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I think I'm worrying myself sick about passports and bussles. Didn't celebrate 21st birthday. Stomach still not well enough for Tequila. Damn it.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, sc Saturday, December 31, 2005

Where to start... My mother wants to invite a bunch of people we don't know and theres only 130 geust alowed at the reception hall.I also had all my bridesmaides picked out when MOG anounced that SIL would be able to come to the wedding from the other side of the country. I have to make her a bridesmaid. I don't mind doing this exept for now MOG is concerned there is more BMs than GMs. She also has a baby. Now Im a bitch, because I do not want a baby in the wedding party. FH family questions my choice to get married at my grandmothers church. A seventh day adventist church. They also seem more concerned about ther stupid dogs then the wedding. I am concerned because the rehersal takes place 2 days before the wedding. This means that SIL will not be able to atend it. I also cant seem to get away from work latly and am falling behind. the wedding is it 3 months, and my bridesmaids are of little help to me. If I had to do it again I would just elope!
bitch face
Saturday, December 31, 2005
When people tell me how gorgeous my ring is, I am always gracious and thank them and then compliment them on their engagment ring. Deep down, I want to gush about the beauty of my gorgeous, colorless, nearly flawless diamond. I'm such a self-centered brat.
isn't my ring GORGEOUS?
Friday, December 30, 2005
Got a GORGEOUS diamond & ruby (my birthstone) ring for Christmas but later freaked out on the BF cause it wasnt an engagement ring. I am evil and he is slow.
Friday, December 30, 2005
I actually considered getting a white hoodie and embroidering "Future Mrs. _____" on the back (ala Jessica Simpson). Seeing this typed out makes me queasy.
Must take it down a notch.
Los Angeles, CA Friday, December 30, 2005
Too much wine on Christmas and told the boy 2 carats or nothing... such a bitch, I will be forever single for this bratty outburst
big mouth
Friday, December 30, 2005
Not a confession; just wondering - why hasn't the Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion been updated in months? Believe me, the new issues of bridal porn are filled with hideous dresses that bear too much resemblance to those that were worn in the 1980's.
Just making a suggestion...
Wednesday, December 28, 2005
This was from my buddy's wedding, but it's pretty good, so what the hell? Couple of months before the wedding Bride To Be gets all hot and bothered because...gasp...my buddy's parents were getting a SHORE HOUSE instead of giving them the money! They got a shore house every year for fifteen years! So, when the invitations came, my buddy's parents' names weren't on them! When pressed for an explanation, my buddy got "I don't think your parents are contributing enough to this wedding!" Can you imagine? And yes, JS, schoolteacher in South Jersey, this is you I'm referring to.
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Went to a wedding yesterday at the same place we had ours; DH and I spent the whole time talking about how much better the room looked with OUR decorations, how many more people danced to OUR band, etc., etc.!
Still the Bride
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Been dating for over 3 years and have lived together for 2 1/2. THough not engaged we fight over details alrady, he has nothing to say about the rings that I like other then that he hates the commas. For some reason he thinks that we are getting married in his home state of Monatana, I am from NoDak, and that is where we live together. No I WILL NOT plan my wedding 8 hours away from where I live...plus aren't you supposed to get married in the brides home town? Plus pretty positive FMIL HATES me! BUT BF can't see this. :( So stressed already..but for some reason can't wait to see him take a knee. Boys are dumb, but I love him sooo much!
why so impatient
Sunday, December 25, 2005
The boy doesn't like gold. The boy doesn't like silver. The boy says titanium is too "fancy" for him. It all seems a little weird to me, and I'm having a hard time looking at these $15 stainless steel rings he would love. I guess because I know how bloody much he's spending on mine... *sigh* But if he loves it, he deserves it. Bugger the money. I'll close my eyes and pay with credit card when I find one I can get him to agree to. If it's $15 or $1500, so be it. Silly picky boy. :)
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Does anyone think it's wrong to want to go ahead and spend all my cash on clothes and stuff for me? That way when I'm married I won't have to ask if we can spend "our" money on luxuries. In a way this sounds really fair to me. He doesn't have to think about all the money I'm blowing on bikinis or whatever and doesn't have to pay the bills for it. Plus, it's my money and I can do what I want. On the other hand I know that he is really trying to save so that we will be stable until I get out of college. Hmm. I am paying for the wedding all by myself!! Is it wrong of me to want to splurge every last dime so that I have nothing to contribute fiancailly? Thinking before I buy.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, SC Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Had a nice lunch with a friend who I hadn't seen since I was a BM in her wedding or since I got engaged. Was sure nice to see photos of her 500 sq ft apartment and show her photos of my new 3000 sq ft dream home. Was sure nice to see her .5 carat diamond against my 1.70 carat ring. She's my friend and I love her. I'm just a bitch.
Monday, December 19, 2005
So here I am. Again....stressing. Why can't I let it "roll of my back"? The f***ing wedding party keeps asking me to go look for a dress with them. Hello does anyone know how much I have doen with no help what's so ever? The Mother is suddenly poor and can not afford flowers which is the one thing I agreed to let her do. Now I have to make my own bouquet. Why don't I just skip the flowers. That should piss everyone off! I hate being selfish and hate people that are selfish but why can't anyone jsut take care fo what they are supposed to? HAs the groom and his party looked for tuxes? NO! Has FH found out about the license? NO Do I ahve to do it all? What is with men? Thank God I am organized! The other day I ahd a breakdown. 20 minutes of sobbing. It felt good to be incoherant and just get it all out. Thanks for goingbridal.....it helps to vent!
..../I have spoken
FL Monday, December 19, 2005
We got married 3 months ago at the courthouse, we are having a vow renewal (we hate calling it a wedding) when he returns from Iraq. I'm finally sending out annoucements with the Christmas cards.
just a late notice
Monday, December 19, 2005
i have a few: first, fh's cousin got engaged several months after me, but is getting married a month (to the day) after us. the family has $$$, but it pisses me off that now my gifts/money will be less because it's being split in such a short time. i can't make up my mind. i have 6 months left until the wedding and i don't have a dj or an officiant or flowers or a photographer. im'a procrastinator and now i think it's finally going to catch up with me. fmil wants me to include my fsil "in some way" ummm. obviously i don't like her and i don't care. if that was me, i would feel like a loser if the bride was being forced to include me (she's not a little kid, either- we are the same age!!) also, fh's family is not paying for anything, but they ALWAYS have suggestions on where we should have it and what we should do. and, when i tell them things i have decided, (the ceremony/reception site)- they roll their eyes or ask if i'm sure. I am starting to hate my in laws already.. fh wanted to elope, i should have just done it- i hate wedding/wedding planning!!!!!!!!
wh y won't these people leave me alone?
Sunday, December 18, 2005
Now that I am engaged I am totally letting myself go. I used to buy a new outfit every time I saw him just to get his attention... now I look like shit all the time. It's not that I don't have the money, either. I've got more of my own money than ever before and I look worse than ever. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm becomming my mother.
Miss Frumpy
Friday, December 16, 2005
So here it is the holidays. Ho Ho Ho and all that crap. Can I please have a f***ing day off from planning? I am doing it myself and am almost done but if one more "friend" asks me to tell them everything I will be in jail. The FMIL is still living with us. Can not stress enough to her that she has to get her own place or her son will never have sex again.

It's funny...every time I leave the room she talks to him in a hushed voice. Hello! what on earth do you need to tell him that you think he isn't telling me. If she tells him one more F**ing time "don't tell (your future-wife)" I am going to bitch slap her, then spit in her face, and strangle her.

So the caterer I have decided is a bunch of stuck up crabby bitches that need to get laid. Why do I have to pay half my budget to a place that wouldn't design the menu? I designed the entire meal after repeatedly saying "NO SEAFOOD" and repeatedly seafood was all over the menu. Think about your guests and what they want...um...I will fire your ass if you don't stop being a mother. My guest will be eatting happily and if they want seafood they can go to Red Lobster. Don't make me smell fish when I am already uncomfortable in a pushup bra and heels! Give me a break! Did a man create bras and heels? Did a man create wedding's?

Anyway.....all of a sudden people are coming out of the wood work because the menu is that good. Not that I created what is on the menu I just picked it all out of prior menu's the caterer had shown me.

The cake is dreamy but small which is fine by me. And my dress will not be in until two weeks before the wedding. AHHHHHHHH!

Happy Holidays to all of you! Take some time for yourself before me all go "Mental"!
Why can'tI speak up/I have spoken
FL Friday, December 16, 2005

My dress is great, but the damn seamstress that altered it was a peice of work. I should have ran when she started a conversation with "So I was looking up how to do a bustle on the internet..." Now everythings crooked, the bustle looks weird and it takes a puzzle genius to get the thing done up. (Oh, and lady, I know they make bustle hooks painted WHITE so don't tell me they don't.) Also, my entire family is giving me crap for having the wedding in the winter and some are refusing to come (including aunts, uncles, and grandparents). My mom, who moved to arizona after I moved out, wants to have an additional reception there (like hell I am, we only know 15 people there, tops) so people can go to that instead of traveling to my wedding. My bridesmaids and/or family apparently aren't throwing me a bridal shower, and I'm not sure if I'm getting a bachelorette party, either. The deadline to RSVP has passed, but less than half have replied. My future MIL still wants us to send invites to assorted aquaintences ("you'll get a good gift out of them!!" I DON'T CARE, LADY!) And this is off-topic, but my parents totally forgot my birthday last week. And they still haven't wished me a happy birthday.
getting married blows
Thursday, December 15, 2005
My parents do not undertand that I DON'T CARE who they get to do the damn bridal portrait because the ONLY reason I am doing the stupid thing is because THEY want me to. Then they say "You're going to have it up at the reception, right?" Hell no I'm not going to have it up at the reception--why should I? I'll be there, IN the DRESS. You'll be able to see it better on me, in the flesh. So then it's "Well, why are you even HAVING a portrait made?" You've got to be fucking kidding me.
pass me a razor blade
Thursday, December 15, 2005
I just got engaged. The size of the diamond is about half of what I wanted it to be. I want to trade it in for a bigger one before we get married. Why didnt he just wait until he could buy me the right ring before he proposed? All I want to do is talk about my wedding. I am on the net all day at work on wedding sites. I have picked my bridesmaids: My MOH is depressed because she just lost her job, I dont think she will be a good MOH. My bridesmaid is going through a divorce (her husband cheated on her). My other bridesmaid is going through a depression because her married boyfriend will not leave his wife. Im tired of hearing about their depressing lives. Nobody wants to hear me talk non stop about my wedding plans. Boo hoo..!!
soon to be bridezilla
New York, NY Thursday, December 15, 2005
I need to sack my bridesmaid. She is too high maintenance, I want to do it NOW, but i need to think of a good lie to let her down reasonabley gentley. But thats not the bad thing. I dont want to just sack her, i want to stay friends with her so she will still be on the guest list and I still get a gift from her!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
He has not even proposed yet, but I know its coming (he asked my parents blessing and my mom has a huge mouth) I kept hinting at how nice christmas is and even told him all I wanted for christmas was a ring. Today he told me not to get my hopes up cause he doesn't have the ring yet, and I cried. Why am I such a brat already? What the hell is wrong with me? I never even wanted to get married EVER before we met, now I want it to happen at christmas so I can announce it to my whole family and show off some diamond ring which I always said I didn't want. Man I am worse than the grinch, I need to get over myself. I suck.
soon to be bridezilla
MN Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Wanted to elope, my man didn't. FH is a procrastinator so if I want to marry him at all, *I* have to plan this damn fiasco. Mom bitches about how few people I'm inviting, how little I care about whether the napkins match the BM dress, and pretty much hates the museum I booked. WTF, if I'm planning and paying for the circus, don't get pissed because I won't pay for something I don't care about...I'd rather buy a house than pay throught the nose for flowers and favors and overpriced crap in white with ribbons and lace hot-glued to it!
Disgusted with it all
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
My wedding was a few years ago. Darn near perfect except for the so-called Best Man who refused to show up for the rehersal, demanded we pay for his tux (just before the wedding so there wasn't time to replace him), wanted us to rent him a car to drive to the wedding AND a hotel room and then practically dry-humped my hubby's cousin during the reception. Not to mention that the S.O.B. owes us $3,000 but when asked to pay it back he said, "sue me".

Now the best-man-from-hell is getting married. One word for his upcoming nuptuals, TACKY. They're obviously in it for the gifts. We've had three notices about where they're registered, despite the fact we haven't talked to him in 2 years. Did we go to the engagement party? NO! Are we going to the wedding? Yes, according to my hubby. I am only agreeing to go so I can eat HIS food & cause him to spend some $$ for a change. I'm intentionally waiting to send the response card until the last minute and will be searching for the world's tackiest wedding gift (no more than $10) which I am buying only because I won't walk in empty handed.

I hope his wedding is a flop!!!
Still Fuming
Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I am so glad we live on a totally different continent than my FH family. I think if his children came to the wedding I would choke them after poinsoning their pudding! my confession? I HATE MY FH's CHILDREN!!! THEY ARE SPOILT HIDEOUS UP THEM SELVES NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT BACK AND SHOT BRATS!!! there, i feel much better now.
Monday, December 12, 2005
not really a confession im totally freaked out right now my wedding is 8 weeks away the dress shop orderd a 20 (im an 18) a 22 came in and they are now telling me they cant alter my dress it will ruin it. how can i get a refund any options i have no qualms going to davids and buying a dress off the rack at this point!
stacey <email>
rosehaven, md Monday, December 12, 2005
I cannot take the wedding crap anymore.

If I hear my mother say, one more fucking time "I would SUGGEST that you do this, because if you DON'T..." (Emily Post will DIE, or the Queen will vomit, or George W. Bush will Bomb Canada, or the Yankees will win in 2006, or your father will go into deep insulin shock, or I will slit my wrists, or whatever) I will shoot myself.

The Man is, of course, having a grand time. He is the bride. He actually said to me tonight, "You'll be so happy, in the end, that our weddding was (where it's going to be)". WTF? Would he like to wear the white dress?

He actually pitched a fit about having my only brother as a groomsman. Now, what would he like me to do about this situation? Yes, my brother is a loser. That is painful for me to admit. I would like to have a suave and successful brother, not one who is 30 and still lives with my parents and works part time and smokes pot all day while watching porn in the bedroom that used to belong to my younger sisters, and therefore is decorated with late-80's era Cabbage Patch Kid wallpaper. But what the fuck would you like me to do about that, darling? Launch WW3 in my family over that? I'm already the Scandal of 2006 for marrying a non-Irish, non Catholic hippie California boy and not having a Church wedding, therefore cinching my spot in Hell.

I hate weddings. Hate them. HATE THEM. I hate my own wedding. This could not suck anymore. I wanted to elope. This is why. Weddings should not be about crying. I thought these were supposed to be fun. Well, they're not. They're fucking stupid. And silly. These are for vacuous little girls who have nothing else to do.

I just returned home to New York after visiting my family in Boston for wedding planning. Can you tell?

Thank God for Ativan.
Sunday, December 11, 2005

My friend who is the groom will be jumping off a cliff into the arms of bridezilla next summer. I feel bad for him. He has no idea. Bridezilla disrespects him constantly, never does an ounce of anything but eat & drink & get fatter. Hope she'll be able to fit into her god aweful dress. Or not. Whatever. When all of your friends (male & female) tell you that you need to think about your relationship because they can see how misrable bridezilla make him...maybe that's not a good sign & he should get a clue. It just sucks that he can't see that she plans to cut me out of his life (along with other people) she feels is not up to her "standards." And the fact that I've got a hoo-ha doesn't help either. I hate her. I wanted to like her. But I just hate her now.
Sunday, December 11, 2005
I'm thinking about hypenating my new name with my old one. It actually has a nice ring to it, but the real reason I want to do it is because it will bug the shit out of my fiance's super ultra traditional family every time they see it. I know it's evil, but I can't stand them!
Sunday, December 11, 2005
I am getting married in April, since none of my bridemaids have any money I thought I would be nice and put their dresses on my CC. Well that was stupid on my part only 1 of the three are close to paying it off. I gave them a deadline of January to pay it off since I had no interest/no payments until then. We got the dresses in May and my MOH still has a lot to pay and I have not heard a thing from her since October. She has not paid me anyhthing since June. My FH's sister is a brides maid (to bury a hatchet) and she has not paid me a thing yet! Not one dime! Now that it is December and Christmas coming up I do not think I will be seeing any money from them by Jan. I had 4 BM's but 1 dropped out because she is so self centered that she did not like the way the dress looks on her. F'em!
Bridemaids suck!
Charlotte, NC Sunday, December 11, 2005
My FSIL doesn't like me because I chose to go to my local state college while she went away to a very expensive & presitgious school. Sorry I didn't want to throw my family further into debt. Now my family's paying for 95% of the wedding because FI's family has no money while she makes six figures. I don't like her at all, she's stuck up, rude, and hates her own family. Geez, I can't WAIT to call her my "sister"
Saturday, December 10, 2005
I didn't want my insane, selfish mother to ruin my wedding, and since my fiance and I live 700 miles away, I lied and told her we were "eloping", and not having a wedding per se, so that's why no family was invited including her. The truth is, we had a beautiful, small, elegant wedding with our dearest friends in attendance. We had the time of our lives; the absolute wedding of our dreams, with no family drama or crap. I am blissfully happy.
Saturday, December 10, 2005
Somehow my ex's parents found out I was getting married and they or shall I say she had the balls to ask when she should expect her invitation, yeah right over my dead body, listen lady I broke up with your son for MANY reasons, you being one, no way I am going to let eat my cake and drink my champagne. God help me!!!
nottabridezilla....YET <email>
cocoa, fl Friday, December 09, 2005
When I got married for the first time...had anyone been married more than once? I felt it was a farce and I was only doing it so my daughter would have a name. I even went so far as to not let my Dad give me away. If I had to do this over again, I would have at least explainied my actions to my dad. He is gone now and we never discussed it.
Daddy's Mighty Mouse
Friday, December 09, 2005
I considered adding more people to the guest list in hopes I would receive more gifts. The invitations haven't gone out yet and the thought still crosses my mind. I'm an evil, evil woman.
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
I'm not even engaged, but my BF has told me for a while he pictured us getting married. He's jokingly suggested we should elope. But lately he's depressed and stressed with work and his family and he doesn't make those little jokes anymore, or talk about what it will be like when we live together. This makes me really sad. I'm 26. I want this to work.
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
OK, "ooh, I want to hear all about your wedding!" means you want to hear about MY wedding, not that you want to tell me all about YOURS. If I wanted to know, I would have asked!!!
Still in the Spotlight
Sunday, December 04, 2005
Married in June, plotting divorce in December. Not all have happy endings.
Was happy now I'm sad
Friday, December 02, 2005
FMIL has started crap, again. The fiance let everything slide, again. Christmas is the end of the line. I need my house back. Only one member of bridal party is assisting me with planning and she is annoying because she wants the best man. Best Man is now officially only trustworthy person in entire wedding party, and not wanting a relationship. Caterer's deposit is in the mail. Why do I feel like I should of held on to it? Wedding cake to be ordered Monday. Am looking forward to creating a bridal ashtray because I know I will be smoking my brains out and drunk. Still haven't put together the f-ing bags of rice for people to pelt me with. Stupid f-ing traditions. Now the holidays are here. So much for the diet. I almost died. Can't enjoy my down time because I am too busy thinking and rethinking everything. Why is every decision so vital? What if I am making a mistake? I love him, I look forward to children....maybe it's just cold feet and nerves cause I am the older one. Bridesmaid and best man should never have f-ed because now neither can bring a date! HA HA!
Why can't I speak up/ I have spoken!
Friday, December 02, 2005
I seriously hope that one segment of my extended family decides not to come to my wedding. They are total white trash and will embarras me by acting like bigoted trailerpark idiots in front of my new In Laws. I also hope that everyone leaves the kids at home, to the point where if they RSVP that they are bringing thier little monsters, I want to send them back mail telling them I'm sad they can't come.
Friday, December 02, 2005
Well, I now know the result of the fight between my hubby and I that took place on our wedding night. See my previous posting and reason for fight. I'm now officially pregnant. F*&;K.
Bad Katie
Thursday, December 01, 2005
Wedding Plans Ruining Your Relationship? Are wedding day preparations causing undue stress in your relationship? Having second thoughts about getting married? If you are NOT married yet, have a great story about an extreme wedding planning conflict (fiancée, bridesmaid, etc) and are available to be on the December 7th show, please email david_zack@paramount.com or visit drphil.com. Thank you.
Dr. Phil : Weddings <email>
Los Angeles, CA Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Oh I am horrible but I am seething at the many members of husbands extended family that didn't have the class to RSVP for the wedding (come on people check a box & send in the damn postcard!)& didn't even acknowledge our wedding with a card! I hand made those damn invitations & I hate that they went to people that couldn't have cared less justbecause "my cousin invited me to her wedding 7 years ago".
pissed off in white
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
My MOH is driving me crazy!!! Again, the "I cant fit into my dress" whine while she is chowing down on a cheeseburger and fries. Then she says she will throw a shower but has been MIA. My mom has to pick up the slack, and when she does, my MOH b*tches saying "I could have gone to costco the night before and everything would have been perfect." Mind you, she had not even sent out any invitations and it was less than 1 month away. Finally, she is totally unsupportive and I think plain jealous, but continues to talk about how all these guys are calling her and that she puked for 6 hrs straight from going out the night before. I wish I had never asked her but, oh well, at least I can find secret pleasure in the fact that she will look horrible in her dress.
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
I'm marrying a guy 15 years older than me who is rich and f*cking HOT. Hehe, I'm gonna retire at the ripe old age of 24!
Monday, November 28, 2005
My future in-laws said they were going to pay for half to have a nicer wedding. But now my future father in-law wants to cut down the list, even though the magority is his family. About to go to vegas and not invite them. Bye Bye Dicks
about to go to vegas bride
Sunday, November 27, 2005
why is it so hard just to put the f***ing bridesmaid dress on? it's not my fault that there fat hogs and they have low self-esteem. they had over a year to do something about their lard. F*ck
frustrated with everyone
Sunday, November 27, 2005
Beware for bitch MILs-Mother In Laws! They all just want to meddle...it gets worse once you're married. Now I just think up ways to annoy her back.
Sunday, November 27, 2005
Perhaps you should try making duct tape wallets~ I've heard they are a hot commodity.... you could always go w/ grilled cheese sandwiches outside of concerts.... Hell, I'd do it w/ ya.....
Friend of the margarita
greer, sc Sunday, November 27, 2005
Wish I was marrying a rich man. I think I'm more cut out for a "just for fun" job or a "I sell my handmade purses" job.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, sc Saturday, November 26, 2005
I am getting married in July of 2006 to a man 18 years older than me. Can u say SUGAR DADDY? LOL. I am 21. He is 39. He's not the worlds most attractive guy, but he has a good job n I'm sick of living with my parents. I lied to him and told him I was pregnant to get him to propose and then had a "miscarriage" once we were engaged. HAHAHAHA. I lie to him all the time but he has NO clue. Oh well. Congratulations to me.
Laughing All The Way To The Altar
Chicago, IL Friday, November 25, 2005
Friend! Thank you very much for litening to me. You are such a good friend to me. Meant to tell you that FH finally finished the guest list and the music list is almost done too. I'm relaxing a little, now that Christmas is on the way. Happy Holidays to you, Sweetheart.
Pass me the Margarita <email>
Greenville, sc Thursday, November 24, 2005
All I ever wanted was to get married. Now that its over (its been 2 months), Ive become a bridezilla. I thought my fh was having an affair with his female colleague. Hes barely talking to me anymore, but undergoes a major change when shes there. So I became depressed and started depriving myself of food, which I still do, untill I disappear. Let her have him, since he doesnt love me anymore.
Being married sucks
Thursday, November 24, 2005
So another day, another stressor. I have been very relaxed about my bridesmaids and their attire. The only I picked was the color they are to wear. They can wear pants, dresses of any length I even said wear nothing I don't care. You think that would make them happy? No, come here, see this dress, what do you think, I have to have it made, how much does it have to be, what shoes......OK.......make a decision! I have enough on my plate with the Father who doesn't want the ex-wife/mother involved at all an the step mother that has her own daughter to fuss over but won't leave me alone and the FMIL in my house! I usualy try not to be selfish or feel sorry for myself but I had planned a huge day for two months for all my friends in the bridal party to come with and see me try on gowns..did any one show? Of coarse not. So wear what you want.....but don't make me go to another David's Bridal EVER! Another thing that woke me up from a sound sleep last night.....my mother is always late for everything. Late by atleast 1/2 an hour if not more. How do I get her the wedding on time with out completely losing my own mind? She will be late to her own funeral. Why does my father send such mixed signals. He has always wanted me happy and married....and now that I am doing exactly that he has to question my Fiance. Leave it alone. Let me be my own person for once. Why does everyone ccome out of the woodwork and demand an invitation to the wedding. Hello....if you don't get one you don't get one. I can't feed everyone in the free world! OK. I feel a little bit lighter now having got that off my chest! Thanks for "listening"
why can't I speak up
FL Wednesday, November 23, 2005
My fiance's grandmother is driving me crazy. She wants us to go to church, she begs us to go to church, we need church, church will accept you, church will love you, church will make everything perfect,church, church, church.......how can I get her to drop it and leave us alone. This isn't the dark ages! Being spiritual vs. religious is ok, too! I fantasize about not inviting her to the wedding because I know that she will act dissaproving the entire time because it is outside and not in a church. And as if that isn't enough.....My Fiance's mother lives with us. (Am I an idiot?) Everyone else has told me that it is not going to be work out having her live with us until she finds a place of her own. "Do NOT allow it to happen" they all have said.....but no I said sure, it's ok.....now I don't even remember what it is like to cuddle with him much less kiss him because of her constantly being there. If we argue we become "kids" and she tisks at us...would it be so bad to throw her out? I confess to fantasizing about him not having family. I confess to thinking frequently about Las Vegas and how much better it would of been. I confess not enjoying planning the wedding. It's too much to deal with three mother's, all of which think the other is stupid with no class!
Why can't I spreak up?
Fl. Tuesday, November 22, 2005
My friend (Pass me my Margarita) is getting married in April and so far she's totally not a bridezilla...matter of fact I prby wouldn't mind if she turned into one a little bit :) I just wanted to let her know that. Margarita- you can vent to me whenever you like!
Friend of the Margarita
Greer, SC Monday, November 21, 2005
So really, I just want people to listen to me and listen to what I WANT AT MY WEDDING!! What I want for favours and what songs I wanna play, all the while polishing my ring until it blinds them alllll!!...for real....
Canada, Sunday, November 20, 2005
When we first got engaged, my parents offered to pay for the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and we're very close, but I had misgivings about this from the start. Still, Fi and I are poor grad students and would have to wait a while if we paid for it ourselves and no way could we afford the big cathedral wedding my parents are giving us, so we accepted their generous offer, and I told them that I knew they were busy and I would plan the whole thing if they wanted, but I needed them to give me a budget to work with. Being a poor grad student, I happen to be good at budgeting. Well, they hemmed and hawed and couldn't decide on a budget, so they never actually gave me one. Then they started looking around. My mom looked around at different reception sites and then booked a few tours for mom, FI and I to go on. The one we fell in love with is a nice local museum. No one told me how much it cost, my parents dealt with the whole contract part, but I had a hunch it was expensive, so I asked several times if they were sure it was okay. FI and I really liked it, but if it was too much, we would be okay having it somewhere cheaper, I said. No, no, they insisted. It's a little expensive, but it's worth it. Next, Mom, bms & I went to look at dresses. We looked around and I fell completely in love with a silk shantung Watters gown. Not exactly a Vera Wang, but still a little pricey. I told Mom I loved it but was worried it was too much. "Whatever it takes," she told me. I went back a few days later to try it on a second time and still loved it, but had misgivings about the price. She told me it was a beautiful dress and I looked stunning in it and it was worth it. Okay, I said, if you're sure. So now I'm looking for a photographer. Dad said he'd look for one, but hasn't done it yet because he's been swamped at work, so I figured I'd help him out. NOT a good idea! None of the photographers I looked at were under $3000, so I told my dad what I'd found. I said, "probably there are cheaper ones, but I don't know where to look." So Dad completely flies off the handle at me and starts screaming that this wedding is already completely out of control and over budget and these photographers are just trying to rip us off. It's not like I booked a photographer! I was just trying to tell him what I found. So I said that no one ever gave me a budget and I had no idea what the museum was costing because no one had told me and if he wanted we could just cancel the whole thing. He said they'd already laid out half the cost of the museum so they were committed to that. I said fine, well, it's not too late to cancel the dress. I'll do that now and find a cheaper dress. He said no, the dress was beautiful and totally worth it. So I started crying. I said it wasn't fair because no one told me how much I could spend on anything, they just kept saying okay, okay and now that I'm trying to find a photographer I'm getting yelled at because they're expensive. So then Dad started yelling at me for crying, but then he felt bad about it. Too bad for him, I'm still pissed and thinking about eloping with FI and saddling them with half the cost of the museum and the embarassment of explaining why my wedding isn't actually taking place as planned!
Saturday, November 19, 2005
I love you, Rinae. Sorry. I was so mean. Lots of love, sincerely me.
sincerely me
Saturday, November 19, 2005
It seems that everything is coming along beautifully with the planning of me and my future-husband's wedding planning. Almost everything is in place - all we need is some invitations and some favors! Wooohooo! I have my matron of honor, my future-husband has his best man, we have the place and the priest... The one thing that really worries me is that my dad's mom is going to ruin the entire thing by inviting her side of the family. I said I wanted IMMEDIATE family and friends - not extended family. I wish she would just swallow her pride for once, and quit trying to show off just because she believes that she and her family are so much better than my mother's side of the family. If they came, the term "class" would be thrown right out the window! We're having a non-alcoholic wedding (mainly because it was cheaper to rent the hall that way), and I'm afraid that they would get us in trouble by smuggling in alcohol. Plus, some of the younger children on my mother side (including an uncle) have asthma and cannot stand cigarette smoke, and if they did there would be a huge cloud of it. Plus, everything would smell like cigarette smoke, and I most definitely do not want that. One of my main concerns is that these people shouldn't even be around kids, much less raise them. Who knows what might be said/done, and I don't want to have to kick anybody out; or have to call the cops on somebody. I honestly do think my worries are legitamate here... Well, anyway, goodbye...
Hoping Dad's Mom Won't Ruin The Bash
Columbia, MO Friday, November 18, 2005
Ok I love my Mom but she is "helping" with the wedding details & is driving me crazy! She is the nicest woman in the world & is not trying to force me to have anything her way but she is forcing me to worry & fret about things I don't need to think about right now. She calls every other day & only talks about the wedding & keeps me on the phone for 2hrs at a time & will not stop talking even when I say I have to go. I mean I really appreciate that she is helping but she is out of work and this is all she's doing right now. I do work & have other things going on im my life to think about. I can't, nor do I need to, worry about every little detail right now. My wedding is almost a year away! I want to worry & stress & make decisions on my own time, not someone elses. I also want to enjoy planning my wedding & really haven't been able to yet. I think we are doing well, we have the reception hall & DJ already booked & have done research on the church & photographer & dresses. I know everyone says it takes a year to plan but I think we are doing ok. I do not need to worry if the hotel we book will have a shuttle to the church & how many people will go on it! Wow, I could go on and on but I won't. It felt good to vent.
Edison, NJ Friday, November 18, 2005
Dear Soon-to-be Stepkids, No, dear Stepdaughter, the junior bridesmaid gown that we bought for you to wear at our wedding (plus the shoes, the matching purse, and the jewelry) will not be leaving our house to go to your mother's house. I don't care that you want to show it to your girlfriends who live in that neighborhood and your mom - GUESS WHAT?!?!? - your mom had her chance to be married to your dad and she FUCKED IT UP by cheating on him with guy after guy (of course, you don't know these details because your parents have not gone into detail about their divorce). And dear Stepson, no, you will not be permitted to invite AJW to the wedding, as we do not have a relationship with his parents - in fact - his parents are friends with your mom. There will not be any friends of your mother's at OUR wedding!! To make it worse, said AJW's mom actively ENCOURAGED your mother to cheat on your father and divorce him! Some day you kids will find out just what an adulterous whore your mother has been.....but rest assured, she is not going to see anything that has to do with OUR wedding and her so-called friends are not coming to OUR wedding.
Queen of Everything
San Diego, CA Friday, November 18, 2005
Bridezilla, that was me! I still feel very ashamed and find it hard to believe what I did. Did I enjoy my wedding day? NO! Well, bits of it, I married a wonderful man. Whose fault was that, mine, mostly, and my bridesmaids didnt help with their extra gift to us either. When did it all start to go wrong? About a month out from our wedding day, my work colleague managed to break his ankle, meaning I had to cover him for a 10 day field trip, and that meant that I would get back the night before the wedding. Normally I enjoy field trips, its a great part of my job. Mad panic to re-organize everything two weeks early so that I would just need to arrive and then be able to do my wedding day stuff. So weekend before my trip, two weeks to go, I began to get my Bridezilla, trying to arrange practice, bridesmaids, final dress fitting, hens night, do two lots of packing, one for the field trip, one for the honeymoon. I began to stress out, and then guess what arrived! At least it wasnt so bad now I have been taking my pills every month. Head away on the field trip on Tuesday, I hope all is ready. Wednesday morning, time for next Bridezilla moment. I need to restart my pills, but can I find them, no Hunt high and low, I know Ive packed then. Horror though, what set of packing did they go in? Im sure my field trip, but nagging doubt hunted for several days, but still no sign, too late now. I was dreading the prospect of telling my Dearly Beloved (DB) he will need condoms for our wedding night. Field trip worked out great, brilliant results, but I get back a couple of hours late. Totally worn out but happy. Get back and find my pills as I unpacked, I did have them, arrgh! Slept till 3 am when phone goes, ARRrrrr.. My old uncle John is calling from other side of the world, he forgot about the time zones. Hes really sweet and a very good family friend, but now 83, so we chatted for about an hour. I was then woken by my bridesmaids with breakfast in bed, both with a false sweet smiles. They had something planned for me I just got the impression to be weary My bridesmaids are sticking to me like glue assuring me that everything will go smoothly So off to the salon for my makeover, thats where the sprung their gift, they had added a Brazilian wax to the list for the day. It took me a bit to realise what it was, and I was very dubious about having it done. But they were very insistent, and bullied me into it. I understand that different people react differently, and the deed was done, but I totally regretted it after, as I could hardly walk or anything. Bridezilla, here I come! It took a while for the painkillers to work. Home and lunch, freshen up again, time to get dressed, and time for next Bridezilla moment. On all my field trips, I have always lost weight, but not my last one I put it on! So, my torsolette goes on, its a bit tighter than before, on outside hooks, then the other underwear, stockings etc, then the big moment, the dress. Well the dress simply would not zip up, no way! We tried and tried and tried, mum helps out, not go, then my Gran arrived, too one look, and she knew what to do. She got out a long ribbon, asked me to put my hands out in front, and the tied them up, and she told me to be quite and do what Im told! Next she hooked the ribbon over the top of the door and pulled me right up, so I was on tiptoes. She then gets my mum to tighten the torsolette all the way to the inner hooks. Now, that was very tight! They got my dress back on again and were able to zip it all the way up. Then they let me down. The effect was stunning, Id admit that, but I really had to be careful, as my breathing and movements were somewhat restricted. Final touch-ups, and then I was ready. Nice ride to the chapel, but then the painkillers began to wear off, feels like a bad case of sunburn, and I now beginning to realise exactly how tight and restrictive my torsolette really is. The walk down the isle was very slow, I was trying very hard not to wince with each step. DB notices all is not well, in spite of my reassurances that I am fine! My bridesmaids were busy smirking. Service goes well, I managed not to faint, but I do feel a bit dizzy if I move too quickly. Photos, I cant smile, hope the guy can fake them for me, Bridezilla strikes again. Reception and dance. Im too sore to dance, but I have to dance. DB keeps asking whats wrong, I keep replying nothing. He trying to be helpful and sweet, saying how wonderful I look, it makes me want to puke! (I felt like a stupid woman). Danced some more, felt dizzy again. I longed to get out of the dress and torsolette. Im being a real grump! Caught one bridesmaid in the bathroom, Im really annoyed with them. Told her how much it hurts. Anyone got a shotgun? I want to kill my bridesmaids! Finally time to go, we head off, its a three hour drive, I feel exhausted. Weve booked a nice chalet by a lake in the mountains. DB drives, I wanted to find someplace to change, DB wants to get there as soon as possible, hes looking forward to tonight. I remember we will need protection, manage to get some from a gas station while buying us drinks. I suffer in silence, DB is trying to coax whats wrong out of me. I decide I cant face the prospects of the night, not with what my area feeling very sore and tender. I dont know how to tell him. I know hes been looking forward to our first official night together, and its been four months since we last spent that sort of time together. We arrived at the chalet, it wonderful, except Im still very grumpy and sore. DB wants to carry me inside, I give in. I need a visit to the bathroom, DB goes to get our bags. I cant face pulling back on my briefs, so kick them off. Head out again, DB wants a quick shower to freshen up. I have a chance to change, at long last! Time for another Bridezilla moment. The zip! I cant budge it, it being totally awkward. Im getting totally frustrated. Then it gives a bit, just a little, then it really jams. Ive manage to catch my sleeve in it; my arm is twisted up my back. I go round and round and round, getting dizzy again. DB seems to be taking a very long shower now I need him. (Not really). It takes DB about 5 minutes to free my arm, then about another 10 to get the zip to run down. I feel totally helpless. I hang the dress up as DB heads towards the bed. I turn and walk towards DB, I need him to remove the torsolette, but hes ogling at me, Very nice he calls. I realise he is watching my crutch with a wolfish grin. I turn so he can unhook me, but he puts his arms around me. His hands didnt stay put! One went up to cup me, the other went down and found very sore and sensitive skin. I exploded! I dont recall much of the next few minutes, but we tussled on the bed. I wanted to break every bone in his body. I was of course at a big disadvantage. Attacking your naked husband wearing nothing but an over-tight torsolette and stockings is not recommended. I simply ran out of air, and he was able to subdue me. Then hes on top of me, and he whispers to me, I cant resist you any longer. Im powerless to stop him. It hurts like hell, Im kept thinking God! I m a stupid woman, I really asked for this. I then remember I need him to put something on. Now, before its too late. They in my purse, over on the dresser. I also realise that there is now no hope of stopping my DB. The next minute or so seems somehow surreal, it didnt hurt anymore, it just felt really weird and exotic. He took of my torsolette after that, that was somehow a big release for me, I cried and we cuddled, we talked and talked, we were both ashamed of our rough and ready treatment of each other. Im happy to say that the rest of the honeymoon went a lot smoother. The Brazilian worked out fine in the end, I just wouldnt recommend it for you wedding day. Im now just waiting to see if anything did happen on the first night. Now, is it just me, or are there a lot more twins about?
Bad Katie
Friday, November 18, 2005
I hate, hate, HATE my FH's dog. Hate it. I wish it would run away and never come back.
Canada, Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Well at least the hillbilly would have a ring right? Thats more than you have now HA HA! Mine is sapphire with 18 diamonds and GORGEOUS!
Sapphire chick
Monday, November 14, 2005
Hey Rinae, you sound like such a snob, I hope fh gets you a cz. You'd probably think it was real! HA!
sincerely me
Monday, November 14, 2005
I am livid that my FH has not gotten me an engagement ring yet. We are engaged and set to marry this April and he still hasn't gotten it for me. He has set a personal deadline for himself that is December for the engagement ring and hopefully he will follow it. Luckily, the ring is from a very upscape jeweler and not Wal-mart or something cheap. "Hey, my fiance got me this great ring from Walmart aqnd proposed! He's also my brother! Hyuak!" No. Also, my FMIL is doing the flowers and I pray to god that they are OMLY flowers and not junk parts like baby's breath and greenary. I do not want the bundle of roses that I hold in my hand to look like a botanical garden!
St. Louis, MO Sunday, November 13, 2005
I'm not a Bridezilla but I was the maid of honour to one. The first time all the bridemaides and the bride had gotten together was also the night before the wedding. So we all went out drinking. When we got back all the girls (except the bride) were in the bathroom primping. We weren't in there for more than 10min when all I hear from the living room is "Well maybe we shouldn't get married then!" We all rushed out and saw the bride on the phone. My friend had called her fiance, drunk, and tried to talk to him about her sister. He said something stupid (he was drunk too) and then hung up. She was freaking out on us the rest of night because we wouldn't let her near the phone. It didn't get any better the next day, as my friend kept picking a fight with the groom, who was hung over. After that I just wanted the wedding over.
Don't drink and Wed
Canada, ON, Sunday, November 13, 2005
OK. So, I really actually wanted to put a wedding annoucement in the paper, and I decided that the $150 they wanted was too much, so I didn't do it. And I was fine with that - til I saw a co-worker's last weekend. DAMMIT! I should have done it. But now, it's way too late to do it, and grr... The good news is that her photo is NOT all that flattering. Hahahaha
Regrets Only...
Friday, November 11, 2005
People have started buying us Christmas presents from our registry!!! I'm so so excited about Christmas with the wealthy inlaws! Everyone should have an engagement that goes over Christmas and both birthdays! Greedy greedy me. Update: Everythings going great. Still need to put some things together before April. I've taken a break from planning while doing an internship. I refuse to wait until the last minute to do anything. I'll keep you posted, because I know you all care soo much. ;) I really enjoy reading ya'lls stories though.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, SC Friday, November 11, 2005
I have changed my wedding date three times for her it was always something that is crazy this is the final date and i dont care what happens.
Friday, November 11, 2005
My husband's family is absolutely crazy, and they have no manners at all. My famly traveled over 1000 miles only to be brushed off my my in-laws. Southern hospitality?!?!Not in his family. Not to mention that my MOH did absolutely nothing to help with the wedding except aggravate the hell out of me about everything. I don't care how the hell she did anything for her wedding...this was MY wedding and I want what I want. My mother and I ended up setting up everything by ourselves about 4 hours before the ceremony was supposed to start, then MOH shows up and expects everyone to cater to her. Sorry you are all wrong honey, that was my day and I was being catered to, after all I deserved it for having to set up everything. After the ceremony MOH did not do ANYTHING to help clean up. My best friend and mom helped me clean up and even take trash to the dump. God forbis should MOH be expected to lift a finger. Oh...did I mention that she is now my sister-in-law....this should be an interesting marriage. Girls, please make sure that you choose someone who you know is going to support you for you MOH, if not it will stress you out BAD.
Friday, November 11, 2005
I cried because my mom wouldn't pay for the dress that I fell in *love* with, which was $3,900. I didn't throw a tantrum, per se - it was more like, "Okay (sniff) Mom (sniff) I guess this dress is too expensive, and I'll (sniffle, sniffle, gulp) choose something else (small sob)." She caved and got me the dress, but I felt really guilty afterwards. But the dress WAS really, really, really pretty, and on my wedding day even my mom was glad we'd gotten it, so it all worked out.
Los Angeles, CA Friday, November 11, 2005
I told my fiance that his cousins could not be in the wedding because they did not have their sh%$t together. They did not have their tuxedo, or even a plane ticket to get to where we were... some how that made me bridezilla?
Amber <email>
Toms River, NJ Thursday, November 10, 2005
Anyone who does not spend enough time (according to me) admiring my ring, is off the guest list. I'm serious.
Canada, Wednesday, November 09, 2005
I finally had it the other night. I was promised those chair linens from the guy at my hall, but he got fired, so I will have to pay for them. We went to the tasting and I found out how much the linens would be, and they weren't TOO expensive. Our parents are footing the bill for the wedding and reception (they've got it, we don't). We never asked either, it was offered to us. I found out how much FMIL hated the linens, so I tried to be open about it, and took a look at the chairs without them. They were hideous. So during dinner, I mentioned that I still really wanted the linens. Everyone (including FH) was against it. FH was with me on it, until he realize his Mom didn't want them. Fine. This is the only thing that I have really had a problem with. I had a few drinks to, so I really let them all have it. Yeah, I was being a spoiled baby, but give me a break! If I am not complaining about anything else, and all I want are the f-ing linens, just let me have them! Finally, my dad told me he'd pay for them. I offered myself, but that wasn't the point. They were so quick to put in their opinion (how UGLY they thought they were) and not even care that this was really my fiancee's and mine wedding.
NOT a bridezilla
chicago , il Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I just told my FMIL to f@$# off becvause she thinks she can control our every seconds because I am marrying her baby. well guess what eveil women he's no longer a child, he doesnt live in your house, and what we want to do for the holidays and our wedding is our choice. so shut the F$!% up b!tch! I hate her I hate her I HATE HER!!!! I wish she would get run over by a stray school bus on her way out of work that way I don't have to listen to her b!tch because she can't wear her pengiun tshirt and holey jeans to our formal wedding. gahhh!!! someone save me from my misery!
fh has a circus for a family!
Monday, November 07, 2005
I'm obsessed with looking at my ring. I catch myself staring at it constantly--especially when I'm driving and the light catches in it and it sparkles. (One of these days I'll probably get into an accident because I'm too busy admiring it to keep my eyes on the road!) And when I wash my hands, I make sure I wipe off any water marks--not to mention fingerprints, throughout the day. When I'm in meetings at work, I'll keep my hands on the table and gesture a lot so people will notice it. And I clean it before going out or seeing friends just to make sure it's sparkly. I've been engaged for 6 months. I thought the novelty would wear off...apparently not... Mind you, I've been married before. I never looked at my other ring this much in the 8 years total I wore that one. I just think this is the most beautiful ring EVER! Of course, it pales in comparison to the commitment it respresents with my incredible FH. So I feel guilty. Something like worshipping a false idol? What's important is what it represents, but, damn, I can't help but admiring it and showing it off!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
Monday, November 07, 2005
Well I thought that my wedding would be great. Whateeeever! My MOH who is my husbands best friends wife (yes, I was being polite to ask her) and has grown to be one of my best friends, did absolutely nothing for me. She threw a fit when she was to pay for her own dress. The BM who paid for my husbands attire when he was his best man (because he had no job)expected us to reciprocate the tux fee. The tux my husband wore at their wedding cost 57.00. The one I chose for my wedding was more, and he didn't even offer to pay the difference. They didn't throw us any party, nor did they plan one. They didn't want to pay for it. My family shucked out a bunch and are totally the best 2 sets of parents in the world. The worst...of all...the MOH and BM have no problem telling everyone how much they did for us...I wish they would have told me, because I missed all their efforts.
Wenatchee, WA Monday, November 07, 2005
Don't wast your time and money on a wedding for everyone else do what makes you and him/her happy if its going off alone or a big deal you be just as married when your done just make sure you want a marriage not just a weddinng
Monday, November 07, 2005
I am in the first stages of planning and my mother has decided to plan my wedding. NOT! She has been fired along with allof the bridal attendants SHE selected. For some reason she wants to invite all 30 of my first & second cousins to be in the wedding. I never planned on having a large bridal party. I have since hired a weddingplanner....I forgot my mother was paying!
Beautifulbride <email>
Fort Washington, MD Sunday, November 06, 2005
I am a recently wed woman who had a very modest registry, and a modest wedding. That said, my registry was about 99% completed. I have a nemesis - an old coworker who used to be a friend but then turned on me - well, she's getting married next week, and nobody has touched her very ambitious registry. And that makes me happy. It is a little sick that I'm even checking her registry, but you know, we all have our little quirks...
Schadenfreude Frau
Saturday, November 05, 2005
After telling my daughter that we would simply laugh at those things that would inevitably go wrong on her wedding day, I sort of freaked out at the reception hall. Thankfully it was before guests arrived. My other daughter and I went to check things out at the last minute and discovered plastic doves on the cake. My daughter had ordered only fresh flowers on the cake and they were really big and tacky - six of them. EEkk! After using the f word, loudly, a few times, we removed them. Now,I usually NEVER curse in front of my kids and it was also a first for me to curse like that in front of the very sweet, soft-spoken MENNONITE caterers. But I was under stress. We later sprayed the doves with glitter, attached ornament hooks and gave them to the couple as a gag christmas gift. The caterers sort of avoided me the rest of the day and I tried to do penance by overtipping them, but I still felt bad.
frenzied mom
Saturday, November 05, 2005
Same thing happened to me,until finally i freaked out! my hubby 2 b was very understanding...not to mention my rents payed for our suppers. but his rents didn't care, 2 tell the truth i think they wd have been happier if they didn't have 2 come...not 2 mention the fact his brother was an A*@ !!!!
i feel u Physcho Bride to be
Friday, November 04, 2005
My parents got a divorce about 24 years ago. My dad and I have not had that great of a relationship and this woman that he married 20 years ago and I still do not get along. My mother also remarried to a wonderful gem (not really). I know that the traditional thing to do is to have your father walk you down the isle. I understand! But my step-mother whom I will call satin has said some very mean things to me growing up about my mother and other things. When I looked for my fathers support in all of this he took her side. We because of this I have not been to his home in over 7 years. I have talked to him and her as well however this situation has not been forgotten. My father wants to be in the spot light for everything and nerver lets the outside in on family problems. Like we are the Clevers or something. Well my confession is that I never needed him before now why have him walk me down the isle. Let me sit with his wife and watch like every one else and if he has a problem with that, he can get up and leave. He did not pay for the damn wedding! Is this wrong of me to do???
Thursday, November 03, 2005
What the f... is going on.. I am getting married in under six months, but i feel i am the only one doing anything...my fh says ohh it will all come together...I am in tears all the time stressing out that maybe he isnt as keen as he first was when we were engaged. I asked him is this the problem.. then he says it will all be ok.... not if i dont arrange all the details it WONT . He hasnt finalised his groomsmen yet, which means i am on hold as to how many girls i can have, which is unfair i feel gggggrrrrrrrr . His parents dont care about anything, as long as they dont have to foot the bill for any of it... but want to tell us how many to have in the bridal party and how many of their friends and family must come and where they must sit...f... them all.
Physcho Bride to be
Thursday, November 03, 2005
Get this my maid of honor calls me this morning and asked me what kind of shower do I want. She said, I am not doing the surprise thing, I and not sending out invitations. No one responsed to the engagement party I through you. I am just going to call a couple of people we know. And tell me what day you want it. Well I am thinking I didn't ask you to through me engagement party on 4th of July weekend and give people 3 days notice. Don't invited just people we know becasue this is a small wedding (80 People) and those people you have invited aren't invited to the wedding.You might want to invite the ones on the guest list. They talk about Bridezilla what about Maid of honorzilla! I called my other Bridesmaid and told her needed to take over!
Taken Back
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
the key to happiness... never been a bride... don't be a bridesmaid
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
I was very glad when my now bf soon fh decided to be a part of the planning. NOW i take it back. Because now he even wants to change the color scheme. Yeah, and he was the one who wanted to run off and get married!
Monday, October 31, 2005
SIL and her DF were both in our wedding last summer (and she pouted all the way down the aisle because she thought the order was messed up and she wouldn't recess with him). Their wedding is next June, and preparations are underway. I saw a paper on MIL's coffee table, and I was listed as a bridesmaid, but DH (her brother) was not listed on the groom's side (which was half blank). At SIL's birthday, her best friend said to me, "We're going to be in the wedding together!" But neither SIL or MIL has said anything to either of us. To be honest, I'd be perfectly happy to choose my own dress (especially if I'm PG by then), and sit with my husband in the congregation. But what's with not talking to us about it at all? Or it just being me and not her brother? She's got the common sense of an eggplant...
Monday, October 31, 2005
This is not about me. My husband and I pretty much eloped and are just now, 2 years after being married, planning our "renewal" ceremony for everyone to attend. However, unfortunately, my behavior is being entirely guided by a former bride. My behavior is, "Be nothing like this small minded, terrible person." She asked me out of her wedding, for some personal issues that I could have understand. I didn't empathize or sympathize, but I wasn't going to hold it against her. However, then she walked around, telling everyone that she had never asked me to be in the wedding in the first place. I guess this means I had just assumed I was in the wedding. Stupid twit. So, basically I am trying to be the nicest "new bride" I can image. Her new husband doesn't have a job at this time. I hope their wedding debts, of which I know there were quite a few and for a wedding that wasn't quite the social event of everyone's season as this bride had imagined it to be, run them into the ground. Man, that is mean.
Monday, October 31, 2005
i'm a sad cow i need to get a life, i'm sooooooooooooo jealous of you girls that are getting married , coz i'm a spotty ugly cow
Sunday, October 30, 2005
We've been married 2 months and a week, and we're in the process of making an offer on our dream house. Husband just went down to our apartment leasing office to see what kind of damage it'll do to walk early. I suspect he's going to hit the ceiling when he finds out. I love him, and I love being married. Buying a house, however, sucks donkey balls. Can't wait til it's over.
Honeymoon's Over
Saturday, October 29, 2005
It all begain with the dress. The wrong size and the wrong color. I dealt with it and requested alterations to fit in it. Changed the color of reception to match the pink in dress and carried on like a trooper. On tuesday Oct 18th my fiance gets a call and they destroyed the dress. I leave for vegas on thursday. I did not wait for the last minute-they did! So now I have 3hrs to find a dress and get it the perfect size and hope someone can alter it in a day. Mission accomplish. I'm now at the point of just telling the bad wedding gods to "BRING IT" Bachlorette party I am left sitting with my maid of honor in the hotel room. She was the only one who remembered it was my party. Other girls went to hang with my fiance and friends. Called him and heard them laughing in background. Following day find out one of the friends went back home because she was to ashamed to face me after acting like she was the bride to be. Next we didn't have enough tables at reception, so grooms family was left standing there. Those who didn't rsvp sat at a table and didn't offer them a seat. We figured it out with a makeshift table with no decor. "BRING IT" A so-called friend at the reception decides to give my husband a lap dance, while I was away. Same friend didn't rsvp or leave a mother f ing card. Glad I could accommodate all your needs. So many things to list-so little effort left. My wedding ended up being the best wedding ever-so if any of you inconsiderate mother f-er want to try to f--- with me again. "BRING IT" I am the one laughing in the end, because I've got the man you all have been dreaming of.....
tempe, az Friday, October 28, 2005
I love my wife.
Friday, October 28, 2005
Even though we've found out that we really only have 6 months to write thank-yous (time's up in January!), we've said "we have a year" so many times that we've convinced MIL and that's what she's telling all her snooty friends! Hallelujah!
MIL on board
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Well everything went great...except for fbro...he went totally wacko and wouldn't even spk to anyone or pose for pics....what a j*@k....to top it off he never even gave us a card
agh finally a MRS
Thursday, October 27, 2005
We had asked a lot of mutuall friends to the wedding and my husband had wanted another friend added to the list. The problem you ask....he's friend is a complete jerk who happens to cheat on his wife of 10yrs and NO ONE will tell her.....so I got the invite ready....and it just happened to disappear....wouldn't you know we didn't have any left!
barely married
Thursday, October 27, 2005
This stupid Rock on my finger is messing with my mind. Two days ago (before the Rock came to live with me) I didn't want any bridesmaids, a buffet, speeches or a dance. But the Rock whispers to me and tells me I won't be happy without them. It sits there, glinting out a message in morse code... "you need butt-bows... you need butt-bows... it's your special daaaayy..."
Canada, Thursday, October 27, 2005
My wedding is less than two weeks away and I hate my future mother in law. Until a week ago she was totally against the wedding. She was constantly bad mouthing me and telling my fh that he can't marry me, hello he's 27 I think he's capable of deciding what he can and can't do. Now she's trying to make all the decisions for the wedding, almost every thing is done and she's trying to add all kinds of crazy stuff that we don't need. Our wedding is pearl pink and white and now she's trying to add black , she's not helping to pay for this wedding so she needs to back off. Besides after everything she said about me I'd rather she not come at all but somehow she expects me to act like it didn't happen at all
pissed in PA <email>
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
I think the name says it all, don't you? He's been with a couple of different guys before, but swears he was just out of his mind and drunk. We've been engaged almost a year and I think the only reason he's popped the question is to get his mother and her homophobic, douche-bag boyfriend off his case about why he's not married yet.
my fiance may be gay
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
I cryed a little yesterday when I got a letter in the mail from my florist. I opened it thinking it was my receipt saying how much I still owed after my down payment 2 weeks earlier. Turns out it was a bill for the full amount I owed, due in 5 days! I just signed a contract 2 weeks ago and I left a down payment! My mom is calling them tomorrow to straighten this out. I can't believe this place. Is that normal? I'm pretty sure the florist said that the full amount was due at the wedding. Ug. This is SO strike three for this damn florist. Wedding planning sucks.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, SC Wednesday, October 26, 2005
I "accidently" went into my boyfriends e-mail and know when he is going to propose asd well as the size and shape of the ring. This is probably the only moment of glory he is going to have for the whole rest of the wedding process and I couldn't even give him that. I feel bad but I love knowing that I am going to get proposed to in less than a month!
Can't stop snooping <email>
Canada, Tuesday, October 25, 2005
OK. I work in New Orleans - in construction so I'm expected to work non-stop. My office doesn't understand that I'm still getting married and have a wedding to plan. How am I supposed to drive an hour to work, work 10-12 hours AND plan a wedding?
Ungrateful Daughter
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
My guy's ex-wife sent me an email so when I replied I made sure that the address of our wedding website was at the bottom of the reply. She's a nosy bitch so I knew she'd look at it--she's doing everything she can to screw up my wedding so I hope I at least screwed up her day.
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Couldn't my parents have given their divorce a little more thought? They divorced about 20 years ago, but couldn't they have at least thought about how difficult their divorce would make my wedding? Couldn't they forsee the problems they were creating for their only daughter? You know, if you have a problem with the other's new spouse and don't want to be in the same room as them, get over it. It's not my fault that you got divorced and remarried weirdos. Suck it up for ONE DAY! AUGH!
put me out of my misery
Monday, October 24, 2005
Okay, gals. I've watched this board for OVER A YEAR now. I can say, truthfully, that I've run the gamut from hopeful acceptance to murderous rage about my pending nuptuals. I'm 2 weeks away now and it feels like it's finally over...I'm happy. Mainly because I really, truely, no longer give a fuck about anyone else's hang-ups about the wedding. we have heard everything from: "how you can you possibly NOT invite my 3 month son" to..."I don't want whatever flowers you picked for the corsage (even though I haven't seen them yet); I just want roses." I AM DONE!!!! THIS IS OUR OUR OUR WEDDING!!! YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO JOIN US. IF YOU CANNOT JOIN US IN BODY AND SPIRIT---PLEASE STAY HOME!!! Ladies: your day will be fabulous. I promise. Just make a last minute pledge w/your FH to say "F- it" to anything your not 100% satisfied with. Love and kisses, TL
Monday, October 24, 2005
I can't wait to show my shiny new 1-carat diamond to my friend who just got married and was all happy about her 3/4-carat diamond. Haha! I'm a bitch.
Rich Bitch
Canada, Monday, October 24, 2005
The best thing about the wedding: IT'S OVER! I am so stupid to think that if you ask people (nearest and dearest friends and family) to do stuff and they agree that they will follow through. I am so stupid to think that you sign a contract and you pay the people that they will fulfill their end of the deal. I am so stupid to think that you send someone an invite and response card that A) they will respond B) they will show up like they said they would. I am so stupid to think that people know and understand that it is socially inappropriate to come to a wedding and not give a gift. I am so stupid to think that his tacky family would tone it down for one night. I am so stupid to think that FH would follow through on our agreement that having any wild bachelor or bachelorette parties the night before would be a really bad idea. I am so stupid to think that people would understand that it's my day and I am stressed enough so that calling my cell or hotel room would not be a good idea. Some things I have learned: I am stupid and naive, I would never do this again, I would not wish this on my worst enemy, I can only count on me. Some things that were perfect: my expensive cake, my flowers, my photograper. Married life: ask me in six months! My advice: ELOPE (secretly) Good luck ladies!!!
Big Bad Bride
Indianapolis, IN Monday, October 24, 2005
A Viennese table is a table with pastries of all kinds. Which reminds me that since the wedding is a thing from the past, I've been stuffing my face like there's no tomorrow. I got nothing else to do, no more planning. No more depriving myself to fit into that dress. I have to go back to the gym fast!
Viennese table
Monday, October 24, 2005
What's a Veinnese table?
Monday, October 24, 2005
ok my wedding is creeping up soon 33 days left.I am now a bridezilla.two weeks ago we started planning a bridal shower.I dont even want one but his mother insisted to have one and it has to be catered to invite all of her damn friends that I dont even know or let alone invited to the wedding. She is such an ass. My mother cant stand her and I can see why< the woman is such a stuck up snob who has no money doesnt even own a damn couch and tried to make my mom feel like shit during the planning because my mom was going by what I wanned and only considering covered dishes for food.His mom is crazy and I think she is prostituting to pay for all of this and I am being dead serious when I say that.She is still bithcing about the damn guest list. I thought my sister was going to punch her out when we had the meeting.Boy I am so excited for the shower and wedding It will be the next Royal Rumble if his mom starts her shit again.And to top everything off I am not having a bachlerett party because I just found out that I am 2 months prego (NOT EXPECTED). My hormones are crazy I am throwing up all the time.And whiolr I am prego and sitting home the nite that I aws supposed to have my party my FH will be having a good time getting drunk with all of his single groomsmen.And I swear if there are strippers there and he doesnt come home that night I will call the whole wedding off!!!!I am sitting out on my fun he should to I didnt get myself prego.. He is so inconsiderate
Sunday, October 23, 2005
a big fuck you to my dh's cousin! we went to her wedding last september, drove 5 hours, gave her $100 gift ( they live out in hick central, PA- so that was one of the bigger gifts they got)... so we invite her and her dh to our wedding this june- doesn't send back the response card- i had to ask her mom if they were coming.... doesnt even send us a card or anything!! i mean come on! we did all that for your wedding, at least send us a card for ours!!! NO MANNERS WHATSOEVER!!!
Saturday, October 22, 2005
My problem is that I can't make a decision. The planning was slow going at first, we had a long time to plan. Now, with 8 months left, I don't have anything planned. I am afraid that I will change my mind but will end up paying double for everything. I know it's pissing my bms off, but I keep changing my colors, dress styles, flowers. I can't decide anything!!! Maybe it's because I wasn't a "normal" little girl. I never even THOUGHT about my wedding when I was little. Of course, everyone (coworkers, distant family) asks me how the planning is going. I just lie and tell them it's going "fantastic". ugggghhhh.
indecisive bitch
pa Friday, October 21, 2005
I'm very tired. FH is not doing his part, instead is spending his free time dreaming about starting his own restaurant. Really bad timing, too. I am realy struggling with money this month. I sent the photographer a check and the next day all this stuff popped up. I guess that's just the way it is sometimes. FH and I are supposed to go house hunting (renting) this week. I need to pick up my dress from the shop, too. I get some time off in a few days though. Sorry Lori that you will hear about it twice. Please stunt-gun me if I start to irritate you about my dumb wedding.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, SC Friday, October 21, 2005
No babies here either, God willing! Amen.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, SC Friday, October 21, 2005
My getting married does not mean that you will be getting grandchildren/great-grandchildren any time soon! Shut up and let me enjoy my marriage. I refuse to have children just to make you happy.
No babies for me
Los Angeles, CA Friday, October 21, 2005
here's my vent/confession does anyone feel extremely uncomfortable registering for gifts and sitting back and letting somone else take care of all the shower details?? i keep getting yelled at b/c i am buying gifts, putting the favors together etc for my shower, but i don't want to just leave everything for my bm's to do. i understand that they have lives... and don't have unlimited amounts of time & money to waste on my shower... so i feel bad and try to help and then i get yelled at, and then i feel worse! you'd think they'd appreciate my help! don't get me wrong- i'm soo into getting all the gifts- i've been the guest all too many times and payback will be soo sweet... but why can't i help! it is my shower and i want it to really nice for my guests
the helpful bride
Friday, October 21, 2005
My FMIL decided at the last minute she wanted to extend the reception with a pointless Veinnese table. Gimme a f*cking break lady!! My whole f*cking bridal party is leaving early....there won't be a single guest who stays til the end of this 6 hour reception! What a useless thing to do! Stupid bitch.
Useless FMIL
Thursday, October 20, 2005
I pretended I was getting married 'cos I wanted presents. Everyone only found out like a week beforehand.
Catriona Byrne
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Mine is more of a bridal complaint than a confession. Our D.J. sucked - cutting songs off in the middle, taking too many requests instead of playing all our list. My cousins came dressed like sluts and danced like hoochies. My husband's ex showed up (though we thought she wasn't) and totally snubbed me-no congratulations, no hello. She didn't stay for dinner, which I totally want to send her a bill for except I'm never speaking to her again (even though she's part of the "friend circle"). My waxists left my brows red and scabby (thank god I had a great make-up lady). During the day after brunch, my husband's family treated me like a waitress. But everything else was beautiful and a day to remember.
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
The dumbest part is having to insist that people at work (where we go by Mr. X, Mrs. Y, etc.) call me by my new name, which even I don't pronounce 100% right, and everyone else says like the name of a state that's similar (but with another syllable), and I JUST WANT MY OWN NAME BACK.
Miss my Maiden Name Too...
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
So it's certainly not up there with all of the posts... but none the less. My FMIL decided that the lavender color I had selected for the flower girl's dress wasn't right, and instead chose and bought an off-white dress (which I still haven't seen) and will probably not go with my ivory dress. As my revenge I cancelled the individual picture with just me and the flower girl. Small time petty - but I'm sure it will tick off FMIL.
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
I miss my maiden name. I saw my new name on the company phone list today, and it just looks sort of generic.

Maybe I'll grow into it.
Mrs. E
Monday, October 17, 2005

i'm getting married in 6 days. I've got a dress. Now I'm considering looking for a new one because all my bridesmaids are thin and beautiful and I'm not. And i'm dragging one of the hapless thin, beautiful 'maids along in what can only turn out to be a disastrous, tulle-and-satin sleigh ride into insecure bride hell.
yarg <email>
noneya, ma Monday, October 17, 2005
I last wrote of my wedding drama on July 10th. Hard to believe how much time has passed. My Father has since been a huge help with everything. (I should have known he'd come through.) I am currently planning the wedding of my dreams. I am not an extravagant girl. Looks like it's all gonna amount to a little over $8,000.00. I can compltetely admit I have the worst case of bridal OCD ever. I have so much done it's crazy. The Venue, The church, The Caterer, The Photographer, The Limo. It's all coming together. I must say the bridesmaids have done good at times and fallen through at times but ultimately I am happy doing things on my own.
Still Waiting
Sunday, October 16, 2005
Rarrrrrr I R BRIDEZILLA! I haven't even officially started planning my wedding but some of my friends are nagging me about it. I said I didn't want to plan it yet, and they'll ask me who is. I say I want no bridesmaids, they say I have to at least have a maid of honor. I say I don't want my father to give me away, that niether of my parent's are invited to my wedding and that if they really wanted to go they should have thought about it before. Then I get the well it's not their decision. If they had *decided* not to abuse their kids hey I'd be happy to invite them. They were lousy excuses for parents before why should I act like they were great parents at my wedding. Don't get me started on the flower girl. I don't want some brat throwing flower petals around. I decided back in 2002 that I was walking down the aisle alone. I pretty much don't feel obligated to go with anything traditional. FH did go with me to try on wedding dressess after all. If one more person makes fun of my engagement ring. . . Everybody is treating me differently since I got engaged and I hate it. I could never see any of these people ever again and it wouldn't bother me. His family doesn't even know that we're engaged and they treat me like a temporary inconvenience. At this point I'm ready to just get something white off the clearance rack at K-Mart and elope.
rageaholicbridezilla <email>
Sunday, October 16, 2005
Today, when SIL started talking about how she found her dress (for her June wedding), I told the story about finding my dress and hijacked the conversation! At her birthday!
Still the bride
Saturday, October 15, 2005
Hey it's me again. I picked out lovely bridesmaid's dresses for the girls, gave them ample time to buy them and sent them a check for almost the full amount for the dress. I sent as much as I could afford. BM #1 is my sister and although the dress I picked is not her favorite, she is more than happy to humor me. BM #2 is my FSIL and she sent me an email saying that she loved the dress and thank you so much for helping pay for it "you didn't have to do that" she said. BM#2 has not even cashed the check yet. BM#3 (my FH's SIL) cashed the check the day she recieved it and I haven't heard from her since. It's been weeks! She hasn't even given me a call or email to let me know she even got my letter. Is it just me, or is that a little rude? I'm just waiting to hear from her. I think I'm going to complain about it to my fiance and see if he will mention it to his mom. I don't think she would let that kind of behavior go down with her last name on it. Is that worng of me? Also, I haven't told you girls but I work at a very nice Hotel and I have to talk to brides all day. I must say that it doesn't help with my obsession. :)
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, sc Saturday, October 15, 2005
Me and my husband got married at the courthouse after knowing each other for 15 days! It's been over a month and I have yet to send out announcements, I don't even plan to until next month.
Thursday, October 13, 2005
What I don't get about brides is this: isn't it still just one day in a lifetime of days? Is the six-eight hours of wedding that will happen worth all of the heartache? Why stress out so much? Who cares how much you have to spend. I am so sick of my (ex?) best friend and her F*&#%@ crap. I've know this girl for fifteen years and you know what? I never seen her be such a stuck up brat before. In fact, I think I am going to tell her that I drop out! I don't want anything more to do with her and if I never talk to her again that would be just fine with me. So, sorry.
kicked out MOH
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
I have bought 2 wedding dresses, enough diy invitation paper and kits to do the rest of my family for this century...i admit i went into Bridezilla mode...and now i am on the six month till our big day countdown..so i expect there will be a few more crazy purchases to come...
Poison_ivy <email>
NEWCASTLE Australia, nsw Wednesday, October 12, 2005
This post will probably be deleted, but I wanted to thank you for the tip about spyware. That was it! They're all gone!
Monday, October 10, 2005
I had about 12 guests at my wedding that I invited strictly out of obligation to my mother. I was pissed, but too big a wimp to stand up to her. I vented my anger by seating them in "outer Mongolia" down by the pool. Wouldn't you know it, it was a horribly HOT day, and down by the pool ended up being the best seats in the house....even better than mine!!!! Jeeeezzzz!!!!
Monday, October 10, 2005
I would like to apologize to my bridesmaids for the god-awful green dresses I made them wear. I was a bit too laid back about my wedding, and was being helped by a very nice friend of the family, who suggested the dresses. They were on sale, it was late in they day, they seemed appropriately formal, etc. Green taffeta, full tea length skirts, with a shoulder wrap thing that had a rhinestone clasp off center. Ugh. So sorry. They deserved much better. Rachelle and Torie, will you ever forgive me?
Durham, NC Sunday, October 09, 2005
Can anyone tell me how to motivate a lazy FH into helping with the easiest tasks? I simply asked him to work on his guest list so I could have a better idea of how many people we will have. I told him I did not need the addresses yet, just a head count. I even told him to do it while watching t.v. Still not done. I realize that the wedding is 6 months away but I don't like wedding planning and I want to get as much as possible done. When it is all set up and in writing I can relax and stop stressing about it. Is it so wrong to not want to have a few weeks to pull it all together? I just want it done! I have done alot though. Check off venue, cake, caterer, dress, photographer, gifts for bridesmaids and bridesmaids dresses are picked out. FH has made no contribution. He even asked if he could help pick out flatware and at this moment I have registered for everything we need except that. Ug. I just want to know how many chairs to rent and how many rooms to reserve. Help!
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, SC Sunday, October 09, 2005
What's that advertizement that now appears within postings? Ex.: In a text, the author used "wedding planners" and there's a pop up link to wedding planners on the Web?
Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's not me....it's you. Sounds like you've got a spyware/adware problem on your computer.

I am getting married in about a year and this is already stressing me out. My MOH is going to all lengths to get me to change the color of the dress. I have five girls and all of them, but her, love the color. Plus I LOVE the color. I am sorry but you have had THREE weddings, THIS IS MINE. And If I like Apple the BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
no bridezilla, but I have mohzilla
Saturday, October 08, 2005
Software pirates? Johnny Depp?
just curious...
Friday, October 07, 2005
I confess that I'm breaking a cardinal law by posting about a post. But I just have to say, Bravo to the founder/creater/moderator of this site! That response was the most wickedly funny thing I've ever read! Thanks for providing such a place for those who have a sense of humor. And, you deserve a medal for dealing with the real bridezillas/maidzillas/MOBzillas/etc.--but I suppose they provide the fodder for the sarcasm. I don't care whether or not this gets posted--just wanted to let you know your efforts are not unappreciated! Thank you!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
Friday, October 07, 2005
So i was seriously venting the other day and this lovely site administrator deleted it. Must be you are seriously funding your divorce to assume you know a rant from something else.
This site now sucks
Thursday, October 06, 2005

If your post was deleted, it violated one of the guidelines above. Deal with it. And I'm far too busy maintaining my heroin habit by giving lap dances to pirates to think about divorce.

I spit in my wedding planners glass of juice.
jane <email>
san francisco, ca Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I hate that "bridezilla" became a phrase. If I acutally complain to someone about a real problem, like my dress being wrong, I get eye rolls and told "not to be such a bridezilla" WTF? If your order at a resturant comes out wrong, you send it back. Your not called a "foodzilla" I can't voice any complaint about real problems with out someone attacking me! sheesh! The next time someone calls me that I will show them what a real bridezilla is.
Tuesday, October 04, 2005
I told my mother in law you could not come to the wedding.She still came so i made them but her out.God please forgive me.
LA, CA Tuesday, October 04, 2005
I am addicted to weddingporn. The glossy magazines, the websites, Martha... I just can't get enough!

I lie to my man about what I look at online, delete the history from my computer, and I hide the magazines in a secret stash in my closet.

I'm not even engaged. I need help.
Closet Addict
Canada, Monday, October 03, 2005

I flew across the country to attend a college roomate's wedding, making a huge exception to travel to the midwest, a place I traditionally hate. I figured, yeah it was a while ago, but we did live together for a year and were really close. Sharing a bunkbed for a year surely entitles me to her bridal affection right? I didn't expect to be a bridesmaid, but I did think she would be genuinely happy I came. Otherwise why would she have invited me? Apparently because she thought I wouldn't come. At least this was her refrain throughout the weekend, as the only words she spoke to me over and over were "Honestly, I'm so surprised you came!" Moral of the story, if you don't want someont to come to your wedding, do not invite them! Also, she sat me at a table with her high school friends, even though there was another table of college friends present, but apparently I was not good enough for this table. Seated at a table of complete strangers the bride had known in her teen years, I promptly got revenge on this bad mannered bride by slow dancing with her high school sweetheart, whom I know for a fact is still she is still in love with. Ha, ha. I have no regrets about this, seeing as, in addition to flying across the country and having to pay for a hotel room, I also bought her a gift ( a small one, mind you, but I really wanted it for myself) and have still not even recieved a thank you note! How many ways can you say "tacky"!
Monday, October 03, 2005
I am not a bride; rather I was a bridesmaid, and on the receiving end of a bridezilla's endless rampage. I am a family member, so I was already part of the 15 months of drama that went along with the planning of the wedding. Everytime I came home, it was a roller coaster ride. Also, I know I was asked to be a bridesmaid out of her sense of obligation.

On her wedding day, I was spoken as a servant. I witnessed her curse and yell at her 8 year old flower girl and nurmerous staff members who worked at the venue. Her mother, whom I thought to be a good friend of mine, also treated me like SH*T. I was told to "shut the fuck up" numerous times.

I walked down the aisle with nothing but horrid thoughts about this day. It might have been her special day, but it was the WORST day of my life. I was crying because my shoes were literally cutting off circulation to my feet. I am not a whimp. I am 98 lbs and I moved a 600 lbs piano once just by sheer preserverance. It took a week to do it slowly, but I f0ing did it. I came to America at age 16 and now I am a lawyer. I have seen stress, but I have never been treated this low in my life.

I will never see the bride, the bride's mother and even her husband ever the same way. Your friends and family agree to be there on your wedding day to help you and to celebrate your marriage. No one signs up to be treated like SH*T CONSTANTLY for 15 months. No apologies will ever change the fact that she was a complete horror of a bride. What a way to start a marriage? Why should I give her all of this latitude? What is the great accomplishment her? All she did was say "yes" and "I do."

All you bridezillas out there should think about why you would need to make people feel like SH*T in order for you to have a special day. It says a great deal about your complete lack of character or sense of priority.
Monday, October 03, 2005

Bridal shop ordered dress too small and wrong color. At the time I took measurements I was 8lbs heavier. Now the dress is in and they squeezed me into it. They didn't say anything about taking out a little, just wanted to make sure I could breath. The very next day I found the dress in another store a size bigger and it fit perfectly. What are my rights when they choose the wrong size and color? Going back tomarrow for the showdown. My best advice to you soon to be brides. No matter how messy things are, the most important thing for you to accomplish is walking down that aisle to say I do! Come rain, Come bad guest, Come a dress that doesn't fit. I am getting married to a man that God sent. For that I am special no matter what. Good luck to all of you! Viva Las Vegas in 19days I will have an awesome wedding even if I can't breath.
fallen in love
glendale, az Sunday, October 02, 2005
Wedding was in July. Thank-yous not sent out. Work + Grad school + apathy = not writing them. At all. :) We're trying to convince everyone that we have a year to write them...
No Notes
Sunday, October 02, 2005
I am so ticked off. me and my fiance are planning our wedding on Dec. 24th(christmas eve)keep in mind we don't celebrate christmas, the date was just convenient for us since all his family from North Carolina are coming down on that date anyways. My family was happy when I told them but my parents and everybody who is supposed to be supportive of me is knocking the date that we choseand refuse to help us with anything. every one asks "why don't you have a nice spring wedding or why are you spending so much money? You could have a nice spring wedding and all the family could pitch in" I'm so sick of hearing it. First of all that is the date we set to have it either like it or dont come maybe we dont want a frickin spring wedding take a tip and you have a spring wedding. 2nd we are the only one's paying for this wedding therefore shut the hell up, I am not having a tacky wedding it is going to be beutiful. 3rd if I cant depend on family now to help me how the hell am I gonna trust them with providing efficiant food for my wedding when no one has a dime to help us out. and our wedding is not expensive it is less than $5000 for everything beautiful ceremony and reception hall my dress and accesories, dj, catered buffet for 120 people, decorations tuxedo ,limo, valet parking, everything. I think we did pretty good and people are complaining about it being on christmas eve! but hello I am family what better way to celebrate it if you celebrate to spend it with family??? the way I feel there is no reason they should not be able to attend. the ceremony starts at 12noon and reception 1-5 so people have time to go home and do whatever they have to do. I do not feel like I am being selfish since I will not negotiate the date
Soswi <email>
NY Sunday, October 02, 2005
I wanted to elope. I got FH on my side. I told my family, because I knew that they would love the idea. "Have fun Honey, send pictures." They were married at the courthouse. FH told his parents, too. They wanted to come. Um, what? That is not how it works. Fh's father was scared that he would have to pay for all 30 something of FH's family to fly to where ever destination. Now I am paying for a wedding. Ug. It's not that my family is poor just unwilling to drop a load of cash on a wedding for my FH's family. I have a small family, it will be mostly his. My parents are helping out alot though. Still I'm stressing over bridesmaids dresses and favors when I could be relaxing on the sand. Pass me my margarita.
Pass me my Margarita <email>
Greenville, SC Saturday, October 01, 2005
We have taken too much on. Wedding is in 6 weeks and we are renovating and hosting a conference in 2 weeks with people from interstate staying here. We have to repaint the formal lounge and dining ceiling totally as the patching didn't work out - somehow the paint "changed colour". The carpet comes on Tuesday and we have to find somewhere to "hide" the couch while all that happens. We have a new outlet for work so overtime is thick and fast. My car (yes the one we are using for the wedding) was run into a couple of weeks ago and it's in the shop from Monday. I'm running out of daylight hours to finish my dress (totally within my ability to sew - just REALLY pressed for time). He hasn't spoken to his uncle the jeweler about my wedding ring or to fix my grandmothers pin that I want to wear on the day. MY Mum lives interstate and has one job (cake) and his mother is wonderful in her help here (compensating for 2 other children eloping). She is getting a bit over the top in her enthusiasm - so far I have managed to say - "oh yes" and just do what I want - so far. That was the I need to get all this off my chest rant. The confession is - we went shopping at Myers and have asked everyone for Myers gift vouchers instead of going through the crazy wedding registry shamozzle. We put on layby all the cutlery and crockery and cookwear stuff we liked. It all matches and isn't out of stock and was also 30% off. Getting a bit of the guilts for this - we just have to keep it a secret I supose.
Melbourne, Australia, Saturday, October 01, 2005
Forgive me for the length, this just happens to be cheaper than the therapy I should seek after dealing with a Matron-of-Honor-zilla!

I need to confess that I was a bride without a spine at least in the beginning. When I became engaged I asked my then-friend Amy to be my Matron of Honor. She then proceeded to make me sorry I had ever met her.

For starters, I began planning a casual outdoor wedding at a beach-front spot. I was thrilled when I found a facility that included a building with gorgeous seascape views in the event that weather was not ideal or I had guests who preferred to get out of the wind typical on the coast.

I hate the beach, I hate the wind, I cant even tan! Amy moaned. Besides, how will we ever get the sand out of our shoes? I informed her that in the spirit of a casual California-style beach wedding the bridal party would be barefoot during the ceremony (I had planned on purchasing a gift basket of California wines, spa treatment gift certificates, and food-type stuff which would include fuzzy slippers for the wedding party for wear during the reception).

This only made her wail louder, What do you mean no shoes? I am NOT going barefoot! She finally summed up her disdain for my plans by sniffing that she would prefer to participate in a church wedding and indoor reception replete with pantyhose and dyeable heels.

Next came the bridal gown shopping. I wanted a simple dress that would be appropriate for an outdoor wedding. No intricate appliqué. No train. No bustle that would necessitate a degree in engineering. I must have repeated this to my MOH thousands of times after poring over bridal magazines with her and pointing out styles I preferred.

She categorically ignored my opinion and thought I should wear a gown inspired by Disney. She showed up to the bridal shop half an hour prior to me and advised the salesperson to bring out dresses with bell sleeves, cathedral trains, and hoop skirts large enough to hide an oil rig. She said I should look like a Princess and tried to cover me in as many pounds of tulle, taffeta, and satin as could be found. I looked like a pre-pubescent girls fantasy bride. The only thing that would have made these dresses less me was if someone had embroidered rainbows and unicorns on it.

Despite this I was lucky and found the PERFECT gown that day. Of course, this did not sit well with my MOH who told the bridal shop employee assisting me that my hips were much too wide to make a sheath dress work.

By the time I began looking for a photographer I had began to tolerate my weekend wedding planning by drinking heavily. This is the only way I can explain the idiocy which led me to accept an offer by a photographer friend of Amys to take the photos, which is when the real fun started.

My husband and I wanted a collection of candid shots of our wedding day. We are more or less casual people who preferred an unconventional approach to capturing our wedding day on film. My MOH wanted hundreds of stilted shots taken after the wedding of the bride and groom, now with the grooms parents, now with the brides parents, now the bride with each of her bridesmaids

Since the photographer I had selected was a good friend of hers, Amy felt entitled to dictate portions of the package. The friction that ensued culminated in a ridiculous scene when I firmly put the kibosh on her photographic ideas. She blew a gasket.

Now, I am not talking about a snide remark or discreet sulking. My MOH threw a full-blown-childish-true-blue-temper-tantrum in the middle of a bridal shop in which she stomped her feet, crossed her arms, stuck out her lip and began to pout. I was mortified. I left the store and we made the ninety minute drive home during which she silently sulked the entire time. When I dropped her off that day she admonished me against ignoring her advice without disrupting her skillfully maintained pout. I made a mental list of my friends who owned firearms and needed cash.

It is probably unnecessary to mention that the most debated issue turned out to be the bridesmaids dresses. For a beach wedding, it seemed that my bridesmaids would be most comfortable in something simple and light that did not have layers of sand-collecting fabric. I set the guidelines: it had to be some shade of blue, fairly simple, and between knee and tea-length. A week had not passed before my oh-so-glamorous MOH (who was also my co-worker) dropped an ad for her dream bridesmaid dress on my desk.

This is the dress I have chosen. She said and then showed me a navy blue, A-line, satin gown with a two-foot train accompanied by matching elbow-length gloves and shawl. Meanwhile, my sisters (who were serving as the other two bridesmaids) were having fits; Who does this woman think she is? Does she realize that this is an outdoor wedding? Is she on crack?

I soon found myself facing the unpleasant prospect of seeing my two sisters challenge Amy to a hell-in-a-cell-style cage match in retaliation for her prima donna behavior. It became clear that I had to nix my MOH before she was murdered and buried in an unmarked grave.

So I finally developed the backbone I needed and fired her. When she was less than mature in the way she accepted this I advised her not to come to the wedding at all. I wish I had done it months earlier. The rest of my planning breezed by and I enjoyed my wedding immensely without the negative commentary of my former bridesmaid-zilla!
Had it in California! <email>
Elk Grove, CA Saturday, October 01, 2005

I ordered my dress online and it arrived today at my work! My two coworkers were urging me to go to the ladies room and try it on--but tried to "remain professional" and wait until I got home. Then I realized it was only 10 am and it would be a LONG day--so "professionalism" only lasted three minutes before we all herded into the ladies' room and I tried it on--jumping up to try to get a better view of myself in the mirror above the sinks, praying no one "higher up" would walk in. BUT, it fits and I love it!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
Friday, September 30, 2005
Why is everything wedding so boring? I don't want pastels, or frou-frou flowers, or a vineyard theme, or monogrammed napkins. I also don't want to spend the next year making homemade everything to get something that isnt mind numbingly boring and bland. And why do cake toppers look so crappy? And why do I now know all the different kinds of invitations and how they are made. When did peices of paper become so complicated??? Inner and outer envelopes my ass! Why am I supposed to have favors?? It's not enough to have free food and drinks? They just end up being someones crap in a garage sale.. No one needs or wants an engraved trinket box.
wondering bride
Friday, September 30, 2005
My MOH kept pointing out rings that were almost exactly the same as mine and kept talking about how ugly they were, and that she would die before she would wear one. She dosn't know that she was such a picky B**** about it that she almost didn't get a ring! So my wedding hasn't even happened yet and were already obsesing about every detail of her wedding. (Which will be the trashiest event of the century and yet her dress will cost thousands) And my FH is griping that the wedding is taking to long to plan, and is going to cost too much money. It wouldn't cost half as much if his redneck family knew how to use birth control and there wern't hundreds of them!
ms meanie
TX Friday, September 30, 2005
suddenly, I find myself remembering every private detail I have shared with ex boyfriends. eeeek I'm terrible!
blushing bride
FL Thursday, September 29, 2005
I want the magic to continue. I want to wear my beautiful gown again. I cant just be going back to normal life as if nothing happened. Im in debt. I feel people should have been more generous. 2 guests didnt come, altough they rsvpd, so we paid for their meal for nothing. Plus, they didnt give us any gift. They should at least cover their meal. A couple gave us a real ugly gift. I feel they regifted it. It might fall and break by accident. There wont be any big gift this christmas Were busy paying off our debts.
Deep in debt because guests not generous enough
Thursday, September 29, 2005
I have been an obsessive, uptight freak about having things my way my whole life, (part of the only child complex)and I wanted so much to go against my nature this time and let my bridesmaids pick out their own dresses. The only guideline I gave them was that the dresses needed to be black. They started looking for dresses and reported back to me their findings. One found a simple short black dress, another found a long backless dress that was grey instead of black, and the third hadn't really started looking yet. I tried so hard to be cool with it, but I just kept picturing the hodge podge of dresses, and it literally kept me up at night. In those hours of nervous insomnia I searched clothing websites for dresses. I finally found a great dress on Nordstrom.com and I immediately called all the bridesmaids and asked them to order the dress. They all complied 'cause they know what a freak I am. The worst of it is that they are all size 2 and the minimum size they had available was a size 4. They received the dresses with only 5 days to alter them. I don't know what the ultimate repercussions of this Bridezilla moment will be, but I'm sure they hate me just a little.
los angeles, ca Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I'm only telling you this because I know you won't judge me. >> I want FH and I to go make more friends so I can invite more people to the wedding and get more gifts.<< What is *wrong* with me?!?
Canada, Wednesday, September 28, 2005
While I'm still engaged to my fiance, the wedding has been postponed indefinitely. My confession? I'm SO GLAD!!!!! I couldn't take it anymore!!!!
The now ex-Too-Much-Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Tuesday, September 27, 2005
My wedding is in four days and I just had my eyebrows waxed, standard bride beautification. Well the lady apparently bumped her head because she gave me pencil thin, overplucked, grandma eyebrows. I'm beyond upset, I have always wore my eyebrows slightly on the thicker side regardless of the trends. All I could do was cry, okay, sob. To make matters that much worse my maid of honor is having her baby today....4 days before the wedding so the odds are slim that she will make it to the wedding. The other bridesmaid still hasn't bought a dress and yes it's 4 days until the wedding. And to add to my stress the forecast is calling for rain.....during my outdoor wedding. Hello mud pies. I should have eloped.
Inconsolable in Jax
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
let's coin the term bridesMAIDzilla. seriously, who's with me? i'm getting married in 6 days and luckily have not been called a bridezilla...yet. i know that getting married is all about the bride, but let's share that spotlight a little and expose the shelfish, uncaring "friends" that force otherwise normal and happy women to the point of spending their honeymonn funds on a hit man! we're not crazy-they are. "oh ten months wasn't enough notice for you and you can't come to the wedding because you are competing in a sack race at the company picnic on saturday? that's okay, i can take your name off the program with a sharpie. i have nothing else to do right now." let's turn the tables on the real culprits here: bridesMAIDzillas!!!
discoverer of new species
Sunday, September 25, 2005
So, I picked up my dress and it's not EXACTLY the same as the one I tried on...the lace is a little different, there's an extra seam in the bodice, and I spotted a couple of areas that the lace wasn't exactly perfect. Yeah, it bothers me but I don't want to deal with the stress of having it reordered (hoping it will come in on time) and I don't feel like dealing with the rude women at the bridal shop. I'd rather take my chances that no one notices.

Also, I'm getting married outside...and I'm so sick of everyone asking which church I'm going to be getting married in. How many times do I have to tell you that there's no church! I don't belong to a church and would feel hypocritical if I got married IN a church. Don't you people get it??

Also, stop giving me your opinions on my outside wedding when I haven't asked for it! Yes, it's outside and I'm using a tent as backup and that's good enough for me. If it's raining on my wedding day and YOU'RE worried that the tent won't be good enough, stay home. All I care about is getting married!
can't wait for the honeymoon...
Sunday, September 25, 2005

Less than two weeks!!! I have never been so excited and so scared in my life; how are we going to pull this off? At this moment I cannot fathom how on earth this will come together, it's just too much to even think about. I need a sedative, prayer, and a miracle- NOW!
big bad bride
Indianapolis, IN Saturday, September 24, 2005
well the wedding in six months away and its supposed to be happy and blissful right well not for me never for me. My maid of honor has ruined everything.Never can she not be the center of attntion. Growing up she was in band and she was going on trips not me nope my attention would come one day. Well here it is and she couldnt stand it. she decided to annonce her wedding even though shes only been dating him for two months a few years back they dtaed and he cheated on her and got some girl knocked up so theyre back and shes raising the baby. The day we went looking for bridesmaid dresses she brought her wedding book and took me to see her ring... hello todays about me if your not getting married for three years then but out maybe i am a bridezilla but shes getting nuts she went and started picking out bridesmaid dresses on her own.. I dont think so!!!!! she didnt like one cause it emphasised on her stomach to much if i find that dress ill purposely buy it for her i mean come on its my desicion to pick out what i want my girls to wear i had no decision in my family choices for bridesmaid dresses so back off i just wish she wasnt my maid of homor.. Funny thing is i didnt ask her she imposed herself and because we are "family" i had no choice. If it was up to me she would be kicked to the curb
Friday, September 23, 2005
Why, oh why did I decide to have a wedding? If you are reading this and have not put an obsence amount of money towards deposits on venue, caterer, etc., ELOPE! Don't torment yourself with planning, details, family. It isn't what the day is about but they take over and rule your life.
Friday, September 23, 2005
The wedding was over 3 months ago. It was a beautiful day, but I keep thinking how it could have been even better. We spent around $45,000 (150 people), which is nothing to laugh at, but I keep wondering if we made a mistake by NOT having the wedding of our dreams. Yes, I know it's 1 day out of your life and does it really make sense to spend $100,000 on 1 day?! When I was looking for a dress, the FH said for me to get anything I wanted, money was no object. Being the conservative/practical person that I am, I rented, figuring it was something I'll wear once. It cost me $1,500 to rent a brand new designer gown (again, nothing to laugh at) because had I purchased it, the gown would have cost over $3,500. However, I can't help but think that it wasn't MY dress. I wasn't able to alter it to fit PERFECTLY to my body since it was a rental. Of course, no one else could tell, everyone thought the dress was beautiful, but I know.
Previous Bridezilla
Friday, September 23, 2005
This is my first confession. I am getting married in a few weeks, and I know for a fact that the day of will be perfectly happy - I have a good history of putting stuff out of my mind when I want to. But for right now, all I'm feeling is disappointment. Disappointed that we cannot afford a longer honeymoon. Disappointed that I'm going to get snarks about not changing my name. Disappointed that so many friends have been flaky about coming - disappointed that one of my bestest friends probably won't come because arrangements are going to be difficult for her (she's going on vacation and our wedding is at the tail end of it). I know that I can't expect people to drop everything and come to my wedding, but I thought this friend wouldn't miss it for the world, and I'm sad. I know it's petty, but I can't help it right now.
Friday, September 23, 2005
My (ex?) best friend is getting married next fall and has yet to pick a date and venue. A week ago she called me up and told me that I was stressing her out b/c I answered her questions and gave her my opinions...which she apparently didn't like. Look Brides, if you don't want anyone to give an opinion then send out a disclaimer upfront! And then don't ask what we think of that dress.
kicked out MOH
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
I do not understand why my fiance is such an idiot. He thinks that if he just smiles and says everything will be ok that everything will be ok. EVERYTHING IS NOT GOING TO BE OK! Keeping in mind that my FH's mother is a former stripper and that his father is married to a woman younger than me with too much cosmetic surgery and that my parents can't stand to be in the same room together, I think we are all doomed.

At the first meeting of families, my brother ended up sleeping with his brother's girlfriend and now they are engaged. On top of all that, my insane mother wants her pet monkey "spinkey" to be in the bridal party. The priest said monkeys were not allowed in the church but my mother insisted and upped the church donation to $2,000 just so spinky could come. His tuxedo costs more than my FH's ring.

As if all that is not enough, my FH's x-girlfriend of 7 years calls me last night and asks me if I would mind if she had sex with my FH just one last time. THen she says that if I have any concerns, I can just watch. What a sicko. When I told my FH she could not come to the wedding, he just about went through the roof and said that since she is a stripper too, she is just very sexual.

My dad is on lithium, his dad needs to stop eating and all the mothers are completely insane. We just got our first card in the mail and it was a whopping $10 dollars from one of his cousins. I was seriously thinking of calling it off but then my FH told me that he only likes having sex with me. I love him so much.
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

i flew all of the way across the country to go dress shopping with my mom and sisters because i felt like they were missing out. im not having bridesmaids but my oldest sister wanted all of them to wear the same dress. i told them all that i didnt care what anyone wore, its going to be a very casual small wedding. when we went shopping, they all got dresses. however, immediately after, my sister got all bent out of shape that i was "indifferent" about what they wore! she canceled her dress and i havent talked to her in over 2 weeks. i can not believe that she has made my pending marriage about what she wears!! its not about you!!!
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
I wrote something in here that I regret.
Monday, September 19, 2005
Humm.. I should appreciate the gesture and the gift but it peeves me when I get a call 5 days before the wedding from a delivery company asking me to take a 1/2 day off to stay home to receive a wedding gift. I am already short on vacation days and I would prefer to choose when to take them myself. I do appreciate that my friends are sending me a gift but I am to frazzled this week to deal with one more little snag in my schedule.
Little Bridezilla
Monday, September 19, 2005
What the F is wrong with me? I HATED being the MOH at TWO of my best friend's weddings because I was useless and inexperienced and their moms had everything under control. I HATED planning my own wedding and trying to make it my own in a family that is uber-traditional. But I am suddenly unbelievably concerned because I don't even know if I'm going to get to be a bridesmaid at my other best friend's wedding because her CONTROL FREAK fiance pretty much will NOT let her talk about who's gonna be in the wedding party. Neither will he allow even CASUAL talk about colors, what-have-you. I'm so afraid he's going to spring some kind of exotic destination wedding thing on her, and she'll be so excited just to GO, and I'll have to smile and pretend I'm wicked excited for her because she gets to go to Fiji, and it's so wonderful that they're able to pay for all their closest relatives, and of course I understand that they won't be inviting any friends because they certainly don't want anyone to feel left out if they can't afford to go. What her fiance doesn't understand is that she's a FEMALE for the LUV of GAWD, and thinking about colors and flowers and gowns is hardwired into her genetic makeup. (We've been doing it behind his back all f'g day so nyah.) PLUS, THE BRIDE ISN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO'S GOING TO GO BRIDAL!! WHAT ABOUT THE FRIENDS?? WHAT IF I'VE LOST MY BEST FRIEND TO THIS CONTROL FREAK SNOOTY TOOT WHACK-HEADED HAIRY MONKEY TOE WHO HAS MADE FUN OF ME TO MY HUSBAND'S FACE BUT I CAN NEVER TELL MY BEST FRIEND ABOUT IT BECAUSE HE IS EXACTLY WHO SHE HAS BEEN DREAMING ABOUT HER ENTIRE LIFE??? WHO SUPPORTS TO THE BRIDESMAIDS, HUH??? WHO SUPPORTS THE FRIENDS???
Monday, September 19, 2005
My FH Aunt offered to pay for our flowers AND she's giving us $1500 towards various wedding expenses. I have to admit I'm hoping her generosity will help to grease the stingy wheels of other family members.
Monday, September 19, 2005
On my wedding day (yesterday), it was rainy and grey. Today, the sun is shining. Why? I'm pissed. The good thing is we're married, everyone was immensely generous and had a wonderful time. Mostly everything went smooth until I arrived at the wedding. There was another ceremony before us, a baptism. It was supposed to be at 11 (my wedding was at 1). They arrived 2 hours late. Their photographer comes up to my car and says we have to wait. That's where I litterally snapped! I told him NO WAY. I plan accordingly, reserve the church for 1PM, show up on time. It's not my responsability if these people have no organizational skills. That's not my problem and I do't have to accommodate their incompetency. I hope they read this. Plus, they are real pigs! They left a dirty diaper on site, in a plastic bag, in front of the church! Can you imagine how uncivilized they are? I was glad I didn't accommodate them. They didn't deserve it. We got in at 1PM and THEY had to wait their turn. That made my day (plus the rest going smoothly!). When we went out, there was a tiny rain (nothing to ruin hair or make-up so we could take family pictures. We then left (the 2 of us with the photographer) to go off site to take other pictures. That's when it started to rain cats and dogs. I'm glad we didn't have to wait after the other party!
Now, it's sunny
Sunday, September 18, 2005
So here it goes. My fiance and I get engaged and picked a date. We decide we would like an outdoor ceremony and a reception inside. I wanted something smaller (150 people or less) while he wanted something bigger. My parents and his parents wanted the big hoopla as well. They of course won. Moreover, my fiancé did not want a church wedding but my parents HAD to have the church wedding at the church they got married at so I gave in. After searching for halls, we were about to book a date and then I get news from my lovely aunt that we canât get married on the day we picked because her grandson is going to be the ring bearer in another wedding on that day. I pick the following week to accommodate my aunt. A few months later I get an email from this same aunt telling me that this other couple changed their date to our date (knowing that we had booked our date around theirs) and she doesnât know whose wedding to go to because it is going to be so "cute" to see her grandson. First of all, this dilemma has NOTHING to do with me, make a decision and donât burden me with the problem. A huge family fight ensues, while my aunt felt guilty for her behavior, I have yet to receive an apology. While Iâm planning the wedding on the weekends, I work a stressful job during the week and was getting my masters in the evening. The week before the completion of my masters, I get a frantic phone call at work that my cousin, our priest, has passed of a sudden heart attack at age 52. This cousin has done all of our family functions (weddings, funerals, baptisms) and they have been so touching. We finally secure our family priest and end up meeting with him less than two months before the wedding. My parents split up three months before the wedding and my brother and his girlfriend, my good friend who is standing up, split up as well(both parties are now back together). My parents and my FHâs parents have been wonderful, they have paid for a majority of the expenses, however, everything has to be their way. My mother and I must have spent over 10 hours with florists, over 6 hours for her to pick out the invitations (they did come out beautiful), the wedding bookletâ¦donât ask (I officially hate Microsoft Publisher). Donât get me started with the family dilemmas. Both my parents and my FHâs parents have done quite well for themselves in life, however, all of them have siblings that we would prefer not attend our wedding. A few months ago my motherâs brother is arrested for assault of a neighbor, quite embarrassing but I guess every family has one bad seed. Now my aunt has gone off the deep end and doesnât know if she can do a reading since she might go to Washington D.C. to protest the war on the day of my wedding. The wedding booklet had already gone to print and had to be reprinted (Thanks for the additional cost Aunt B). Additionally, FHâs uncle is a total jerk (he was not invited to our wedding) and is forcing another uncle to work on the day of our wedding (they own a family business) just to hurt my fiancé and his parents (theyâve never done anything to this jerk, heâs just jealous â real mature). I have several cousins who have not sent in their RSVPâs and several did not show to my shower (although Iâve been to all of their showers and weddings). I had one uncle who was invited with guest and responded +5, who is paying for this wedding? Iâm positive the gift I receive from him wonât come close to covering all of his guests. Iâve had enough from relatives telling me not to seat them with so-and-so, they donât like this person or this person gets on their nerves. Several times Iâve had to bite my tongue at the request of my parents; I really donât care to attend another extended family gathering after dealing with the immaturity of my relatives. I really donât care about pleasing everyone else any longer. I know this day is supposed to be about my FH and me; however, it seems that everyone else wants to be the center of attention instead of being happy for us and allowing us to enjoy the day. All this strife has caused a great deal of tension between my FH and me yet there really is no problem between the two of us, we get along great, treat each other well and anybody can sense the love between us. Itâs a week before THE BIG DAY and my nerves are shot, Iâm so tired of everyoneâs antics. I have one wordâ¦.UNBELIEVABLE! To those of you who are recently engagedâ¦my advice: do a location wedding with the people there who really care about you OR do a small, intimate affair. Live and learn!
Almost There
Sunday, September 18, 2005
I was super pyshco about my wedding and following all the proper etiquette. My cousin got married today in a far away state. I rsvped I was coming. I went to the airport and tried to go...but I just couldn't get on the plane. I'm a no show. I would have been PISSED if she would have dont this to me.
Saturday, September 17, 2005
I'm so pissed off! It's going to rain tomorrow. All the other Saturdays were beautiful, but mine has to be rainy. It will ruin my dress, plus there is no chance to take any pictures outside. I feel like cancelling the whole thing. I'm sure it will be horrible. Why does it have to rain? God does not love me, that's why s/he sends me rain. Too bad, I'm taking it personal and never setting foot in church again after the wedding nor will have my kids baptized. And that's final.
There is no God
Friday, September 16, 2005
So one of my BMaids asked me to pick up her BMaid dress for her, since she lives out of town - which I did. I didn't realize it was not paid for yet...so when I picked it up, I also had to pay for it. I'm to chicken s*#t to ask her to pay me back. God I have NO SPINE!
I'm a moron
Thursday, September 15, 2005
My future FIL has not chipped in one dime, yet he dictates who we should invite. I'm sick of his meddling in our wedding, but now I'm worried hill be meddling the whole rest of our married lives. Plus, I've said" no" to family members who want to bring random guests, but my FH doesn't seem to be following the same rule, though we made the rule together since wire paying for 80% of this thing ourselves. I just want the big day to be over with. Why do we torture ourselves with weddings? oh yeah, and is anyone else bickering with their FH over stupid things b/c of allthe wedding stress? It sucks, huh.
Thursday, September 15, 2005
I was the opposite of a bridezilla; I cheaped out on everything and thought of the guests and the attendants, first. At least, I hope so. I was so non-traditional I flouted the white dress (I hate white! Never have wanted to look like a decorated inverted cupcake, silly me...and I wore both parts of my "wedding dress" and still have them as a functional part of my closet) After all the guests and attendants were doing the favour for me, taking time and resources out to witness a marriage and offer their prayers and support and community and well-wishes. And many people said it was the loveliest wedding they'd been to in a long time, b/c we selected the pastor so carefully and he did a fabulous job of making it holy and welcoming. Women obviously need more than one occasion to "be a princess", b/c a wedding day is just work ladies!! Some throne :o) If it's nothing but a frickin' photo op...call it off. Or rent a dress and get fantasty photos done - you'll look better rested :o) For my 'maids, we rented tux jackets and shirts to go with black skirts so they matched the gents and weren't burdened with poufery in their closets. We had an afternoon reception, lots of visiting, food tea & coffee - no booze, no dance. The guests only had to invest a few hours of their weekend in our special moments, and could get back home or go party if they really wanted. Was that tacky? I've always hated wedding dances, and it was "my day"! SO I guess I wasn't completely considerate - or was I? How many people go, "YAY - I've got FOURTEEN WEDDINGS this summer!!! I can HARDLY WAIT!!!! All those receptions, all those meals and toasts and loud music and stressed out relatives, whoopie..." sorry but... The part I was excited about was the barbeque and ball game the next day - for me, that was fun. The people that showed up were family and friends who relaxed and hung out. I couldn't believe the generosity of my guests, and hoped they didn't feel they weren't properly entertained or hosted. Now that I'm no longer a dearly beloved, I'm glad I didn't have a multi-million dollar day to look back on with tears. It was a day, of celebration, but just one day. I worked hard at my wedding day, and I worked hard at my marriage, and they're both over. Plan the marriage, not the wedding.
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
I thought that once the wedding was over, I'd stop thinking about the wedding and get back to my normal self. Nope. I can't concentrate at work, I don't get enough done around the house. I am pretty effing worthless. I need to get out of my current job and into a new one. It's THE PITS!!!!!! I thought I just had "bride brain" but as it turns out, I'm just generally worthless and lazy.
Mushminded Newlywed
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
I have been married to my dream man for just over a year, and his mother still hasn't gotten over it. She thought he'd be single the rest of his life and ask her to move in with him and they would live happily ever after in some twisted scenario. BTW, DH is 39, I am 40 (ish)... he is old enough to know what he wants! And he wants ME!! (He also has another brother and two sisters) She rants about me so much my 7 year old neice said "Well, it's not that she really hates you as much as she just hates that fact that Uncle married you!" Nice. Warm fuzzies all-friggin-over. AND, his brother (who was in our wedding) and wife never gave us a wedding gift. The SIL (soon to be ex, thank God) had the nerve to show me some cheese plates she got for another couple's wedding shortly after ours, saying, "Aren't they nice?" I wanted to say, "Where the heck is OUR gift??", but my mama raised me right and I didn't. But it still burns me. Boy I MUST love my DH to have married into this family. BTW, his dad is great.
Fiffi's Most Hated
CA Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I have a confession to make: I refuse to plan a big wedding. Reading everything here has just reaffirmed this!

I have another confession: I hate going to weddings! I went to my brother's on the east coast and my FH's cousin's in the midwest a week apart this past summer, one month before I moved 1,000 miles to live with my FH, and it was a royal pain in my ass!

I have another confession: we haven't bought gifts for either of those weddings yet, because moving is expensive, as are FH's three children.

I have another confession: a good friend of mine is getting married this Saturday in another part of the country, and due to the reasons already outlined above, we aren't going. Oh, the confession part? Although I'm sincerely sorry that I had to decline at the last minute (2 weeks before the wedding, I really thought we'd be able to go), I'm secretly relieved because I am sick to death of weddings.

Which is why I'm not planning one for myself. I truly can't be bothered. I've moved in with my FH and his three boys, moved halfway across the country, changed jobs and if I do say so myself, have adjusted beautifully. I refuse to plan a wedding now that I'm finally starting to feel like my life has gotten back to normal.

Stop asking me when I'm getting married; at least wait until I'm wearing an engagement ring. Stop laying the guilt trip about how I'm your only daughter and you want to be at my wedding - we're running off, and that's that. We may have a party at our house when we get back. I'll be sure to let everyone know.

You'd think, with some of the women on here expecting people to wait on them hand and foot, pay for everything, buy them expensive gifts and change their freaking hair color to make them look better (oh and good luck with that you evil witch - you must be heinous if you need that kind of backdrop to make you shine) that me not wanting to inconvenience a soul for my wedding would be seen as a breath of fresh air. Well, it isn't - I'm being called selfish, for NOT wanting to plan a big annoying day, NOT subjecting people to photo shoots, NOT registering for expensive gifts, NOT expecting my friends to turn into my servants, NOT asking people to wear kelly green, tea-length, puffy-sleeved, polyester bridesmaid dresses with dyed-to-match shoes (points to anyone who knows who I'm quoting there). Girls, you just can't win. End of confession, thanks for "listening".
Not going bridal, no matter who tries to make me.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My BF and I have been together for almost four years and have been (Quietly) discussing an engagement for several months now. The other day my cousin announced that she and her (serious for like 5 months) BF will be getting engaged soon and married in the next two or three years. What drove me nuts is that she picked the month I was planning on and even the dress I had been eye-balling! Of course since I didnt find the need to announce my FUTURE engagement I will look like the copy cat if I go with MY original ideas! I was SO upset I actually left work early to cry my eyes out. I mean who announces that ONE DAY they are going to get engaged?!?!!? Oh well little does she know that my secret engagement is going to be out of the bag soon and when everyone gathers @ X-Mas time I'll be the one with the ring!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Dear Future FIL, Thank you for pointing out - again - that you think we are wasting money by taking a honeymoon and that our funds would be better allocated to something more practical, like saving for a house. It may shock you to learn, however, that both your son and I are almost 30 years old and are capable of making our own financial decisions. We are going on that cruise and we are going to have a fabulous time. We will apply for a home mortgage when WE determine it is the right time for us. Also, we are not going to have our wedding reception at a place known for pizza and arcade games where children's birthdays are a regular occurrence. I don't care how much cheaper it would be. We are going to the Italian restaurant we love and that is final. (BTW, the restaurant is the least expensive of all the options we have considered and, trust me, we have done a ton of research.) Frankly, if you are that concerned about our finances, perhaps you could contribute to the wedding fund instead of saying you *might* be able to kick a little something our way. You are not paying for any portion of the wedding or reception and we don't owe you any money, so I will thank you for keeping your opinions to yourself. Best Reagrds, your future DIL.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I've been married for almost a year. Our wedding day was beautiful and everything went as smoothly as it possibly could. My husband and I were truly overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends...mostly. My brother and sister-in-law still have not sent a present. For months I have been justifying this by saying "well they had to shell out for plane tickets and a hotel room". HA!... My mother just told me that my brother and his wife didn't pay a dime.... my parents paid for the plane tickets and the hotel room... they even paid for my brothers tux and my sister-in-laws bridesmaid dress... to top it all off... Mr and Mrs. Selfish just bought themselves a 42 inch plasma screen TV!!! Grrr... I so wish I had bought them a cheap wedding gift instead of shelling out $500.00 for their flatware.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Ok. When I started getting presents, I made a spreadsheet to figure out who I'd sent thank you notes to and who I hadn't. I am finally caught up on the notes, less than a month after the big day, and not to be tacky, but some of my guests haven't ponied up. Not just "some", but maybe 10%. I know, totally tacky of me to even notice, and I think we have all of three things left on the registry. But come on people - I know you ate and drank and danced - you need to come up with a little something to show for it. Checks, cash and gift cards are delightful.
Grabby Mrs.
Sunday, September 11, 2005
At this point I want to call the minister, the caterer, the florist and the photographer and say, I'm sorry...I'm cancelling! My mother is driving me flippin' nuts! All I wanted was 30 people, an outdoor site, me and my fiance and a nice dinner. WRONG! My mother gave me the ...boohoo...you're my only daughter and I fell for it. Now I'm in tears every day because of her nagging and "ohmygosh...the napkins and ribbons don't match the dresses! Who cares?!? Thanks!
Crazy in PA
Sunday, September 11, 2005
I just want to say that yes, some of you have pains in the butt MIL's to deal with but be grateful you have them. My FH is in the military and in intelligence and in Iraq somewhere and isn't allowed to communicate with me. I can't do any wedding planning because I don't/can't pick a date. Both of his parents are deceased and he only has an older brother alive. My mom and dad are divorced and my stepmom from hell will never "allow" my father to attend. My grandmother, my mom's mom is "disapproving" of the wedding and refuses to come. This leaves me with ONE family member of mine to come and her best friend. So, be grateful you have family to complain about.
Sunday, September 11, 2005
I am married ... and secretly engaged to someone who is married! One year ago I would have utterly condemned someone doing exactly what I'm doing now. So why am I doing it? Well, after realizing my husband was a pedophile and rebuilding my life, I met my dream man who happened to be leaving his marriage. A year ago I was an ordained minister ... and now I am "just" another woman following my heart for love. I seem to be going against everything I was so stringent about before, but I am also coming alive again. I consider him my husband already and he considers me his wife. We don't live together, but we travel and enjoy lovemaking on a regular basis. I never knew how wonderful love could be when expressed physically by someone who actually loves me! When the divorces are final, we are planning a secret wedding and a public celebration. Will I regret my unconventional entry into marriage? I know I won't regret the marriage itself, but I might have a hard time telling the story!
Saturday, September 10, 2005
Why dont people realize this is MY DAY? It is not about THEM at all, yet they are constantly making suggestions and comments and acting like I should care what THEY want. For instance, why cant my bridesmaids realize that I am the center of the day and I should be the most beautiful one there. If I want them to all have the same honey blonde rise so that MY gorgeous black hair is all the more stiking,they should be GLAD to do it! They should NOT be trying to look all pretty and hot like they are the center of attention. they should all be as similar and uniform as possible so that they DONT draw attention to themselves. I mean, am I wrong here or what??? And dont even get me started about these cheap people that are not holding up their end of the agreement. I mean, if I am spending $150 a head to have them be a part of MY day, the leaset they can do is come up with at LEAST that much gift-wise. It would be better if they came up with more, I would love to end up ahead on this deal, but what can you do with a bunch of cheap tacky people that just dont realize what they owe? And then they want to add a guest? WTF? unles your guest comes with at least a $150 gift, I dont think so. How selfish are these people??? Are they really there to have a good time or to witness MY day and make it more special for ME? You only get married once, with any luck, so everyone should be doing everything they can to make it the best day of my life...not THEIRS.
It's All About ME!
Saturday, September 10, 2005
I wanted to have a wedding until we started planning it. It's just really rough when you feel like everyone around you thinks you're making a bad decision. I stopped trying to plan--part of me just doesn't care like I used to. Sad...
so yeah.
Saturday, September 10, 2005
I'm sick of my mother and my MIL. You're not paying for the wedding, so why do you think it should be done your way? Shut up about it and let the people who are paying (me and my FH) make the decisions.
Saturday, September 10, 2005
If your kids aren't on the invite, they are not invited. Period. No calling the MIL to ask if its ok to bring your kids. I'm not paying $600 so your 3 kids can cry at my ceremony and eat at my reception, while you give me a $25 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond.
F*in kids
Saturday, September 10, 2005
Hurricane Katrina's devastation has reached every nook and cranny of American life! I was feeling so overwhelmed and sympathetic to all who have been touched by this tragedy. I have prayed, donated to the Red Cross, and arranged items to be given by my place of work to a local shelter taking in people displaced by the storm. In addition, urging my family to give and do what they can. Just as many of you have probably been doing, right? I actually felt guilty griping about the cost of gas, and the other aftershocks of this horror. Well it smacked me quite personally in the face now that we have found out that our passports were being processed in New Orleans. We had to reapply, do everything all over again including obtaining official copies of our birth certificates, the little photos, and they will supposedly expedite them and get them to us withing two weeks- cutting it scary close! I thought we were smooth sailing, and now this has sent me right back to being stressed out. And what a selfish little bitchzilla I am to be worried about my stupid honeymoon while so many are just trying to figure out how to put their lives back together-everything they know and love is gone, friends and family members dead or missing. I am not proud of this confession.
big bad bride
Indianapolis, IN Friday, September 09, 2005
I confess that I am beginning to loathe my in laws. I love my future father in law, but I want to kick my mother in laws a**. She has not helped with anything, even when we ask her to, and then she does the jack and jill and expects us to kiss her butt forever, and then she tells us she does not want to go to the tasting because she wants to be surprised and then when we get home she calls and asks us what we picked for food...hmmm. She is driving me out of my ever loving mind! I am so freaking stressed out and I also confess that I hope that my fiancess family from Maine does not show up. We have 50 invites that have not come back yet and the deadline is tomorrow. WTF!???? Sorry I just needed to vent to someone who was not my fiancee who wouldnt get mad when I call his mothing horrible names...
Friday, September 09, 2005
who the hell gets married on a sundaay in september you cheep fart?
h, h hh Friday, September 09, 2005
to Hanging on by a Thread: I feel you...its been 3 months since my wedding and i feel so depressed...i cant wait to have kids so i get all the attention again~~
DP in RG
Talahasie, DI Wednesday, September 07, 2005
ok, with three days to go until my wedding, I am officially going crazy. Trying to plan the last minute details of a wedding, close on a house, pack for a honeymoon, and keep apart all of the people who are kvetching at me is more than I really want to handle. I can not wait till sunday.
spinning heads
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Thank God I found your website. I was beginning to think that it was only me who was getting all growly with my wedding folk. First of all, when did alterations have the going price of platinum? Good Lord, I went to pick up my dress yesterday and I nearly choked when she told me how much it would be to do a bustle. Then, she's trying to get me to sign my BMs (all 8 of them) up to have their dresses pressed at $50 a pop. I kindly explained to her that with two weeks to go until my wedding, I'm not even SPEAKING to two of my BMs, including my flaky MOH. Then, a screaming fight with my florist (who I hung up on) and a few glares to my mom and my future MIL. These two weeks cannot be over soon enough.
It will be a miracle
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Im so desappointed in my colleagues, people I spent countless hours with. None of them is coming to my bachelorette party. First they cant make up their mind, and anwer only Maybe, and at the last minute they dont come. Well screw them. Ill know who my real friends are.
Soon married
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
How 'bout those invitation add ons? Do they ever end? Ever? Did anyone else get to the point when they felt nauseated when they hear the question, "so how's the wedding planning coming?" AHHHHHHH! This confession booth is so therapeutic. Hmmmm.
Sick of Sending Invitations
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
My in laws are driving me insane. They are not paying for ANYTHING. My father is footing the entire bill. My father picked a song to dance to me with on my wedding night and now my FI's mother wants that song and is flipping out because I won't change my father's song. Not to mention that I asked 10 times before I finalized the guest list about anyone else in his family and nobody had anything else to add, then his sister comes over after invitations are done and has a whole list of people that now my FI's just has to invite. It's crazy, they are crazy.
Crazy In New Jersey
NJ Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Mother gets punched out at son's wedding. My husband and I dj weddings. We were dj-ing a wedding and there was 250 invited. At most I counted 50 people. Alot of family problems (i.e. mom left dad for another man, etc) but since then the dad has remarried. Anyway, she basically helped plan the whole wedding and set everything up. There was no supper except for the wedding party and it was at her house. Night was going fine then about 12:30 the groom is throwing chairs up in the air and across the dance floor. Then he is yelling inches from his mother's face calling her a f*$#@!in bitch - you could hear it over the music. Then apparently he punched her - we didn't see this. It was all over the bar money. The bride wanted to take the money from the bar home and the mom of the groom wanted to take it home, count it and pay for the bartenders and the liquor. So then the brides mom started yelling at the grooms mom saying that she is a bitch and that she isn't going to let her ruin her daughters day! Redneck wedding - I dont think any of them had a full set of teeth. It was pretty bad but yet entertaining. I felt kinda bad for the mother of the groom but then again - some would say that is karma.
carmen from canada
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
This is (happily) not about me.

I was a bridesmaid for a woman I'd known since childhood; even though we grew apart in college. I agreed to be in the wedding because of the 10 years of friendship between my family and hers.

My mom offered to give the bride "Jane", a bridal shower since her sister, the MOH, is only 15 and my mom knew no one else would. My mom spent $700 on a tropical-themed bridal shower complete with a custom-made, wheat-free cake for Jane. When the night of the shower came, Jane ignored my mother and I and spent all her time kissing her wealthy mother-in-law's ass and making fun of her family's "crazy traditions". Then she left forty minutes early to go to a comedy club with her fiancee.

It gets better!!

The wedding and reception were a day apart; needless to say, the wedding came off without a hitch and everyone seemed happy. The next morning, Jane's mom came over in hysterics because of how mean Jane was being to her family- demanding this and that, telling her mother that she was a bitch who didn't know anything and expressing that she was glad she wasn't a part of "that poor, crazy group" anymore. My mom and I calmed her down and promised her that we would do anything we could to make the reception that night a success.

And it gets even better!!!

Since Jane is Mormon, she got married in the temple; I wasn't allowed in the wedding so I didn't wear my BM dress until the reception. When she was planning the bridesmaids dresses, she changed her mind 13 times in a two month stretch. When she finally decided on a look (a week before the wedding), she bought my outfit 3 sizes too small and I had to run around frantically attempting to fix a top that barely covered my chest. Thankfully, I fixed it. I also asked her, SEVERAL TIMES, how she wanted me to do my hair and makeup. Each time she said "Oh, I don't care- whatever". The afternoon of the reception, I had a friend do my hair and make up and rushed to the reception and hour early to take pictures like Jane asked.

When I got to the reception site, NO ONE was there, not even the bride. She ended up being 45 minutes late and then cursing out her mother who arrived 10 minutes after she did. When she saw my up-do and makeup, she gave me the stink-eye and said "Oh, you look very pretty". Was it my fault that she showed up to her own reception without ANY makeup on and her hair looking like her husband did it? Her own mother told me that I looked prettier than Jane did. The wedding was 4 months ago and I haven't heard from Jane since.
ca Monday, September 05, 2005

It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow since the wedding, and I'm not ready to give up being the bride.

Never again will I get the presents, the awesome attention, etc.

Post Wedding Letdown Blues...it's real, people!
Hanging on by a Thread
Friday, September 02, 2005

My FI and I are paying for EVERYTHING ourselves. Originally he wanted to have it in our home town which would have meant 300 or so invites (with both of our families) but we decided to have a destination wedding to allievate the cost. Guess what, my future MIL told all of her friends and neighbors and our small destination wedding of 25 guest has just ballooned into a full on 250 people. Let me restate WE ARE PAYING FOR THE WHOLE THING OURSELVES!! In what book is it written that the future in-laws can invite the world????? But alas, to bad I only brought 25 invitations and the rest will mysteriously get lost in the mail.
New York, NY Thursday, September 01, 2005
I have no clue why people think that it is ok to take advantage of you just because its THEIR DAY. I have friends getting married in 22 days (thank God this will end.) I am a graphic designer and I made their invitations, Rsvp cards, and their table cards. I started this project in April and just got my money last week. For one reason or another I landed up having to address the envelopes, get the stamps and mail them out. So help me God if it bounces I am showing up to their wedding in flip flops and no pants! The money that I made doesnt cover the amount that it costs for shoes, the alterations and the hot pink bridesmaid dressyes hot pink. What these tacky people did was wait to get some responses back and then invite more people to see who is not coming. Then didnt tell people this, they told the B list people that it was a miscommunication, as to why I didnt send them invitations. I didnt send these people invitations because they werent invited in the first place. The amount that I drink at this wedding isnt going to cover what I went through with these people.
friend of tacky bride and groom
Thursday, September 01, 2005
So, the wedding is just weeks away. My FH sprang on me that he wants to do a seating chart. All this time, I've been operating under the idea we will have feastival seating with just a couple tables reserved for the immediate family. It's a station style meal so we could get away with no seating chart and this would allow for plenty of mingling, etc. But no, FH wants a seating chart. He doesn't realize that this also involves place cards (and ANOTHER trip to the craft store, I might as well set up a tent there). Also, my extended family is using the wedding as an excuse for a family reunion (a previous poster is experiencing the same thing). I don't really care. My cousins are so self absorbed and only care about getting drunk. So much so, that they were so hung over at my grandmother's funeral, two of them barfed at the graveyard. Classy, huh? My future FIL has made no mention, gesture, hint of helping financial, though he is significantly more well off than my FH and I, my mother or my father. Both my mom and dad have made generous contributions to the cost even though they are on tight budgets. I won't point this out, but when the acknowledgements occur, at the rehersal dinner and the reception, it will be clear that my folks are being thanked for making this possible and he is just showing up for the glory of his oldest boy getting married.
I give up
Thursday, September 01, 2005
My GF has been with this guy for 3 years now and keeps hoping he'll propose. While I was planning my wedding, she was shadow planning hers. She's planning a May 2006 wedding and there are no signs of a proposal anytime soon. I can't believe she had the nerve to lecture me about how she's decisive and knows what's worth holding on to. Open your eyes, he's not that into you!
Annoyed Friend
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
This is my wedding, not a family reunion. We are only inviting people we actually talk to on a regular basis and that is final! I am not inviting aunt & uncle because I have not received so much as a Christmas card from them in years. I am not inviting FH's aunt & uncle because then we would have to invite their adult children and the adult children's children, which would add several hundred dollars to our reception costs - an amount I am completely unwilling to spend on people neither I nor my FH have spoken to in months or years. If everyone wants to get together for a family reunion, fine, but it will not be at my wedding and I will not be footing the bill for it!
Fed Up With Family
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
I am currently avoiding my parents, my in-laws, all my vendors, and my bridal party, because I am so sick of the entire wedding planning process. At this point I just want to run off with my FH and get married in a quiet town where nobody knows who we are. My FH has a chronic illness, and he also just lost his job, and yet all my family gives a shit about is this ridiculous wedding, when what I really care about is getting us some help so we can have a good marriage in spite of our problems. I can't believe everybody in my life is so wrapped up in wedding wedding wedding that they can't see my FH and I are really hurting and could use their love and support, not some more bullshit about who should be taken off the guest list this week because of the current family power drama. WHATEVER! I want to BE married, but I really don't want to GET married anymore, and I definitely plan to get drunk and tell all the annoying jerks in my life exactly what I think of them at the reception. I may not be the classiest bride to walk the earth, but I am determined not to be a passive bride who lets everybody walk all over her. Fear my thunderous looks of doom!
Monday, August 29, 2005
Okay we are getting married in Sept. 2006 but I am working full time and attending college full time this whole year. I will graduate a month before the wedding! Plus we just bought a house 3 months ago! So why does his mother and my father have to act like such A**es? My father wants me to invite one of my brothers friends(whom I don't even hang out with) to the wedding knowing that my FH hates the guy because he is constantly hitting on me, sometimes right in front of my FH. The only reason the guy has not gotten knocked out yet is because my FH has respect for my parents. I already have like 6 of my brothers friends plus thier dates on the guest list and my father is not going to show up because I don't invite this one? COME ON! Who the F**k's wedding is this anyway? When my brother got married and I bitched because me(his only sibling) was not asked to be a part of the wedding, my parents just said "oh well it's his wedding" but now that it is mine I am supposed to bend over backwards!?!? What the hell! Between everything else and figureing out how to pay for it all everyone will be lucky if I don't end up in the looney bin before I walk down the aisle! Why can't people get a clue and take a little stress off me and shut the F**k up, let me enjoy my day and realize it's MY DAY!!!!!
Fed up in Montgomery
Monday, August 29, 2005
I don't understand why everyone feels they have the right to stick their nose into planning other peoples wedding and are shocked when their ideas aren't used. My wedding was a farce. My new in-laws wouldnt pay for ANY of the wedding - it was left to MY family and us - but they were more than keen to have negative comments about every aspect of what we had planned. We neded up having to change our venue twice, my dad said he wouldnt go because my mum was going, and my bridesmaids were even less intersted in having anything to do with the wedding (apart from my best friend who couldn't do enough). When I arrived at the venue for the wedding, no-one spoke to me, and I went into the building before everyone else. When we got out a few photos were taken and then we went to hte reception. Everyone got there before we did, and when we walked into the room, all hubbys family were down one side of the room, and just looked at us and then looked away. No-one congratulated us, no-one toasted us, no-one made a speech or evem bought us a drink. None of our families spoke to us all night, and when my dad DID turn up, I dint even konw he was there until I saw him at the bar getting drinks. I was almost in tears all night, and if I could do it all again I wouldn;t invite anyone. i would go abroad and not tell anyone until it was too late. We're planing on doing something in a few years, like renewing our vows, but it will be a small afair with no family there. they made our day, and our planning absolute hell, making t all about them rather than us. It's so so wring and I;m still livid about it even now!!
Hard Done to Newlywed!
Monday, August 29, 2005
OK. Maybe I'm not bridezilla yet, but maybe I NEED to be. OK, first of all, I'm sick and tired of my trashy aunt and my step-grandma forcing their "adorable" little girl to be my flower girl. Never mind I've never even talked to this side of the family. I bought her a dress to wear and that's all I hear about is the bleeping dress. It's not her bleeping wedding day! And by the way, no, your jobless, stoned sons CANNOT come. One is 19, never graduated, no job, gets up at 2 pm, and suddently I'm supposed to cry a river because "he won't be able to come..he's looking for work." Well, YEAH I would hope so. Plus that saves me and my mom big bucks since apparently they were going to turn my non-alcoholic wedding into a gambling drunken frenzy. Yeah grandma, that's fine he lives with you and has taken over your bedroom and smokes pot all day while having sex with his girlfriend. And as for all you other a**hole members of the family that we invited to our wedding...thanks for the decline! Thanks for making my intimate wedding/family reunion an overpriced wedding for 3! By the way, thanks for not writing anything on the decline like, thankyou for the picture, wish we could come. Or how about, f*ck off, we hate you. Weddings and funerals just seem to bring the best out of our family. They can all go to ...well, you know!!! I bet this rant will prolly be deleted...to much hostility...
I hate weddings, Sunday, August 28, 2005
Alrighty now, we are in the home stretch, and after about a 10 day meltdown I am back on top of things. Peace to all my sister brides planning this crap yourselves and paying for it yourselves. Mantra: "MY DAY, MY WAY!!!" We have a relative who is a part-time "professional" wedding planner who offered to help me with everything because she had been through this all herself and knows how stressful this can be, hah! THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP!!! The exterminator guy that comes to my job once each month has offered me more advice and support than you, Helpful Hannah. You call me "just to check in" and when I mention things I am stuck on you offer no advice or useful opinion. The couple of things you actually did check into for me intitially did me no good at all. And please, don't mention ballons to decorate my reception again...we are not hosting a circus. What part of "simple elegance" doesn't make sense to you? I am so grateful for a patient and helpful fiance, and a MOH that is awesome. At my most insane moments, I remind myself that these are the two best decisions I have ever made! We decided on an open bar for just a limited time, invited kids but reserved a room, sitter, and ordered kids meals so they should be happy at dinner and having their own little party by the time the reception goes full swing. No evil in-laws on either side to deal with, parental units pretty much out of the picture. We kept the guest list and our budget under control. So we have avoided some of the ugliness that has been posted by others, nonetheless I worry...MY SECRET CONFESSION: I am so worried about cheap gift giving guests in tacky clothing- I am ashamed because we have only invited close family and friends and that is not a nice thing to think about them- but I know these people, okay!? Oh well, FH and I have decided that we will be so fab, no one else will even matter.
big bad bride
Indianapolis, IN Friday, August 26, 2005
Well, my FH and I have finally set a date, and we're planning on having a themed wedding. There's alot of things that have to be considered, such as the lack of money, but that that my FH's mother thinks of him more like a bank account than a son sometimes. I'm hoping that she WON'T ask Stephen to pay for her room and board, because that will truly cost us out of the ass! She has enough of his money as it is, and she doesn't need anymore! Plus, his family is always fighting, and bickering about something... They are probably the biggest bunch of drama queens I have ever seen in my life! What also concerns me is having my aunt, Kathy, involved in this, because I know that she's going to try and control every aspect, although it's not her wedding. To be honest, I do not want her planning anything, or offering her "suggestions". I know she's going to try to compete with me when it's her daughter's turn to get married, (which is going to be pretty soon), and I know she's going to sit there and make fun of me, and bash everything I do! (Kathy has always been a major bitch!) I honestly do not want my dad's trailer trash family there, because we're having a reception WITHOUT booze, and I know that if there wasn't any that there would be major complaining. They are a nasty bunch of people, and I'm not really sure that I would honestly want them at my wedding... If I know my dad's mother, she'll invite everyone, regardless if they have an invitation or not. I know his sister is going to be madly jealous about me having an actual wedding, because the only thing her two daughters did was elope - and both of these guys are total assholes! (Her older daughter just recently got divorced, but she was dumb enough to let him keep the house!) My other two cousins are just idiots, who have their head stuck so far up their asses, I don't think they'll be able to even DRIVE to the wedding. (Most of the time they're too stoned to care about anything, and they don't even have enough money to get gas most of the time...) I'm definitely limiting the list, and I don't booze at my wedding! Sorry, they're all just going to have to deal with it!
Noman's Land, Misery Friday, August 26, 2005
My FH and I are so cheep! We're giving our guests CDs for favours, and they only cost $.50/per to make! We are the smartest cuple ever!
Thursday, August 25, 2005
I was married back in May and I stressed out so bad about the planning and getting everything done right and paying for everything (mostly by ourselves) and stressing because is felt like I was doing it all myself and running around crazy and feeling like I was being an imposition on my MOH and family and you know what, I hardly remember the wedding. Isn't that sad?? It seems like such and anti-climactic end to so much stress. My advice to those who have not yet tied the knot, remember what the whole thing is about, you and (hopefully) the love of your life commiting, in front of God and everybody, to love and honor each other forever. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would make sure I did it exactly how I wanted it done, instead of how everyone else thought it should be and I would delegate a lot more of the work to other people and not feel like I was imposing, instead of my wonderful MOH swooping in and bailing me out time and time again. You have no idea how much I just did myself so I didn't "bother" other people. And because I am not Superwoman, at the last minute the whole production was not well planned out and not organized and I was in tears the morning of my wedding. It sucked!! Instead of getting caught up in all the tradition and glamour, try to get back to reality and realize this is just one day of your lives. It should be special, but life does continue afterwards so be prepared. Good luck to all of those who have to deal with the psychotic families and lazy bridesmaids and drunken friends and all the other pitfalls of getting married, and when you get up there and you are looking into your future husbands eyes and he looks like he is going to puke, much like mine did, chuckle to yourself and say "I do" and flip everyone the bird as you walk back down the isle. Best of Everything to all!!
Married...now what??
Tempe, AZ Thursday, August 25, 2005
so the weddings over and we still have a ton of bills from the wedding. What the Hell is wrong with people! It's a wedding. It costs money. I didn't invite you so you could bring your boyfriend and your kid and give me a card. A frickin card. I've known you since I was 14! What is that. What is up with people and their lame ass gifts. You have 7 people coming and you give me $25.00 for a gift AND you were the host/hostess. I just paid for all 7 of your kids to eat! my new husband thinks it's okay - then he goes and bitches to his mom that her sister brought her whole family and gave us a measly $25. I can't win. ever. and the frickin wedding is over. UGH!
Weddings over kids
Thursday, August 25, 2005
What is it about "Adult Reception" that is so heard to understand? Is it that my guests cannot read? Do they not know that "Adult" means anyone over the age of 18? That your child in diapers is not welcome at my black-tie event? Is it bad that I don't want a child screaming during my wedding that I paid for myself (and is costing me almost a year's salary)? And who thinks it is proper to *ADD* peoples names to the RSVP cards? WTF? Who are these people?
Thursday, August 25, 2005
i am scared because i am not sure if i still want to get married. we have been together for 13 years and have 3 kids, but i kind of like things the way they are. only i pushed for us to get married and now that he agreed i dont know if i want to. i love him with everything that is in me. i think i am scared that he really dosent want to marry me that he is just doing it to please me.
who cares
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Ok My wedding is Nov.26 2005 I am now becoming a bridezilla!!!My FMil is driving me nuts.I wanted a small family style wedding because my FH and I are paying for every thing ourselves and I mean for an entire year we have spent no money on anything but the wedding and saving for the wedding.Our first guest list that his mother and him came up with had 349 people on it that is not including my family and friends.WOW!!So after fighting with him for months we got it down to 300 guest total for our reception,(that is all the hall can hold.Well one week after I sent out the invites his mom starts flipping on me about people that we didnt invite,saying that we need to send all of these people invites because they have done alot for her and it would be the decent thing to do.We already invited 321 people 241 his 75 mine.the hall holds 300 people and she wants me to invite more.I have benn working like a dog for a year to pay for this, I am ready to post signs all over the town he lives in HEY EVERYONE BETTY & JEFF ARE GETTING MARRIED FREE FOOD!!!I cant stand her!!!
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
I invited every one of my single friends to bring dates, but I am totally pissed off by anyone who brings a date that they hardly know. WTF, this is a wedding, not a BBQ. I am also pissed off at the number of my friends who are bringing dates and sending a cheap ass gift that doesn't cover the cost of HALF of a meal. I am pissed off at the BM who still has her parents' credit card, yet was TOO POOR to come to any of the events leading up to the wedding. If these girls think I will be generous to them when it's their turn to get married, they are in for a shock.
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
I actually yelled at my FH for not helping with the wedding and being upset about his sick grandmother and recently passed-away uncle. Yep...reached a new low this time.
Ungrateful daughter
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Some friends threw me a surprise shower, which is DID NOT want, since I hate surprises. Two weeks before hand, someone spilled the beans and so I spent 2 weeks agonizing over this party. Then the girl who spilled the beans "forgot" to get me a shower gift. Today I was invited to her "surprise" birthday party....which isn't going to be a surprise much longer...hehehehe!
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
I'm becoming a frugal bride...and everyone thinks that I'm being very smart and level-headed because of it. But the truth is, I'm being selfish. The less we spend on the wedding and reception, the more we can spend on the honeymoon. Having just cake and punch is tempting.
Monday, August 22, 2005
I just made an offer on FreeCycle to a fellow member in my chapter who asked about my dress. My alleged FH is getting deeper into his work and is also going to the same college as me. Money is freakin' non-existant for us. He told me he was saving for my birthday (on the 30th) and I have half a mind to save his G--D--- money and put it into our wedding, not one night in a hotel with Chinese take-out! I swear, every day since we postponed (cancelled? called off? blew it?!) this damn wedding, the more patience and faith I lose in him. However, he's not cheating (*trust me; he's under my feet 70% of the time and @ work the other 30%)and he still wants this ring on my finger. It's the only thing keeping me with him, beyond simple love and (stupid) devotion. God! Am I so stupid? Am I blind???
The Too-Much Bride (but for how much longer?) <email>
Brunswick, GA Monday, August 22, 2005
Thats it. I snapped at my mother this morning. She wants to interfere in the wedding organization once more. This time, shes not happy with the seating arrangement. At first she suggested each family table (all divorced) be chaired by a family member. But since my FHs father side only has 3 members, they would sit with us + close friends (she suggested herself we be seated with close friends). My mother would chair her familys table, but thats not good enough. If THEY are at the honour table, SHE and HER relatives should be too, because its not fair, bou hou hou. Hey, its though enough to organize as it is. People will sit where we tell them to sit, and thats it. Im afraid that if shes not happy, then shell pout and ruin everybodys fun. I might as well make her happy, get over with it and see her as little as possible afterwards. She ruined enough fun already. You can be sure Im not getting my kids baptized (should there be kids), just because shell interfere there too and impose her relatives as godparents.
Monday, August 22, 2005
i am feeling really bitter towards my lovely friends who are bridesmaids, because they won't have contributed to the wedding, yet they are getting free gorgeous dresses, a wonderful present, free hotel rooms, flowers, photos etc... and i am not even asking them to do anything. It should be reciprical, whereby they work their asses off making my life easier, and i thank them with a great gift and lots of hugs and appreciation. My 2 bridesmaids are too far away or too busy, so i am not giving them anything to do, because i don't want to make them recent me or my wedding and am doing it all myself. I want to say, well since you're not actually earning your dresses/hotel/flowers/gifts, just turning up and having a day in a free dress, with nice hair and loads of attention - can you buy us a really mega present, or pay for your own dress... or something - or make a superspectalar hen party, cause i'm doing all the rest alone (eventough the point of having bridesmaidsmaids, is to lighten the load). Arrrghghhhh. i really love them both, and am never this petty - but feel my self (since we are paying for this whole thing) trying to see where the balance lies. Surely there should be a balance in the money you spend feeding people, they spend travelling, and the suit hire/dress costs you get back in support and 'labour'. I know i am being a bitch - but i really don't want to keep spending and spending, and still sitting on my own stuffing 200 envelopes.
princess wide
Monday, August 22, 2005
I'm getting married in Vegas, which is great. The problem comes with the reception we are having back home. I hate, HATE, planning parties and this is just one big pain. What little fun I'm getting out of it, my future leech of a mother-in-law is sucking it dry. I tell her the average amount his father and my family is inviting and she adds more than that. We are paying for the reception not here, but hey we have to keep her happy right?! Everytime I turn around she is coming at me about something else, I wish she would just leave me alone and let me take care of it and actually listen to what we tell her! Thanks...I feel a little better...
Monday, August 22, 2005
Well they got me!! I have been (for the last 6 months) helping my friend plan my new god child's baptism that was planned to happen this past Sunday the 21st. I received an invitation, as did most of my friends, and I have talked to many many people about how excited I was to become her official godmother this weekend. Well last weekend my friend Liz (who is the baby's mom) invited me very casually to meet a little earlier than the baptism at a restaurant near the church. Good thing I could make it ion such short notice, cause when I showed up there (after being a little late cause I needed to get a card to go with the gift and my fiancé needed to stop because he needed to use the rest stop bathroom... and apparently just sat in the gift shop for 15 minutes, cause we were going to be to early) there they were... 70 of the wonderful women in my life sitting with cameras waiting to surprise me for the first time in my life! I never get surprised cause I am so nosey I usually figure everything out!! Apparently only the people that I know got invitations to the baptism so that I would totally be fooled and all the details she has been telling my about including the church which turned out to just be a church that she picked out of the phonebook (the closest one to the location of the shower) and the gown that she picked up for the baby. All lies!! The day was fantastic! My MOH and all of the girls and my mom did a wonderful job and picked one of my favorite places to have the shower! I love them all so much!! Now all we have left is so GET MARRIED!!
What Next
MA Monday, August 22, 2005
i should have hired a different photographer! first- it took him 2 months to get me my proofs. THEN when i get them, it was a DVD slideshow of the pictures that moves at a set speed and that i can't "control" so there is no way for me to flip through the pictures at my own pace. he also gave me a booklet with all the pics- but they are all like 2 inches big and hard to see... so how am i supposed to pick the best pics for my album from 2 inche pictures and a DVD that i can't look at the pictures at my own pace??!?! ugh!! sooo annoying!! i understand that he needs to make money and doesn't want me taking the pics to walmart to make copies... but come on!!! would it kill him to make the pics in the booklet just a LITTLE bigger?!?! UGH!!!!
Saturday, August 20, 2005
I think it's unfortunate that the idea of inviting friends and family to celebrate with you (bride and groom) seems to get lost. And as you are having a reception FOR the guests, it is a nice gesture to invite them to bring an escort or date for the celebration just like other social events. It is not socially "incorrect" for hosts to invite who you want for celebrations, that is always the hosts' perogative. I think it is, however, gracious to give single guests the option of inviting a companion to enjoy the celebration with. My frustration is that "bride" status or wedding standards are often used to justify losing standard hospitatlity.
Saturday, August 20, 2005
I have told my mom multiple times that we are having a small wedding with only immediate family and a handful of our closest friends. In this way we are restricting our celebration to just those people who are regularly involved in our life. We dio not want to invite a bunch of people who play only a peripheral part in our lives by virtue of sharing a small bit of DNA. Mom has mentioned several times that Aunt & Uncle (who live on the other side of the country from me) have said they are saving up money to travel to my wedding next year. After trying to be diplomatic and having Mom apparently not quite understand I finally said very bluntly, "Aunt & Uncle are not invited to my wedding." It is not that I would mind having this Aunt & Uncle there, but I would mind having pretty much all of my other Aunts & Uncles. FH also does not want to invite his extended family. It's not that we hate them, just that we are not close to them and we want our wedding to be am intimate celebration with just our nearest & dearest. We will have a total of 23 people there, including me and FH, and 2 kids who are not born yet but will be by the wedding date. I am fully aware of the tradition of inviting everyone in your family and everyone you have ever known to your wedding, but it's not a law and frankly, I think it detracts from the purpose of the day when you have a bunch of virtual strangers there. I just want my teeny tiny wedding. Is that too much to ask???
Lisa T
Saturday, August 20, 2005
We had the rehearsal and dinner last night. And while, true, it was a casual Chinese restaurant, I was bewildered to see one of the wives of the groomsman in cutoff jeans and a tee shirt. I mean, respect yourself enough to clean up a little. Everyone else was dressed really nicely - some were in shorts, but they were dressier shorts, and they were clean and ironed. I love my groom, but some of his small town friends are making me batty! My friends and family all looked spectacular, though, and the dinner was a real hit. Great, great fun! And you know what - I'm getting married today! Yaaay!
Dressed to the Nines
Saturday, August 20, 2005
i picked a fight wiht my aunt so i didnt have to invite her
Friday, August 19, 2005
My intended and I are paying for everything since my sister's wedding took ALL the money my parents had set aside for the kids weddings. And now Ms. Thing has the gall to light into me about not inviting all single guests "with dates". WTF? Is SHE paying for this? We're sticking to the socially correct policy of inviting single people "and guest" only if they are engaged, living together or have been dating longer than a year. Period. Ms. Wedding-funds-hog better shut up. (Really? I think she's pissy because she's not as good at planning as I am. For the same amount of money she pillaged from our folks, I'm planning a wedding catered with real flatware and plates while her sad-ass affair was in a bleak "dry" social hall with paper cups, plastic forks and home-baked desserts. Neener!)
Fed up
Friday, August 19, 2005
I just wasted two whole work days franticly reserving hotel rooms in my little Florida resort home town because we found out that a major industry convention decided that our weekend wedding was THE weekend to come to town too!! I barely reserved the LAST rooms in town, and honestly, my ever-loving fiance did NOTHING but sit on his darling butt and say "what's the big deal? Why are you getting so wound up about this??" (why? the friend in the hotel industry who warned me also told me that this convention is one of the hardest partiers EVER--and that all the hotel rooms for a hours drive around would be sure to be taken up by Monday.) So, after _I_ did all the work and her son did NOTHING I just found out that my future mother-in-law is planning to use her gold card to reserve ALL the best and cheapest hotel rooms for her family as soon as my fiance gives her the reservation code. ALL of them! Hey! I've got family coming from out of town too-and they're mostly grad students who need the good deal the most of all!. My confession? I've gotten the codes in the mail, but just called and gave my closest family from out of town the codes and a 24 hour lead while telling my fiance that I've "lost" the letter! I'll "find" the codes tomorrow afternoon, but not until my family has gotten the rooms they need!
Friday, August 19, 2005
I confess that most of the single people who I'm inviting without an "and guest" are the people who invited themselves to the wedding in the first place! I was too chicken to say "no" when they asked if they could come, so, okay, they get an invite. But just for them. Letting them bring a guest is just twice the imposition. If they don't feel lucky to be invited at all and don't want to come by themselves, so much the better!
Drawing the Line Somewhere
OH Thursday, August 18, 2005
Well, it is only 2 weeks to go and my FH and I are fighting like crazy. I want to know if this is normal. Half the time it feels like he doesnt' even like me and I feel the same way about him. We aren't really arguing about major stuff, just petty stuff. everyone tells me this is normal, but I don't know. I am scared and all I want to him to do is come and give me a hug and tell me that he loves me...is that too much to ask? I feel so stressed about this wedding that I just want the day to come and us get on with our honeymoon...
coming up
Thursday, August 18, 2005
I confess that I am very comfortable being self centered. And so is my groom. Its ok for me to self centered. Its my wedding, and it will be my way.
defending all brides
Quakertown, PA Thursday, August 18, 2005
The reception went pretty well. We invited 92 people and only 54 showed up, but they were all really good and close friends. Not to sound greedy, but we didn't get half of what was on our registry, which is no big deal, we'll just have to buy the stuff ourselves. I've said it before, and I'll say it one more time, Vegas is the way to go. I'm in Vegas withdrawl because we had SO much fun!!! If you're stressing about your big day, head out west!! My family back home got to watch it cause we paid extra and put it on the internet, so we get to watch it til the end of the month too, which is very cool!! Goodluck to you all! I'm not gonna post anymore seeing as how I'm not a bride anymore:( Kinda sad, but my marriage has been so great so far!! The only bumps would be me trying to change my last name. Be for warned that it is NO SIMPLE TASK!!! Anyway, remember that this day is about you and your hunny, and don't do anything you don't want to because of pressure from family and friends! Good luck to you all, may you have very loving and happy marriages!!!!!!
Thursday, August 18, 2005
Ok, had the wedding, here are the horrors - my hubby wanted his good friend to marry us - ok, great. We had a formal, nighttime wedding and this bozo showed up in dockers and a PLAID shirt and cowboy boots. I thought my mom might kill him. The photographer shot digital - hopefully he can alter the color of the shirt. My MIL, at the shower, announced that buying me underwear was silly because I don't wear it. Thank you, my grandmother was horrified and I was mortified - you are a BITCH and not my friend. And she left the recieving line after all her friends and famiy went through because she was sad she didn't have a date, and proceded to pout in the corner all night long. She refused to dance with her son! Then, she tried to steal my MOH flowers. Its over, I survived, but really, just go to Vegas and have fun. If only we could do it over!
Thursday, August 18, 2005
I do have to confess that I was kind of mean about the bride in my last confession. I know that a wedding is very stressful on a bride, but I think if she ask for my advice and I give it to her, as her maid of honor, she should respect it enough to say "maybe or thank you, or I will think about that" not " "whatever or no I want whatever cost the most $$$$, or my FI has the money to spend and I'm going to let him spend it." The way I think of it, is that when they are married and have bills to pay and instead of her paying them with HIS money she goes and gets her sweat glaids to where they don't sweat as much, she will want to cry on my shoulder, which will be hard for me to deal with because I know I already want to tell her "I told you so." I guess, in a way I want to look after her because she is so young, but in another way I notice that she is being so wrong to not just her FI but to everyone else. I want her to have a great wedding that she will remember always, but I know that she is getting married for all the wrong reasons, because she has told me. She told me she wanted to leave her FI but if she can stick through it long enough to be married to him, she then can divorce him and be set for life...WOW, huh? As her MOH I'm suppose to stand beside her, but it's hard when I know it is SO WRONG. What do I do???
Fed Up And Knocked Up
TX Tuesday, August 16, 2005
i cannot handle the stress of a tiny 30 person wedding. i am currently not so much a bridezilla as a living, breathing stress bomb.
not handling it
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
To IHateReceptions: I totally agree with you on the date thing. I told every single person I invited to bring a guest! We planned for it that way, I hate to put restricitons on the guests. And for Been There, there is a bar in the Hotel, but I thought it would be more convenient to have stations set up in the ballroom or our hallway so they don't have to walk all the way over there? And also I don't want to loose guests because the are hanging out in the bar instead of with everyone else. I know I don't want to walk to the bar for a drink in my wedding gown and everything. I did it with the guests comfort and convenience in mind. I guess maybe I am missing the point you are making. Is it considered bad etiquette? This is my first marriage so there is plenty I don't know!
princess bride
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
To everyone with comments on cash bars/dates for singles: I understand its up to the bride to choose whether or not drinks will be provided, and if she wants to include dates for all of her single guests. Im well aware of how much weddings cost, since Ive stood up in several. But trust me, you invite a single person with no date and she/he isnt going to like it. The weddings Ive enjoyed were the ones I brought a date, and the food, drinks, and music were provided for. The weddings I left early or didnt attend? The weddings when I wasnt allowed to bring someone with me. I may be selfish, but its awkward sitting at a table with complete strangers who are unfriendly. Its always been important to me to make my friends and family feel comfortable when I host parties, dinners, and I think the same should be done at weddings, proper etiquette or not. Do I remember how nice the reception hall or overpriced flowers and decorations were? No! And no one cares about that stuff either! Ask anyone who isnt a rich snob, and they will tell you the same thing. Most people go to weddings to have a good time AND celebrate with the couple. Only beer, wine, and champagne are provided? Great! Thats better than not providing anything at all. I agree that people who only show up to weddings only to get bombed shouldnt be there. But most people like to have a few drinks to loosen up to have a good time. No one is going to remember a lavish wedding that cost $100,000+ that had a cash only bar. But your guests will remember a wedding with good food, drinks, entertainment, and dates for all were provided. Dont believe me? Ask anyone that isnt afraid to tell you the truth. Sorry if I offend anyone, thats just my opinion.
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
I just found out my FH is in serious financial trouble and now I'm left to paying for the wedding myself. Luckily his parents are paying for the reception, but we were to pay for the rest ourselves. I've already cut corners on EVERYTHING and I'm down to bare bones. I'm to the point where I could buy the dress I want, but not decorate the church or I could settle for cheap dress that I really don't care for to have a beautiful setting for the ceremony. I only have one BM that I can count on to help on all the do-it yourself ideas I've come up with to save money. I'm just at my wits end.
Ungrateful Daughter
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Too Old Fashioned, My FH and I intend on registering for some recreational things. We both had apartments in college and I've owned my own home for a year now. We really don't need too much for the house in the form of normal housewares. I think its tacky to ask for money so we plan on registering for things for our RV and home improvement type stuff. If you're not comfortable with their registery choices, ask the bride/groom what they want.
Ungrateful daughter
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Evil genius! I just dumped the whole wedding mess into my intended's lap. I told him, "I tried it my way; let's see if you do any better!" He was stunned. I don't know what's going to happen, but I just washed my hands of it.
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Monday, August 15, 2005
QUESTION: is it alright to register for board games and camping equipment? i have many college friends *who went for the MRS. Degree no doubt* and have registered for this kind of stuff. am i too judgemental by saying this is tacky or is this acceptable?? i thought it you registered for practical items for your home not for recreation??
too old fashioned?
island paradise, Monday, August 15, 2005
Now that the wedding has been postponed, I have been having an issue with pinning my fiance down to a new date. Initially, we were going with our ORIGINAL date of October 2006 (*not May in South Georgia, for all the obvious reasons...). However, he recently moved in with me and my family, due to a navigational problem with his family. (*No emotional issues...yet...) So, I suggested that since a) he's already living here; b) we already cancelled the one wedding for this year; and c) I'm sick of all the wedding details, why not just go the Justice of the Peace or the courthouse and just have it all over with, already! We're both working and in school, and I have the added bonus of a family to get to school every morning. Everyone knows we're together; everyone knows we sleep together. Who are we bullsh!tting here, really? Sh!t or get off the pot, I say (which I even suggested engraving inside our wedding bands). However, my FH is not quite healed up from the first wedding, saying that he would rather wait, "just a little while," until we get a few things done, like dental surgery and car repairs (not to mention get his mother's bills caught up and her mooch boyfriend off the "payroll.") Like I said before, the French really have the right idea...
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Monday, August 15, 2005
Princess Bride -- your wedding sounds as if it will be wonderful. The only thing I take issue with is making a cash bar available to guests. They should be content with the keg and the champagne, and you have no obligation to do more. If they want to find a bar in the Marriott, so be it. But you should not be a part of charging your guests for liquor by putting a cash bar right in your reception.
Been There
Monday, August 15, 2005
Okay, Ungrateful Daughter (aka Cousin), as the maid of honor at YOUR cousin's wedding I do have to ask, Can I come live with you - 4 hours away from her? She is the most ungrateful bride I have ever seen. With me having a 7 year old and a baby on the way, and also working a 65-70 hour job a week, she actually had the nerve to tell me today, she is getting sooo pissed because as the maid of honor I should be more focus on her wedding instead of everything else in my life. OMG!!! I would really love to tell her to stick this wedding up her ass, like she does everything and everyone else. (Yes, I said it, and I should have said it a long time ago) I didn't want to be in her wedding in the first place but if I tell her what I really think our whole family will be upset. I'm not even that close to her, except when she needs something. If she ask me for my advice I give it to her, but she won't take it, she just will always disagree. Not to long from now, she is going to ask me for something and I'm going to tell her how big of a b&^%$ she is being and always has been.
Fed Up And Knocked Up
TX Monday, August 15, 2005
OK, now you can call me ungrateful cousin. My youngest cousin is getting married next year in March (I'm in July and the oldest girl). She's 19, the grooms is in his 40s and their both going on their 2nd marriage. She had the nerve to throw a fit that I may not be able to go to her wedding. I WORK FOR A LIVING and only get 2 weeks vacation. She's taking her FI for all of his money (he gave her $30,000 for their wedding) and doesn't even work! I'm gonna part of my vacation for MY honeymoon and planning MY wedding. She lives 4 hours away. Am I being a B*tch over this?
Ungrateful Daughter
Monday, August 15, 2005
I'm so fed up with all this planning, I just can't wait for all this to be over and get on with our lives. Some days, I feel like cancelling the whole thing, packing my luggage and just leave. Not see anyone I know anymore. Start a new life over. This planning has drained me of all my energy.
Need to vent
Saturday, August 13, 2005
A high school friend of my FH called yesterday to say she might change her mind about coming to the wedding (she sent us the card first saying she was not coming). The problem is the deadline to change the number of guests was yesterday. I was mad in a sense, because she doesn't seem to understand how much planning this means. I was about to yell "make up your freakin' mind!!!" If it had been me on the phone, I would not have been nice. She had like 3 months to decide, and changes her mind on the last day. Plus, he went to visit her AND, he's bringing HER morning pastries, and I have to wait untill he comes back to get MINE. So I'm starving. Stupid girl! I hate her. I don't know her well, but I hate people who cannot make up their mind.
Need to vent
Saturday, August 13, 2005
Why do people think open bar is the biggest thing to celebrate at a wedding? A few our our guy friends made me want to write them a thank you note that read "thank you for coming and celebrating my dad paying for your drinks," because that's obviously what they were making a big deal out - not the fact that the love of my life and I were marrying one another. I can understand having a few beers, maybe more than usual if you're not driving, but please refrain from asking me if I want to do body shots off your girlfriend while I'm posing in family pictures, and shovinga beer in my hand the second the photographs are done. I appreciate you wanting my participation, but just because you're wasted fifteen minutes after the ceremony doesn't mean I am going to be. Unlike you, people may notice if I leave the reception for a long stretch of throwing up in the bathroom. Thanks, drunk guy friends. Thanks for giving us all someone to laugh at. Especially you, most annoying drunk guy friend, for hitting on my lesbian coworker ALL NIGHT.
Sober Bride
Friday, August 12, 2005
Okay, I have a problem with the cash bar comments. I don't think people understand how much money it takes to have a wedding. I am having a reception for 200 people at the Marriott. It will be beautiful and my guests will have a wonderful time. There will food, cake, a chocolate lava thing, music, and lots of dancing. We will provide kegs and champagne for the toast for free, but if people have to drink hard liquor like they are some kind of night club then that is their responsibility. This is a wedding. The celebration of a sacred union, not a free for all drunk fest. I am spending $20K to give my guests a wonderful, memorable time, Adding a cash bar would DOUBLE that amount. If you have a problem with paying for your own hard liquor, go to a bar or club instead, and leave the wedding for the rest of us to enjoy. You are there to celebrate our happiness and marriage, not to drain us dry.
princess bride
Austin, TX Friday, August 12, 2005
To: I hate receptions. There is an old etiquette rule about when to invite a date for a guest. If the individual who is orginally invited to the wedding is married (or today, living together) then the spouse or significant other should be invited too. This is a useful rule, and brides who follow it but don't want to pay for dates for every other single individual should not be criticized. I do agree with you about the cash bar -- very tacky. If you can't afford liquor, buy bottles of wine at a superstore (Costco, etc.) -- much less expensive, and you do not have to serve hard liquor.
Been there
Friday, August 12, 2005
So many brides act like everyone is supposed to be excited about all of the stupid wedding details such as tablecloths, flowers, dresses, etc. All anyone cares about is if they are going to have a good time at the reception. Am I selfish? Of course I am, and so is everyone else attending weddings. Why would you deny your *guests* a good time? Guests shouldn't have to pay for anything at a wedding. I hate nothing more than going to a wedding that looks like it cost a fortune to decorate, but you aren't allowed to bring a date if you are single. It's funny how the bride says YOU are selfish because you don't want to feel uncomfortable attending a wedding by yourself. Excuse me, but I am the GUEST, and you are supposed to make your guests feel good about being there. We are expected to shell out loads of money for a gift, and lots more if we are a bridesmaid, but you won't let me bring a guest so I can share your big day with someone I want to be with? And what's up with cash bars? Making your guests pay for anything at a wedding other than a gift is tactless. The only thing your guests will remember from your wedding is if they had a good time and how you made them feel there. They are there to celebrate the start of your life together, not shell out their hard earned money so you don't go broke. I know weddings are expensive, but it's YOUR wedding, and you should pay for everything at the reception.
Friday, August 12, 2005
It's difficult no to become a "bridezilla" with so many things to plan and cordinate. Especially if you are not paying for everything and are on a budget. Which I'm sure is the case with most brides. I have ran into major problems with my mother wanting everything her way. She is not willing to compromise because I already let her pick my wedding dress out and it's difficult because if she's not happy then she makes everyones like a living nightmare. Also my parents are paying for half of the wedding so I think they she should have a say. The main blow out was all about the a dance she did not want a dance and I did along with everyone else. When we decided that we were going to have a dance and we said that we would pay for it she all the sudden changed her mind and said no wedding and she was not going to pay for anything. My poor Dad was suck in the middle and I ended up taking out my anger on my Dad. I felt terriable for it and I couldn't apologize enough to him.
Jamie <email>
Minneapolis, MN Friday, August 12, 2005
Deep breaths...deep breaths... Beaches Turks and Caicos seems like the perfect place for my FH and I to get married along with my children. And the price for THIS October is exactly what we can afford! Not sure if I can trust my travel agent when she assures me that NEXT October will be discounted and she will apply any and all discounts over the next year. We're talking $2000 worth of discounts needed here. Like why WOULD they give me discounts if I already booked it at full price?!? Can I TRUST her? If the discounts DON'T come through then my fiance is saying we're going to Vegas and getting married by Elvis! (The horror!) And then on top of that Turks and Caicos has all kinds of wacky resident laws and the only way we can work it is if we arrive Sunday October 8, 2006, get married Thursday Oct. 12, and come home Friday. I don't want to have to leave the day after we get married, but since it will cost between $1000 and $1400 per night (depending on these "promised" discounts to come) we can't afford another night. I'm stressing...while trying to come up with a positive "spin" to tell FH!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
Thursday, August 11, 2005
I, too, have been feeling somewhat depressed since my May 29th wedding. I keep thinking how I could have done it better, even though different people continue to tell us it was the best/most romantic wedding they've ever been to. My main regret is not giving the photographer a "must have" shot list. The pictures are nice, but I don't LOVE them. I will never been a bride again, everything just went by so quickly.
Secret Bridezilla
Thursday, August 11, 2005
For months I have been telling FH about the wedding plans and that we have a budget of $5,000. He never said anything about the budget, which is tiny for a wedding these days. I spent a lot of time working on the budget finally settled on a realistic distribution among the various wedding items. FH never said "That is too much money. How are we going to pay for it?" Now that we are ready to put down a deposit on the reception, he is nit picking every little detail about the menu, EVEN THOUGH it is well within the amount I set for the reception ont eh $5,000 budget. I have contacted countless places and researched multiple alternatives, from hotels, to restaurants to museums to back yard tents and I know this is about the cheapest we can do if he insists on having a full dinner (which he does). I am fine with making the guests pay for their own alcohol, but I refuse to make them pay for soft drinks. All of my guests are coming from out of state, most from across the country. They have to pay for airfare and a hotel because we don't have enough room to put them all up in our teensy apartment. I WILL NOT make them go thirsty at my reception. I have cut my dress budget from $500 to $200 (which means I'll be wearing a lovely BM dress on my big day). I will wear shoes out of my own closet (hopefully the dress will cover them) and not have a veil or headpiece. I have elected to forego the wedding band I really want in favor of a less expensive plain one. I have given up my original brilliant idea for favors in exchange for something costing half the price. I have cut down my centerpiece idea to just the bare minimum of a cluster of pillar candles with ribbon tied around them. I am going with my secodn choice photographer to save a few hundred dollars. What the heck else can I do and still have something at least close to a wedding? I love him dearly, but he is being so incredibly unrealistic about how much it is going to cost to have even a tiny, minimalist wedding.
Thursday, August 11, 2005
also hailey the post wedding day depression is a common phenomenon probably related to lack of a task to focus on and no longer being the centre of attention. Don't fall that so many women do of getting pregnant to restore centre of attention feeling - same thing happens after baby is born and then they get to be the special one, plus the maternity wear is so much uglier than the brides dress
happy at last
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
finally a trivial part of the wedding planning has made me excited. Eighteen years ago my siblings and I were done out of attending my uncle's wedding by nasty new "aunt by marriage only" declaring a no kids policy. Turned out on the day there were kids there, but only from her side... My sibs and I have vowed ever since that neither she nor her children would come to our weddings when they eventuated. Now my turn for vengance is upon me but guilt overtook us so the family was sent the early "save the date" card - but those cousins were never going to get bridesmaid status and I'd already planned the table next to the speakers and the toilet for them. Lucky me because darling "aunt by marriage" has decided she can't come, even with the ten months notice. Things are looking up!!
happy at last
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Has anyone who is reading this site that has already been married, ever gotten depressed after their wedding? my wedding was back in june and i cant stop thinking about it. i miss the whole day so much. can anyone relate to this?
brooklyn, ny Wednesday, August 10, 2005
I'm the MOH for my older sister's wedding which happens in three weeks. I live on the East coast and have to plan a bachelorette party in Vegas. She still hasn't given me who to invite and how many and then got on my case for not having something already booked. Vegas ain't cheap! You have to pay everything up front. I'm not paying for 20 people and then only have 6 show up. The next thing she dictates is that my hair cannot be cut because she wants it up. She told me to have my highlights redone close to the wedding so that roots don't show in her pictures. She said my toenail polish will be a French manicure. Then she told me to book my own hair appointment but as soon as I did, she exploded saying that I should have waited to get the wedding day schedule. I'm so ready to tell her to take a hike but I've already paid for the plane ticket, hotel, dress, shoes, etc. I've been really reserved but can't take it anymore! Sure this is her wedding and I'm happy for her. But the world does not revolve around her. No one will even notice if my toenail polish is pink instead of a French. This entire process puts a bad taste in my mouth about weddings. At this point I'd rather elope!
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
YEAH!!!! It's done!!! The trip to Vegas was GREAT!! We had the best time! Our wedding was hilariously tacky, just what I wanted, and my groom looked unbelievable!! It's been 4 days of bliss so far. It's not too different, but just enough to make us closer! I tell ya, the destination wedding is the way to go. Only 7 family members went, so it was perfect! mY advice to all the future brides, it's only 1 day, take it in stride, and chill! The marriage is the important part. My reception is on Saturday, so I can't wait to PARTY down!!!
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
I feel like I'm trying to be a good bride and avoid becoming the dreaded bridezilla, but I have to admit, it can be hard at times. I worked hard to pick a dress that my bridal party liked and that would be flattering to them. After that, I ended up changing dresses because I found one that was over $100 cheaper. So far, I'm a good bride, right? Well, it took forever for the girls to get their measurements to me. Some of the delay I can understand b/c people have lives, but I ended up having to rush order the dresses, which cost an additional $150 (for all the dresses), which I will end up paying b/c I do not want to burden them. I don't expect people to throw me showers, I don't expect them to be my b*tch*s, I don't expect them to buy dyed to match shoes or to have their hair done if they don't want to or can't afford it. I'm fine with them flying in the morning of the wedding and flying out the day afterwards. I get that this is a wedding and not a bridal love fest. All I really expect of them is to GET ME YOUR MEASUREMENTS and show up on the day. Now I read this forum and I feel like a horrible bride just for making people travel to an out of town wedding. I know there are lots of bad, bad brides out there, but I feel like this whole "bridezilla" thing has gotten to the point that a lot of brides are probably scared to say anything for fear of being labeled a "bridezilla". Bridesmaids out there, am I totally out of line? P.S. I have not conveyed my frustration or yelled at any of my 'maids in any way, shape or form-promise!:)
what's a bride to do?
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
I literally just stumbled on this site and find it funny. I too was a bride and found it very easy to deal with my bridesmaids. Why? cause I did it all for them. I found bargin dresses and paid for them (as my gift to them), found jewelry and paid for that too. I only requested a few of things from my bridesmaids, purchase your own shoes, get your dress altered, wear your hair up and show up on time. Pretty simple huh? They followed directions and I had no problems. What we all must understand is that there are two sides to every wedding, those getting married and those not. If you are getting married, recognize that everyone does not have deep pockets and may not be able to afford that fab $400 frock and a hotel, and a flight and a gift etc. etc. etc. For those that are on the other side, you can always say no. I had a dear friend who I have known for over 18 years. She declined to be in my wedding because she had had it with the whole bridesmaids concept afer being in 5 weddings within last 2 years. Thus I had to pay for other bridezillas misdeeds and mistakes. Yes I was disapointed but better she not particpate than be in the wedding and be a miserable cloud over the whole affair.
1st time in the booth
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou are you serious?? It has been 6 months of hell trying to get my girls in line. Even though they had 7 months to get the dress they all waited until the last week,my future sis in law through the shower and even though I had sent repeated emails and text messages, not one offered to help with anything, oh and should I also state I will have to have my 2 maids of honor glued to my side that day b/c apparently they have no watch or are just unable to tell time!!!!! Hello let's get real. I am not asking a lot of you, but just to be at things on time!!!! Is it so much to ask that your "friend" who whines about the wedding, but you know would whine if she wasn't in it, to be on time or lend a hand.........I wish I was getting married in Vegas.Bridesmaids are not supposed to be the stressful part!!!!!
6 more weeks!
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
I hate when bridesmaids whine about wedidng details. If you don't want to fork out the money to go out of state, buy the dress or the shoes, and you feel that the wedding is a parade you have a voice that can certainly say 'm sorry I don't think I will be able to be apart of your wedding, but I do wish you luck. Instead of haveing anger and hostility against the bride. Yes some brides can be bridezilla's wether it be their attitude or the fact they ask you to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a dress that you know you will never wear again, but the point is the wedding is about the bride and groom and a joining of two families and it is a celebration and it should be a day for a girl to feel like a princess, it only (hopefully) happens once in someone's life and God knows most women don't get to feel like that most of the time so I would like to say of all of those bridemaids who feel like they are just "bowing down" to the bride suck it up! You don't actually know what goes into a wedding until it's being planned and yes we (brides) realize that it's not going to be perfect, but we are trying to do everything in our power to help it reach that goal. And you try and plan a 200 person event by yourself with no help from any of the bridesmaids or the inlaws and have the stress about fitting into a dress that you yourself will only wear once, but if it doesn't fit that day you're screwed. So this is what I am saying, Brides you have every right to be selfish about your day! Brdesmaids, grab a tissue noone wants to hear your sob story about how many weddings you have been in and how horrible the dress is. You are a refelction of the bride, and she feels that you are close enough to make you apart of her wedding party, when she could've asked someone who doesn't meant that much or not asked at all. So bridesmaids you think brides are selfish, well they are allowed to be, but in most cases it is the bridesmaids who are selfish by being mad about the dress or how you look or where the ceremony is at, you have every right to back out if it really ticks you off that much!!!
Are you serious???
Monday, August 08, 2005
This is my last week of work before I take my vacation for the wedding. Since I'm moving to a new city/state, Friday was going to be my last day, period. But the powers that be decided that I am such a good and valued employee that I can work for another eight weeks after I get back - from home, in my new place!

Which means eight more weeks of pay, but also means I can't just dump this stuff on someone else and run.

Bottom line is that I have a ton of work to do this week, but with my wedding 12 days away, I have developed bride brain.

Also. The owner of the place where I work out sent my some glasses off my registry. I haven't been in to work out in...forever. GUILT!!!!!

Wish me luck. Hating that I have to work this week...
Cut and Run
Monday, August 08, 2005

In October, I will be in my 7th (and, by God, final) wedding. At this point, I'm so freeking sick of being a bridesmaid, that I don't even want to be in a wedding of my own!! I'm 28 and tired of paying way to much for an ugly dress that my supposed "friends" say that I can wear again (brides lie, they all do). Brides are also self absorbed and thoughtless on the whole. Is it hormonal? Have the newly betrothed women of the world ever stopped to ask themselves why anyone actually cares they're getting married? I have news: no one really does besides your close family members..and sometimes, not even them. Seriously, who are you getting married for? Yourselves, right? I hope that's your answer. Weddings on the whole feel like they're parades for the bride... a day to play "princess" and be the center of attention. Hey, I love taking a day for me, but I go to the spa. Sure, it's your "special day", but why make it the worst day for your supposed friends? I lack the enthusiasm to even fake happiness anymore at some of these weddings I'm in. First, you ask me to spend upwards of $200 on a dress (if I'm lucky, you won't pick out $100 shoes too), then I have to travel to where the wedding is (9 times out of 10, out of state!) and THEN, I'm supposed to find a hotel, rental car, wait on you hand and foot and not make a fuss? Please. Yeah, because "we're friends", right? Not for long if you keep that crap up. People get married all the time. You're not winning a nobel prize, you haven't discovered the cure for cancer, hell, you haven't even started a charity. You're getting married. Many people do, several times over, in fact. It's special to you. Don't expect, demand, or be surprised that it isn't special to everyone else around you. It's expensive, it's a headache, and as the bridesmaid, you rarely get to enjoy the reception as much as the regular guests do. Think I'm "bitter"..think this is all built up because I'm not married? Of course you do! Truth be told, I'm in love with a wonderful man, we might even get married some day (shudder). I just pray every day that I won't be as narcissistic, materialistic and evil as some of my friends have been. Peace out. :)
Las Cruces, NM Sunday, August 07, 2005
I went to a wedding this past month, and although it was a beautiful ceremoney and reception, I felt disappointed that the bride virtually ignored me - a guest among 100. I had traveled nearly 3,000 miles, spent $350 for a wedding gift, paid for my hotel, food and rental car, and took time off from work to go. At least she could have said, at some point, thank you for coming, we're glad you're here. The wedding is NOT only all about the bride and groom. If you think it is, don't invite anyone else, especially if you are going to treat them like "extras" in your personal drama.
Disappointed in Salinas
Saturday, August 06, 2005
so about 3 weeks ago there was this huge blowout between my MIL, me, and DQ (my to be sis in law) DQ(drama queen) was upset because she thought that we were leaving her out of our trips to the mall and the movies... which isn't true, she's just always "sick" so she can't go. So anyways I was talking to my FH's cousin about it and someone overheard and it was like playing telephone! Things were completely misconstrued and my MIL started screaming at me....I didn't say anything bad, I promise, but she wouldn't have it! She was right and I am now the Bitch of the family... so DQ and I talked and I told her what really happened and things seemed ok until she told me she had told her whole family what happened and her friends and they wouldn've told her if she was what I apparently said! Well guess who got invited to her birthday party tomorrow night, ME! My FH keeps telling me one of us needs to grow up, but I don't want to go...1st his brother will be there who I am sure hates me, 2nd who else do you think will be there...her family and friends....and what do you think will happen when alcohol starts aflowing.....something will be said, I just know it and it irritates the hell outta me these people weren't even there, how the hell do they know what happened??? DQ must really want the attention to ask that I be there because she really wants me there, why? So people can ask her why the hell is that bitch here? Are you ok with her being here? Should we ask her to leave? I know it I just do and if people are nice to me it will be a cover. Unfortuneately some people there don't have manners and know how to just let things ride out. But I am really p.o.'d that my FH is like completely missing the point of my level of akwardness of being there. I have no problem with letting him go, but I really really don't want to be there!!! I mean this thing is like really a major drama. But I think DQ is now happy it happened , it just reestablished her place as the little princess who everyone should be careful not to hurt her feelings! WHATEVER!!!!
Irritated in Fresno!
Saturday, August 06, 2005
My old best friend from HS called and announced that she's getting married and wants me in the bridal party. It's taken me months to get over all the frustration and disgust from the last wedding I was in, and I have no desire to do it, but don't know how to decline without hurting her feelings. (Incidentally, we're 20 years out of high school, rarely talk anymore, and are certainly no longer close friends. Why me???)
Never Again
Saturday, August 06, 2005
My bridal shower is being held by my MOH and best friend, who still lives in the town we grew up in. She's hosting a shower there--I asked her to because it will be financially easier for her, and because my aunts, cousins, and grandmother all live in the area. Invites went out last week, and yesterday my Fiance gets a call from his mother who says it's just too far to drive (it's 45 mins away), and she won't be attending. We've dated for 6 years, been engaged for since October, and they have made no effort whatsoever to get to know my family. My folks have invited them over/out to dinner several times, and they just cannot make the effort. I confess that I'm just glad there are only 5 of his family here in the US that we have to invite. I confess that I'm not telling her about the couples "shower/party" that my in-town BMs are hosting. I confess that I'm boiling mad that she didn't even bother to respond to the RSVP number on the invite, or to phone me instead of making my FI her messenger boy. I confess that I'd love nothing more than to not see her anymore. I am hateful and mean. Shame on me.
Unlovable Bride
Saturday, August 06, 2005
Shiczilla <email>
tarzana, ca Friday, August 05, 2005
My fiance and I got engaged in March 05, we are getting married sometime in 07. After we told the families that we are going to Vegas, and if anyone wants to come they can, BUT we arent paying for anyone, just a simple wedding in a hotel chapel, and a week in Vegas. They all freaked out, what no big wedding, what about dad? etc... WE just said oh well, we would rather buy a house then pay 15,000 for one day, besides Im in my 30's and the dream of a huge wedding has become a dream of intimate peaceful sharing of vows... Do it your way, or you will lose your mind, no bigs plans here, a few months ahead and book it!
alex bay, ny Friday, August 05, 2005
Lisa T - Get the halter-style one with the sash and brooch!!!! Even if it was more expensive...it seems to me that every wedding I've been to in the last 10 years, EVERY BRIDE was wearing a simple strapless gown. Very pretty, yes, but how cookie cutter! They ALL look the same these days...go with the halter style, I say!!!!
Friday, August 05, 2005
Two dresses, both alike in dignity... Actually, two dresses at the same store, very similar over all A-line style, netting ruffle underneath for poufiness, floor length, no train, and same satin/polyester fabric. One has a halter style neck, a satin sash at the waist and a rhinestone brooch to hold it. Very pretty. I like it. The other is strapless and has NO embellishments. It is plain (although you can order embellishments for an additional fee.) Which one is less expensive? The one with the sash and brooch. Why? Because it is on the bridesmaid side of the store! The sales girl was positively confused because I said I was shopping for a bride dress, but then wanted the info on the bridesmaid dress. I am on to them now. Why should I buy an "informal" bride dress when I can buy a formal bridesmaid dress that I like better for less money?
Lisa T
Thursday, August 04, 2005
I confess that I think i dont fit in with this family. I confess that the mother in law is happy with one daughter in law, and that she really didnt want me. Now that she has me, she hates me. When I offered her picture frames, she asked if I was giving them to her for the new baby that the other sister in law just had. We just got married, and you think Im going to give you my pictures frames for the baby? Get a life! We are in the process of finishing our basement, and all she can add is how great the other brother and sister in law are doing with theirs. And where do i (the new daughter in law) fit in? No where. She used to call me, even after I told her I would get in trouble if I have a lot of personal phone calls. Now, I dont get a call. Not only that, she doesnt call the house. I guess it sounds like I care, but I am getting into the mindset that I dont care anymore. It could be worse, she could be a meddlesome pain in the ass, asking me when im going to get pregnant. I guess she thinks im too miserable to deal with. I think she is impossible to deal with.
hating new family
Thursday, August 04, 2005
I got around the minumum person issue by planning my reception at a city park pavillion. Its the most beautiful site I visited and I pay by the HOUR!!!! Woo-hoo!
Ungrateful daughter
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Okay, so I don't know what possessed me to have a big, formal wedding, which by the way was suppose to be small. It's been only one month since I've started planning and I want OUT!!! First my fiance's mother and aunt thought they would be able to have 80 spots to invite whoever to the reception, not... then, pure silence when we told MIL the wedding wouldn't take place until Oct. 2006 (we've been engaged since Feb. 2004). Finally, the aunt says "Can't you have it someplace cheaper so we can invite more people?" Oh, yeah, I forgot, this was suppose to be about me and my fiance, right. I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't a BIIIIIG mistake letting my parents pay for the wedding because I feel like I can't tell them no on anything THEY want. My mom wants me to have my sister-in-law in the wedding. We never talk, I don't even know when her birthday is! Suddenly we have 14 people in our bridal party! Oh yeah, last week my fiance told me he wasn's sure he even wanted to get married anymore because I was flipping out over how much all of this is costing, there are children starving in Africa.
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Ok what part of "please respond by Augst 1st, 2005" do people not understand. How f****** hard is it to drop a pre addressed, pre stamped envelope in the mail. The wedding is September 10th.....it's now August3rd.... I have have received 15 of 130 response cards back. One couple who did return theirs took the liberty of adding their ten your old's name on a card that said "We have reserved TWO seats in your honor"
Ignorant guests bother me....
Calgary, AB Wednesday, August 03, 2005
My sister is getting married in July 2006 and wants a huge black tie affair. I'm happy that she is getting what she wants but insists on putting my life on hold becuase of her big day. Me and my Boyfriend are planning on getting engaged this September. (since we are following the indian tradition, the engagement happens at the time the parents meet). So yesterday I told my sister that we will plan on getting married at the end of 2006. This will be a very small family affair with next to no formal preparations. It would be 3 months after hers. She completely went postal after I told her this and said that I am taking away her year and that I am jealous and am trying to steal her thunder, with a lot of curse words from B to F. I took it quietly not wanting a fight. She has kicked me out of the wedding as maid of honor and disowned me all because I would get married in the same year. Here's a little background...My BF lives in a city 5 hours drive away and we are getting really sick of the long commutes and short visits, so marriage seems right to us. My sister is a selfish greedy person. To my shock, she wasn't happy for me.
Sad Sister
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Who knew my best friend would become the biggest bridezilla EVER? Sure, she was always a control freak but now it's way out of hand. Lucky for me, I'm in the bridal party! Over one year she's become the greediest, most controlling, self-consumed NUT. After she gets married - I'm going on a long vacation away from her. I've had ENOUGH with her insults about the wedding shower, the bachelorette party and her MOH rants (along with the new mother in law rants!) Grrr... Me? I'm getting married in VEGAS.
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Lisa T, you might not be able to book the typical banquet hall. But many restaurants have a room for smaller private parties. I bet it's cheaper and certainly more intimate and personalized than the banquet halls that just crank out weddings at exorbitant prices anyway. Good luck!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Reasons we're waiting. 1)I'm still in college and would like to graduate before getting all up in the planning of a wedding. 2) My dad wants me to be 25 when I get married. I don't understand my dad but I do want to finish school.
Fiancee of Groomzilla
Easley, SC Wednesday, August 03, 2005
What is up with wedding vendors (esp. reception sites) that only have appointments available Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5:00? Hello, people! FH and I have to work to make money to pay your outrageous fees! While I am venting, I am also annoyed with minimum guest requirements. It's like they are saying my wedding isn't important enough to them because we have chosen to limit our guest list to only those who are closest to us, rather than inviting every person we have ever had a conversation with. I understand they get less money if there are fewer guests in the head count, but maybe they can charge an extra fee to make up for the lost food revenue. (Not that I am really advocating charging more. I'm just annoyed at how hard it is to find a location for our 20-guest wedding next fall. At least I still have over a year to look!)
Lisa T
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A WEDDING ANYMORE! I hate my mom, we don't have enough money, to cater hors doeuvres for 90 people is gonna cost us like 11K, and my FI is not helping, and we are paying for this out of a settlement from his old house with his ex and he won't folow through, and I hate most of my relatives and I am going insane.
Sad bride
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
It used to piss me off so bad when people asked why we were waiting so long to get married after we got engaged. The popular phrase was Why wait? We were engaged December 29, 2002 and are getting married this October 8, so that is almost 3 years!! There are lots of reasons why people wait to get married... just because you have a ring doesnt mean that you HAVE to get married right away or you are going to fall out of love with one another!! I love my FH more and more every day so why does it matter how long we wait! We are going to be together for the rest of our lives we concentrated a little more on what was best at the time stable job security and a home that we now own together. The wedding is almost 2 months away, time flew by and we have had tons of time to be sure of all the decisions that we make are truly what we want, we havent had to compromise with anything and we never had someone tell us that they were booked for the day now everyone keeps saying its right around the corner are you done with everything? and I can safely say I will have a stress free day. Most things have been done for a while!! Invitations are going out this week and for all who think it is bad to wait then you are just insecure about you relationship and think if you dont get legally married right away then he will run or you will freak and run yourself whats the difference if you wait a day, a year or 5 years you will be married forever!!
What Next
Ma Tuesday, August 02, 2005
As much as I didn't think it would happen, somehow I've turned bridezilla. I've become OBSESSED with wedding forums and searching for every last detail and ideas all day long at work. Though, I've learned from reading this site not to end my friendships over thinking everyone else cares as much about the silly details--I'll keep that between us brides, the only other people on the planet who understand why it all "matters." I've become obsessed with the idea of needing a "theme" and looking up the various decoration/favor/invitation/food options for each theme I'm contemplating. Do I go with an Asian theme because those adorable red paper lanterns would look so lovely in my house? (And I've found everything from the I-Ching lucky coin favors to the adorable red and gold cocktail napkins, etc.) But, no, since we're not actually Asian, perhaps we should go with a beach theme for the reception at home following our island destination wedding--SO many cute favor ideas, but the decorations would look tacky in my red and green living room/dining room. But then maybe an Autumn theme since it will be in October of 2006--golds and oranges and brown would look nice, and candy apples for favors! But then maybe an "Indian Summer" theme so I can combine the autumn ideas also with pulling in a little bit of the beach stuff.... And then I realize I must have officially lost my mind! Who spends 8 hours a day, going on a couple of work weeks now, doing this?!? Damn the slow cycle at work, I probably wouldn't have fallen in this deep if I had some work to do!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
NJ Tuesday, August 02, 2005
To Fiancee of Groomzilla -- Why would anyone wait 4 to 5 years to get married?
Can't understand it
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
LikeandLove, Maybe it would be a good idea to think things over then. My FH drives me crazy sometimes, but I'm still madly in love with him and couldn't imagine my life without him!
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
As much as I love FH I don't like him very much anymore. Honestly, I can't stand the sound of his voice anymore and sometimes which it was over. I do love him with all my heart but question if I am still in love with him or is it just the stress from planning that is doing this. :-(
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Okay I thought it would be me freaking out about every little detail about my upcoming wedding. My brother is gettin married next year and I am gettin married 4 yrs later (so I have 5 yrs to plan) I haven't even really started to do anything serious simply because it is so far away but my fiance is going nuts. "We need to set the date, we need to get the wedding party settled, we need this we need that!" It's driving me insane. I hope when I finally get down to planning my wedding I won't be a total bridezilla and I hope by then my fiance has calmed down so he's not making maters worse...
Fiancee of a Groomzilla
Easley, SC Tuesday, August 02, 2005
According to darling FH, it now looks like my October Halloween wedding is now becoming a May '06 affair. I love this man, but he's tap-dancing on my last f*cking nerve, as I have either conjured or bought most of the wedding supplies and though he says he's saved a little money toward this wedding, he is also due for major dental surgery soon. (Otherwise, he has his tux and my ring and zilch else.) This may sound politically incorrect right now, but the French seem to have the right idea: just go to city hall, sign the papers and go get stinking on wine. MAYBE a church ceremony, but not as a rule. Just simple.
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Tuesday, August 02, 2005
I am sick and tired of weddings! In the past year I have been a bridesmaid in two weddings. One of my friends is getting married next year, and I am dreading being in the wedding! The only reason that I am going to be in it is because I like her so much. I hate going to dress fittings, rehearsals, showers, dinners and all that crap! It makes me not want to get married at all! I HATE WEDDINGS!!!
SC Monday, August 01, 2005
My father sent me a nasty email because my step-mom offered to pay half of the cost of my wedding dress. He also said that if my mother shows up, he'll walk out! A-the dress isn't costing him a cent (my step-mom is doing this out of the kindness of her heart) and B-I'll invite whomever I want to...I'M the one footing the bill! ARGH!!!!
Ungrateful Daughter
Monday, August 01, 2005
I booted one of my bridesmaids out via email. Shame upon me.
The Devil
Monday, August 01, 2005
All I have to say is that after what my now ex-best friend did to me with her wedding I am totally against getting married myself and may not even attend my own cousin's wedding even though I have nothing against her. Every time I hear the word wedding I just want to throw up. It conjurs up memories of bridezilla's "gimme" attitude. She didn't care who she used, abused, hurt or stepped on in order to get her special day. All it cost her was the friendship of her three closest friends. Not a bad price to pay for a wedding she complained about until the day it happened, then bitched throughout the day of the wedding and continued to complain for the brief period of time I spoke to her following the wedding. She wanted the perfect wedding and never thought about the fact that there was a marriage coming afterward. What a self-centered bitch. I blame the groom for that, he turned her into this or encouraged the princess behavior that was always below the surface. Thanks for allowing the rant.
Pissed MOH
Monday, August 01, 2005
I have to match everything. If it doesn't match, all hell will break loose.
Tx Monday, August 01, 2005
I was always under the impression that mothers and mother in laws to be were the brats of a wedding. I was apparently wrong. My father has had something to say about everything that my fiance and I have decided on so far.. and I have another year of listening to him. 1)he's not giving me away alone, my stepfather will have the other arm (I have known them both the same amount of time) 2)we requested that his wife walk behind my mother escorted by one of my brothers... her snotty rejection of the idea was only meant to imply that because she so graciously stepped aside for my "real mother" to shine, that my stepfather should do the same. 3) I am not being married in an RC church/ceremony because my fiance is Presbyterian and we both want to get married outdoors 4) my father's four sons are not in the actual bridal party, but will be given other duties so that they feel included. I have spoken to each of them and they all are cool with it (they are teenagers) and they understand that my fiance's friends should stand beside him. 5) we aren't having any children other then first cousins and siblings he tells me that we are being too selfish
Jersey Girl <email>
nj Monday, August 01, 2005
You're not evil, Vegas bride. If people like "Mother" think that others are actually being selfish for planning events that don't revolve around her and her kids, then those kind of people don't need to be invited to weddings. Or anywhere else, for that matter.
Get a grip, Mother
Monday, August 01, 2005
Well, we leave Wednesday for Vegas!! 5 days til the BIG day. I think everything is ready, I hope!!! Finally had a chat with my FH about helping out, and he didn't realize I was still working on things. So we got that taken care of, pretty much. I understand about the children. I only wanted my nieces to be there, but some other people are bringing their kids. I don't mind it, but was kind of hoping for no kids so that everyone could drink and have fun. I don't think that we're evil because we don't want kids there. And FYI I have 2 dogs, which have never been kicked!!!! Anyway, wish me luck! I hope and pray that nothing goes wrong on the trip. I UPSed my dress so I can track it at all times!! Didn't want the airline to lose it. I want to thank you all for reminding me why I'm running away to get married, a lot less stress!!!!!:):):)
Vegas Bride
Monday, August 01, 2005
Blah blah blah, I hear you sister. This has been the summer from hell for me too. I have had to move not only myself, but several friends, plan the wedding, and work two jobs. Because I have been so busy this has not been a good beauty time for me, despite all the moving of heavy objects in the summer heat I am white as a ghost and have put on five pounds. I nearly punched a coworker who suggests that I get more sleep and take care of myself. There will be time to sleep when I am married.
Pasty Bride
Monday, August 01, 2005
i am tired of planning this monstrosity! i feel like i am doing it all alone, and to top it off it looks like we are going to have to move our entire apartment in the month before the wedding...it is too much to move, talk with all the vendors, plan the entire event, and work two jobs at the same time!!!! i feel like i am under more pressure than i ever imagined i could be at a "happy" time in my life. the stress is really getting to me - i think my head is about to explode!!!
blah blah blah
Sunday, July 31, 2005
I have the grabbiest, greediest cousins in the world. A few initially declined the wedding invitation, but at the last minute they all decided to make it after all and bring their no-neck monster kids with 'em. My fiance now has six extra mouths to feed at the rehearsal dinner and these are not even people we LIKE! You can't choose your family. My sister says I need to get over it, and maybe I will. Some other day!
Enough Already
Sunday, July 31, 2005
Two of my three bridesmaids didn't show any signs of enthusiasm when I FINALLY picked their dress. Well, now that the dresses are in, and they have them in their hot little hands, they're all conceding that it's a great color and flattering style - in short, that it's a pretty dress. See - I had some small idea of what I was doing! I'm still not wild about my mother's dress - the cut/style are awesome - the color is a very "safe" powder blue - I had really wanted her in something DRAMATIC. Well, whatever. All eyes are going to be on MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Also, FWIW, I have no confidence at all in the fiance's flaky groomsmen. I've never met one of 'em. One of them started out solid but has grown flaky, and behind door number three - Mr. Flakeyflake.
SmartBride 2005
Sunday, July 31, 2005
When I got engaged, my friends seemed very happy. I chose my MOH, and two BM's. One of my BM's was a really nice girl until she got her new 'career' started and she turned into a snotty little bitch. Well, she finally got pissed off at me for something, wrote me a big email tearing me apart and then said, "I was going to do this and this for you, but now I won't. I don't want to be in your stupid wedding!" I told her fine. I didn't want her to either. FF to a few months later. She gets knocked up by my FH's brother. They have a shotgun wedding right before my birthday. Everyone thinks this won't last. And despite me being 'related' to the groom somewhat, I was not invited, changed around my work schedule so my FH could be the Best Man. Should I invite her to mine and put her in a corner somewhere? Not sure what I should do.
Unsure Bridezilla
Sunday, July 31, 2005
I hate the Best Man's 12 year old kid. He's a little brat who dresses like a little punk. He's also dirt dumb. Future husband and I had "custody" of the little snot a few weeks back, and no joke, the kid can't read. Dad doesn't seem to think it's an issue. I'm afraid the kid is going to say something racist, and my family is a diverse multiculti bunch. I don't like the kid, and I wish that his father would dump him on the ex wife the weekend of the wedding so we don't have his little slackjawed mouth to feed. Not once in the five years I've known him has he EVER said thank you. For anything! Got his goat though -we were at the mall the other day, and he pointed out a scary outfit in a window display and said that was what he was wearing to the wedding. I told him I liked it, but that people might confuse him for the bride, because I was wearing the same thing!
Hating The Little Punk
Friday, July 29, 2005
I can understand people want to spend time with their kids, but admit it, kids don't stay put. A wedding means a LOT of planning, and any bride has the right to have the beautiful day she deserves and enjoy every bit of it without worrying a kid will spill things on her and ruin the day. And THAT means people have to respect her will. If it says "no kids" on the invite, it means leave them home with grandma or a sitter. If you don't want to, just reply you're not coming. How hard is it to understand? Same goes for "with guest". Don't invite your entire family if they are not invited. Also, some parents can't control their own kids in every day situation. How do you expect them to behave at a wedding? Can't you just understand that people don't want to have your kids imposed to them. And please, don't talk all the time about your kids. There are other conversation topics too! By the way, to those parents who lack the simplest knowledge of etiquette should visit etiquettehell.com... You'll learn a lot.
Not mother
Friday, July 29, 2005
Did anyone of you selfish bridezillas ever stop to think that maybe these mothers want to spend time with their children? I work all week and I want to spend time with my kids not pawn them off on some random babysitter. You are all evil. You probably kick puppies and stick your tounge out at kids when no one is looking!
Friday, July 29, 2005
Okay, I yelled at my husband to be the day before the wedding...In front of friends and family. I mean, I really let him have it. To this day, 4 years and 2 kids later, he still brings it up.
Friday, July 29, 2005
ARRRRR!! Wedding in one week and I hate it, my family, my friends, and everyone involved. I hired a babysitter to be onsite because all of these morons insisted on bringing their kids - and have been told by several, thanks, but we'll just keep them with us. You idiots!!!! No one is charmed by your bratty kids but you. My reception is so kid un-friendly I can't beleive people would want to bring them anyway - open bar and band for four hours. Great! Sounds like a fun family event, doesn't it?!?! And my stupiod MOH who keeps begging for jobs to do and can't complete a damn one of them. She didn't even send a shower invitation to my future MIL, who of course reminds me of that every damn day. I can not wait for this to be over, so I can ignore everyone I know for a leasdt a month. Bitches!
Istillhate mywedding
Friday, July 29, 2005
When I choose the bridesmaid dresses for my girls they complained about the colors. I wanted to have different color pastel colors. None of my bridesmaid wanted to wear yellow. I then decided to pick out a color for all of my bridesmaids to wear. And then they still continued to complain. I then threatened to cut them all out of the wedding if they did not buy the dress. I have since apologized for my actions. I am having a horse drawn carriage take my father and I to the ceremony. I sent the deposit to the company and was supposed to receive the contract in the mail. My check was cashed and I had not received a contract. I called repeatly with not return phone calls of course. I finally called and threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau if they did not return my phone call. And then I had my fiance get involved and can you believe they called him back. The latest on my wedding that is in four weeks. My fiance called me today to tell me that the caterer has backed out. I already have a final head count of 215 and no food. When he told me I dropped the phone and burst out in tears. Secretly he hired another caterer and was afraid to tell me. I don't know what has happened to me. I am starting not to be able to stand myself. I can't wait until the day comes and I can finally relax. If I would have known how much planning this wedding would have affected me I would have gone straight to the courthouse.
Out of control
Trappe, MD Thursday, July 28, 2005
We kind of got tricked into getting invited to the wedding of a couple who's getting married one month after us, so we felt we had to invite them too in return. We got the invite and knowing first hand how much organization that represents and how pissed I am at guests not rsvp'ing in time (for God's sake, they had the invite and reply card for over 3 months! it's already stamped! You don't have the time to lick it yourself?) that I answered back immediately. I had sent them a late invite saying I'd like to have the reply card at latest 2 weeks after the deadline I had given everybody else. It's 2 weeks past the deadline I had given the couple, and still no card in sight. My FH told me they might not come. So I guess we were tricked into going to their wedding and getting them a present and not us. Argh! Luckily, the rest is going perfectly! As for kids, we were very clear we didn't want any (I had visions of 3 kids running around, knocking the cake off the table and spilling a glass of whatever on my designer dress), but luckily, most people we know don't have kids, and the parents are reasonable enough to enjoy the day and party as free time on their own.
Everything almost under control
Thursday, July 28, 2005
I am happily married to an amazing man. I found out recently that an ex (well, THE ex) got married and even though he's gotten fat and looks terrible, I can't help but hope that his new wife is a woofer. And I feel smug about my handsome, marathon-running husband.
Wedded Witch
Thursday, July 28, 2005
Lisa T, I feel your pain. I dont see how people think it is OK to bring their children (expecially small babies) to a wedding. There is absolutely no reason to... why not get a babysitter and enjoy a night out without the rodents. It is a wedding not a cookout... We are having the same problem with our best man and his wife who want to bring their kid... and I cant stand the wife either... she should STAY HOME if she cant just get a babysitter!! Why would you want to bring a baby to a wedding...
What Next
Ma Thursday, July 28, 2005
In the midst of planning the wedding we found out my fiance's Best Man had knocked up his live in girlfriend. The little demon seed will be about 10 months old on My Perfect Day. This news did not go over well with me as the only children I want at my wedding are our niece and two nephews, who will be 3, 3 and 6, respectively. It is going to be a very small wedding of only about 20 people and I have a Vision that will not be ruined by other people's irresponsible behavior. Besides, I don't really like her very much. I don't know why, I just don't and was kind of hoping Best Man would get rid of her before the big day. Anyway, I ranted for a good 20 minutes about how they have ruined the day for me, as I cannot invite the Daddy without the Mommy since they live together and a young child will disrupt the ceremony, etc. My fiance pointed out that other people will not put their lives on hold just because we are getting married. It hurt, but he's right. (In my defense, I was having a very, very bad day prior to getting the news. It was just the last straw and I do feel a teensy bit bad about it now.)
Lisa T
Thursday, July 28, 2005
Ohmigosh! I am so glad I found this place! I have nothing to vent to, especially mu fiancee. My maid of honor is driving me crazy! She is so jealous over my wedding and won't even respond about the shower!!! I am really not looking forward to when she finds out that she is the only one who isn't engaged or married. That should be fun! Than we have the mother in law who is mad because her corsage isn't fake and she wanted a fake one so she could preserve it! I told her that it's already been paid for and which she hasn't put a cent into the wedding which is a few short months away, but when her other son got married last year, she was more than willing to purchase things for the wedding! It's so frustrating being in my position. Our wedding isn't even talked about with his family, if it is I have brought it up, but yet last year, the brother's wedding was talked about everytime anyone was in earshot!!! I am a lucky girl with great parents who are paying for everything, but it wouldn't hurt for his mom to lift a finger. Or my bridesmaids for that matter. I mean talk about last minute they all waited for the last minute to get fitted except for one, she waited until the day after the fitting cut off date to go get her dress. Wow it realy shows how much these people care when you have them in a wedding.
Wednesday, July 27, 2005
My fiancé and I got engaged in December. His little sister was nearing the end of her 2 1/2 year engagement at that point. She was at his mother's house when we went to tell her. Did his little sister say Congratulations! Did she say I'm so Pleased for you? NO! She said "well, you're not getting married before me!" We went out shopping for foundation garments together. It was supposed to be a shopping day for both weddings, that her mom was taking us for. My future mother in law told the woman in the specialty bra shop that she was attending four weddings this year. The brat yells out "MINE FIRST!" and then follows it up with "and I've been engaged longer!" Well I've been waiting longer. And I'm older! Bratzilla made my life miserable for 2 1/2 years! I had to focus on her stupid wedding everyday! Add to that my Matron of Honour's pregnancy. She had a really hard time conceiving, so I am pleased for her, that she has finally had a baby. She was pregnant when we got engaged - but I didn't know that meant that my engagement would have to be about her pregnancy and now, her baby!! I just want my turn! I want a chance to feel the things that engaged women are supposed to feel, rather than constantly trying NOT to step on toes. So, the little sister's wedding was 2 months ago. Just yesterday she said that my wedding is taking the focus off of her, and she is being ignored. After all, she is newly married, you know! I want bad things to happen to her. My Matron of Honour is supposed to be planning my stag & doe, and a bridal shower. 11 weeks to the wedding and no plans in place on either front. I want to cry. Why does it always have to be disappointing?
sweet merciful crap!
Wednesday, July 27, 2005
I chose my bridesmaids over a year ago. Just recently (over 3 months ago) I asked them to start getting fitted with the seamstress because she was booked and had to make dresses for everyone. NO ONE HAS GONE. They havent helped AT ALL with the bridal shower preperations, They SUCK>>> I have the WORST bridemaids ever. They are so wrapped up in their own worlds that they forget THEY chose to be bridesmaids. I dont understand why they would accept the DUTIES if they dont wanna do it. Freaking Dorks! Worst part is that most are family so I cant say shit or the moms involved would be upset or whatnot. AHH.. i hate obligations. To be honest. I cant wait for this entire wedding to be over so that I can go on my glorious honeymoon and really begin to enjoy being married. And dont get me started on my controlling, overbearing mother in law. So glad that my future hubby is a freaking saint and doesnt resemble her at ALL! People bitch about "bridezillas".. i am the chillest bride ever.. i really dont give a crap about the shit everyone stresses on... and people STILL manage to freaking disappoint me. I have never been a bridesmaid.. but Ill tell u, if I ever accept to be one, I understand that I need to support the bride from begining to end.. not just show up a month before the wedding and ask how i can help.. anyone who has planned a wedding knows you need your girls from the begining to the end! Stressed out Hippie in the house.
Dec Stressed Bride
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
okay were do i start ~one of my FH BM girl friend\thinks shes his wife (you know the type) anyways this bitch is such a pain in the ass................ but i'm nice to her because her man is a really close friend of my FH .so back to the story it was like maybe a week after our engagment and i was still floating on cloud nine and being nice to everyone. well this bitch calls me and me being the way to nice of a person that i sometimes am i told her she could be in my wedding !!!!!!!!!! man i could kick my self in the ass a thousand times for saying that .you guys just don't understand this bitch is the most irritating person you could ever meet and just looking at her makes me sick shes has a big round Pie Face it looks like the run a way cookie stuck its self to her face lol lol no but seriously this bitch is ugly lol.so now i have my wedding to worry about and i have to think up ideas of how to get this bitch out of my wedding without messing up my FH and his BM relationship help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
man do i hate this pie face bitch
pie face , Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Wow. My mom really sucks sometimes. Of all the things I could be stressing about, the only thing that gets me so worked up to the point of panic attacks and hives is HER!!!! I wish for just once since I turned 19 and became emotionally older/more mature than her she could step up and be a mother and give me the support I need. For the past six years (and this wedding is really bringing things to a head) I have been the parent figure in this mother-daughter relationship. I wish she could just grow up and be there for me.
Bride with ninja skills
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
My cousin is getting married a couple of months before me and is doing this extravagant 3-day affair that will cost everyone $2000+ on airfare and hotel to go to. I'm the only one in the family not going, as my mom is giving my sister and her husband the money to go, and my uncles are doing the same for my cousins. I'm older and more established, so don't get the "charity" bit. But since I'm having my OWN destination wedding 3 months later (no one invited), I don't have the extra money to go to her's. I'm feeling my aunt set up the competition about how this will be the affair of a lifetime that the family will be talking about forever...and, granted, that will probably be the case. And then so I'll have MY measly at-home celebration following and EVERYONE (except me) will be going on and on about the amazing time they had--and I'll end up hosting a "reunion" to talk about HER wedding and I won't get a word in edgewise that that day we're celebrating MY wedding, not her's. Now I feel like we need to make our's at least a LITTLE fancier, but if FH had it his way it would be more like a frat party than a sophisticated cocktail party (at the very least). And he doesn't seem to understand why I'm letting myself be manipulated by my aunt's insecurity to one-up everyone at all times...I just don't want to hear about it nonstop at MY wedding celebration, just because it's casual, but K- had this and this and that...all night long.... At least if I was THERE, I could be like, yes, it was lovely...but I'll need to be filled in on ALL the details, which, of course I want to hear, but not at my wedding. But, alas, there won't be any other family get-togethers in the interim.
Marrying the GOOD Husband
Monday, July 25, 2005
I'm glad that I don't let my sisters know that I post here! They used my online blog to tattle on me to my mother, which is really strange considering that I am 30, and my sisters are 29 and 23. Is there anyone else who's got "tattlers" in their families?
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Monday, July 25, 2005
I'm secretly wishing my step-monster gets a stomach flu and isn't able to come. My wedding is still a few months away, so my evil thoughts have plenty of time to work their magic. Nothing fatal, just a lot of vomiting and feeling miserable, like she's making me feel right now.

All I have to say is thank god for valium.
making me crazy
Sunday, July 24, 2005

Two years ago my godson announced that he was getting married. We had previously met the young woman and were thrilled about his choice. In a mood of enthusiasm and generosity my husband and I offered to do anything we could to help. The bride then told us that she wanted to get married in the church where our godson was baptized but that she was having some trouble with the church administration. Since this is a church in our denomination my husband worked very hard to grease the wheels of the church to make sure this could happen. It turned out to be a very big deal involving many negotiations over many months. The church finally agreed but with some conditions. The bride readily agreed and all seemed set. Then, three months before the wedding she changed her mind and announced that this was not at all what she had in mind. The bride sent in one of her relatives to negotiate instead of my husband and they ended up moving the wedding out of our church and our denomination. The whole thing was so unpleasant that my husband and I rescinded our offer to host the rehearsal dinner (we had already hosted an engagement party.) The bride and groom have never forgiven us even after repeated offers of conciliation. 'Zillas of the world, I now understand the difference between brides and bridezillas. Getting married does not entitle you to being rude and outrageous. I lost respect for my godson and his wife and a relationship that has been very close for many years is now over. Please consider how much damage you might do by being demanding. Remember that relationships are more important than a fleeting one day event.
The Fairy Godmother
Portland, ME Saturday, July 23, 2005
Most people think that because I'm funny and outgoing, I do a lot of public speaking and such, that I'm at ease in social settings. Not so. I can speak in front of huge crowds - the bigger the better. But the thought of being on display this afternoon at my bridal shower in front of fourteen other women, all of whom I've known for YEARS. Well, my heart is already pounding.

Could you just perhaps leave a piece of cake at my doorstep and carry on without me? Someone else can open the presents...

I love you all, and I'm fine one on one, but this party idea has me a little anxious.

And there's also a part of me that doesn't think I deserve this. I mean, does committing to being with one man for the rest of my life really warrant place settings of my stainless flatware? A reawrd for bagging a live one?

And also, opening the gifts is so self-congratulatory - "Oh, I picked this out and you bought it for me. Don't I have the best taste?"

My sister says I'm over-thinking it. The big difference is that she thinks she deserves everything, and I think I deserve nothing.
Love Presents, Hate Parties
Saturday, July 23, 2005

why do I get the feeling people are trying to get invites to my wedding? even people I only met this year seem to be taking great interest and trying to help out with things. Am I right to be suspicious of my new best friends? would I be better off just going with it and abusing the faux friendliness of these virtual strangers?
Friday, July 22, 2005
I'm the MOH in my formerly best friend's wedding and I will be f@!%#ing glad when this day from hell will be over. For the past six months I've had to endure the pain of constant wedding planning banter and a "I am the most important person in the universe" attitude. Not only that, but my bridezilla, a formerly sweet, caring, fun loving friend, was less than enthusiastic about the bridal shower I threw for her. She didn't think I put enough effort into it or something. A total "what have you done for me lately?" Janet-esque moment.
Friday, July 22, 2005
Hi my name is Bridget. I was a bridesmaid in my former friend's wedding. I turned in my resignation yesterday because "my friend" thought that as a final fling she should sleep with my fiance. I was actually on my way to set up her bridal shower at her apartment when I thought she was gone for the afternoon. Imagine my surprise when I found out the noises her cat was making was actually the bride and my fiance making something else! When I confronted her about it, she said " First of all, I'm the bride and you're my bridesmaid and that means I rank higher than you. Second, my finace is a horrible lover, and finally, maybe if you tweeze your eyebrows and brush up on your bedroom skills he wouldn't have to go to me for fun." Great pal, huh?
Thursday, July 21, 2005
People in my office decided to throw me a shower. I don't like the woman planning it, and wanted to invite my real friends from the office to my family shower, so I went around and told the people I like not to go to the work shower. I admit it's evil, but it's also tacky to invite people to two showers.
Macon, GA Thursday, July 21, 2005
I was MOH in my now ex-best friend's wedding this past spring. She tortured everyone involved in the wedding to make herself happy. The groom is a jerk. They're the two most self-centered people I've ever seen and can't believe what a wedding turned this formerly sweet young woman into. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO ANYONE IN YOUR LIFE!
Former bridesmaid
Thursday, July 21, 2005
This is my confession: I have no humility, I keep thinking everything about my wedding and relationship with my man is better than other people's. I know this is wrong and prideful, and competitive. To compensate I make bad stuff up about my relationship, like telling a co-worker of mine who is also getting married that I too have had doubts about getting married -- I haven't. I keep thinking she shouldn't get married, unless she has a relationship like mine. I am a bad person and should not be comparing people and thinking things like that! Com-peat-a-bride
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
I now have a wedding dress! A kind soul lent me their SPANKING NEW, only once worn wedding dress and gave it to me. It only needs to be let out in the bust. As my FH has also just bought my wedding ring, I am considering telling my entire family to shove it for interfering and showing their collective a$$es and just eloping with a beautiful dress. But, I also want to see the look on my sisters' faces when they see me in my new designer gown. I guess this makes me a b!tch, but by now I have earned a capital B.
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Wednesday, July 20, 2005
(**This isn't about me but a funny experience I had a few years back!**)

In 2001, I had just broken up with someone and was only casually seeing someone. This someone didn't tell me that he had a significant other, or worse, that she was a lunatic. She called my job and harassed me and only didn't call my home because the guy didn't know my home number. They eventually got married the next year. The punchline to this whole thing is that the DAY AFTER THE WEDDING, his new wife arrived to my work with a stack of picture frames. They contained her WEDDING PHOTOS, CHURCH WEDDING CERTIFICATE, AND STATE MARRIAGE LICENSE!!! (She works fast, doesn't she?!) She showed me all of these FRAMED photos and documents and then told me, "There! Now you can't say you didn't know!" and stormed out of my business.

I just thought that it fit in with all the bridal horror stories. I was mad at her initially, but now, I see where she's coming from. (Though, they were divorced less than six months later...)
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I am still pissed at my brother. After setting up my wedding and sending out the invites, my bother decides to marry the witch he knocked up THE DAY BEFORE my wedding since "everyone was going to be there anyway".
Know Better
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
I am a freelance writer and these days the majority of my clients retain my services to pen custom ceremonies for them (which I realize designates me as the illegitimate bastard child of the wedding industry). The majority of bridal couples I work with are wonderful folks who have given me the opportunity to write step-children, dogs, deceased spouses, grandmas dying words of wisdom and Mark Twain quotes into wedding ceremonies. Its been a quirky specialty and I love it. However, for those who are thinking about hiring someone to write their ceremony I thought I might offer a few tips that I have gleaned in my experiences thus far:

Number one If you are Catholic, save your money and forget about paying me for a custom ceremony. Being Catholic myself, I feel your pain when it comes to the lack of license within the confines of the marital rites. If you would like to change things up a bit explore various biblical readings to be read by loved ones. Or you could have the Mass spoken in a language nobody knows. If you live here in California then youre your guests may be overly familiar with Spanish so explore Tagalog, Swahili or Russian. (Then ask the videographer to record your C&;E Catholic family members while they try to figure out when to stand, sit or kneel.)

Number two Do not ask for changes to be made to the ceremony without the knowledge of your betrothed. Unless you are planning on arming me with a small arsenal of weapons I can defend myself with, do not propose that I conspire to help you ambush your bride at the altar with passages encouraging her to adopt canine-like obedience or bear only sons.

Number three I enjoy working with you and hope that you are thrilled with my services. Just remember that I am a writer, not your wedding planner. I understand that my degree in English means that I will always be one client away from flipping burgers. However, unless you plan on cutting me a check similar to that of a well-heeled wedding planner please do not ask me to decorate churches, set up guest books, pour drinks, or even come to the ceremony. If I wanted to pad my income I would do something more respectable like performing donkey shows in Tijuana.

Number four If you are planning a new age wedding I am more than happy to include any number of items including (but not limited to) Celtic blessings, goddess invocations, and appeals to the earth, wind, fire, water. I really hope these contribute to making your wedding day unique and special. Just realize that I am secretly mocking all of these things in the movie inside my head.

Other than that, have a wonderful wedding day!
Wedding Writer <email>
Sacramento, CA Monday, July 18, 2005

Had a small wedding, sent announcements only to a bunch of cousins and an aunt from Dad's side (haven't seen or heard from some of them in decades) and a few old friends who lived so far away I doubted they'd come anyway. One month later, I've gotten a card and gorgeous gift from one old friend, and another from one of the cousins. Not a boo, congrats, or who cares drop dead from the others. About what I was expecting, and a major part of why I didn't invite their stick-up-the-butt asses anyway.
Let 'em bite me
Saturday, July 16, 2005
once again, i can't stand some of the spoiled bitches on liweddings.com.... your parents took out a loan just so your princess ass can have a wedding??!? come on!! thats absolutely rediculus... its ONE DAY! you hardly have a conscience if your putting your 55 year old parents in debt so you can have a 5 hour party... get a grip!
junie 05
Saturday, July 16, 2005
I check my registry sometimes three times a day, and I am excited to report that items are disappearing off the registry. Just today, two placesettings of flatware, and the serving pieces of my everyday dishes.

I love unwrapping presents!!!!!!

But I am a good bride, and I am prompt with my thank you notes!
Material Girl
Friday, July 15, 2005

Hating new family: I think that for Christmas you should copy the best wedding picture that you have of you and your husband, buy a lovely big frame and give to your in-laws as a special present. If they don't put it up they risk everyone knowing that they are obvious rude F#&*s. Merry Christmas!
Subtle but evil
Friday, July 15, 2005
Several of my fiance's guy friends have called and asked what they need to do with "the little card with the stamp" from the invitation.

OK. So my momma raised me right and I know what to do, but the instructions on the card were clear. It asked that they reply, and either a "I'll be there" or "I won't" box to check.

How effing stupid would you have to be?
Were you raised in a BARN?
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My honorary flower girl, aka, my little dog, chewed the largest, angriest hotspot on her hindquarter while I was at work today. I'm already inches from overdrafting my bank account, and I didn't need the added expense of this. But I love her, and I feel so bad for her. She has constant skin problems in the summer, so it's not a surprise. I loaded her up with cortisone spray (per the vet) and put her cone on so she can't chew any more. Good thing she's not really in the wedding - my guests would look at her and cringe... I love her to bits, though.
Mother of Hot Spot
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
We were married June 25th. Generally the planning was fun, but you future brides should expect the following: 1. late responses - people just don't understand the concept of planning ahead, 2. Bridesmaids dresses will be late (mine was and the store promised to follow up, but I'd still be waiting if I didn't have a minor bridezilla moment, 3. Something will go wrong on the day. My cake wasn't ready on time, people at the Reception hall were not as helpful as they led me to believe they were. Hairdresser took some fussy moron inbetween doing our hair. As a result, we were really late coming back to my house to get dressed and I only had 20 minutes to do my makeup and get dressed, (I had a serious bridezilla moment at this point trying to get to the church on time and smoked all my BM's smokes! What I needed was a valium!) 4. We drove out east for our honeymoon and had transmission problems and had to come home early. But in the end we had a gorgeous day - the ceremony was beautiful, food excellent and a lot of fun dancing the night away. So you future brides - sit back and enjoy the ride!
Glad its done
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
I don't think Brides should claim just one day. I think one year is far more appropriate - You know!
Toronto, Tuesday, July 12, 2005
My aunt. Well, Dad calls her Cruella. And she is. She wants all her little spoiled grandkids at every event (on guess whose dime?). Guess what - it's not going to be catered to them, and if they get bored, or hate the food or get tired, you can just lump it and take their little sorry selves home. Also, I don't care how much little Caitlin and little Olivia loooooooooove weddings - they're not going to be in mine. I don't need little wormy flower girls. Screw you, screw your grabby sons and their wives, and don't even think of upstaging our Moms with your tacky ways.
The niece of a tacky skank
Monday, July 11, 2005
For f&%@ sake. My bridesmaid dresses finally arrived, and I was on my way to the shop to get them when they called to tell me they'd found "some flaws" while steaming them. Two of the dresses have small pin-sized holes in the fabric near the seam. The third has a pen mark on the front and the back of the dress. Considering that the dresses already took too long to arrive, and the wedding is in 40 days, and my girls are scattered all over the country, I told the shop that I understood that it was the manufacturers fault, but it was their responsibility. They're fixing all three, gratis, and I'll have them on Saturday. Tempted to not tell any of the 'maids. Just found out the MOH wants me to mail hers, even though we have a seamstress on standby who can do her alterations the week before the wedding, when she gets into town. I have a sneaking suspicion that the MOH is pregnant and needs to make sure she can get into the dress. She upstaged my college grad with her wedding - now she's going to take over my wedding with her pregnancy. I am so irritated. Also, while my mother's dress is lovely, the shoes we spent a day trying to find don't look right with it. I need a drink.
Pins and Needles (and holes and ink)
Monday, July 11, 2005
Ok could someone tell me if Im being hypersensitive? My husband was the last one in his family to get married (behind his younger brother who was married 3 years ago). Anyway, our wedding was about two weeks ago, and I got the pictures back that his mother and her family took, and none of them are really of us. It was of other family members and other people, with the occasional throw in of me being half in a picture, me looking real bad, as the same for my husband. yesterday I was at MIL's house, and I saw that they have not put up any pictures (what few they are) of us from the wedding. They have pics of the younger brother and his beautiful wife, and of course pics of the new grandbaby, but they have one pic of us from 3 years ago at THEIR wedding. Im tired of feeling second best, and this really hammered it home. No pics, the ones that they did take were awful...there were more pics of the other beautiful sister in law...but none of me. AM I having post bridal depression right now? That was just something I wasnt expecting.
hating new family <email>
Monday, July 11, 2005
Well, it was all for nothing: due to financial circumstances beyond our control, the wedding has been postponed indefinitely. Tim says we need to wait until we can "afford it". I cracked that it might be when we're cashing our first social security checks. Is it not enough that the my family is constantly butting in? Now we have to be broke, too?
The Too-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Monday, July 11, 2005
A month ago I posted that we were trying to find the time to check out a place down the shore for the wedding. It turned out to be really ghetto. And I am SO anti-"reception" (since we each did the big wedding the first time around). So now we decided let's take the kids and go off for a wedding-moon and then have a small open-house-type celebration at home. Told my mom and the waterworks started--about how I "don't care" about having her at my wedding and I won't "let her" witness the most important day in my life. Meanwhile she forced the shotgun wedding the first time around--so she was there for that. My dad is understanding that it's more of an "eloping thing" this time around...but perhaps he went a bit far joking that maybe my mom was the "jinx" at the first wedding (ouch). I do love my parents, but I would love to just have a trip with my FH and my children and have a week for us to start our life together as our own family. I felt so guilty with all of her crying I said of course she can come--even though I knew it was kind of manipulative on her part. Now I understand why people elope without telling anyone!! I DO rely on my mother for childcare, so it's not like I can be heartless bridezilla and "use" her for the times I need her and "ban" her from the important milestones. She said they'd even stay at another resort as to not interfere with our honeymoon--that seems fair, I guess. On another note...Did you know airfare isn't posted until 333 days in advance? Darn. We want to plan this trip for October 2006 but can't yet...nor do we want to tell the kids until it's booked, as to not disappoint them if something happens and we change plans (again). Beaches Turks and Caicos--part of Sandals, but for families, so they do free weddings--seems to be the one place I can find that really fits the bill. Any other recommendations?
Marrying the GOOD Husband
NJ Monday, July 11, 2005
Okay so to finish up. I confronted the two of them and they seemed to take it okay. No real reaction at all. Kinda made me feel stupid actually. WHERE IS MY REAL FATHER? Now they say they need to pay off all their bills. To include their stupid new HUMMER! And then we can discuss it. Uh HELLO remember when you got married? It does take some time, organization and being proactive to plan an event like this. So I continue looking at magazines, reading books, giving her the finger everytime she turns around and.... STILL WAITING!
Still Waiting
Sunday, July 10, 2005
Okay so here's the deal. I'm 22. My mom left me and my Dad when I was a little girl. I have been blessed with the very best father a girl could ever ask for. I am a definite Daddy's girl. We are all we've ever had. He used to say that I was the only girl in his life. We've never been wealthy but I was always had everything I wanted. So when I turned 18 I got my first apartment with a friend. It was heartbreaking to think of leaving my Daddy all alone. Luckily, he met someone. Actually someone I know very well. She happens to be a close friends mother. I was so happy for my Dad, I still am. I love knowing he has someone to grow old with. Now the "Step Monster" as I like to call her has done alot of things I don't approve of but this takes the cake. Her daughter got married last month. A $60,000 wedding. Who does that? Anyways she married a wealthy guy and they could afford it. The step monster chipped in $2000. Recently I lost my grandmother and my father is getting a hefty inheritance. The monster said they could only give me $2000! Please tell me your joking. They just bought a HUMMER! Am I supposed to be able to create a wedding with that? I don't want something ridculous but I was looking at like $5-7 thousand. $2000? This is a joke right? Am I being a brat? Please let me know.
Still Waiting
Sunday, July 10, 2005
Send the damn card back, I feel your pain!! We are having a very informal reception since we are going to Vegas for the wedding. I found these really cute Vegas post cards and those were our invites. I put RSVP since there was no room for cards. So far 1 person has called to say they were definately going to be there, and we have 27 days. GEEZE!! It's not hard to pick up a phone! My groom still doesn't have his suit, did I mention 27 days??? And since he's done nothing, I gave him the task of also going to get the rings. I told him if he doesn't go to get the suit, then I guess he isn't wearing one, and if he doesn't get the rings, then I guess we won't have em. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!! It's ONE DAY no reason for me to be a freak, so I'm just not caring anymore. He's 31, you would think he would be a little be more mature and able to do a simple task! UGH!
Sunday, July 10, 2005
I confess that after all of the bull with planning this wedding, I am actually happy with the way that things turned out. I have not heard from the woman who left my wedding party, and I once again confess that I am happy that she hasnt tried to get in touch with me. Although we were friends for a number of years, I feel liberated that she is no longer in my life. She called me two days before my wedding and left a msg on my cell. She said that if there was anyone who could fit into her dress, that they are more than welcome to come and get it. I live in Pennsylvania, she lives in New Jersey. I wouldnt be that petty to rush and ask someone to be in my wedding two days before, and have this bitch tell me that whoever her replacement was, that they are welcome to the dress. THis just proves to me that she was NEVER a true friend. She was always a mean and bitchy person, and that same psychopath just reared its ugly head when I hit on something real sensitive to her...hair appointments. Yes ladies, appointments for the hair. Unbelivable. So glad shes gone. I hope I never see the bitch again.
married and happy now!
Friday, July 08, 2005
I haven't even started packing to move out of my crap apartment and into his crap apartment after the wedding. His sister cornered him and asked him an hours worth of questions about the wedding - even though she's one of my bridesmaids and I shoot them a monthly email with lots of info - and I had to craft a long response to all of the questions. All she really wanted to know was whether her weirdo boyfriend was invited to the dinner. Also, I need her dress money, and I needed it last week. The dresses arrive next week and she's the holdout. Grrawr. Isn't this fun?
Not Packed and Nit Picked
Thursday, July 07, 2005
Ok. This is pretty horrible, but I check my registry 1 or 2 times a day. My shower is next weekend, and so far, we have what looks like a lot of last minute shoppers. Pony up! I did for your weddings!
Gift Grubber
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
I recently posted some of my feelings of bitterness and rage with my sisters here and on my personal blog. I thought that they never would see it, considering they are both nursing newborns. WRONG! Little sister called Middle sister all in a huff and then Middle sister called me and got "concerned." She was very diplomatic about the whole thing, saying, "Oh, that's just how you felt at the time," and "You were probably just upset." Duh! I've absolved my Middle sister of any wedding duties and clarified my invitation to Little sister, but I know as this wedding proceeds, these two knuckleheads will still find ways to stress me, my fiance (who tried to act as a mediator--big mistake), and my parents out. Middle sister is happily married ten years, but was wed while pregnant (I still think she has issues with that). Little sister REFUSES to marry her "baby-daddy" because she thinks he still wants me. Isn't that a little silly, considering he dumped me to have her and make babies? Oh, well...
TheToo-Much Bride <email>
Brunswick, GA Tuesday, July 05, 2005
So even though we ordered the bridesmaid dresses five months ago, they're still shipping late.

WTF?!?!?!?! I went to the bridal shop and got in the clerks face a little. She assured me they were continuously checking the status for me, and the owner had my name on a hot list. I assured the clerk that her owner had it right - I was completely hot over the situation.

They're not works of couture - they're f***ing bridesmaid dresses. Slap some chiffon and beading together and let's go!
On the Hot List
Atlanta, GA Monday, July 04, 2005

We went on our honeymoon and were having a great time until my husband got a kidney stone and ended up in the urgent care center for several hours. Back at the 5 star, we had to cancel our reservations for dinner and have crappy room service...it sucked. I don't BLAME him but I was resentful that our last night of our honeymoon was f'd up by illness...I felt jipped.
Finished with a whimper
Sunday, July 03, 2005
The wedding is in 23 hours. We are still writing the program. It is VERY hard to type with acryllic nails! Tons of stuff for the wedding is at OUR house but neither of us is sleeping here tonight and we don't know how it is going to get to the ceremony! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
Saturday, July 02, 2005
Ok... never thought I would be writing to this... I have almost all of the postings and thought that my issues are quite bad compared to some that I have read. So here it is... My wedding is in October and since the day the man of my dreams dropped to his knee and proposed I have been planning away (Mind you this was about 2 1/2 years ago, we decided to get settled and buy a house and get stable jobs before tying the knot). Now here is the wonderful never ending saga that before now I have just been riding the waves trying to keep my cool. The day of the proposal my most fabulous man in the world planned on proposing to me on the big screen at the Pat's Miami game (GO PATS, I am a huge fan)... I was in the dark when this was all planned... and it didnt ever happen. He was sick as a dog and I had to take him home and not go into the game. Ok, I know he was sick and he still proposed (between trips to the bathroom) and it was actually very sweet. I still love him to death and love that he would have done that for me... ok that one was excused... NEXT... flash forward to two years later we are taking are engagement pictures in front of the beautiful tree in a woody area all covered in the fall foliage. Wonderful right... ok the pictures came out awesome, but the trip to the ER two nights later because I had poison ivy all over me and my eye was swollen shut... yeah not to fun... So I have fired a bridesmaid since then (it was kinda a mutual thing, she moved to Bermuda and we hadnt talked much any more anyway) hopefully she still comes to the wedding... One of the two best men moved to Cali and stopped talking to my groom (and everyone else he knew here) completely for no reason... good thing we have another you would think... NOOOOOO cant stand the other best man. He is such an A$$!! Ok, hmmm more issues, bridesmaid #2 to drop was the A$$ best mans wife who is going to be 8 1/2 months prego... honestly THANK GOD, I hate the Bi$*h. But the problem now is that she wants to bring her bratty 2 year old to the wedding.... the wedding with NO KIDS!! You would think that was it right... Nope. I go to pick up my wedding ring... who knew that white gold from one place doesnt always match white gold from another place... it is exchangeable No, of course not. Want another one... We finally put our announcement in the papers... the local paper in his home town totally botched the write-up... I called and screamed at the airhead at the other end who's only excuse was "oops".... eeerrr. So they re-ran it... ok that ones over... Today this is where it just is all of a sudden killing me. I go to get my invitation picture printed (I am making my own) and I gave the person at the print shop a picture and a layout with complete measurements... I go pick them up and they look great! I get them home and take a closer look... NOPE the measurements are wrong and I now have to go back there and have them all reprinted... why cant anything go right... maybe if I get all of the wrong things out of the way now the wedding will go smoothly... god I hope so. 3 months left...
What Next?
MA Saturday, July 02, 2005
29 days til the wedding and have we gotten all of the response cards back from thoes invited?!?? NO!!! Why is that people think that we sent a self addressed stamped envelope--to mail the cute little card back in of course! We have family members who have declined the invitation yet have changed their mind and now are attending and other family members who have accepted and changed their minds the next day!! What is that about??? To top it off, we have a minimum amount of people that we need to guarentee (i.e. we will paying for them whether they are there or not) and that number is 125 people We sent out 170 invites, and are below that number! Best part of it all, I got all of the response cards back (about 15 of them) declining the day before they were due back!!! If they had come back sooner, then we could have invited some of our friends that we had to leave off because of lack of space and money! Now I feel like a big jerk, because mom thinks I should send more invites out to up the attendance. One BIG PROBLEM, the wedding is only 4 weeks away! Gee do you think it might be obvious that they were not on the original guest list! Four more weeks and then vacation! Thank god!
Just send the damn card back!
Friday, July 01, 2005
I always vowed never to have a big expensive party for a wedding. I always wanted a small, intimate, informal gathering, because that is what I and future hubby would enjoy. Is this the wedding we're having? NO! Because I'm stupid, and asked my very traditional/anal older sister and mother for help. Now I get calls at eleven pm asking about centerpices(?!!?), ribbon color, and favors. I put my foot down and said - no sit down dinner, no seating arrangement, no centerpieces! Open bar with appetizers and a band. I want to enjoy it, not worry if so and so are happy with who they are sitting with and if the chicken is too dry. My mother calls me and says she starting having nightmares about the wedding. I finally told her and my sister that the wedding and reception will not be perfect, something will go wrong, so I'm not going to freak out then or now. Who cares anyway? I should be freaking out though. The wedding is in one month, and still not caterer, photographer or entertainment. Its on a Friday night, though. I think we should just elope.
Friday, July 01, 2005

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