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    Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion
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I call this yoga position "kicking the MOH's butt"


100% post-consumer recycled waste basket liner and Kleenex material. Is biodegradeable under most conditions.

thanks to loyal reader Julie for this and other photos/captions!

The groom has been attacked by the dress


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to doom I go

note: a tulle cape does not make you a superhero

ooooh, excuse me! Silly beans!


If you scatter the petals exactly the way I showed you, I'll tell you where Fluffy is


Bridezilla: Beyond Thunderdome


ooooh! Spider! Get it off get it off get it off!


I never wanted to be on the front of this ship!


My headpiece keeps me connected to the mother ship at all times


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