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Martha Stuart's Excruciatingly Perfect Weddings
Best. Parody. Ever.


    Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion
A humble collection of misguided bridal advertising.

If the groom tries to escape, set phasers to 'stun'

In the future, bridesmaids can declare martial law.


"Trust Me," the florist said.


Look out, she's gonna blow!

At a pre-determined point in the ceremony, the bride will release the bow-clamps on her skirt, and it will spring forth, possibly injuring people in the front pew.


Everyone wondered...could a superhero and a supervillain really make it work?

Ice Princess thought so.


No, you look stupider.

[the dresses on this page are all from another bad dress site]


I only stood still in the radioactive garden for a minute!

The flowers have started to control my mind.


From the Bea Arthur Collection


In these uncertain times, it's best to have your down comforter with you all the time.

Comfort rated to -50°F


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