) I told her that the hall I got only holds 500 (fire code) so no dice. FMIL also wants to invite all the neighboring farmers to their farm - I've never met any of these people. To do this, people like friends of FI and I are going to have to be left off the list in order to accomodate all of the people I couldn't pick out of a police line up to save my life.

Funny how no one gives a rat's a** about the bride's or grooms wishes when it's their wedding and we (my parents, his and us) are splitting the cost pretty much into even thirds. I think I'm going to have the same response to every question from people who are not parents of the soon-to-be wed couple - "you want it, you pay for it" Think aunt Lucille and ncle Chuck need to come? That will be $20 for their food. I may even put it on a T-Shirt. Hmmm.
Thursday, February 03, 2005

I don't know how weddings are done around the rest of the country, but I'm curently planning a wedding for Sept. 2006 with about 400 guests, a live band and live ceremony music and by my current tabulations, the whole cost is going to be less than $10,000. I guess I just don't get what I'd even do with another ten grand. Of course, the dresses I've seen and liked have benn leass thant $700 and I live in the mid-west, which probably has a cheaper cost of living. My reception hall, with decorations, set up, celan up, bar wait staff and keg beer included is $400 for the whole damn day. Sometimes, it's good to be rural.
Thursday, February 03, 2005
My soon be inlaws hate me & the feeling is starting to become mutual! They are refusing to fork out any $ They are still telling me what to do on the invites, decorations, pictures, everything. Even the stepparents are getting involved on the fight saying that they wont be in pics with ex's well fuck off they are my parents! Oh well i still have some time to set off the time bomb... no money no choice-my wedding!
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
I did all I could to pay as little as possible for wedding gifts for my SD and SS's wedding. They both borrowed tons of money in order to get married in ugly clothes (SD's dress would make wonderful apholstery for a couch) and SS and SDIL will be in debt for years bc they had to borrow money. I so wanted to be at home, reading a good book, instead of attending these weddings. And (surprise) one of these couples is already divorced! And the other couple is not exactly swimming in happiness. Too bad---they aren't bad people, just very materialistic and need to grow up!
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
I've lived here for 4 years, lived in El Paso before. My "best friend" in El Paso only came up here when she was doing something else and needed a free place to stay. The last time I heard from her, 2 years ago, was when we had planned for her to come up and spend the whole weekend. She didn't know at the time whether she could drive up Friday or would drive up Saturday (it's 4 hour drive). Friday night, I called and got her, and said, "Well, I guess you're driving up tomorrow. What time will you be here?" She says, "Oh, I can't come. My daughter's baby (both were teen mothers so she'll be a grandma in her 30's) is due any time and I don't want to be away from her." Like she didn't know this for 9 months?! I cancelled a lot of things so I could spend the whole weekend with her! Which I told her, and said, "It would have been nice to know you weren't coming a bit sooner than the day you were going to arrive." That was 2 years ago, and I haven't heard from her since. Not a phone call, not an e-mail, not even a Christmas card. My wedding's in a couple of months and she's not getting an invitation, just an announcement. So much for a 10 year friendship. She whined about every Christmas gift I gave her, I bet she calls or emails to whine that she wasn't a bridesmaid. As if. Two friends, one local and one from Denver, who have been real friends, will be bridesmaids.
Albuquerque Rose
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
My confession is titled: 'No invitation for you!!'

The matron of honor and bridesmaids threw my daughter the bride a wonderful shower. The invite said to RSVP regrets only. There were 50 on the guest list. 10 people RSVPd to say they weren't coming. 30 showed up. That leaves 10 people who never showed, never called, never heard from 'em. Including my sister-in-law (no real surprise there), 2 of my aunts and my former pastor's wife (who is also my fsil's boss). I guess they just forgot. So why in the hell should they be on the wedding guest list if they don't care enough to remember to even call to say they won't be coming to the shower. They missed a real good time.
California MoB
Monday, January 31, 2005

I fucking hate other brides. I wish they would just stop talking to me about their weddings...I really don't care, esp. since they will most likely be divorced two years from now anyway. I'm sorry but I don't give a crap about napkin colors...I'm not even buying them. Like I want people smooshing something from my wedding over their dirty faces and tossing it in the garbage...that's not a bad omen or anything.
Verbal Diarrhea
Thursday, January 27, 2005
The love for the dress far outlasted the love for HIM. Sighhh.. That dress is going to make a beautiful bedspread, or pillows, or curtains.. that is, whenever I finally decide to drag it out of the garbage bag it's in and have it cleaned so I can cut it up and make something really useful out of it. Good thing I didn't spend $1000 on it, but got it from E-bay for $125 instead.
Kunoichi Sunflower
Monday, January 24, 2005
I looked like Joan Crawford. Married 09/18/04, and begging my husband for a do-over!!!
A Bad STIFF Updo!
Sunday, January 23, 2005
Ha! Found on the net some stuff called Dermablend and also found it here in town. Therefore, two of four tattoos can be covered, with no bitching from the parental unit. It cost $35 Canadian for this tiny little container, but there's more than enough.

On a side note, what's with wedding websites? I don't really get it. I know I'm obsessed with my wedding, but can't see others being as filled with the same compulsive need to know about our wedding. Maybe it's just me. I thought blogs were incredibly stupid too, but now that I have one, I use it as an ongoing letter to my best friend; I suppose there's a use for everything.
Inked Bride
Friday, January 21, 2005

Yes, I DO want to make my own paper for the invitations. Yes I DO want to 'waste' all my time and energy. I DO NOT want to change the wording of it - if I don't mention my parents, why should I mention his?? Oh wait, that's what it all comes down to, right? I didn't mention you and dad. Hmm, who's paying for the wedding? Let me think . . . I know it will come to me if I really concentrate . . . umm . . . oh right! ME!!
Inked Bride
Thursday, January 20, 2005
I have thrown out so many of my bridesmaid dresses from my friend's weddings since they are soooooo ugly!
Amanda <email>
Chatsworth, ca Thursday, January 20, 2005
Just wanted to say I got my wedding dress back from the seamstress today and I look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in it; Id say, perhaps, the most beautiful bride ever and this brings me to one of my four bridesmaids; she is fat and not very attractive and I think she is going to spoil all of my otherwise beautiful photos Im getting so upset about this and think Im going to ask her not to be a bridesmaid.. she was the first to buy her shoes and dress; but she isnt going to get a cent out of me.. she has already caused me to be sick with worry isnt that enough
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
I'm getting married in a little over a year and a half. My FH is a doll - he's so laid back he's almost comatoast, which is a perfect foil for me. When he proposed I was so happy I couldn't believe it - but now the shine has worn off, and I realize that I'm scared bloody sh*tless. Just this weird, vague kind of fear. I'm not all stressed about the wedding - not yet - although I've had a few moments already with my control-freak mom. I had one other proposal in my life - ten years ago, when I was nineteen. I refused then because: a) i didn't love the guy; and b) i was nineteen freaking years old. I thought I'd commited a karmic sin, as no relationship ever met with an engagement rind. Now, however, I am releived that I met my FH and we're going to get hitched. And I'm still nagged with a middle-of-the-night-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-me fear.

Oh, and when I told my mom I was concerned over how to cover one of my tattoos, her words were: 'I told you so'. Which she never did, because I wouldn't discuss any of my tattoos with her. She damn near had a litter of kittens when my FH paid for my last tatt as a present.
Inked Bride
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I luv my fiancé; weve been engaged now for 12 months and living together for the last 3. The wedding is early July but now Im not sure, I came home to find my fiancé in my wedding dress! He didnt try to hide or anything, he was sitting on the lounge watching MTV waiting for me.

He explained hed wanted to walk down the isle with me in the same dress as me! The problem is he isnt joking; I have caught him dressing up in the past but dismissed it as a bit of fun but now he is serious.. I asked my family and they didnt seem to mind; but I dont know and I think Im going to be embarrassed walking down the aisle..
Groom in a dress
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Not really a confession but can I just say I love this website - we don't seem to have a UK equivalent so I am loving reading the postings on here which make me realise that wedding problems are the same worldwide! Nothing really to confess to or moan about, save for what is it about "RSVP by XXXX" that people don't understand, ARGH!!!!
UK bride
UK Monday, January 17, 2005
okay so this is a confession and a question. it is as though a magnifying glass has been put over me and my fiance. but its mostly me doing it. i feel so stressed at my job (i run a small company) and we are opening another location in the spring and the wedding is around the same time. we have had a major undertaking every six months for the past 18 monts and im so completely exhausted. my fiance hasnt had a job for the past 14 months. for the first year it was fine. he had a lot of work to do on his house, we took a very nice trip and he had a lot of family things to take care of. but now im just so frustrated. now he cant do much because his knee is a mess and he still needs to finish the house and then we need to do the wedding. im so worried that he will avoid doing the job he wants to do because eventually he will just need a money job. and the whole purpose of him staying unemployed was to figure out what he really wanted to do. but instead he takes on one huge project after another instead of taking on what he really wants to do. its like he would rather gain other peoples approval and acceptance instead of making sure he ensures his own life satisfaction. and in the meanwhile i get to hear about all the things im not doing right (driving, dishes, not buying him the right christmas gifts, napping on the couch)he has such a weird lean toward ocd or perfectionism. i just cant take anymore critisism. all i want to do is go to a movie with my fiance!!!! but i know the next month that will never happen and i cant take myself freaking out anymore. its so tiring!!!! well this is a damn ramble if you ask me. but im glad i could list my run on sentences somewhere. thank you!
Sunday, January 16, 2005
i ve only been engaged for two weeks. our wedding is in six months. ive bickered with my fiance every day! i got the jitters as soon as the newness of the ring wore off!

there are of course other circumstances. but lately ive been freaking out about the wedding, marriage, commitment to sticking things through with this wonderful guy! ack!
bernie <email>
somerville , MA Saturday, January 15, 2005

My fiance is pissing me off soooo bad. He tells me not to worry about money (our cap is $3000) then FREAKED when I mentioned a photographer, he said "My friend K**** has a digital camera! No way are we paying somebody." Next: he doesn't think we should have appetizers before dinner for our guests while they wait, "They're going to get FULL before DINNER, no way are we paying for that!" but the hotel is charging us $250.00 for a KEG of Michelob and he's fine with that... I see where his priorities are. For the record I love him to death but are men SO naive in wedding planning. One more then I'm done: Honey, if you tell me the planning is up to me don't stick your nose in with your 'opinions', you are driving me nuts!
Friday, January 14, 2005
My ring is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. It's platinum and so nice. My confession is that the main stone is a diamond simulant. Everyone thinks it's real. I hate DeBeers and the diamond industry, so we got the next best thing. It is beautiful.
fooled them all...
Friday, January 14, 2005
I am fed up with my Future in-laws. The only way my Fh and I are affording this wedding is because my mom left us an inheritance. I have no parents myself. The future in-laws mentioned once that they would pay for booze, but as the time gets closer, have I seen any money?? No way. I don't think it is too much to want them to pay for about $500 in booze, when I am paying for everything else myself. I don't care if I do have money to pay for stuff, a little help would be nice, afterall my FH is probably their only son that will end up getting married. Arrrggghhhh.
upset bride
Friday, January 14, 2005
Unbelievable! We thought we were finally over the "bridezilla" thing now that my wife's sister has passed her first anniversary. Lo and behold, the family is gathered at our house for Christmas. We just spent north of $100K and a painful year renovating the house (but that's another story) and my dear wife wanted everybody to see what a great job she did with the place. After a year suffering though my SIL's pre-nuptuals, my wife could be the center of attention for once. Incredibly, here comes the former "bridezilla" (now "wifezilla) with - are you ready? - HER WEDDING VIDEO!!! I kid you not! She had the audicity to ask me if I had the right adapters to show it on our big-screen TV. Of course I did, but conveniently "misplaced" them. The last thing I was going to do was subject myself and our guests to a re-run! Is she that starved for attention that she has to make us all sit through that? Please. Maybe I did wrong and maybe not, but it's telling that my wife and MIL thanked me afterwards. Unbelievable!
Hubby of the MOH
Friday, January 14, 2005
I asked my mom to make my dress. She's supposedly a good sewer. So I found a picture in a book of what I wanted it to look like. Well, pattern after pattern of completely different dresses kept showing up. AND she made me change the entire design because she thinks that the one I picked out wasn't modest enough for a church wedding (mine had straps, okay? I see lots of dresses WITHOUT them so I think that if mine does and covers at least as much as those to, then I'm fine).

Now I hate the dress completely! I just want to go and buy one from the store but my mom already spent tons of money on the fabric. Argh!
dress? try potato sack.
Thursday, January 13, 2005

My honey's family is driving me f-ing insane! We've been going out for almost 8 years and I actually enjoy their company. . .BUT they are so opinionated it makes my head spin. Oh, did I mention he's the only boy and he has 4 sisters! Each one has a daughter and they're flower girls. I can't stand their little advice and not so subtle comments on what to do. His own mother suggested we elope. I said, I want a Catholic wedding and I wanted to add, "I'm not pregnant like you were." Ughh. Ok, I feel better now.
too nice to his family
Thursday, January 13, 2005
To WishingWeWereEloping -- I am one of those impending grooms (for the second time). The first time looked much like what you describe, and all I can tell you is -- your REAL problem is NOT your FMIL, it's your FH. I put up with that type of behavior for nearly 10 years until my MIL passed away (the nicest thing she ever did for me -- sounds harsh, but it's true). The wedding was a disaster with my MIL trying to talk my fiance into backing out as they drove to the ceremony. No opportunity was ever missed to make slighting and defamatory comments. My new sisters-in-law came as a group after the ceremony to tell me I was expected to endure "years of crappy treatment" from my MIL before I would be "accepted by her" because they all did. My wife got gifts at Christmas, birthdays and Mother's Day while I got forgotten. When she finally did start giving gifts (after about 7 years), they were rummage sale items she found around her house. Every time she came to visit she had extended talks with my wife offering to pay for the attorney if she would divorce me. And the entire time my real problem was not my MIL, it was my wife, who answered all of my protests about how I was being treated with, "What am I supposed to do? She's my mom." All I can suggest is that you take some quiet time to listen to your heart and ask yourself if you really want to commit yourself to a man who doesn't seem to have the personal integrity and love for you to tell his mother he expects her to respect his choice and respect his future wife. I'll guarantee you, if he won't do it before the ceremony, he surely won't do it afterward. Just a man's perspective.
Been there and back again.
Eastern, WA Wednesday, January 12, 2005
My FMIL is driving me absolutely out of my f&#@ing mind. She is meddlesome, boorish, rude and tactless and I can't stand it anymore. Since the day we got engaged, she has badgered us (mostly me) about everything from the guest list, to the venue, to the registry without ANY grace or manners at all. She bought XMas gifts off our registry, but made slight changes in her purchases...a different color than we'd chosen, a slightly cheaper model appliance, etc. She's told me that her relatives from out of state were going to come to the wedding whether they were invited or not. She is encouraging relatives to give us hand-me-downs in place of registry items. And the rumor has it that she will bring her "specialty" homemade food to the wedding reception, even though I've told her we have a caterer and that the rehearsal dinner would be the perfect place for her to showcase her talents. She has not said ONE WORD about contributing to the cost of the wedding, hosting a shower or even the rehearsal dinner. AND she had the gall to suggest that I join their church so we could get a "discount" on the service!!! We're not event the same religion!!! THE WORST PART ABOUT IT is that my fiance doesn't back me up at all! His mother has run his life for 35 years and he will not even entertain the idea that she might be just a little overbearing to a soon-to-be-wed couple. So it comes down to him vs. me...a sign that makes my mother worry and I can't blame her! I love him in every other way,,,we've known each other almost 20 years!!!! But I can't go forward confidently knoowing this issue is so far from resolution. And I just yelled that sentiment to him before slamming the door and pounding out this post. What the hell am I going to DO??!!?
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
My sister-in-laws were SOOO bad before the wedding that I treated all the girls to an eyebrow wax...but only because of her. I had to pay for four waxings because she would have thrown a hissy fit if I had talked about her brows. (Funny a hissy-fit throwing princess doesn't bother to take care of her bushy brows, I know I don't get it either!)
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
I hate my father's side of the family and refused to tell them, let alone invite them to my wedding later this year. My father feels roughly the same way and almost beamed with pride when I declared "Your siblings (B*tch 1, B*tch 2 and Uncle A**hole) are NOT invited". I have a tiny budget and only want family and friends who enriched my life, not made it a misery. (Enriched does not mean $$$$, my background is lower middle class.)
Nerdgirl Bride
Monday, January 10, 2005
OK, I do have a confession. I really wish that I had not registered for china. I thought that registering for china, silver, crystal, etc., was part of getting married. I did that and got lots of nice stuff. 28 years later? I've never used it. Not once. We do not have a lifestyle that lends itself to formal sit-down dinners for 12. We are more of the backyard BBQ types in a rurul ranch-style house. I look at all that beautiful china in my closet and think about what a waste it is. It's an albatross around my neck.
long-time married
Saturday, January 08, 2005
I just bought my third "rehearsal dinner dress." And now I want a pair of $200 shoes to match.
Selfish bride
Friday, January 07, 2005
This is BULL CRAP!!! Since when did being the MOB entitle anyone to behave like a spoiled, snotty brat!?!? Mom leaves me a message on the phone saying that she has something really, really, really important to show me. So I stop by her place and she says she can't show me until tomorrow. She tries to (as stealthly as my mother can) without Dad/FH hearing that she's found a MOB dress. She's just peeing her pants she's so exicted. Okay. Good. Fantastic! Uh un. Not so fast. I ask her where she got it. Then, knowing what I know about this establishment, how much. She told me $1000. My jaw dropped! My wedding gown barely cost a grand (thanks to a bridal show promo, but anyway)!!! Before anyone freaks out about dress cost and blah, blah, blah, we are not rolling in dough but we're not hurting for cash. Typically, in my family, an outfit for an MOB usually costs about $500, top end (I asked some family and close friends). The only reason Mom thinks that she has to get a dress at this store is because her sister, whose son got married last year, go her dress at this place and it cost $2000 (with alterations included)!!! That's just retarted. The dress was nice but not two grand nice. That's a freakin' honeymoon!! So when I expressed my displeasure to my mother about the cost of said dress, sparks ensued. My mom has never had any concept of income and expenses. She figures that if she saves this much for so long she should have it. In theory, great, makes sense. But when you have other bills to pay and your husband just pays off your visa, it's a problem (long standing issues...don't go there). My mom just wants this dress because she can say she paid such amount for it. The only thing I remember about her sister's dress that it was too damn expensive for what it was! So, she's sulking "oh, I guess I'll just find something in the bridal shops". She says it like I've implied that she go to the Salvation Army to get a dress. There is no pleasing this woman. I quit.
bride with ninja skills
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Aacckkk! Planning this things and making everyone happy is driving me bananas! Why can't we just say "Do you? and Do you?" and be done with it! If you can get through this hellish mess - why you must be insane!!
Julie Bee
Pasadena, CA Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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