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    Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion
A humble collection of misguided bridal advertising.

"pssst! The bride is coming. Slowly pull the tranquilizer gun out of your purse. "

"Wait! She's looking over here! Act natural! ACT NATURAL"

"Hey, how's it going...great idea about wrapping our heads in ribbon and putting us out here in the middle of tall grass in spike heels. Lovely. Well, nice seeing you, why don't you go get some punch? Bye!"

"Was that a rat I just saw run by? This is total bullshit - who knows what's living in this grass? Ok, wait 'til she's distracted, and then we're getting out of here. Seriously."


I'm Huge!

Yes, with new Super Bridesmaid Growth Formula, you and your army of 50-foot bridesmaids can take over the world.


Up-do or up-don't?

Are you sure they're wearing their hair this way in Paris? Or did you just leave the perm solution in too long?


Santa's mistress is left at the altar

Santa never had any intention of leaving Mrs. Claus. This elf figured it all out too late.

(matching hat is included)

...and ALL of the music at the reception will be by Stevie Nicks!

(...and then all of a sudden, it was like the photoshop filters just attacked - there was blurring and distortion everywhere! It was horrible! Horrible!)

Maybe the spirits are angry

I'll let the description speak for itself:
This exquisite creation is a flowing, romantic work of art. Her designs are often layers of silk chiffon in glorious colors chosen by the spirits who guide her.


They call us gypsies, tramps and thieves...


You! Bridesmaids! Come back here right now!

I'm not done telling you what weight you'll need to be by the wedding - I'm looking at YOUR flabby arms, Becky - and what I want you to give me for my shower present, and what time you need to report for hair and makeup drill. Are you listening to me? Stop running!


Did you want a dress made of doilies?

And what is with that pinky finger?


Yeah, whatever, good, you've got your photo, now get me out of this thing.


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